Chapter 13 – The Prophecy of Sion

As Akhen slowly opened his eyes, everything was a blur. He could hear, what he could only describe to himself as chaos, as he listened to the muffled voices all around him. It seemed he was lying on his side and could see someone’s feet directly before him, even though he could not understand why this was apparent. A searing pain was present in the area of his upper neck and he was finding it very difficult to move. He was completely disorientated and was struggling to come to terms with what had happened, as confusion reigned.
As his wits came back to him the voices all around him became clearer, he could hear voices he recognised as some of the masters and the voice of Anelp. He stirred and felt hands upon him. He still didn’t know why he was in this position and did not realise the hands were of those who wanted to comfort him.
Soon Akhen realised that the pain in his neck was the reason he now found himself as such. Slowly he tried to get up, only to be held down.
A voice, that he recognised as Anelp’s was saying.
“Be still my king, you have suffered a nasty blow to the head. Rest a while for the doctor has been called to aid you.”
Akhen did not want to lay still. He was very confused and wanted to know what had happened. He tried to remember what had occurred just before he felt the pain and everything went dark. All he could remember was walking towards the masters sat around the table, apart from that everything was a blur.
“Let me up.” The king muttered moving his hand to his neck, which he touched lightly, but still, felt a searing pain even though his touch was light.
“It would be better if you laid still my king, until the doctor arrives to check you over.” The voice that sounded like Anelp said again.
“No said the king, I wish to get up.”
And with this the king started to rise and push against the pressure holding him down. As he did the pressure released and he began to rise. When the owner of the hands realised that the king would not listen, they changed from holding him down to gently assisting him. As Akhen slowly moved he felt hands under his arms helping him to move. As he started to sit up he could see Anelp and some of the masters who had surrounded him as they were trying to aid him.

Akhen was now in a seated position upon the floor with Anelp knelt down beside him. With one hand holding the back of his head he moved his head slightly from side to side trying to clear his thoughts and become more focused.
He then turned to Anelp knelt beside him and said.
“My family, you are meant to be with them are they safe?”
“Do not concern yourself my king, the queen and the princes are safe and under heavy guard within the royal bedroom. When I was told what had happened I rushed to your aid, but not before I knew that they were safe. Trust me my king the guards with them are brothers and will keep them from harm.” Anelp said with concern in his voice. Not for the well being of the queen and the princes, but for his king who sat beside him.
Akhen turned to face the guard and reached out his spare hand to him, which the Anelp took. Akhen looked into the eyes of his faithful servant and as this happened the pair shared, again for a moment, a mutual respect for one another that defeated all previous divides through position.
“Thank you my friend.” The king said. “Thank you.”
As Akhen sat recovering, he could see that there was a gold figurine upon the floor and behind it he could see a figure lying still face down and could tell it was Annop the grand master by his clothes. Even though his vision was still quite blurred he could see that the grand masters body was blood stained and was lying perfectly still in a pool of blood surrounding it.
As confusing as the situation had first seemed, it was now quite apparent what had happened. The realisation of the actual events, were to shock Akhen to the core and it was something he certainly wasn’t expecting.
Akhen turned to Anelp for an explanation.
Anelp could see what the king was looking at and knew he would demand answers about what had occurred.
Before the king could ask, Anelp started to explain all that had happened.
“My king, the grand master struck you from behind with the gold figurine. You were unconscious for a while, in fact quite a while. Cadras reacted. That is why the grand master lies there motionless.”
Akhen’s thoughts were becoming clearer now and so was his memory of previous events as his head cleared.
He spoke to Anelp.
“I do not understand. Was not Cadras guarding the grand master? Was he not going to escort him to the palace cells as I had requested? If this is the case, how could this have happened? ”
“You will have to ask Cadras yourself my king, for only he can explain this and only he should. When you hear his explanation, I am sure you will realise why it is not for me to explain.” Anelp said respectfully.
“Can you help me to my feet please Anelp? I am feeling somewhat better now.” The still weary king said.
“With the greatest respect my king, should you not wait for the doctor to check you out first. You did suffer quite a blow?” The concerned guard said.
“No, I am fine.” The king said already starting to stand up.
Akhen’s senses were fast coming back to him and he knew time again was of the essence.
Anelp did as was requested of him and helped the king to his feet. Akhen was still a bit unsteady and swayed some until Anelp steadied him.
“Are you ok my king?” Anelp inquired.
“Yes I am thank you, just a bit unsteady, but I will be fine.” Akhen said as he placed his hand upon the hand of his helper, to reassure him he was.
As Akhen said this he looked down towards the body of the grand master, but the full horror of what had happened had not struck him yet. He was still very much dazed. This was something he was to suffer much later, as though he had been physically struck again.

Now he was on his feet, albeit not unaided, Akhen turned and started to scan the room. Most of the masters were now back sat around the table. Some were quite visibly in shock, whilst others just looked extremely puzzled. Who could blame them, Akhen thought to himself? An occurrence like this had never happened in all of his-story and if it had had, it certainly had never been recorded. The families would never allow such a thing, unless of course it suited their immediate needs. Akhen then turned to look past the grand masters body still lying face down on the floor, towards the boardroom doors. The doors themselves were shut with two palace guards either side of them. To the left of the doors Cadras was quite visibly in shock and was being helped by two more guards who were talking to him.
Akhen turned to speak to Anelp, but as he did the left hand door slowly swung open and a guard stuck his head round the door and started to speak to a guard guarding the door. His voice was quite loud and of urgency and could be heard some way into the room.
“The doctor is here for the king.” The guard said to his brother stood by the door. “Please inform Anelp.” He continued before shutting the door behind him. Anelp had told the guards to only have the door open, for the shortest amount of time and they would do exactly as was asked of them. The palace guards were trained to be the elite of the elite – even though this was not common knowledge shared by many – and certainly were on par with the Templar who protected the families and the high priests. They did what was commanded of them without thought or hesitation, but even though they were a brotherhood, they had been infiltrated. But all of them knew this and knew who had succumbed to the temptations on offer, and the blackmail that followed suit.
The brotherhood knew it was better to keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer and this was exactly what they did, always.
At one time the palace guard were not like this and certainly the families never designed them to be this way. And to be honest the families knew nothing of the bond they shared as brothers, because this was kept a secret. The guard many years since had been infiltrated by the order and that is when their true purpose was realised by the many who now served within their ranks. The families had suspected this would happen as they in turn realised how powerful the order had become, even though through their own arrogance they would never publically admit this, but in private they knew this and spoke of this. That is why they set spies within the ranks of the palace guard, but disappointingly, the spies gained no knowledge of the cause. They had traits they just could not hide, that stood out a mile. In their language and in the way they carried themselves these traits always gave them away, no matter how good an actor they thought they were. The brotherhood had a purity of intent within it, that was very hard to mimic and to that end, any spy always stood out like a sore thumb.

Akhen turned to Anelp and beckoned to him that he could now stand on his own unaided.
As he did this Anelp spoke to the king.
“Are you sure you are ok my king, let me go fetch the doctor for you.” As he said this he let loose his grip upon the king’s arm and started to walk in the direction of the doors. As he did this, Akhen grabbed his arm to stop him, saying.
“I am fine Anelp, I do not need the doctor and if I do, it can be sorted later my friend. Time is of the essence. Too much has all ready been wasted with all that has occurred? Please make sure the doors remain closed. Open them only to dismiss the doctor and to set the guard fully. I need to talk to the masters and I need to know why Cadras did as he did, but that will have to wait for now. Go now my friend and do as I ask of you.”
Anelp bowed his head slightly and didn’t even argue. He saw no point. The king had made his mind up, that much was obvious. He started to make his way towards the doors past the dead grand master laid out on the floor. Anelp walked straight up to the guard to his right and spoke to him.
“Tell our brothers outside to dismiss the doctor and ask him to be on his way. Please remind him of how important it is that all that has gone on within this room must stay that way for the time being. No one must have any knowledge of this. Soon enough they will know and they will come, well, not so much them, but their henchmen, of that we can be certain.”
“Very true, I will see to it that all that is needed to be done is done.” The guard said whose name was Rarak.
“I know you will my trusted friend. You know they will come in force.” Anelp said.
“Yes I know, I will talk to the other brothers and send word for all guards to make haste here. We will then set up a defensive position in front of the doors and hold them back, but you know we do have an advantage.” Rarak said.
Anelp knew that his friend was a master in all-defensive and offensive situations. He knew that Rarak would have already worked out how they could best defend the doors to the boardroom He also realised that, as he, Rarak would remember that the templar were assassins and thus theirs was more offensive in stealth. They would not be so effective in attacking more than one assailant at a time, they were trained differently to the palace guard and even though they could defend to a very high degree, they could not defend as well as the palace guard.
“They will come in stealth.” Anelp said “They will try to pick us off one by one. This is how they operate. We all need to be aware of this; they will never attack us as one unit.” He continued
“Very true my friend.” Rarak said. “They will try all the coercive tactics they possess, this is all they have and they will be united in this common purpose we both know this.”
“This much is very true.” Anelp said. “Let us realise that this time will be fast upon us, so do as you feel is right my friend and let us give our king all the time we can, for now, more than at any other time, our king needs us.”

Rarak looked at his friend but spoke no word for now, his voice was silent, as was Anelp’s – they both realised the very gravity of this situation. Both stood still looking in each other’s eyes, as though they were saying goodbye to each other, as their minds took over for a split second.
Rarak then turned away, dismissed the doctor instructing him accordingly, and then he turned and talked to his brothers who stood guard directly in front of the doors instructing them to send word for the others, as their presence was now needed.
Whilst this was happening Anelp started thinking to himself.
Much blood could be spilt on both sides if a resolution were not found, his mind had started beating him and so it continued. And the only resolution that could be found was to try and persuade their king not to do as he was doing. Anelp knew that this was not going to be an easy task; in fact, he knew in his mind that Akhen could not be persuaded to stop this, he knew the king had waited a long time to say what he felt had to be said.
Tiy had warned them of this and had warned that they would have to allow the king to go as far as he felt he should. But Anelp knew the king would suffer the deepest sorrow if it did go too far, because he felt bloodshed could not be avoided, because of what had already occurred.
As his heart stepped in he knew that the families and their henchmen the templar knew nothing of true morality, they only knew a false one, and in their world, taking a life was a moral thing to do if it was needed to protect the society. It was perfectly ok if it was legal! Thus the legal world – because law cannot live without legal – that was the houses of the temple, had created exceptions to the rule, “you cannot do this, but we can, under certain circumstances, in order to protect society’. As though they had created licenses and then gave themselves a license to kill and because those who were doing the actual killing believed this, they also actually believed that they could take a life and it was perfectly acceptable to do so.
In truth they had perfected the art of lying to themselves and some of them didn’t even know that it had happened to them. This is coErcion and this was the Art of the temple simply sold on lies. They were experts in this process using very simple techniques, the most apt being, ‘make them believe they have a master and anything that was to be done demanded by the master, was perfectly acceptable – no matter what.

Anelp himself had gone through the same process. But when he was picked for the palace guard the training given was very typical of what he had always done in one respect, but far different in another – in essence the palace guard who were of order, would try to never take a life. Obeying and practicing palace protocol was something they were very good at and anyone witnessing them believed as much. But Tiy delivered the real training, not a process of learning to become a unit, but to do the only thing they should do and protect life, all life, by remembering how precious life really is. To truly know the meaning of selflessness by remembering it exists.
The guard themselves as a brotherhood, had developed and perfected the art of defence based upon this principle, that they, not only protect themselves and their brothers, but they must also prevent the deaths of their assailants as well if possible. But as the guard knew very well not all of them were of the order, even as hard as the infiltrators tried to be, what they were truly acting as, was always on view – they just didn’t realise this was apparent.
Anelp also knew how hard it was to break away from what he thought was normal; even how hard it was to question it and this is what Tiy had told them.
She said.
“In time you can read people and discover if any of the real them shines through.”
And because of this the order always knew who to approach and who not to. They could never be infiltrated, because once the personality had took hold through the want, need was thrown to the wayside. All that was ever on show was the persona and the mask could not hide.
After a while it becomes very easy to recognise.
Anelp and his brothers defended life, all life. And this is why he thought this situation would be one of bloodshed for the palace guard had never had to defend against the templar. Anelp snapped out of the daydream he was in and spoke to Rarak.
“Is all as it needs to be?”
“It is my friend, sadly it is.”
They shared a last glance before Anelp turned away and closed the doors behind him.

Anelp could see his king was now with the masters asking the ones who were not seated to be. It was quite obvious now that many of them had realised, that a very different king stood before them. He could also see that two brother’s were still looking after Cadras, as the grand master was his first kill, always the hardest to cope with as physical pain is felt by both parties. The only difference being that one suffers no more, whereas the others suffering has only just started and could last a lifetime. This leaves them detached from everyone they care about and that care about them. This was one of the reasons the palace guard could never leave the palace, not just because of the secrets that had to be kept, but because they had to be segregated so the nationalism could work properly in their minds.
All the members of the armed forces were treated the same, even though in time to come this would result in an uprising where they would demand to be able to see and spend time with the ones they loved. This was where it became an advantage to control other armies. Just in case their own armies would not turn their weapons against the people they belong too and potentially their own families, which could quite easily be the case.
In truth the families and the political regime had this already in place and even though these armies were many days march away, their numbers were impressive and their commanders bought for a price. If their own armies failed to do what was politically needed to be done, then they could call upon their services – not only against the people on mass, but also against their own armies that would not follow orders to turn against their own flesh and blood. A sad reality, but nevertheless it was a very real one. They may have coerced the minds of these soldiErs, but they could not coerce their hearts and this was the catalyst that had caused this eventuality.
Cadras was just another casualty adding to the long list that already existed and would only increase as the decades rolled past.
Annop also was a casualty, but his death would be seen as collateral damage as he was easily replaced and would be very soon. This stark reality was known oh so well amongst the ranks, as it would seem everyone was expendable and that did mean everyone, especially those who made up the unwanted necessity. Very much needed, but very much unwanted. All who had killed in the line of duty suffered as Cadras did now and even Anelp himself suffered this. But in the end he realised who that duty actually was too and this had helped him come to terms with what he had done, although he could not turn back the clock and correct the past, he could leave it as it was – the past. And use the experience to help others that would suffer as he once did and as his brother did now.

In the end there was always the wine, cocaine, cannabis and tobacco to turn to. Because even though these stimulants, bar the wine, were not found in Egypt, the trade links existed to make sure there was always a good supply and a continuous one. And to any country that had refused to trade came the inevitable, as they would suffer occupation and the indigenous populations were to be eradicated to the point of genocide and their land and valuable commodities stolEn.
They themselves came under the rule of law set in place by the occupiers as they forced democracy (legal slavery) upon them and from that day forth they were imprisoned and controlled. For the countries (political prisons) that did set up trade links, in time, they too would suffer the same fate as more control was lusted after – Again the addiction never quite being satisfied, being maintained and accompanied by the illusion of possession and the power of desire.
These stimulants were freely available to the soldiers and it was actually the commanding officers that promoted the use of such. It was even found that a soldier would be far more vicious and violent and have far more stamina under the influence of cocaine, where as the wine and cannabis helped to quell the suffering the truth delivered. They also used the paranoia that the cannabis created within the user to their own advantage through handlers who simply kept suggesting that nationalism and protecting the nation state (prison) was paramount and that there were always going to be those who would attack this. They must be destroyed and eradicated, as the nation state must continue through unity for everyone’s protection. Because in reality the political regime only really needed protecting from one element and that was the people themselves. To convince them otherwise they simply sold them lies for their obedience, sold on the sales pitch ‘it’s for your own protection’.
All this raced through Anelp’s mind as he stood silently watching the events unfold in this room of thieves an extension of the house of thieves. Thieves who had stolen the people’s freedoms, stolen their money, possessions and children, which also included up to a short while ago his king, who had allowed for all this to continue in his name. But now a different man stood before the masters, a man who he knew would see the light of illumination in the end. He had been told he would see this and that he would try to release mammon from surrender in entirety, in absolute entirety and then and only then, would all see with real eyes and truly know the meaning of mammon.
What Anelp realised as he stood silently watching was he was witnessing unprecedented events that would surely go down in history, ‘but there again I suppose’ he thought to himself, ‘it depends who writes the history’!

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