The money you pay in Tax is killing people illegally

Edward the 3rd said “I am only here because of the Constitution“

This I am afraid is something our Queen has disregarded, as where she sits now is only due to our Constitution, as Edward said. The Monarch of this country signs a contract with us the people, and in return we allow her the prerogative power to govern us and to protect us. This power is only on loan from us for the duration of her reign, when a new Monarch signs the Coronation Oath; we then remove the power from the previous Monarch and then lend it to the new monarch. Signing the Coronation Oath is the contract between us.

When the Monarch signs they are agreeing to:

1. Abide by the Constitutional Laws made by the people.
2. Serve and protect us and our Country.
3. Put her duty to us and our country, before her own feelings.
4. Never allow us to be controlled or ruled by a foreign power.
5. Never allow a foreign power to have any form of Jurisdiction in this country.

One of the crucial elements of this contract and a crucial element of the prerogative power’s – is that every bill put before the Commons and the Lords has to go to the Monarch for Royal Assent. Basically this is their signature to give the Bill power to become a law. If the Monarch disagrees with the Bill, they send it back as Edward the 7th did to the Parliament Act in 1910. But Asquith persuaded the new King George 5th in 1911 that the Royal Assent was automatic, so the Parliament Act went through without Royal Assent which as you can see under Constitutional Laws means the Act was invalid.

Simply put if they don’t sign it, it is invalid. So since the time of 1910 all laws brought into force with no Monarchs Assent are not valid and this is right up to present day. All Fabian prime ministers from that time, who have put through bills, have committed treason against the Monarch and this includes Blair and Brown.

The Judiciary is effectively working the prerogative powers, under the Monarch, directly trying to give total power to the executive (Parliament). The prerogative is our protection, so concerning the Council Tax Act 1992 it is also invalid, as it is against our Constitutional Laws (Bill of rights 1689 and also the Act of Supremacy 1534) And even though they say the Act of Supremacy has been repealed, it can’t be because, Parliament do not possess the power to change Law.

So if you don’t pay Council Tax they put you in court, if you don’t pay then they will put you in prison, or impose a Liability Order. They impose a liability order that we legally according to their terms cannot question (as in the case of Elizabeth Beckett), under the Constitution we can, which is plainly Treason.

All taxation in this country is illegal for the same reason, no assent to the finance bill, totally invalid. Why the Parliament Act of 1911 was so important, was the fact it took away the powers of the Lords to veto any new finance bill, which in affect allows the party in majority within the Commons to put through any ludicrous tax they like. The Lords can’t stop them and the Queen won’t stop them as she is allowing her assent to be done automatically. So in effect they can do as they please and we are living in the end result. This is why it is paramount we do not pay tax; for this is the only way we can force the government to sit up and listen. We have the power to stop this but we all have to unite and do this as a collective.

The Fiscal Prerogative say’s …to leave as much money in the people’s pockets as possible as taxation is only for the governance of this country… It is not to be used for paying for wars, ID cards, more cameras or any other purpose; it is solely for the reason stated.

Think about it another way – for every penny you pay in tax you are basically responsible for every death in Iraq and Afghanistan, of their people killed by a British soldier and for every British death. For without your money, they could not have gone to war in the first place.

Is the image on the right hard to look at? Does it disturb you? Because it should do, this is what your money is spent on. This is what your payment in Tax could have contributed to, another innocent childs, needless death.

Oh and by the way we cannot go to war against another nation, unless that nation, declares war on us first (Constitutional Law) and as far as I know Iraq and Afghanistan have never declared war on the UK or America and the same Law applies to them as well.


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