Chapter 12 – The Prophecy of Sion

The air was dusty and Akhen could see orbs appearing as the dust reflected the sunlight that streamed down from the roof, or to be more accurate, from the precisely cut rectangular hole in the roof of the structure. Although this lit the centre of the pyramid, lanterns spewing light from the shadows lit the perimeter walls, as the sunlight did not carry that far.
As the pair walked into the area both were silent, just walking side by side, but with Iktus slightly ahead by a step or two. The dust rose from their footsteps creating the orb effect, as they neared what looked like the central area – where an object sat that looked like a chair. As they grew nearer to the centre Akhenaten could see it was a chair, a very elaborate one with what looked like a piece of black rock under the seat. Iktus started to slow and Akhen followed suit, finally stopping just short of where the chair sat.
Still neither of them uttered a word.
Akhen knew he had upset Iktus outside and knew he was also doing so by his constant questioning. But to be honest what did the priest expect? He was a thirteen-year-old boy, of course he would have questions – anyone of any age would have – surely, being presented with all this. But he was still reluctant to upset his companion. Although being in this building seemed pointless to him, having fun with servant girls wasn’t and he did not want to jeopardise this, so thought it best now to speak when he was spoken too.
Iktus suddenly called out, but it wasn’t to the boy.
“You may leave!” He said in a raised voice that was not quite shouting, that resonated around the building.
Akhen looked up at the priest to question to whom he was talking too, but before he could utter the words he saw something move from the shadows into the light the lanterns gave off directly in front of him, then all around him.
At first he could not distinguish what exactly they were, but as they moved more into the light he could see that they were men dressed in silvery white and red robes, or at least what looked like robes. As the light from the lanterns illuminated them fully, Akhen could see that the robes were in fact half robes that fell to their waistline, but tailed at the back. These were being worn with black material that covered their legs and then footwear that Akhen had never seen before. In fact, Akhen had never seen men, ever, dressed in such attire. Their heads were covered with material as well and their faces could not be seen. They had moved into the light fully now and Akhen could see that they had their heads bowed. They stood with their arms in front of them and their hands crossed over one another, their arms slightly raised so their hands crossed just below their stomachs on their waists. It looked like by doing this they were concealing something.
Akhen started to turn so he could look around. He could see that at every lantern there stood one of these men, in the same position, motionless saying nothing. Then one by one they moved forward, then turned to their right and started to walk towards the one in front of them. Not looking up or uttering a word, just silent. The one nearest the entrance – that the pair had just walked through – turned right and walked through the opening heading out of the building with the others in tow. One by one they left until the priest and the boy prince were alone.

Iktus waited until they all had left and then he turned to Akhen, as he knew the boy would, without doubt, require an explanation for what had just occurred. But the boy was not asking, and just stood there patiently looking round, it seemed he was waiting to be spoken too and this pleased the priest in some ways, but worried in him others.
Yes he needed the boy to be compliant, but he also needed the boy to realise that power over others was something worth gaining. To have him as he was, did not serve this purpose, but he himself was losing patience with the boy and was struggling with his task, allowing his own immediate needs to get in the way of what he would gain from the outcome of the task he had been sent to complete. Pride was the issue and it was pride that stood in his way. He would have to swallow this if he was to make any more headway. On reflection he thought for a moment on how he was to continue, and decided to change tack as hard as it maybe to do so.
Akhen on the other hand was puzzled, but this did seem to be the norm now. So much had happened in such a short time. And what had just happened, at this time, did not seem out of the norm, if the occurrences of the last two days were to be relied upon as being something to measure from. He realised that things were so different now to how they had been up until this point. To be absolutely honest, he was still reeling from the shock over seeing these things called machines and obviously being inside a building of such monstrous proportions. Still wondering what they were for, as the explanation that Iktus had given did not really suffice and was more than a little confusing.
Changing tact, Iktus decided to take another approach and spoke to the boy prince.
“My prince, I suppose you are wondering who those men were that just left.” Iktus said this very politely. Realising his own attitude had got the better of him and instead of having a young would be tyrant in front of him, he actually now had a thirteen year old child who was completely compliant. This was not good, but he thought it best to pacify him whilst they were here waiting until they were back with the servant girls and let them weave their magic upon him, under the priest’s directions.
“What were they guarding?” Akhen answered, seemingly very direct about what he was asking.
Iktus was shocked by this answer but not in a bad way, not at all. This was proving that he had been right all along and also this was a test as he was realising that the rock was affecting the boy.
The boy was testing his honesty. If he now lied about the Templar’s presence here – in this the high temple – the boy would know, because he knew, what was being protected.
Iktus realised that Akhen’s intent had changed since they had been near the stone. His voice had a difference about it now. It was affecting Iktus, but he could not explain to himself what it was that made the boys voice different. Or how it was affecting him. But he remembered about the preternatural one and it was their voice. And even the prophecy had told of this, but it did not say what the power the voice carries was, it just said it had powers.
What Iktus could not explain, was the fact that this boy was asking a question about something he could know nothing of. Iktus had realised sometime since that Akhen’s father could have never have given Akhen this information, because no one knew of this, it was the most guarded secret in all Egypt. The king would never be allowed to know. For what they controlled was granted to them, or they would seek power in their own right.
The families knew it was in the king’s blood. Maybe only one or two chromosomes, but it was there and sooner or later one of them would be the Sion, as the prophecy dictated. It was only a matter of time. Iktus knew this, but could not accept it was engineered this way. Engineered simply to make every choice made the right one, to allow you to remember, all good things happen in their own time, one element of the prophecy you cannot control.
You may be told what is going to happen, but you’re not told when. And the frustration arises from being told something is going to occur, so you simply try to make it occur before its time, for that is not for you to determine, it already has been by all those involved before. The continuation had to occur in their favour with the intent they desired. No one would be allowed to get in the way of this. The families knew the order, knew. That is why the stone had to be guarded by the Templar’s, for without the stone there was no continuation; all four elements must be present. Or so they thought.
What made it even clearer to Iktus was another simple fact. A boy of Akhen’s age would not care about any of this. Most would be kicking their heels waiting to get back with the servant girls. He knew that the boy had been thinking about them and all he had got up to. He knew part of the boy could not wait to get back there, even though it was most evident now that a part of him wanted to stay here. He knew that Akhen had used the power of command and witnessed firsthand the benefits of it. Iktus now realised it was being used on him. A king with such, would be incredibly powerful on all accounts, but also could be very dangerous.
Iktus realised how he felt at that moment, he felt very vulnerable, like he could not keep anything from this boy, because he already knew and didn’t have to find out. And he hadn’t even sat on the chair yet. Was this the true power the boy possessed? Coupled with the power he had demonstrated in the class room, by knowing all secrets, he could use the power of words to have the most effect and no one could protect themselves from it – this boy could get inside any ones head and in such a way, that to try and stop him doing so was, pointless.
Iktus had known he was right, all along. He had repeatedly told them it was Akhen they sort. He suddenly became overwhelmed with joy as he realised what he was to be rewarded with and a smile erupted on his face. He instantly thought to himself that now this boy could have anything he desired, because Iktus knew he would, desire. And to be honest that is all he had to do – make what was being desired available. His prize awaited and he knew how to get it.
In that second his whole demeanour and manner changed towards the boy as he realised he had nothing more to do than to do as his master dictated and at this precise moment Akhen, being able to do what he could do, made him, by default, the priests master.

“My prince do I need to answer that.”
As Iktus spoke his voice had an element of respect from fear to it, as though he was now subservient to the boy. Iktus bowed as well and this time within protocol.
Iktus knew if Akhen listened to his heart now, this would end instantly.
The boy’s intent was so strong in both elements of duality and this was the problem. The priest knew he must keep this boy coerced by the pleasures of his own mind, power, control and material aspects being what was on offer. Because the lust for such things had an opposite and that was love, which wanted, or had no need for, any of these elements. There was nothing complicated about this, it was about nothing more than morality, about two forms of the same element, the true right from wrong measure. The coercion turns many of the wrong things, right, in the mind of the believer, a very powerful element, but again very simple. Especially if the intent of the words used has been set in the first place as a foot print. If that footprint is bad, then false morality has a leg up over its true counterpart and this simply allowed all that existed, to exist in the way it existed. When the bad intent was created in the first place, good intent was created at the same time. This happens by default. But on the same hand, if a good intent is created, all bad intent is negated by default.
The continuance that was sort was the perpetuation of the bad intent, a destructive element that allowed for society to exist. So a socially dominant element could stay in social dominance to the detriment of every lower element of the society that was created off the backbone of this bad intent.
The society could only exist off of the intent of all actions – the negative intent. In many ways it was not the actions that were at fault, it was the intent behind the actions. Many within the machine called society were coerced into doing things that allowed the machine to run smoothly under the illusion that what they were doing was for the right reasons. This is where the false morality played its part to its most powerful extent. To coerce the believer into believing, that anything needed to be done to protect and maintain the society was acceptable and that means anything.
Iktus knew that the boy’s intent could go either way depending on the actions he either took pleasure in, or found morality in. What had just happened was a good sign, but Iktus also feared that once they were away from the rock that morality could once again step in. The boy’s heart could override the pleasures of the mind he so desired. It was imperative that Akhen stayed in the frame of mind of desire from the bad intent and only through direct actions could this be achieved. If this intent were to lapse the heart would take the advantage to step in and correct the morality. This without doubt would destroy everything that was needed from the boy. The intent that had to be set in place by this boy could not be forced. They could not force the boy to do it. They had to allow the boy, through his own freewill to make the choice himself. All they could do was to try and coerce him into making the wrong decision, which was the right decision for them.

Akhen now stood staring at the chair and the symbol carved into the stone floor beneath it. The chair was sat on the middle of the symbol. It sat on 9ir. As he looked round and scanned the floor he could see other symbols. All the scattered symbols around were part of a bigger one; made up of numbers and letters. Akhen recognised what he could see and knew they made up one symbol, a very important one, even though he could not remember seeing it before, so how could this be possible? He could even vaguely remember drawing it, but could not recall when or why.
Akhen turned to the priest and spoke.
“No, no answer is needed. Those men you dismissed, they were called templar’s. They are trained and paid assassins are they not? They were guarding that piece of rock in the bottom of that chair, because there is a group of people, an order in fact who want to take that rock from this place and from you. But they will wait until all that is needed to be done, is done, before doing so.”
Iktus could see from the boy’s eyes and his demeanour that he was not aware of what he was saying and most probably after this would not remember what he had just spoke of. His voice again had this strange tone about it and Iktus could feel the energy around the words the boy was saying, affecting him, resonating within him and this was happening whether he liked it or not. He could not stop this; he could not prevent this and in many ways was eager to hear what the boy had to say, although his own mind felt threatened by this.
Iktus answered.
“Yes my prince you are correct on all accounts bar one. The rock will be very safe and shall never fall into the hands of the order, this would never be allowed.” Iktus said this with a confidence in his voice that was most certainly arrogant to the core.
“I am to tell you that this will not be the case and sometime soon they will possess the rock from you and there is nothing you can do to prevent this, for this is prophesised and you cannot defeat the prophecy. This rock you try to protect with all your endeavours will be smashed, destroyed and only the tiniest piece will survive. The rest of it will be sent back to where it came from, because you and the likes of you do not realise that less is more in everything apparent.”
Even though Akhen was being very polite and spoke calmly he meant what he was saying and the priest knew this. Iktus had listened to Akhen before when these occurrences had happened in the past and knew that what the boy was saying could not be denied. He knew in this state Akhen could not lie for in reality the boy knew not what he was saying. This was not like a boy of only thirteen years speaking; this was a voice of wisdom like he was tapping in to the wisdom of his ancestors, tapping into thousands of years of knowing. Thousands of years of memories that to be honest, would not be believed to be possible by anyone living in the literal world, but this was the only logic Iktus could form regarding this occurrence. An occurrence he was entranced by.

Iktus knew that he had to accept what the boy was saying, even though it was against everything he held sacred. Without uttering a word he just stood there and listened, he had no choice, he had to listen.
Akhen in the mean time was now walking around the symbols on the floor, pausing at each one for a minute or so, looking at them intently. Iktus had not even realised that the boy was no longer stood before him. And even though the boy was some yards away his voice sounded as near as it did when he first started talking. He put this down to the acoustics of the building, built specifically to funnel energy, to resonate it. They knew from the prophecy that energy was sound and travelled endlessly. But certain substances prevented its travel. They could trap it, contain it, the prophecy called this process alchemy the taking of energy, trapping it and then using it to their advantage – or so they believed. And they were told it had and equal and an opposite called alchamy the giving of energy, which allowed it to flow.
This was the duality.
But again this worked solely on intent. The rock amplified this. The building trapped the energy and funnelled it, the rock amplified the intent, whether it be negative or positive, it was amplified. The prophecy had told them all they needed to know, for this had been done before many times. It was the blue print for the building, the process, for without it, they would have known none of this and could have done none of this.
It was also prophesied that the preternatural one would know this, would, know all of this without ever being in the presence of the prophecy, or even reading it. This is why Iktus had to listen; the prophecy spoke of this and how you would have to listen to the preternatural one’s voice. Again it did not speak of the mechanics of how this happened; only that it would. What Iktus was realising was the prophecy did not need to tell of this, for when you were in the presence of the one, you would realise what their true power was. It was un-deniable, because it was an experience. You lived it. You witnessed the true power of knowing, what the men of science described as the science of memories. When they discovered the prophecy it told of memories. They truly believed they could learn about memories and how to access them. Many had studied this over thousands of years. Always never succeeding, but believing they could, because they could not accept the simple truth, that stared them in the face, they so arrogantly denied. What the one was capable of could not be denied, but also it could not be scientifically explained. And this frightened them more than any other unexplainable occurrence. Because if one can do it, by default, all could do it, because they knew that everyone was exactly the same Equals. They could not accept this, nor could they deny it. No one was any better or lesser than another; again the prophecy spoke of this. It was prophesied that at the end of the sum of all things all would start to realise that they are equal – in parity. It was told that this would enable all to do as all could do. The one just starts the process, but only at the end of the sum of all things. All this flashed through his mind and the priest grimaced as it did. For as the men of science did, he too denied the truth through arrogance and for that split second he felt he could not deny, morality. For that second he witnessed the ugly truth, for the realisation of what we have become is ugly and in such an extent, it actually physically hurts to see it, with a pain that no medicine can cure.
Iktus felt this now and lowered his head once again, but this time not because of protocol, but in shame, as he was overcome by the truth of what he had become.

Iktus had felt this many times, but never to this extent, never had it tore through him in such a way. Did the boy know he was feeling this? As he pondered this fact Akhen spoke again. But this time the priest was not ready to hear what the boy had to say.
“All you are suffering can end in a second if you only forget. But you will never allow yourself to do this, because what you seek and crave for can only be achieved if you continually remember the knowledge, which in turn blocks your path. You search for the memories and by doing so deny yourself the ability to ever access them. Because you have a miss-comprehension of what they truly are. The lust for power you carry is a parasite that will slowly destroy its host, when it does not get what it needs to survive.”
This was not what Iktus wanted to hear; he was reeling from what the boy was saying it tormented him. He stood there with head in hands, covering his ears, trying to block the sound of the boy’s voice, but to no avail.
Akhen’s voice was penetrating.
No matter what he did he could hear the words. They were causing a sickness in his stomach as he was overcome by the realisation of the words the boy spoke. He could not even raise objection for he had no voice too. He could not speak, or move from the spot, except to thrash about aimlessly trying to block the words being spoken that tore at his very being.
Akhen continued.
“What you suffer now every night, as you suffer it now, will not end, nor will it lesson, it will only increase in occurrence and duration. Your sanctuary, in your mind is the knowledge, the position and the power, but these are prisons with walls that only increase in depth and height. Blinded by this you wish to severe the connection to the memories you seek, for these are the true memories and the pain they bring is to heal you. But you do not want to be healed, because within this there is no place for the lusts of the mind and the knowledge that creates them.”
Iktus was now chanting out loud still attempting to stop the words that penetrated so deeply, but again to no avail. No matter how loud his own voice became he could still hear the boy’s voice. He was becoming desperate. The sickness in his gut was now becoming an intense pain ripping through him. He was completely overcome with guilt and frustration. But still he had no choice but to listen.
“You strive for completion as the start of the seven thousandth year is upon us, so the world of lust will continue with all it offers and yes, you will get what you strive for, but expectations lead to disappointment on every level as nothing is as quite as is expected. Lust can never be quenched, like a fire it will consume all around it until there is only one thing left to consume, itself. What you desire will continue till the end of the sum of all things, some three thousand years present. But it will not be easy. In fact it will be the complete opposite. Those who seek such will be consumed by it, living it, breathing it, never relinquished from its grip, only to have what they fought so hard for taken from them as their control of the peoples of the world will be relinquished from them, ripped from their grasp as they try to climb up the ever increasing slippery slope.”
Iktus was now crumbling to his knees a wreck. As the words the boy continued to speak resonated within him like the tolling of a bell. Upon his knees he crouched, still head in hands, ears covered and chanting ever louder trying to drown out the words that attacked him with such velocity. But no matter what he did, he had to suffer this.
Akhen came to the end of what was needed at that time to be said.
“You know this. The prophecy tells you this. And as I, three more Sion’s will tell you this as the prophecy dictates, but your arrogance will not allow you to listen, or accept what is being said and you will deny that you are losing the intent you fought so hard to set in place. But deep down you know the truth, you know you are losing grip upon it, and all that you have created will be un-done, reversed and we shall return to living, as we once did. To know the truth you first must face the truth. As hard as it is too view, all will go through this, for this is the only way that humanity can heal itself. There is no choice. This is inevitable. But now you want it to stop and so it shall.”

As Akhen said this, the pain of morality that the priest was suffering started to ease as his mind started to gain control back. He found himself on his knees cowering and stood up very quickly through embarrassment. He stood up and turned to look at the boy who was some paces away. Even though it had only been a matter minutes that the boy had been speaking for, to Iktus it felt like an eternity. He was starting to think straight now and realised very quickly that he had to get the boy away from the stone.
Iktus realised that Akhen’s compliance to him had caused a switch in duality. The intent had swopped over. He could not allow this to happen again this would certainly destroy all that was trying to be achieved. He would now have to work far harder to maintain the right intent was brought forth when the time arrived; the trouble was his mind was telling him that time was running out. He was once again reliant on the structure his mind was creating, forgetting the boy’s words that had been spoken so clearly not moments before.
Akhen was silent now but still walking around looking at the symbols on the floor. Iktus knew he had to get the boy out of temple before he suffered another onslaught of knowing from the boy’s lips. But before he could devise a plan to arrange this Akhen started to speak again.
“You require removing me from this building do you not Iktus? But surely if this was the case you would either ask or call the templar to remove me.”
Akhen continued.
“I do not know what you are talking about, my prince.” Iktus replied. His voice wavering as he said the lie his mind had generated to conceal the truth of what he wanted to achieve. He could not look at the boy now and turned away.
“Surely you now must realise you cannot lie to me, so why do you try?” The calmly spoken boy inquired. “You ordered them to leave because they are not allowed to hear what you would have said to me if you could have said it. That is why you asked them to leave. Please do not embarrass yourself by lying again.” Akhen said that was more of an appeal to the priest than an order. “I know what you feel and by default know what you are thinking, so go and do what you need to do and I shall allow it to happen without fuss or word.”
Iktus could not reply and would not, because to do so would only prove the boy right. If the boy could pick up on this, he could pick up on anything that he felt or thought about. He had to get Akhen out of the building, but knew he would have to use honesty to do so. Maybe, he thought to himself, I could just ask him and as he thought this Akhen answered him.
“Iktus, if you do ask me to leave, I will, as I have said.” Akhen expressed this with sincerity in his voice and Iktus took the advantage to end a very tricky situation without further recourse.
“Thank you my prince, but first I must….” Iktus could not get the words out of his mouth before the boy interrupted and said.
“Call the templar guard back?”
They had to leave and leave now! So Iktus made haste leaving the boy stood where he was. The priest almost ran through the entrance nearly shouting as he did.
“Resume your places guards.”
The priest then returned to the boy’s side, looked down at him and politely asked through breathless speak.
“May we leave now my prince?”
“Of course we can.” The young prince replied with certainty.
“Thank you my prince.” Said the priest bowing as he said the words lower than he ever had.
“Shall we my prince?”
As the priest said this Akhen acknowledged he would do as he was asked by a slight nod of his head. The pair walked side-by-side exiting the building, but not before the templar guard had taken their places back in the shadows.

Protocol aside, this priest was without doubt frightened of this boy and he knew even though the boy knew this, he did not revel in this power, in this state as the priest himself would do if the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak. Iktus realised, more now than ever before, that his task had to be now solely to convince this young prince that the lusts of the mind would be all that was important to him. That power over people was to be desired for. That to have the ability to command anyone to do your bidding was a good thing.
Iktus knew that when Akhen walked back into the building again and was in the presence of the rock once more, what happened today must not happen again. He had to make sure that the intent was set right, so the duality could not enter into it. Because he had made the boy compliant to satisfy his own desires, the duality of the intent was present and because the good intent is so much more powerful, it would always override its counterpart if it were allowed too. Iktus had to make sure that this could not happen again. He knew what was needed to be done and most importantly he had to make sure that at all times he was subservient to this boy. He knew that this would be difficult. He knew his own mind would beat him for this. But he also knew that if he did not allow for this to happen, then he would lose the prize he so desperately sought and not only that, he would surely lose his own life.

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