Chapter 17 – The Prophecy of Sion

“As you know Harian there is something very wrong with our country and the way it is run, I am sure we can both agree on that fact. If you are perfectly honest with yourself, there are many elements you could relate to, that just do not seem right. I am sure it is quite evident to you as well, that the people on a whole live in perpetual slavery to the priests of the temple who run the political regime that pretends to do everything they don’t do with promises that always just seem to remain promises, never actually manifesting into anything that was promised – and the figure head we all blame for this is the king. I know this might sound strange to you coming from someone who held the position I did, but all I ask of you is to hear me out.”
Harian knew what the General was saying was true as he had questioned the actions of the houses of the temple many times in his own mind and could never quite understand why things happened the way that they did, or why the temple did as it did. Yes, they had promised so much to help the people, to eradicate such things as poverty and crime and to give everyone a better standard of living, but this always seemed to result in things being done that were to the people’s detriment and not their benefit.
Harian knew that it wasn’t just himself who realised this, he knew a lot of his friends realised the same as they had often talked about such subjects and other matters regarding the actions of those in power. Because of this he was still prepared to hear the General out and realised General Sarim was deadly serious about what he was saying.
Again the General continued.
“After trying to help your aunt and realising that things were certainly not as they would first seem, I was approached by a man I had known for a long time whilst I was serving in the army and trust with my life. This man’s name is Farik, who now is a commander in the palace guard, one of only two. The other is a man called Anelp, again a man who has become a very loyal and trusted friend.
Little is known about the palace guard outside of the palace and I must be honest I even held a very dim view of them, which is done on purpose to disguise their true purpose as confusing as that may seem. The rest of the army look on them as being weak and they are recruited from weak minded soldiers who are easy to scare and also ones who will do anything to gain material wealth and of course position. The reason for this is quite simple; to allow for the destruction of the king and all his position should stand for once and for all.
You see the king is where the finger of blame for all that happens daily is pointed at and in one sense this is very true, because he does allow it to happen, but he couldn’t stop this if he wanted to, because he is legally castrated. In other words he has no power whatsoever, more just a figurehead or a mascot. But the people do blame him so he is protected by, what is thought to be, a very weak guard, even though it is quite the opposite. Thus if the people do attack the king, because they do blame him, then the guard would not be able to prevent his death and because he is seen as the one to blame the houses of the temple would get what they finally have been trying to achieve, a republic run by something that is called a senate, which is exactly what the houses of the temple really is.

This is not a new concept Harian as they have been trying to do this for a very long time. As it is recorded this has happened many times before and has failed many times before, but they still keep trying and they will keep trying – they can do no other. I have been told they will find a way to continue this even with a king or queen in place, but eventually they will try again to destroy whatever man or woman holds this position. This would result in pure control of the people of, not only this country, but also every country across the known world and future ones discovered under a one-world senate enforcing one type of education, one religion and one set of laws.
This in time will be labelled democracy, which is legal slavery, enslaved by legal means.
They will convince everyone, as many are convinced now, that this is the only way humanity can live, to a point where people will actually defend the slavery they are in, fighting to keep it, always resorting back to it and it’s feudalistic ways – especially those who hold positions as I did, or any other position within the construct. But the truth is that many of us have realised this and we know in our hearts that life does not have to be this way, it can be different. I do not know why at this moment, but this can only be achieved by a king and that is why, no matter what happens, the people will always demand a king sits upon a throne and for this reason their republic will inevitably fail.
That is all I have been told and I trust who told me this with my life, but there is more I need to tell you which is the reason I am telling you all this.”
Harian still sat quietly taking everything in sipping his tea as he listened and even though he didn’t fully comprehend all that the General had spoke of, especially about the king, he knew that General Sarim was telling the truth as he saw it. He could also see a man sat opposite him who had held one of the positions he had talked about and yes, he could see, that this man had changed and in truth he was explaining that through realising what he had. It had made him a better man, not in the sense he now was enriched in material betterment, but the fact he had become a better man who held a whole new set of principles based on morality.
As he sat there quietly pondering Isabel approached him and sat in the chair next to him slowly sliding her hand over his in a loving caring way.
“Oh, my dear Harian.” She said stroking his hand caringly. “My dear boy please know that I too agree with all that Sarim has said to you and please know I agree also with what he is about to say to you.”
Harian turned and smiled at his aunt as the general continued.
“I know some of this is hard for you to comprehend as it goes against everything you have been told about certain people, especially about our king. But if you are willing to allow me to continue, as I am sure you are, everything will become much clearer.”
Without even waiting for an answer the General carried on for he could see that the boy was intrigued with what he was saying even though he had not expressed he was.

“Many of us know about a prophecy that exists, many of us, that is, who are of order – something you most certainly would never have heard of.”
At this point Harian raised an eyebrow and for the first time since the General had been talking felt the need to ask a question.
“Of order?” Harian inquired with curiosity.
“Yes my dear boy.” His aunt said before the General could answer. “Sorry Sarim.” Isabel said to the General. “Maybe this would be better coming from me?”
“Of course my dear lady, no apology needed.”
“Thank you Sarim.” Isabel said turning away from the General and turning to her nephew, who to be honest looked quite puzzled.
As she did this she held Harian’s hand a bit tighter to reassure him and then she began.
“Many years ago Harian many of us realised, as Sarim does now, that there was something very wrong with the way we led our lives. You remember the house I used to live in and the servants who served me and you when you came to stay, and also the clothes I used to wear do you not?”
Harian nodded to agree as he did clearly remember these things.
“Well that was how I used to be. My life was a never ending fashion parade and I truly thought myself better than most other people and was quite happy to wear the toils of people who were paid a pittance to make the clothes I wore upon my back.
I did not care that they could not support their families or their loved ones. That they lived in squalor and poverty, that they had to listen to their children cry because they were cold and hungry at night as they lay in their beds.”
Harian could see a tear form in the corner of his aunt’s eye and slowly slide down her cheek as she said this.
Sarim could see this as well and offered his hand across the table to her in comfort, which she took gratefully.
“Do not upset yourself my dear friend.” Said the General giving Isabel’s hand a soft squeeze as he did.
“I still need this.” She said turning to Sarim. “I still need to allow this to happen.”
“I understand my dear, I understand.” He said with a soft caring voice. Letting the Generals hand be, Isabel wiped the tear from her cheek before returning her hand to Sarim’s, patting it softly, to indicate she was ok now and could continue.
“As you can see Harian this still upsets me deeply as I recall the monster I was. I believed that this sort of attitude was perfectly acceptable and it was perfectly acceptable to do as I was doing as hundreds did the same. I truly believed these people to be inferior of me and because of this there duty was to serve me because of my status – how wrong could I have been.
One evening I was being dressed for a social engagement and found that the dress I was to wear was not quite finished and I was extremely annoyed about this fact. To be honest I was so annoyed that I set off to find the seamstress who had made the dress to give her a piece of my mind. After inquiring of the guard as to where I could find her, I set off to her home with two accompanying guards.”
“You had guards aunty?” Harian butted in sharply.
“Yes my boy I did. Anyone could, if you could afford them that is, and as you know at that time I was very wealthy.
“But aunty, that is not there purpose, surely, they are meant to be there to protect all the people, not a select few who can afford it?
“My dear boy, there is so much you have yet to realise. The guards on the streets were there simply to maintain control of street life via policing them and to ensure that those of status were protected from the rest of the people. That their possessions, property and them themselves were always protected. And some of us had to pay depending on the level of our status, not being quite high enough to be as privileged enough to get the service for free. They maintain also that crime exists and will always exist so their presence on the streets will always be demanded for and is warranted. This is why Sarim called them a political force, a political army, because that is exactly what they are in every respect.”
Harian just sat there shaking his head in disbelief even though he knew in his heart that his aunt would never lie to him – and he also realised, from previous experiences with the guards on the streets with his friends, that they sometimes had acted quite strangely towards them, something Harian had always wondered about. And only now by listening to his aunt and the general had he realised why this had occurred.
His Aunt spoke again.
“As Sarim said Harian, I know there are so many aspects regarding what you will hear today that will seem very confusing to you, but much of it, if not all of it, will make sense in time. But I want you to know that you cannot blame the guards who police the streets, for it is not their fault. They have been coerced through nationalism and the power over coat. Many are proud to do as they do and many take advantage of the little power they have. It makes them feel like a big fish within a small pond with not very many other big fish. They just do not realise how big the pond actually is. And nor do they realise how small a fish the really are. They call this a lead role in a cage and this exists at every level within the political construct even as low as the trustee’s.”

Isabel stopped as she could see that Harian was becoming perplexed as all this swirled around in his mind and he was fighting to come to terms with it all. This always seemed to happen, a result of information overload.
She decided to continue with her story that she had been telling before she was side tracked, which to be honest was easy to do. Every part, although at first glance looks completely separate, is in fact just a individual part of one big puzzle that fits together perfectly. But this was very hard to see at first glance as she very well knew.
Harian now sat staring at the table and his empty cup, but lifted his head when his aunt spoke to him and looked at her.
“I know how you feel my dear boy as all of us have gone through this and in some way still do every day. You see it seems when this process starts in you, it will never stop and you will see and hear so much you didn’t before. You may have read or heard the same words a thousand times, but never really hearing or seeing what really is being said.
Now you will, for now you will not be able to ignore it.
What happened to me that night caused the start of this in me and no matter how painful I find it is to recall the events of that night, I am thankful for it. More thankful than you can possibly imagine – because without them I would not be who I am now.
Do you sort of understand what I am saying Harian?”
Harian paused before answering looking back at his cup for a second, and then he looked back at his aunt and said.
“I do in some ways aunt, but much of this is still very confusing.” He said turning back to look at the cup and shaking his head as he did. “It is so hard to except, even though it makes absolute sense. I am so struggling to accept it as it is against everything I thought was normal.”
As Harian said this he blew in desperation and shock his head once more accidently tipping the cup over as he did, spilling the dregs of tea left in the bottom of the cup over the table. He began to start to say sorry for the spillage and his aunt stopped him by saying.
“Shhh, not to worry my boy that can always be cleaned up.”
Isabel got up and left the table and moved towards the sink to collect a cloth to mop up the spilt tea. She did this, returned the cloth and sat back down.
As she did she spoke again.
“The night that my life changed was the night I was explaining about to you before we got side tracked. I know you are suffering and you are probably wondering how this will help you, but I assure you it will.”
Isabel then looked at Sarim across the table and said.
“Would you make a tea my dear friend, I am sure we could all do with one.”
“Of course I will.” Said the General standing up, collecting the cups from upon the table and moving towards the sink.
He then turned and said.
“Tea Harian?”
“Yes please.” Harian replied faintly seemingly very despondent in his answer. Then he turned to his aunt and said.
“Would you continue aunt please?”
His aunt smiled at him and said.
“Of course I will my boy, but first let us give Sarim time to make the tea and I, if you don’t mind, need a little fresh air.”

Isabel made her way back in doors as Sarim was putting the cups of tea down upon the table. Sarim sat opposite Harian and his aunt sat next to him as before.
Isabel and Harian thanked Sarim for the tea and Isabel continued with the story.
“I left my house with the two guards and made my way through the city, through the areas I knew and felt relatively safe in. After some time we started to approach the slums, that I always knew existed, but had never seen. I inquired of one of the guards to why we were heading towards what seemed to be a very rough part of the city and he answered by telling me this is where the seamstress lives. I was shocked to say the least to discover that, whoever had made my dress, which I must admit was beautifully made apart from the fact it was not finished, lived in such a place. I remember the smell, that awful smell as we approached and remember becoming quite fearful, even to the point I wanted to turn around and go home. But I was going to have my say and I was going to punish who had ruined my evening by not finishing my dress.
We continued on and as we did the smell was almost over whelming and I brought my sleeve up to my nose and mouth to prevent myself breathing in such a foul stench. The streets became grimmer, darker and more desolate as there were many men, women and children sleeping openly on the streets with no form of cover from the elements. As we continued one of the guards expressed that he would like me to stay close to him, as this was not a part of the city that ladies like me should ever come to. I did as he suggested and was happy to. We turned a corner after walking what seemed miles and I was shocked to see what I saw. There was an open sewer running outside of what shacks there were and there were bodies, human bodies, laid beside it rotting. Not just those of adults, but those of children as well and I even saw dogs ripping at the bodies, fighting over what flesh was left.
At that point I really wanted to turn back and without warning became very ill indeed – turning behind me and vomiting everywhere. The guards stopped and waited for me to recover and then inquired if I still wanted to continue, for who I sort lived only a short distance away.
I have to say at this point, that which I witnessed that night no human being should ever have to witness, let alone live in, but maybe, because it does exist, maybe they all should have to witness this. I told the guards that I wanted to proceed as I was realising that something was already changing in me. I have never been more disgusted, not with what I was seeing as that was beyond belief, but disgusted in the fact that this was allowed to happen, when so much wealth existed.
A short time later we arrived at a very run down shack with holes in the walls and pure filth all around it. The stench by this time was completely overwhelming and was so even for the guards – who in turn, had covered their own noses and mouths. I was told that who I sort was a women by the name of Anelka and the guard entered the shack, without even the politeness of knocking and dragged out a women and threw to the floor in front of me.
I was stunned, to stunned in fact to even talk. The women looked up at me for a second and then bowed down in the filth upon the floor begging for my forgiveness. One of the guards started to shout at her and even raised a foot to kick her, to which I found the courage to shout ‘stop’! The guard backed off and looked at me sternly wondering why I had said such a thing to prevent him from carrying out the act upon her. Never, in all my life, had I been in a situation like this. I turned to the guards and told them to stand back, which they did, even though I could see they did not want to. I then stepped over the woman and entered the shack and I saw for myself how she lived with her family and at that moment my heart broke. I saw the despair in her children’s eyes as I did in hers before she bowed at my feet. I turned round, and I am ashamed to say, but I just ran. Ran out of the shack, past the women still on the ground and past the two guards, even though they caught up with me some time later.
I later found out, which was to add even more sorrow to my already mounting pain, that before the guards caught me up they both kicked the women repeatedly whilst she was upon the floor. The force of their kicks resulted in the women dying from her wounds in the filth where she lay with her children watching, knowing what she was leaving her children to live in, alone.”
At this point Isabel broke down in tears and wept as her nephew had that very morning.
Harian moved close to his aunt with tears in his eyes as he felt her pain and wrapped his arms around her. Sarim got up and stood behind Isabel holding one of her shoulders and one of Harian’s. He too had tears in his eyes and was beginning to weep.
To be honest the General expected this as he had seen his dear Isabel this way before, but knew he had to allow her to go through this, as hard as it was to watch.
Harian had also realised that his aunt was progressively getting more upset the more she spoke, but just didn’t know what to do.
As all of them fought back the tears Isabel started to talk again removing herself from her nephews arms before she did.
Through the sobbing she said.
“The day after I returned home I was in such a state. I could not sleep and in my disgust at myself, I destroyed all but a few of my dresses. I know this means nothing, but I was distraught. I then decided that I needed to help this women’s family as I felt responsible for her death and called upon a dear friend who I could trust. I explained to him what had happened and what I would like to do regarding this becoming more distraught by every passing moment until again I broke down.
He comforted me and told me that what I wanted to do would not help. He said whomever you in trust to do such a thing would only result in one of two eventualities if not both. Firstly the aid I was to give would never reach the family, because along the way someone would steel it and either sell it or keep it for themselves. I suggested that he should do it for me to prevent this and he said he could not and would not dare too because of the second eventuality. Anyone trying to do such would be punished by the political regime via those who policed the streets, because they required this situation to exist, because poverty breed’s crime and they most certainly needed crime to exist as I explained before.
I shouted at him, calling him a coward in the state of despair I was in and he sadly admitted he was a coward and that he could not help me. To add even more insult to injury I went to another friend to seek help through the houses of the temple, blinded to the fact that they were actually the ones truly responsible for people living in these conditions in the first place. I then found out that my friend wasn’t really my friend at all, as one night I was visited by the guard who police the streets and was told to mind my own business and not to get involved in the business of the temple and if I didn’t I would regret not doing so. I was told to go back to my life and enjoy it and to leave matters that do not concern me well alone, but I would not listen.

I did let the dust settle for a while and remained silent about what had occurred, but I still had friends I thought I could turn too. I did this and secretly met with a friend one night, even though I had realised I was being watched and had been for some time. I told my friend I would go to the king himself if I needed to. How naive I was at that time, truly believing that the king would do something about this awful situation.
He said he would do all he could to get the king to grant me an audience – I did not realise he was lying through his teeth as no one was ever granted an audience, but like I said I was so naive. I did not hear back for a while and presumed all was going well and I would receive word soon that an audience had been in fact granted.
One afternoon I was sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine and a cup of tea when a knock came upon the door. I shall never forget that day for as long as I live. I got up and answered the door and there stood an army Captain and two guards. The Captain introduced himself and asked if he could step inside the house so he could talk to me regarding a very urgent matter. My heart skipped a beat as I truly thought my request had been granted and I was going to meet the king, I was so overjoyed.”
At this point Sarim who was still stood behind Isabel removed his hand from Harian’s shoulder and put his hand on Isabel’s other shoulder. It was though he knew what was coming and was making preparations for this.
Isabel continued but Harian could see that his aunt was becoming very upset again and took her hand from off the table and placed it in his own.
“The Captain started to say that he had some very bad news for me and explained how he didn’t quite know how to tell me, as this was his first time.
To be honest he did seem quite young to be a Captain, but as the guards who police the streets, they all seem to be getting younger, or is that just a sign of me getting older. Or is this just a way they can use coercion over experience, those not being older enough to realise the difference.
He repeated that he did not know how to tell me and then as he said this, my heart sank. This is not about an audience with the king is it I asked him? To which he replied he knew nothing of such a matter and then he just blurted it out. I am so sorry this is about your son, he has been killed.”
As Isabel said this she again began to weep and dropped her head as though in shame. Sarim gripped her shoulders gently as Harian held her hand softly to comfort her as she fought back the tears and tried to compose herself to be able to finish what she was saying. Managing to do so after a minute or so, she continued.
“He said that my son had been killed during a very unfortunate accident, and I am so sorry for your loss. I just sat there completely speechless, my world, to me, had just ended. The poor Captain did not know what to do or say and I am sure he was very polite, but to be honest from that moment on, I did not hear another word he said and it was only some time later that I realised he had actually gone.
My mind, from this point, went into over drive as everything that had recently happened spun around it and of course I started to put two and two together. After the threats I had received and obviously even after that trying to get an audience with the king I thought my son had been murdered to warn me off. I was convinced of this and that is when I went to Sarim for answers, which were not forth coming as he has explained.”

Sarim had moved from behind Isabel and was now once more sat at the table opposite Harian.
He started to speak to Harian.
“I did investigate your cousins death Harian, as I said before, but like I said I was warned off. I cannot tell you conclusively that your cousin was murdered, but at the same time I cannot tell you he wasn’t. Considering the circumstances that your aunt has explained, it does point to the fact that your cousin’s death resulted from some sort of foul play. But we have to deal with facts and not speculation and I could not get to the facts.
I suppose it could be suggested that because I was prevented from investigating this matter more, it was because someone was trying to hide the something. But they did this over any soldiers death, never releasing information to the families regarding how they died, just the fact they had. I do feel that the truth will be known in time and we shall know once and for all what actually happened and more to the point was it deliberate. But for now we have more pressing matters to talk about.”
“I agree.” Isabel said “And part of this is contained within what I have left to tell you my boy.”
Isabel’s voice was calmer now and Harian could see she was more at peace with herself. He realised as hard as it was to talk about, she had too, she had to come to terms with what had happened to her and the losses she had suffered regarding his uncle and cousin.
He knew from his own experiences that it made it easier to cope with as it had with him. When he found someone else within the army unit that was being bullied, he could talk to – as he was bullied far worse as his bullying also contained racism.
Isabel continued.
“After all this, I decided that I could no longer live in the house I was living in and I would most certainly never have servants again. I gave them as much as I could, to try and make sure they would be all right when I let them go. Whether that happened or not I don’t know, but at least I can say I tried – and I need to be able to say that. I gave away all my clothes and brought more modest ones and decided I would move here to the country far from the insanity that the city was. I realised during this what the city does to people and noticed this in my so-called friends, who to be honest started to fall by the wayside as I changed and I was changing.
The process had started in me and I actually started to see those, who I called my friends, for who they really were and it was shocking. I had never realised that human beings wear masks and was shocked to see how many of these masks we have.
I realised that I used to wear masks and when I realised it in myself I could see it in my friends and this again shocked me. I told them I couldn’t live as I used to, the clothes, the food, the status and the position it all had to go. They looked at me as though I had gone mad and all the time I was thinking you are the mad ones for still wanting and desiring such things. I found that I was becoming more at peace with myself and even though, as you have witnessed, the pain still exists within me and very strongly. But this happens less now, and slowly, I know, I will forget all this ever happened and truly be at peace – as I feel we all will be one day.

I was walking one day down by the market, it wasn’t long before I moved here. I was buying food and enjoying the day when a man approached me who was dressed as a tradesman, but he just didn’t look like a tradesman. I know his clothes depicted this was his profession, but he looked different – and most certainly spoke differently.
He said good day to me as I did to him and he complemented me on how nice I looked – that hadn’t happened for the longest time and it was very pleasant because he said it with sincerity and was not trying to gain anything by doing so. I found this strange. It is funny that men actually believe that we do not know what they are up to and try to hide their real intentions from us. But it is very obvious and it is so pleasant when you do not see it.
We didn’t talk much that day, but I know in the few words we did share, so much was said. A while later I met him again and after a few moments I realised he was different to everyone else and had a kindness about him he seemed a very gentle man. We talked a little and then he had to go, but before he left he said he was meeting some friends that evening and he felt I would like them. He asked me if I would like to join them and I agreed, so he gave me the address and the time they usually got together – he said he would meet me outside. That night I arrived at the address a bit early and he was there, waiting for me and he smiled so kindly when he saw me.
It was strange because the place was not in the best part of the city, but for once I was not afraid to make the journey alone. It was a bar, not a particularly trendy one, but I didn’t expect that, as I would have not so long before that evening. We went in and went and sat with his friends a mixture of both women and men. Ah…. that evening was so much fun.”
Isabel smiled as she said this and then continued.
“We met again a couple of days later and he asked would I like to join them again and I must admit, I was so happy he had asked me!
That night I again walked to the bar and there he stood outside patiently waiting for me. We greeted each other with a smile and went in and joined our friends and then I heard the most remarkable thing, and this is what I was told.

They told me they all belonged to a very ancient order some called the watchers, even though they did not have an official name, as one was not needed. They told me that there were those who are controllers who have the greatest need to be controlled and there are those who are watchers and control nothing until such time as they knew they ad too.
The controllers wear their masks all of the time and this allows them to be spotted by a watcher. The order could never be infiltrated because of this very natural process. That is why my new friend had approached me. Even though at times we all still wear a mask he knew I had put the important ones down never to wear again, as he had. They told me there was no membership, no oaths not even a place they called a meetinghouse; this is how it was done. They even said in a future time these places would be shut down to stop this process, but as well, for more important reasons. But still we would gather and talk and share, helping each other benevolently and taking great comfort from doing so. They told me that the order had a purpose to fulfil each millennium that was part of a prophecy and they would not intervene till all parts were in place, because they knew that until this happened, the time was not right. Then they would know what to do without being told because they would remember, because their hearts knew what needed to be done.
The order had access to parts of the prophecy that no one knew existed, as they knew both parts and the apposing side only knew one. But the prophecy only went up to a certain time and then it would have to be written by the next Sion. Each Sion could talk and write about the next one thousand years, but progressive Sion’s could talk of the previous and the next up until the Sion with the earthly power the 6th. He would be able to talk of them all and all to come and our purpose is to allow this to happen, because if you create a bad intention you by default create a good one. But if you create a good intention all bad intentions are negated by default.
They were the good intention created by the bad and by default knew both parts. I asked them if this was the case and you do know the bad part of the prophecy then why do you let it happen? The answer was so simple as they told me it had to be this way as humanity on whole at one time decided they would like to experience freewill, to experience everything the world offered. I inquired if someone or something gave this to us? And they said there was nothing that could give such a thing, as humanity was the sum of all things. There was nothing greeter than us and at the same time there was nothing less than us. It was quite strange at first because everyone got their turn to speak, but they all said the same and knew what the others knew. And it was as though they knew when to speak and when not to and no one cut over anybody else, nor power talked – but it wasn’t in a freaky way it seemed quite normal, because everyone was so relaxed and it was fun. They told me that no one knows who we are, why we are truly here or where we even came from – all we know is that we are here. They said so many speculated about these matters but the simple answer was that no one could remember and that the harder we look for the answers, the further away we get from them.
I was so intrigued, because it all made such simple sense, none of it was complicated. I asked them how was the prophecy handed down through them? And they said that it was done at a time and in a way that the information could not be corrupted. It was done when they were children between the age of one and two. The child has, at that time, no comprehension of what it is being told and what is passed down is done so, purely. There are very few this has happened to, but enough exist to make sure the order stays, as it is needed to be. But we have an opposite and you were close to being recruited by them, as you were that is, now you scare them, which is why they stay away from you.
The funny thing was, that when they said this, again it made perfect sense because that is exactly what I saw in my friend’s eyes, I saw fear. They feared me challenging them – even though I didn’t – because they were so shallow and in some way my words carried something that attacked that shallowness. I must tell you now, that night was one of the best nights I have ever had, never had I shared so much time with true beings, I know you know what I am talking about Sarim?”
“I certainly do.” Said the general in a very deep calming voice.
“But I also know that this is not all new to you, is it Harian?”

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