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Report on John Harris’ talks – Manchester, North Wales and South Wales, 13th-15th March

Interest in John Harris’ talk on ‘It’s an Illusion’ Continues, and last weekend we set off on 3 day mini tour covering 3 locations at Sale, Oswestry and Haverford West. Arriving in Sale on Friday we found and set up the venue ready for the talk. The capacity for the room was 50 seated, we quickly ran over that limit and no doubt would have had local councillors reaching for their health and safety protocol documents, should they have been in attendance. The talk ran for two hours to a packed house, with people standing in the corridor and sitting on the stairs, those unable to see or hear John stood with me or chatted outside the venue. I estimated around 100 people left pleased they had attended and I was utterly humbled by the amount of donations we received. So many were glad just of the opportunity to have met others local to them, and in some cases much further afield.. such is the power of simply getting together and talking. The support for John and TPUC is strong, and we felt it first hand in Sale.

We wrapped up at least an hour past the booking time, but the kind lady who waited for the last visitors to drift out didn’t seem to mind, in fact she was curious what website could generate such interest. I left her with the details, shoved the projector stand into the car, before heading up to Wallasey where Roger Hayes of the BC Group awaited with dinner and a beer or two. By 2am my eyelids were un-liftable and the day had come to exhausting but happy end

Day two started with breakfast and a walk along the Mersey, before bidding Roger and his wife Gay a fond farewell and heading on to LLangollen in Wales to meet Andrew and his partner Tracy. Being in an old secluded farm house surrounded by forested hills, the peace and beauty of the area is a far cry from my home in St.Albans and the energy of the area is calming. We were driven across to Oswestry to prepare for the second talk.

Around 50 were in attendance, and again the talk was 2 hours in length. The support was very strong, with the singular exception being a gruff councillor who dubbed John a ‘rebel without a cause’ and the information he presented ‘codswallop’. Fair enough, it didn’t stop John telling the fleeing councillor that he loved him anyway.

There were some impassioned input from the attendees, many expressed their distrust of the political process and corporate governance they have experienced. Many felt empowered by the simple suggestion of sending their birth certificates along with PCNs to the DVLA to deal with payment of fines against the ‘Owner’ – legally the DVLA. John, not one for time keeping, kept people hanging on an hour or so past the scheduled finish. It seems as though a gag might be needed next time to more effectively time keep. Heading back to Andrew’s place we were treated to a superb dinner and a well deserved rest.

Sunday and the concluding leg of the tour started late, such was the tranquillity of the farm, coupled with my laziness. A full breakfast and coffee were administered before we left our kind hosts and headed on a stunning 4 hour drive along the West Coast of the Legally determined land area known as Wales. I have never seen so many twists and turns, but my love-powered car handled them all with ease.

Arriving in good time at Haverford we set up and were taken aback by a thoroughly professional 2 camera + stage lighting set up. People drifted in, tea was served by Vince, Karen, Loz and Pix and the talk got underway. We were in the flow by now and John delivered a very relaxed 2 hours, with many questions at the end. We made some excellent contacts and information was flooding in.

We were again treated to a dinner and some lovely gifts from Karen and Vince before tearing ourselves away at 1am. 4 hours later I was dropping John off at Hemel before heading home to bed. Exhausted, but happy and trying not to think too hard about where this is all heading.

A huge, heartfelt thank-you to everyone who attended, organised, donated and looked after us for these 3 days. Never have I felt such kindness and love from people I have never met before.

IF you would like to bring forward suggestions of a meeting we would be happy to hear from you – mail us at [email protected]

By Richard-John: Landry

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