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THE POLICE, A Commercial Redemption man and the sting in his tail

A few nights ago I was stopped on the A232 heading into Croydon, at 17:33hrs, I was told the reason for this stop was “they did not like the attitude of my driving” is that even a statue? I was doing 22mph in 4th gear in a nice plodding diesel? What’s not to like?
Comically, being the kind of person I am and how headstrong I am about my rights as soon as I was pulled over, I hit my hazards and got out of the car, I then went directly to the shorter Chinese looking Officer (Corporate Policy Enforcement Sergeant Lee 526D) who was standing in front of the police riot van (were they expecting trouble?)
I approached with my hands planted into my “Musto Sailing Trousers” the short officer said “ take you hands out of your pockets please sir” I asked “am I obliged to do that for you?” he repeated the question I repeated my answer, he then said, “don’t be smart” I said “I am smart” he then stated that he was going to search both me and my car “on some phony statute” at this point I jumped right and stated that before we went any further I needed to make something clear to him, he looked at me puzzled, I drew breath and said “ officer I reserve all of my rights at all times I will give up none of these rights at any time for any reason, I will not accept understand or stand under any rights that you wish to bestow upon me, furthermore, if you intend on following statutes I wish to advise you that I do not consent to any statute and that any actions taken under a statute to which I have not consented are done against my will and I will be operating under protest and duress AT ALL TIMES!”
Of course the silly policy enforcement officers knew nothing about my rights and claimed jurisdiction where they had none, and so searched both my car and me against my will, I did not resist I just operated under protest and duress at all times (reason will be shown later)
I did turn to the taller of the “jim hensons creations” and asked him if he knew the difference between statute and law ?(he didn’t) nor did the other “jim hensons creation” searching my car.
After all was said and done, I demanded his number/station and name, he was Corporate Police Sergeant Lee 526D, out of South Norwood Police Station, Metropolitan Police.
A fine revenue collection agency!
His 2 subordinates are not worth mentioning.
Now for the Juicy part, suffice it to say that I have started proceedings against said police authority, I cannot give what I am doing away to the general public yet, I will show you once it is done, but they will out of pocket in a very VERY big way by the close of my action.
Keep looking for updates as they occur.
Thanks Guy


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