Chapter 19 – The Prophecy of Sion

Although Iktus was feeling better physically, he still wasn’t mentally, his mind awash with all the recent occurrences. Still walking with head down in deep thought he was now making his way back towards the priests sleeping area, dorms some called it. Walking past many servants and lower priest, who in turn all bowed their heads and the priest said ‘good morning sir’, but Iktus did not reply or even acknowledge any of them including the priest.
A man lost within his own mind deep in thought, not just about the boy, but about a far more serious matter. Lifting his head for a moment he reasserted himself by rolling his shoulders and moving his head side to side, as though he was trying to relieve a pain from an aching neck. He was hungry now, but did not want to face the other priests within the dining area having to sit and make polite conversation, whilst he ate, was not on his agenda today.
‘Maybe it will not be that busy, as it is well on the way to being mid morning’ he thought to himself ‘and most of the priests will be on their duties’, so maybe a quiet meal could be had. Iktus decided he would go to the dining hall and turned right by the entrance to the dorms, which he had just come up upon.
Walking through the doors to the dining area Iktus scanned the room to see if it was in fact quiet and he was pleasantly surprised to find it was – only two priests were sitting the far side of the room chatting to one another.
Walking inside, he made his way over to where the food was laid out on long tables, with refreshments at the very far end of the last table. He chose what he required and then made his way across the room to a quiet corner and sat down. Still in deep thought he started to eat and took a drink from the class full of juice that sat in front of him.
He then stopped and got up and made his way back to the end of the tables and poured himself a cup of black coffee, chuckling to himself as he did, as he had forgot to get his favourite morning drink.
As he did this, a voice spoke out from behind him.
“Good morning Iktus, you are late for breakfast today, what’s so funny?”
The voice was of a man called Belca, who was also a priest at the same grade as Iktus was. Iktus knew this man and knew he was also seeking position within the temple ranks much the same as he was. And even though under different circumstances he would always talk to Belca, on this day he desired not to, but knew his lack of response would be seen as discourteous. So decided a polite answer might suffice and then he could eat in peace with a bit of luck.
“Oh nothing, I just found something amusing, I had quite a heavy night last night and I am suffering for it.” Iktus said half smiling as he did.
“We have all had them.” Belca said chuckling. “Are you on late duties today?”
“Something like that, and yourself?”
“I have quite an easy day today and thought I would grab a cup of coffee whilst it was quiet, you know how it is. We have a new batch of slaves arriving later this afternoon, as we have lost a quite a few these recent weeks. I have only to oversee their arrival and placement, then the day is pretty much my own, and you?”
“Oh just the normal stuff.” Iktus said secretly not wanting to discuss what he was doing, as he couldn’t and was trying to discourage further conversation.
“Well maybe we can catch up in the mess hall later over a wine or two, as you haven’t been there for a couple of nights.”
“Yes maybe we can.” Iktus said, but he knew already he had no intention of doing this; he had other things on his mind.
Belca poured himself a cup of coffee after Iktus had finished and turned and said.
“Well, maybe later then?”
“Maybe?” Iktus replied again half smiling as he started to walk back to where he had been sitting, with Belca walking over to the other side of the room where the two other priests sat.

Iktus knew courtesy to those of the same rank or higher had to be maintained at all times and was heavily frowned upon when it wasn’t, this was the doctrine of how business was done. And the temple was a business, and the most powerful one at that. At that time most of the populace were led to believe that a good majority of the people were in poverty, and as so much this was true. But poverty was not viewed as being the same by everyone and to many; there were different levels of it.
A good percentage of Egyptians were of what was called middle Egypt and all of them had involvement in businesses in one way or another and many of them interests in quite a few at the same time.
The temple was no different.
Everyone had tasks and these tasks had to be completed on/or before certain times. They carried time limits and the punishment could be harsh if the targets were not met. Not by physical punishments, but mental one’s, dishonour through being disgraced, simply loosing face in front of your co-workers. There were mantras that had to be followed and repeated, that allowed for the company rules to be adhered to at all times. It was an institution that was united in a common purpose, a purpose that always served the needs of the owners and shareholders of the business and this is when the mantras would be most commonly used as protection of the business.
The one thing that stood out more than any other was that no one dare express an opinion of their own and would always revert back to a mantra. They could never allow themselves to be quoted, they could never comment, they could not give legal advice and of course they were always only just doing their job, no matter what that entailed – personal feelings could never enter into it, they were simply robots, emotionally void.
The temple hid behind a facade, nothing more than a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant. Because the truth of what it really did was very unpleasant, as what it stood for. It preached compassion, caring and love, but did the opposite of everything it preached, as it was about control, lies and slavery and this is what was being protected by the facade and the mantras.
Iktus had known this for the longest time, but had chose, as many had, to ignore these facts. Those held in slavery were vast, but did not only contain those in the lowest form of poverty; it was everyone without exception, including not least himself. Again he had just chosen to ignore this fact to receive the benefits for doing such.
But since the incident with the boy realisation was coming in waves that were at times crushing and now Iktus could not ignore them. As the boy’s words in the temple had allowed him to realise what he had truly become, he now suffered this without any form of control over it. He saw his life and the lives of others in truth now and it was horrific and horrible to see and very painful.
He looked across at Belca and the two priests he sat with, who were chatting and smiling.
Iktus realised that they were heartless machines emotionally void of compassion, caring and love, but what struck him more was the fact that he realised that up until the occurrence in the temple with the boy, he was the same – an emotionless monster, selfish to the core and destructive with no sense of responsibility or respect for any other form of life but his own.
This saddened him beyond imagination.
As he sat there consumed by this it was though a light came on in a dark room and he could see again. He realised that no matter how dark his mind was and even though he loathed himself because of his intent and actions towards others. And even though, metaphorically, this left a very nasty disgusting taste in his mouth.
He realised love existed in everything. Because; he loved.
Even though he realised that on the surface he was a monster, he loved, a love that came deep from within him. He realised that the material gains he sort weren’t love they were lust and what he truly loved were those he missed so deeply, those who were always in his heart.
He missed his family and had not seen them for the longest time and this brought another form of sorrow, but this time it was not a selfish one like the rest, even though it could be viewed as such.
He felt for his family, as he knew they missed him because of the closeness they had shared. He also realised that they too were slaves to a system he helped to maintain, being a cog that helped the wheels of greed, obsession, deceit and secrecy turn. That allowed for the corruption, the flamboyant hoaxes, the false unity, the fabricated religion, the conformity and last but not least the hatred, to hide in the shadows, as they were one and the same.
His family as everyone else suffered the effects of this and he knew that he had helped maintain this, he was to blame, not the only one, but he was to blame.

When he had joined the priesthood he didn’t realise that it would become his life and to such an extent that he would have sold his own family to receive material gain and position. And even though this had not occurred, he realised he would have done it as many had.
The priesthood wasn’t just a job it became your life and over took everything that was important before. Loved ones were left behind in the wake of advancement, an obsession that was un-paralleled as you sought progression. An obsession that turned immoral actions and intent into false morals that the obsessed believed were moral, but even though he had lived and breathed this, he knew love still existed in this and knew love existed in everyone, no matter how dark the part they played in this play called life.
Iktus was sat drinking coffee completely stunned by everything he was awash with. He couldn’t get over the fact that one minute he was on calm waters and then the next the water raged all around him being caught in its crushing waves. There was no warning, it just would change in the blink of an eye and so dramatically and there was nothing he could do about it. The subject matter just came and went.
One minute he was an emotionless monster still self obsessed with his own selfish needs. Trying to devise a way to save his own skin and come out of this the best way he could. Next he was amerced in love for his family and the sorrow that brought, as he had not seen them for such a long time.
The mixture was incredible, ‘was this the duality the boy had spoke of – was all of humanity to go through this’? As he said this he suddenly said to himself ‘if this is to be the case then I feel for humanity, I feel for it deeply if this is what it is like to seE the light, or to have the light brought to you‘. As he said this quietly to himself a wave of calmness came over him and he reacted by chuckling to himself, ‘this is madness he thought to himself’, from complete anxiety to calmness in a matter of seconds, this is complete madness.
He now realised why those who did question were labelled mad, because it did in all intense and purposes seem you were in fact going mad. And even if they didn’t feel they were, anyone they were talking to, about such subjects certainly would presume this, if they were acting as the emotionless monster. Because the monster could not understand why these feelings were being expressed. Another thing Iktus had realised was that everyone who had ever questioned him had done so with feelings and he had acted as cold machines completely in a, none compassionate way. Again he chuckled as he realised this, but not as though he was making fun of it, but because he now realised how easy it was to see through it and how, now, so many things made complete sense. In fact he would go as far to say it was common sense, something that was very much lacking in the world as he was now viewing it.
He could see that none sense laid down in doctrine, legislation and law had over ridden it. To convince them all, that this was the only way life could be, that humanity had to be this way and it was the only way it could survive, which he now realised was far from the truth.

Time was getting on and he had to make his way to the boy prince, even though he knew the boy would be quite happy in the company of the servant girls. Iktus was feeling more relaxed about everything now as a form of forgetfulness had come upon him. He knew now, that he could not change what had happened, or what he had done. In truth he could not change what he had said to Belca a short time ago. But what he did realise was he could change the way he spoke or acted towards anyone now, he could change and had done. Even though many nights he had relived the horrors he had been part of and had instigated in his own right, reliving them through pangs of morality. He now knew why that had happened. He was aware now that they had allowed him to realise what it truly meant to be human, to have a sense of humility, to be able to feel and allow them feelings to override what his mind was suggesting. Because that is what his mind would always do and he recognised this now. It was as though his mind was not bound by any moral parameters and the suggestions it came up with were as immoral as it was.
Granted, he knew this was his thoughts and he knew how dark his thoughts could be. But he had not realised that the pangs of morality he had suffered were not his thoughts, they were something different, coming from a different place that just used his mind to communicate with him. He had presumed that this was coming from some external force, because this is what he had always been told. But now he realised there wasn’t one and there never had been one, this was just part of the temples coercive lies. The boy had suggested this and Balbus had confirmed this, because in the position he held, if he didn’t believe, surely he would have been found out and dealt with.
It was all making complete sense and as the boy had said it was simple, so very simple. He still needed answers to some questions and knew the only boy who could answer them. He needed to know what was communicating with him to allow him to comprehend the sense he could now see with such clarity and the facade of coercive lies that surrounded that sense.
He knew it was from within him, even though his mind was up to its old tricks once again as it suggested that he was wrong and this was coming from Temu and you must obey him, serve the temple and get that position you seek.
This had to be expected as something as powerful as a human mind wasn’t just going to roll over and have its belly rubbed, oh no, it was going to fight and it would fight hard. Iktus knew this and even though when this happened he would be completely amerced in it as though it was a dream, he knew if he could just find the strength to prevent it, by ignoring it, he would find some solace in doing so. He knew he had started, metaphorically, on a path, but knew he was only at the beginning surrounded by woodland, with trees that blocked his route persistently. He knew in himself that this was going to be a rocky journey with many twist and turns. He had known on those long and lonely nights, that at any time he could have embarked on this journey, because only then do you see the footpath in front of you. But as the boy had said, once you set foot on this path, there is no turning back and it is the fear of that, that keeps you playing in the playground of the mind, which in turn is the world as he knew it, the playground of immorality.
What happened next was quite strange and again would bring a smile to Iktus’s face with a slight chuckle. He had finished his meal and drunk the last of his coffee and without thought or hesitation he gathered up all that he had used, piled it up and took it over to one of the servants and said thank you. The servant didn’t quite know what to do and took the used cutlery, plate, glass and cup from Iktus very reluctantly and very nervously. And even though he knew if he had been seen by Belca and the other two priests, that he would be without doubt reported for such conduct, he didn’t care, because during that meal he realised what he needed to do now. Iktus knew he was about to walk on the first part of the path, the part that is none control, but before he could do this properly, he needed to speak with Akhen, as he knew the boy would help him take the first step.
Leaving the dining area still chuckling to himself over the servant’s reaction to what he had done, he started to make his way to where Akhen was. It would never be heard of, that a priest of Iktus’s rank would clear his own table, and not only clear it, but remove the items and take them to a servant. That was the servants job, as they, as everyone, served, they just didn’t know they were, in most cases, that was the genius of the system, because genius is not about how complicated something is, it is about how simple it is and Iktus could see how simply this all worked and that to him was genius.

All was quiet in the sleeping quarters as the boy prince slowly opened his eyes and realised he was not alone in bed. Without even turning and looking he could feel soft skin against the back of his hand and the warmth coming from it. As sleep departed and his senses returned he yawned and turned his head to the left to seE who was occupying the bed with him. Laid there, still sound asleep and looking more beautiful than ever was one of the servant girls – the one that Akhen had taken a shine too, even though the other servant girls were beautiful, they did not compare with Tiy.
Akhen remembered, that was her name, as the events of the previous evening came back to him and the memories of what he had demanded. Looking under the covers quickly and then putting them down he grinned to himself as he realised they were both naked. Without thought or hesitation he put his arm around Tiy and she reacted by snuggling up to him, sighing as she did with a sweet smile upon her face. They laid like this for some time until Akhen realised there was someone stood beside the bed to his right. He turned with a start to see Iktus’s face. He was smiling at him. Turning so quickly had woken Tiy who looked shocked and worried, because of where she was.
Iktus could see this and spoke to her.
“Worry not, I will turn so you can exit the bed and get dressed and then could you leave us as I have something to discuss with our prince.”
Akhen did not react to this except to turn to Tiy to give his approval. She did as was asked of her even though she was a little confused. Priests never acted this way, ever; she would have been in a great deal of trouble because even though servant girls could please them, they were never to still be in the bed when morning came. But Akhen was not to know this and a different priest stood before them that morning, even though neither of them realised why. The fact she was still in the bed or the fact that Akhen didn’t know the protocol surrounding this mattered not to Iktus now and nor did pointing this fact out.
He had turned his back out of courtesy, something again, no priest would do.
After allowing a short time to pass Iktus turned back round to face the boy, who was, to say the least a little confused and this showed.
“Why do you not bow this morning Iktus and why do you look me in the eyes as you did before, but you didn’t yesterday?” Akhen asked, now sitting on the side of the bed with a sheet keeping his dignity.
“If you ask yourself truly Akhen, is there any need for me to do such things?” Iktus said in a quiet voice.
“But you said I deserve this because of who I am and then you told me I am no different. Yesterday you were different towards me and now you are different again, what is correct and what is not?” Akhen sounded confused; in fact he was completely confused. All the tyrant he was yesterday had disappeared and even though he had commanded something from Tiy the night before, he knew deep down she wanted to do it and that too had confused him. In that second he became a worried child, vulnerable, again acting not above his thirteen years and had a look upon his face as though he had been told off for something and he didn’t understand why.
“Please do not be alarmed by this Akhen, sometimes all we need is a friend, can we be friends?” Iktus said this, again, without thought or hesitation and then his mind kicked in to remind him of his true purpose regarding the boy.
Iktus was doing his level best to ignore these thoughts and spoke again to the boy.
“Have you many friends Akhen?” He continued.
“Friends! What does this mean? The meaning of this word escapes me?”
Iktus realised in that second how sad the boy’s life had really been. Locked up in a palace only knowing his family and having guards and servants he could not hold a conversation with. He knew that Akhen’s parents did not love in an affectionate way, but he did have his brother and that was it, it did seem a very lonely existence.
Iktus felt for the boy and realised in all that he had been taught he had never been taught about something as simple as friends.
He spoke again to Akhen.
“Was there not someone in the palace that was not a member of your family who you liked and trusted and spoke too?”
Akhen seemed deep in thought for a moment not speaking and then answered.
“There was this one servant, who was one of my father’s personal servants, she was kind and smiled at me a lot.”
“Did you speak to her?”
“Yes I did, but I had to keep it secret, otherwise I would get in a lot of trouble for doing so, we both kept it secret.”
“So you trusted her to keep it secret.”
“Yes I did, she had a lot to lose if we were caught, far more than I did.”
“That Akhen is a friend. Someone you can trust and tell anything to. Confide in them. They are like family that we chose for ourselves. It is mutual. Something that is shared without having to be said that it is being shared. Do you understand Akhen, that is a friendship, that is a friend?”
The boy sat on the edge of the bed thinking for a moment and then said.
“Have you any friends Iktus?”
This question hit Iktus hard, because he had had friends, loyal trusting one’s, if only he had been as loyal and trusting.
“Yes Akhen I had friends, but I am sorry to say not anymore.”
“Why, what happened to them?” Inquired a curious boy.
“Some I lost touch with and others I did far worse too, but let’s just say, now I realise how important they are.”
“Yes.” Said Akhen. “My friend, as you call them, went a way, I don’t know why and I dared not ask, but I do miss her.”
“I know how you feel as I miss my friends. But something you remember from friendship is equality, equals no matter what you’re standing or position is, or how it may differ. That is what a king’s son had with a servant was it not?”
Akhen thought for a moment and then answered.
“Yes, and this is what you would like you and I to become?”
“Yes I would Akhen as it seems we are both in need of a friend.”
Iktus smiled as he said this and Akhen followed suit.
Iktus realised how wonderful it was to see someone smile, especially a child and in all truth the boy sat before him was still only a child.
Iktus felt a wave of calmness come over him, even though part of him, his mind, was trying to punish him with all he had done to the boy and also the lies he had told him. The coercive processes that he had allowed the boy to be sucked in by, that would grab him by the ankles and drag him into a pit that was full of depravity and selfish desire. But putting this to one side Iktus was determined to make, this, his last day with the boy worth wile for the right reasons.
Akhen spoke again.
“Friends, as equals, you said?”
“Yes Akhen, just as you was with…. Do you remember her name, the servant you were friends with?”
“Yes I do, it was Castine.”
“Well then, just as you were with Castine, exactly the same and as you know, this will have to be our secret, because friendship between too such different positions is not allowed and we will both be in trouble if it is found out.”
“I understand Iktus and I would like to be your friend.” Akhen said this smiling at Iktus as he did and this melted the priests heart, to a point that he was welling up and turned away from the boy so he could not see he was getting upset.
As he did he said.
“I am going now to make preparations for we have much to see today. I will call the girls and ask them to bring you clothes and food and once you have bathed, dressed and eaten I will collect you and we shall be on our travels. For what I have to show you will astound you and in some ways shock you, but you will be safe with me, that I can promise.”
And with this Iktus walked towards where the servant girls would be and called to them. As he did, although he sounded quite forceful in his orders he tried to do it in the nicest way he could, trying not to allow his feelings to get in the way. For even though he wanted to release them from their servitude, it was not for him to do and he knew the only way this could be done, was by exposing the lies for what they were, to expose the corruption for what it was and to help in this process in any way he could.
He knew that he had to make contact with the order, something he had feared for so long, as all did within the construct, even though through vanity they would not show this. Today he would be acting, truly playing the part as he was with the servant girls, but he wouldn’t where Akhen was concerned. Today the boy would know him and see him for who he truly was and through this Iktus knew he would receive the answers he needed, just not in a conceited way. And even though it seemed that he was using the boy in one way, his intent was pure, as he truly wanted to become a better man and knew in his very being that Akhen could help with this.

After talking to the servants at the lift area, Iktus strolled back through the seating area, pausing for a moment by the fountain allowing the water to run over his fingers. Still his mind was playing tricks with him, but for now he was keeping it at bay. After a few seconds he dried his fingers on the edge of his robe and walked into the living quarters where Akhen sat waiting patiently for him.
“Are we ready Akhen, are you ready for our journey?”
“Yes I am.” Akhen replied with a voice full of anticipation.
“Then let us go now, we have much to see.”
Akhen got up and joined his new friend and they both walked towards the lift area. As they walked Iktus suddenly stopped and spoke to Akhen, but not before he quickly looked round to make sure they were not being listened too.
As he spoke he put his hands upon Akhen’s shoulders in a gesture of friendship.
“Akhen, today I must tell you something. You may not understand fully what I am about to say, but later, it will make sense. Even though we are now friends I cannot show this in the presence of anyone else. I know you will realise from your friendship with Castine in the palace, that there are times when that friendship must be hidden from view, even though we both know this should not be needed to be done. But as things stand it has to be this way. I will be acting and playing the perfect part as though it is a play we are taking part in. But when the times arise for our friendship to shine through, it will, I can assure you it will. But for now all I need you to understand is why I may act the way that I do and know that this is all it is, an act. And even though I may talk abruptly to the servants, please know I do not mean too, but it is expected of me to do this and I must at all times do what is expected of me, whether I agree with it, or not. That will allow me to truly show you what I need to show you. You have no need to answer, what you do not understand I will explain later, but for now please just nod that you are in agreement with this.”
Akhen did what was asked of him and yes although he did not fully understand all that Iktus had said to him, he trusted him and that was good enough.
Iktus removed his hands from Akhen’s shoulders, but not before he gave them a gentle squeeze of reassurance. They both turned and made their way towards the lift area, silent as they walked, both smiling from what had just been discussed.
When they arrived at the lift they met a servant with his head bowed low and Iktus said to him quite abruptly
“We are ready to depart.” As they entered the lift Iktus made sure the servants head was bowed by looking at him quickly and then turned to Akhen. Lifting his head slightly he looked the boy in the eye’s and winked and then put his head back down slightly. Akhen on seeing this smiled and then the lift jolted into life and they started to descend and he steadied himself so as to not loose balance.
He was again nervous but excited at the same time about what he was going to see and seE he would.

Many hours later the pair arrived back at the sleeping quarters with a boy and a priest trying to hold back the tears they so wanted to shed. Fortunately on the way back all the servants would not look at either of them and this allowed the grief they both felt from being discovered.
They had walked quickly from the lifts and Iktus had told the servant girls who greeted them that they still required time alone. To go and make ready with refreshments and then leave them be, until such time they were called upon.
Once alone the pair started to weep and weep they did, for what Iktus had shown Akhen, had not only upset the boy, but also for the first time the full realisation of what Iktus had seen struck him and he was devastated.
The pair sat upon the edge of the bed.
Akhen needed comfort and moved closer to Iktus and the pair, in each other’s arms, wept uncontrollably. After a while the pair started to feel slightly better and separated but still sat close to one another.
Akhen spoke as he still sobbed slightly.
“They are human beings, how could they be treated this way – how could anyone do this?”
“I know Akhen it is hard to imagine that we could do this to one another, but I am afraid that is the way the world is at this moment. What we are and what we stand for allows this to happen, this is what is hidden by all the lies, all the deceit and that is why I cannot and will not be part of this anymore.”
“I do not want to be part of this.” Akhen said starting to cry again and standing up he declared. “I refuse to be part of this, why didn’t you warn me of what we were about to see before we went – why?” Akhen said this looking directly at Iktus, who was still sat upon the bed, who once more had tears rolling down his cheeks as he listened to the boy’s frustration.
“I could not Akhen, I had to let you see what the system we belong to does. I needed you to see this with your own eyes. Before today I have seen this many times, but never has it affected the way it has done today and in some ways I feel very fortunate to have shared that with you. I am afraid that you will be part of this Akhen, as it seems to be your destiny. They will never allow you to escape this, as they need you. But I am sure one day you will change things and your words will be remembered by so many. You are special as we all are, but you have a gift, that one-day you will probably call a curse, but it isn’t. What you will become I know must happen, even though I cannot tell you why this must happen. Soon you will forget what you have seen and you must never tell of what you have seen, for I was not meant to show you this, but I knew I had too….”
Akhen cut in.
“I will never forget what I have seen…”
Before Akhen could continue Iktus said.
“Akhen in you there is a calmness that you won’t remember a calmness and knowing that I have witnessed in you many times. Try to find that now and let it over come you. Lose yourself in it and the pain will cease. Please know there is nothing either of us can do to help those poor men, women and children even if we try, it will happen again. I have read ancient books that talk of this and they have explained about how this has happened many times before. But you told me that this will end and I know you are right. I now know with all my heart that you are right. Please know dear Akhen that you have allowed me to remember what talks to me, what guides me, and what eventually all of will be guided by. You have given me so much and I have given you so little, but one day I will repay you and I will make amends somehow.”
Iktus was now fighting back the tears as he laid his heart out in front of this boy, who was now much calmer as he found the serenity within him.
Then he spoke softly.
“You are leaving aren’t you?”
“Yes I am my friend, our journey together ends here until we meet again, which I trust will happen.”
“In a strange way I knew this was going to happen, I don’t know how, but I just seemed to know. I also know that we will meet again, but I am sure under much different circumstances. I do know that what we witnessed today will end, I don’t know when, but it will. I will do as is required of me, because if I do not choose too, I will be forced to.
To you my friend I say one thing; go and find those you seek for they are waiting for you and they expect you. They have been expecting you for a long time.”
Iktus was stunned by this and was fully aware that Akhen knew exactly what he was saying, unlike, when it seemed, he was under the influence of something. Iktus stood up and looked down at the Akhen through tearful eye’s and then they hugged and held each other tight and Iktus felt the friendship they shared, a feeling, he had not felt for the longest time.
Standing like this for sometime the pair remained silent. Then they separated and Iktus felt awkward not really knowing what to say, so Akhen spoke.
“Farewell my friend. Find what you seek and be what you truly are and follow the guidance, follow your heart my friend, just follow your heart, it will never lead you astray, never lie to you and will always be there for you, no matter what.”
“I know other priests will be here as soon as they realise what has happened.” Iktus said inquiringly as his mind stepped in for a moment, allowing him to doubt about what he was planning to do.
“They have no need to know about this until long into tomorrow and that is how it shall remain. Take care my friend.” Akhen said with a smile on his face, which reassured Iktus, something he still desperately needed. He didn’t know whether what he was doing was right or wrong as he listened to his mind, but his heart was telling him it was right and he was going to follow his heart.
“Thank you Akhen, thank you for everything and I will do as you say and I will follow my heart, I just didn’t realise it was communicating with me, but I do now. Thank you for setting me free, thank you!
With this Iktus turned and walked out of the living quarters and for the first time in his life he didn’t know what tomorrow would bring and even though this was frightening in some ways, in more important ways it was exciting, very exciting.

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