Chapter 14 – The Prophecy of Sion

Iktus and the boy prince were making haste along the passage that they had entered the pyramid by. Both were in silence as they walked quite quickly leaving behind all that had happened minutes before. Akhen was puzzled but, this did seem to be the norm now, never quite fully understanding what was going on – whilst Iktus was deep in thought, still shaking from what he had just been witness to.
He had witnessed firsthand the power of the preternatural one and was truly shaken to the core by what he had just experienced. This left him deep in thought. His mind questioning deeply as paranoia reigned wondering, pondering about one fact. Could this young boy do the same again without being in the presence of the stone – could this happen again before all that was needed to be done, was done? What if it could? What if he himself had started this off in the boy, but it had to be done this way, it was the only way. Had he got it right though – had he made a mistake? Over and over the questions fired around his mind in a relentless torrent, bouncing off the walls and coming back again for another turn.
Bewildered to say the least Iktus just trudged on as all he knew at this moment was, he had to get this boy back to the servant girls and it was time to bring out the big guns. Even though he was in a world of confusion, he knew he had to prevent this happening again and the girls were the key to everything.

As his mind quietened for a moment he realised one very startling fact; he was frightened of this boy, something he would have never dreamed possible. And certainly something he would never admit, but the truth was he knew deep down he was and he could not deny the fact. To Iktus this was horrifying, as he realised at that moment he was now in the presence of the most powerful man on the planet even though he was nothing more than a mere boy. Nothing could ever be hidden from him and everything that sat in place in the shadows would be illuminated and in such a way that in the end all would see. Everything that was the power now was controlled from darkness where the light of the truth was kept away by words – the words of the houses of the temple. This prevented the light of truth shining upon the mechanisms the temple used through these words to maintain they remained in control, which in turn, allowed the veil of normality to be pulled over. But this boy could see through that veil and through its creators. They could not hide anything from him, every sordid dark secret would be known as if reading it from a book and as Iktus knew – as a few others did – ‘all can do as all can do’ as the prophecy say’s. If one can do it sooner or later all can do it and then the shadows would be fully illuminAted for all to seE.
Iktus knew that if this was to occur, everything that was the immorality he lived and the system that gave him that living would once and for all destroy itself as duality ceased. But surely if the boy could be prevented from being able to remember this ability, then all would be ok – wouldn’t it? For without the ability being remembered all would be safe and nothing would be affected, surely?
Iktus knew he was trying to convince himself, for he was worried, he had thought he was on the home straight but that was certainly not the case now. How quickly things can change he thought and things were happening that he could never imagined possible. To hasty to celebrate the spoils of his victory to realise that victory was far from won. Great expectations lead to great disappointments, as the higher you get the further there is to fall and fall you will eventually.

Iktus knew that the boy walking beside him was calm and at this moment, care free. Iktus had noticed many times that Akhen was always calm after the knowing had been. The boy always slipped into a state of serenity; careless and worry free, a simple state of bliss. Although Iktus could not feel what Akhen was feeling, he could tell by the boy’s body language and facial expression that this was the case. His voice was always calm and peaceful and generated a tone that was pleasing to the ear, unlike when he was under the influence of the knowing. Then the boy’s words cut like knives with blades of truth into your very essence, penetrating, collapsing the facade that you wish to remain reality – which most presume to be the normality they will not question. Protecting the lies we label truth in a pathetic attempt to convince others and ourselves that they really are the truth.
In the end you eventually believe the lies as well, you believe your own lies to maintain a warped sanity that is the life you wished for and are frightened to lose.
What Iktus had just experienced could not be denied. He had experienced it. He had lived it. But, he knew that it was not possible and nor could it ever be explained, not by him, the elders or the scientists not anyone, not even the only boy who could do it. Iktus had witnessed many times Akhen’s ability of knowing about many subjects, but never had he witnessed it so personally. The boy had been reading him like he was a book, it just isn’t possible, yet it happened and he could not deny this fact and this troubled his mind, in fact it troubled his mind deeply.
Iktus was not a fool by any measure – or so he thought – and he knew exactly what gave him the pleasures of life and yes he had chose to take them. But that didn’t mean he did not know how those pleasures came about – he just chose to ignore the truth, exactly what the boy had prevented him from doing for that short time.

Iktus knew there was no magic; there was nothing more than illusion. Granted through this process you can just about get anyone to believe anything you wish, but it is still only illusion. What the boy had done was no illusion it really happened and the reality of this experience had sent him into the playing fields of paranoia, but not as a player, but as the ball for his own mind to play with.
Yes there had been talk about such a thing as knowing and he also knew that they studied the science of memories believing they could discover how it was possible, how you can force knowing, force memories. Many had suffered during these experiments as they searched for what they could not find. Relentlessly they keep trying; even now they were trying, because the prophecy has duality. Some of it is meaningful and some of it is meaningless. It depends on what eyes you read it with, or whether you still have the mask on when you do so. What you perceive to be correct might not be, so what you follow could be nothing more than a stage play for you to act out, never actually amounting to anything accept in your belief that it will. Always believing we are much more advanced than we actually are, when the truth is we are still very primitive, especially the ones who believe they are not. Describing and naming that that needs not to be described or named, only being so to host a false accolade called intelligence. Those who measure that accolade by their knowledge of a created false hood to gain position, recognition and standing, with all the benefits that accompany the said height reached.
Iktus’ mind was in turmoil as it tried to protect this, its own brand of the truth, what it wished to be the true. But nevertheless, what had happened had happened and this could not be denied. The foundation stone he was relying upon was crumbling beneath him, and all the beliefs held up by this stone were slowly loosing their foundation since this incident with the boy. Without that foundation they would start to falter and fall and this is what his mind was trying to prevent. For the world his mind relied upon to supply the desires it craved, could not exist without this foundation stone and even though Iktus did not want to accept this fact, it was one he was finding hard not to accept, thus the turmoil prevailed.

Iktus and Akhen were now out of the cool dusty semi lit pyramid entrance and were being bathed once more with sunlight, both of them shielding their eyes as they entered its brightness.
Still, neither of them spoke.
Still the priest walked with hastened pace as the boy prince followed silently. Iktus walked slightly ahead now with his head slightly down, as though he was walking and bowing at the same time. Was this out of respect or fear, or both? New thoughts were starting to plague the priest as the pair carried on trudging towards the machines on their way to the lifts lobby room.
‘What if I fail – what happens if I cannot prevent this boy from doing this again? What will become of this I rely on so much’?
This wave of thoughts were even more crushing than the last and the priest hesitated in his steps and lost focus for a second, slowing and then speeding up to try and correct the pace. Akhen slowed as the priest did, as he was right behind Iktus, but did not wonder why as he presumed the priest had just lost his footing and corrected it.
Iktus had certainly lost something even though he would not speak of it with the boy, he had lost his confidence this is what was diminishing, and this was only part of the foundation stone that was crumbling. Then his thoughts turned sinister as his mind came out of flight mode and returned to fight.
‘What if I destroy the boy’?
It could be done and had been done many times, when someone was perceived as a threat to the status quo. In fact Iktus knew it was to be done again very soon as a removal was needed to allow the succession to the throne to go as it was needed to. A convenient accident is always perceived as being suspicious by some, but those suspicions could always be quelled through threats of violence, or the simply threat of being found out for past events. Or, as on many occasions, a rise in standing accompanied by material gain would suffice.
Destroy who was causing the problem and the problem desists.
But what happens if you destroy that someone who is needed and is to be relied upon? What if they are needed to ensure the status quo stays exactly as it is and will always stay that way?

Iktus began to sweat profusely and this was not from the external heat of the sun he was being bathed in. This was from stress and anxiety. He lifted his hand up towards his forehead to mop the sweat from his brow with the sleeve of his robe, again stumbling as he did.
Again Akhen slowed as the priest stumbled, but as before he said nothing and did not enquire if the priest was ok.
They were now nearing the great doors of the lift lobby passing the dormant machine to their right, sat silently motionless, inanimate with no power source.
Still Iktus remained silent deep in thought and still Akhen said nothing just patiently following the priest.
The prophecy say’s that the preternatural one must set the intent and cannot be forced to do it Iktus thought to, himself. But is this true? Of course it is. Look at all that had been done to set this in place and by whom it had been done by – surely they could not be fooled. But what if they had been – what if he had been? What if all he had been told to believe in was false?
Iktus started to rationalise like never before in his life. He was now starting to question what he perceived to be normal.
‘If we have lied to everyone on their behalf, are they in fact lying to us’?
He shook his head slightly from side to side in a vain attempt to clear his thoughts as the coercion he had suffered kicked in to prevent him questioning further.
‘What are you doing man, why are you doing this to yourself’? ‘Get the boy back to the servant girls and they can weave their spell upon him, nothing more is needed’, he thought to himself. ‘You do not need to harm this boy or be afraid of him, just tarnish his mind, coerce him, do what you were sent here to do, for he must set the intent’.
As he thought this he relaxed and his pace lessoned. Akhen followed suit. Iktus felt better now as the coercion that was his mind took over again but this was only to last for a short while. He did not realise that after being in the presence of the one and after being read by him, the one would always be able to do it, just not at will.
The mask has no control over the knowing, only the true being within does. And the knowing only happens when the being shines through; again the persona has no control over this. Once you have been read the knowing will answer whether you are prepared for that answer or not, so before asking a question, make sure you are ready for the answer.
Alas Iktus did not know this fact, but was soon to find out the hard way.

Iktus stopped just short of the great doors as they approached them and Akhen did the same.
Iktus turned to face Akhen who had still said nothing about what had happened, the building they had been into or the fact they had walked all the way back in silence.
Iktus was now back in the world of the mind forgetting that he was frightened of this boy as his confidence levels had rose due to the coErcion in his own mind taking hold again. But without knowing it, or at least realising it, his level of protocol was to change immensely when speaking to the boy prince. Before it was something he was doing to pacify the whims of a king’s son who knew what that meant, but now it was different and he was to find that it was something that he could not stop as the effectiveness of the boy’s words back in the pyramid had done their job. They were well and truly lodged in the priests mind, whether he was aware of this fact or not made no difference, for this was now something he could not control.
The pair now stood facing each other and the boy prince stood patiently looking up at his priest companion waiting for the priest to say something.
Iktus spoke and as he did his head bowed low and he did not look in the boy’s eyes, the greatest sign of respect that can be given when conversing….
“If it pleases my prince may I ask you a question?” Iktus said almost humbly.
Akhen nodded his head in agreement and patiently waited for the question. Even though his mind did not want him to ask the boy this question, he needed to know, was it was possible, could the boy do the same now they were out of the presence of the stone? He was hesitant and paused for quite some time before continuing, almost like he knew he was going to regret doing this, but could not help himself.
“My prince, what do you know of intent?” The priest asked.
“Only what you and the other priests have told me during schooling, why do you ask?”

Iktus did not answer straight away, but just stood there with his head bowed low. Unlike before, he would not look in the boy’s eyes.
After a few seconds Iktus answered.
“My prince, apart from what you have remembered being taught, is there anything else you remember about intentions?”
As Iktus said this he lifted his head slightly, just enough to be able to look into the boy’s eyes. Only a short while ago he had felt the eyes of this teenage boy burning into his mind, he did not want to look into them again, but felt he needed to as he felt it would kick start the boy’s ability.
He needed to allow the boy to read him again.
Still Iktus did not truly believe the boy could do this, even with all the evidence, his mind still tried to deny it and pass it off as some sort of parlour trick. Yet he was also frightened of this happening at the same time. He wanted to know, but at the same time he was frightened to know, but curiosity had played its part and he was going to believe it was not true, because he felt safe that way. So if this were the case there would be no harm in asking he thought to himself.
Akhen had paused before he answered as though he was not in control and something else was coming into play. As he spoke Iktus realised the boy’s voice had changed again, but this time it was at even more peace than before.
“You have believed as others have that you can control the intent of the whole of humanity through the black rock and the preternatural one. This is what you work towards, this is your false destiny and certainly is not to be relied upon, but you do rely upon it. As it has been said before you will achieve all you have set out to do for that is the way it has been engineered and it is only your arrogance that denies you the ability to see this. Just because it is prophesised, does not mean it is true. There is the litEral and there is the Allegory, what do you seE? The prophecy contains two arts; the art of truth and the art of lying. Again what do you seE? Do you see literal truths and literal lies that can only be separated by the allegory that cannot be recognised with literal eyes? You deny yourself the use of real eyes and no one else, for this is the literal way.”

Iktus stood head down and silent, but if you looked closely you would see that his entire body was shaking so fast it could almost not be seen by the naked eye. He was listening and dreading, in a way fearing what was to be said, but at the same time nervously exited. With anticipation he eagerly awaited for the next word to leave the boys mouth. Was what had happened, to happen again he thought to himself? But it did seem that the boy was directing his answer to the question and not directly at the priest himself, more generalising than direct, even though he knew in his heart that it was direct and it was just a case of the persona not accepting this. The mask was trying to protect itself and still maintain its role as a mask. But the persona was in fear, as the fears were just simple thoughts manifesting in the priests mind, based upon precautionary principles within the self-preservation process. The mind protects the persona for they are one and the same and have exactly the same parameters of operation self, self, self. What the mind feared were the pangs of morality. Something it acted upon to its own determent because it could not do any different. This is what Iktus knew made him shake as the full realisation of the duality of words struck him blow after blow.
Akhen continued….
“What you seek to know, you shall not accept for to do so will render all that you do and have done pointless, but you have asked me, so I shall tell you what you wish to know.
Neither you, nor anyone can set the intent in any way for; it is not possible by this means, you only believe it is possible because the prophecy tells you this. But it is also telling you something else by letting you see that the method it states you should use is not possible. Just because you believe it is, does not mean it is. You and who you work for are trying to set an intent that would affect all of humanity without them even knowing they were affected as they would presume it is normal and thus they would never question it. This is not possible by the way you seek, but you will find a way that will work, but for it to be accepted, you will have to work for at least another thousand years trapped by your own limitations as stagnant as your beliefs. The intent cannot be set it is another facade, a perfectly crafted lie, a meaningless discipline – you would call it a hope, coming from a reliance you have in something called religion. What you think the rock can do is exactly that, only what you think, its true purpose escapes you as does the true purpose of the preternatural one. Your thoughts are guided by illusion, so by default are nothing more than an extension of that illusion. Your reliance on your beliefs has blinded you to other possibilities or even the suggestion there could be any.”
Still the priest stood there listening silently his mind arguing with everything the boy was saying, but with an annoying feeling that he knew the boy was telling the truth. Even what the boy had said about the stone, he knew was true but his mind would not allow him to accept this whilst it maintained control. Every time the boy spoke this way it proved that what the boy could do was possible even though the priest knew it couldn’t be. This is why they were called the preternatural one; the one who could defy the laws of nature, the one who just knew without being told.
Even though the priest stood there troubled his thoughts were manifesting on one factor and one alone. The prophecy had said that the preternatural one could be stopped by coercion of their mind, as long as it started at a very early age. This was the model that was used on everyone and in this troubled priests mind he did not even realise that he too had suffered from exactly the same. The prophecy said ‘make them remember the wrong things’ and that is exactly what they had done ‘allow the mind to do the remembering, allow it to remember the pre-given knowledge based upon pre-given belief. Install in the mind a core belief system, whether it is gods, demons or deities, position, wealth or power it makes no difference. Make them worship this, make them fear the loss of its presence in their lives. Make them worship possessions and allow those possessions to possess them, make their reliance their own personal possession, give them the power of rEligion, the power of reliance upon that religious addiction and shower them with thousands of these addictions in many different forms – so all can be caught by these protocols. Although the design may manifest in different ways, the core is always the same. The core relies upon belief to exist, as the belief needs the core to exist.
Without either neither can exist.
This was the part of the prophecy that was the blue print, the foundation stone, which the control it gave was built from and this was exactly what they had done and the priest was trying to continue. But they wanted more, always more, never satisfied as the priest knew so well and this is what led to them believing the impossible was possible as the duality of the prophecy came into play.

Iktus himself was suffering that duality, as he stood listening to all that was being said by the boy prince and also listening to his own mind trying to deny the truths the boy uttered.
To be honest if his life could end that moment he wished it would, for never had he suffered so from mere words and the suggestions those words delivered.
Akhen continued….
“In truth what you seek to do is not possible as I have said, but you will not believe this and you will continue to strive to make it so regardless. The turmoil you suffer now is only the beginning as the more you resist it the more painful it will become. The process has started for you now and this cannot be reversed as once morality has a foot hold, it will soon replace the foundation stone you rely upon, replacing beliefs for truths. This will come to all in the end even though it will take many thousands of years to happen, eventually it will come to pass. To resist this will only lead to a life spent in misery as you continually search for the next situation, experience or substance that can give you a false reality to allow you to escape this. Remember, ultimately you asked for this and thus engineered this as we all did to experience the world of lust. There is no one to blame but yourself as everyone can only blame themselves; we are all responsible for this, all of us equally.”
Akhen then became silent and just stood smiling kindly at the priest, even though the Iktus was still stood head bowed looking directly at the ground where he stood. He remained this way for some time until he heard the boy prince ask.
“Iktus why are you stood silent like this?”
Iktus realising that the boy was now back to himself, sighed with relief, but still did not lift his head. He had received the answer he had wished to receive and now regretted receiving it, but he had to know and had to ask.
One thing was very plain to the priest now he had to have an audience with the elders of the second house of the temple and more importantly he had to get this boy back to the servant girls, this was now imperative and no one would be allowed to talk to this boy unless they had a pretty face and body to match.
As his own mind came back into control a passing thought was shot across the bows as he realised the full extent of what the boy had said moments before. He now knew more than the families, he knew that what they were trying to achieve was not possible, but surely if this was the case they would not have gone to so much trouble building what they had built believing that they could achieve what they had led him himself to believe could be done. This one thought fractured his mind again and insanity reigned for a second, until it reverted back to full mind mode and it delivered a thought to counteract the last one.
‘This is not so, take no heed of this boy for he is nothing more than a boy, how could he possibly know more than the people who had been studying this and writing about this for thousands of years’?
Iktus shock his head slightly then started to lift it, but still not enough to be able to look into the boy’s eyes. Even though this was occurring he was still in a world of confusion, deep in thought.
Iktus needed time away from the boy. He needed to collect his thoughts, but at the same time he was now afraid to be alone as he feared what the boy had said and knew that in those moments he sat alone in the darkness of night suffering as he had, he knew that those moments were now going to last longer and would be more intense than ever before, because of the boys words, the boys simple words.

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