Chapter 21 – The Prophecy of Sion

Later that night Tiy lay awake in her bed patiently waiting for the inevitable to happen. She knew it would, because there was no way the queen would ever let her get away with what she had done.
The moon was high in the sky that night and lit the room and gave ample light to see by. All of a sudden there was a gentle knock at the door and then it opened slowly.
Tiy did nothing and nor did she panic; as she knew whoever was coming through the door would treat her with respect and decency. They would listen to her side of the story, even though it wouldn’t change a thing. She knew the guards would have to do their job, but she also knew they were her friends.
Then a voice spoke…
“Tiy are you awake.” The voice said softly. “May we come in?”
“Of course you can, I am decent.” Tiy replied.
As she did two guards came through the door after leaving their lances outside propped against Tiy’s quarters front wall. They entered slowly and shut the door behind them.
Tiy spoke….
“Firstly please let me apologise for putting you both in this position, I am sorry, but some things just have to be said.”
Before Tiy could continue the guard to Tiy’s right spoke…
“Tiy listen, we know you probably only said what we would all like to say, but we have a problem, because Nefertiti is demanding you are executed. The king is very angry, but we know this is her doing and the king will come to his senses.”
“Our king will do what he feels is right and that will be what is meant to happen. He is a good man who has just lost his way and has been tempted by a siren, who is far more than she seems.”
“That you can say again, you would have to be blind not to see it, she certainly knows how to use her beauty and I know I am admitting it, but you have to admit she is beautiful?”
The three of them laughed slightly through blurting lips, because the honest truth was, she was beautiful and they had to admit this. They all knew she acted like a spoilt brat most of the time, but she was dangerous with this. Completely without scruples, she never hesitated to walk over immoral ground.
The guard continued…
“Tiy the king is really mad and has demanded that you are put in the palace cells for the remainder of the night, and you know we must do as he has said.”
Tiy nodded to say she understood completely.
“He wants you up in the throne room tomorrow about mid morning to answer to Nefertiti’s accusations. She, in fact pressured him hard to have you executed without trial tonight. You really have upset her, what happened?”
“She asked me some questions and I replied honestly. She attacked me and I defended myself. I also used the opportunity to remind her of a few home truths, but I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.”
“Well as you can imagine that is not quite the version of events the queen has told the king and he does seem very convinced by her story.”
“He hasn’t heard the truth yet and that’s all I can give him.”
“Some of the lads have prepared a cell for you, so when you’re ready we can go.”
“I am ready now.” Tiy said and got up from the bed dressed in a long robe and started to make her way towards the door. As she reached it the two guards joined her, but made no attempt to restrain their prisoner. They walked through the door into the hallway one guard in front of her and one behind and were so shocked by what they saw; they stopped dead in their tracks. Who was stood behind the door next to their lances was the queen herself. She had followed them as she expected they would be soft on Tiy.
The queen may act like a spoilt brat but she was watchful and devious and she had done not a little spying herself. She knew for well how the palace guard on whole felt about Tiy and she was going to make sure she was treated like any other prisoner if not worse.
She already knew she had something over the guards, because they had left their lances outside and even though she couldn’t hear what was being said, she knew in normal circumstances the door would always be open and they had been in there far too long under normal circumstances.
On sight of the queen all three had stopped dead and bowed silently waiting for the queen to speak and she did.
“I know this woman is your friend, but she is also a prisoner and should be treated as such. Why is she not shackled?”
At first neither guard spoke, but after the moment’s pause the first guard spoke, stood directly in front of Tiy.
“My queen we did not feel it was necessary as we felt we would not be met with any resistance.”
“Does not palace protocol dictate that all prisoners must be shackled when placed under arrest?” Said the queen cleverly.
“Yes it does my queen, but surely we can use discretion if we feel it is appropriate?”
The queen was shocked by this answer and was soon getting the measure of the situation and was realising how devoted they were to Tiy, for the guard to stick his neck out for her as far as he was. But she was going to see this serf in shackles and she was going to make her friends do it to her.
“Where are the shackles you should have brought with you?” Inquired the queen abruptly with a tone of slyness in her voice.
“We didn’t bring any my queen.” Answered the guard.
“Well you better go and get some this minute.” Demanded the queen who was enjoying every minute of this and had forgot all that Tiy had said to her not hours before.
“Yes my queen.” And with this the front guard picked up his lance, bowed a little lower and then made his way back along the hallway.
“You behind her.” Demanded the queen. “Pick up your lance and make this woman get on her knees with her hands behind her head. Then I want you to place your lance pointing directly at her throat about one inch away.”
“My queen is this really necessary?” Said the guard behind Tiy.
“Do as you are commanded to do.” Said the queen in a stern voice. “I already have you on the fact you have broken two protocols, do you want to add insolence to this?”
The guard didn’t answer and moved round to face Tiy who already had started to comply with the queen’s demand. As she knelt down she looked up at Belmain and mouthed don’t worry and smiled at him. He in turn mouthed sorry as he stood back, took his lance from leaning on the wall and placed it about an inch from her neck.
Tiy by now was on her knees, hands behind her head bowed. The queen stood by watching silently smiling to her-self. This was when the power overwhelmed her, this was when she felt self-satisfaction at what she could do because of the position she held and she was gloating over it, enjoying every minute.
Not ten minutes later Hakten returned with the shackles in tow to find the situation far different from when he left it. Although he was shocked at what he found, he did expect as much, he knew exactly how malicious the queen could be, she had demonstrated this many times. Arriving back out of breath he stood with head bowed waiting for the next instruction.
The queen spoke.
“Place those shackles upon the prisoner and do it now!” She insisted.
Hakten spoke.
“Please my queen is this really necessary?”
“Your cohort in crime has just tried that one to no avail and let me warn you, you are not going to get out of this lightly. The king will hear about your lack of protocol over this matter as soon as I return to him, unless you do exactly as I say.”
The queen had felt humiliated and vulnerable at Tiy’s hands, now she was going to repay that.
Nefertiti continued. …
“And before you put the shackles on, strip her naked. Then when we take her to the palace cells we shall go the long way past the servants and guard’s quarters, where all the servants and guards will be called out to view her. And if you do not want to feel the kings wrath, you will do exactly as I have commanded.”
Both Belmain and Hakten started to raise objection and as they did Tiy stood up and took her robe off letting it fall to the floor in front of her. Then she held out her hands to gesture for them to clamp the shackles on.
“Also when you put those shackles on her I want them done up tight, so tight in fact, she bleeds from her wrists.” The queen said with a tone that was calm and calculated.

Hakten moved forward with sorrow in his eyes and looked straight into to Tiy’s, to reassure her that he did not want to do, as the queen had demanded. Tiy reacted by nodding it was ok to do so and that he must. Reluctantly Hakten moved forward and started to clamp the shackles around Tiy’s wrist, so tight in fact Tiy winced and let out a small cry when they were tightened. It was breaking both Hakten’s and Belmain’s hearts having to do this, but they knew it would make matters far worse if they didn’t.
Lack of protocol was deemed as a very serious matter by the king and they knew the queen would somehow swing it round to being Tiy’s fault, but knowing this did not make what they were doing to their friend any easier. They both realised, as Tiy did, that they had to do this if Tiy was to stand any chance with the king. Even though they felt they knew how he would react over whatever Tiy had done, they couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t be under the queen’s influence when he was deciding her fate.
Hakten had finished putting on the shackles and stepped back and Tiy’s hands fell to the front of her from the weight of the iron. The queen moved forward to make sure they were tight and could see Tiy was distressed by them and she even grabbed the chain between them and pulled it, which made Tiy wince once more. This time she cried out a little louder.
The queen with a smug look on her face then stepped forward a little nearer and whispered in Tiy’s ear, so the two guards could not hear what she was saying to her.
“How does it feel serf – do you now feel humiliated? You are going to suffer I will make sure of this, I promise you, I will make sure of this!”
The queen then stood back expecting Tiy to react in some way, but she didn’t, just standing with her head bowed not showing any sign of response. The queen was displeased with this and it showed in her face, she then spoke to Belmain and Hakten.
“Take hold of her arms and lead on.”
The pair did as they were commanded and took one of Tiy’s arms each, but they refused to be brutal with their friend even though they knew the queen expected this. They both held their friends arms instead of gripping them and they knew that Tiy would not resist, but they knew the queen was watching them and would be watching very closely.
Just as they set off the two guards looked at each other with disproval, but they knew they had to do this even though they were hurting inside, because this did pain them immensely and in all honesty it was probably one of the hardest things they had ever had to do.
The four set off with Belmain and Hakten at Tiy’s side and the queen bringing up the rear. They walked down the dimly lit hallway out towards the courtyard.
Hakten who was stood to Tiy’s right, on approaching the doors to the courtyard, stopped and left Tiy’s side to open the doors. Once he had done this he then took his place back at Tiy’s side placing his hand gently upon her arm again.
The palace courtyard was vast and served as a sterile area specifically laid out so that any invading party could be trapped there and could not access any other parts of the palace. Designed in a way that the palace guard could cut down any foe where they stood, centralising the point of attack. The courtyard served many purposes not least it was where the palace guard paraded and did what was required of them through protocol, even though it was just an act to them. It also served as an execution area and was where all executions were carried out – there was even seating for the king, queen and all the dignitaries, who would witness, if not enjoy, these vile deeds against human beings.
Many, if not all, of the servant quarters were also accessed from the courtyard, again very specific in design. The slave quarters were placed in arms length of the guard’s quarters for very obvious reasons, as one of the palace guard’s duties was to keep a watchful eye over the servants and to be close at hand to quell any insurrection if it did take place. It was known that if something was being planned behind closed doors against the regime in supposed power, it would be where they sociable met and the sleeping quarters, was the only place this could happen.
The quickest way for the four to reach the palace cells, which were under the guard’s quarters, was straight across the courtyard. But the queen had other ideas and knew that she could parade the now naked shackled Tiy, with no dignity at all, in front of all of them.
She wanted them to know what Tiy had done to her, well her version anyway and she wanted them to see what happens when you do such a thing to the queen of Egypt.
After exiting the hallway into courtyard both Belmain and Hakten tried to pick up the pace a little to try and get this awful situation their friend was now in, over as quick as they could. But the queen realised what they were trying to do and spoke from behind them.
“Guards, what’s the hurry, slow your pace.”
Belmain and Hakten had no choice and did as they were commanded, even though they were disgusted by the queen’s actions and looked at each other quickly shaking their heads slightly as they did.
The queen saw this, but did not comment just remaining silent, waiting patiently for her moment to come. As they reached the first section of servant quarters the queen told them to stop and they did as requested. She then walked around them and took up position in front of them. After turning round, she spoke to them and told them to follow her now and they did as they were once again commanded to do.
As they walked the queen started to speak out loud for all to hear.
“Here me now, all who dwell here, here me now the queen of all Egypt, I have need to speak. Exit your quarters and listen, do as you are now being ordered to do, do it now!”
The queen had, without doubt, a triumphant tone to her voice, as though she had won some kind of competition.
As she spoke servants started to appear outside of their quarters looking puzzled and bemused with what was going on, then with heads down they would lift their heads enough, now and again, to see what was happening. The further they walked and the more the queen repeated her words, the more servants appeared. Silent not daring to talk out loud, but whispering was going on between them. Some were shedding tears; for they could see what was happening to Tiy and felt for her and the indignity she was being forced to bear. But none of them would cry out and complain, as they feared the same would happen to them, or much worse.
The queen continued this for sometime till at last they were outside of the guard’s quarters, there she stopped and so did Tiy and her escort.
“Guards!” The queen shouted, “Here me now Nefertiti queen of all Egypt, here me now and obey, exit your quarters on my command!”
After a few seconds two guards exited their quarters to see what all the fuss was about. As soon as they saw the queen those froze on the spot and put their heads down, the queen spoke again.
“You two guards, go tell the rest that they are commanded to be outside and wake those who are not awake, do it now!”
The two guards did exactly as they had been commanded to do and some minutes later a torrent of guards exited the quarters and lined up with the last to exit, which was Farik who didn’t line up as the others had, He glimpsed quickly at Tiy, Belmain and Hakten and then made his way directly towards the queen.
On reaching her he spoke with head down.
“My queen may I speak?”
“Yes if you must.” Replied the queen indignantly.
The queen knew that Farik was a commander of the palace guard; the queen made it her business to know everything and as such, knew that she would have to allow him to speak because of his rank. Protocol dictated that the palace commanders could question situations, otherwise they could not do their job properly, but only they could do this because of their position. But even though Nefertiti knew she had to allow this, it still didn’t mean she agreed with it believing her husband and herself should never be questioned because of their position.
“My queen, this is highly un-heard of and you cannot treat a palace prisoner this way…”
Before Farik could continue the queen cut in abruptly.
“Do you dare to question my authority over such a matter and what I have chosen to do?”
Nefertiti was not in the mood to be questioned by a guard, even if he was a commander.
“To be honest my queen I do, because protocols are set for a reason and the prisoner must be presumed innocent and treated as such, until such time, if, she is found guilty, which is for the king to decide and no one else.”
“How dare you be so insolent to me…”
The queen could not finish for this time Farik cut in.
“I am not my queen, I am merely pointing out the truth and what is legislated, which I am led to believe, is what all must follow at all times.”
The queen was not happy with this, but knew he was a clever man and had her over a barrel. She knew that Farik would report her conduct to the king, which to be honest could swing his judgement in Tiy’s favour. So if this was going to be the case, she would have to use this situation to do all she could to Tiy now and then get back to work on the king, to make sure, he made the right decision, not for himself, but for her.
She spoke again.
“Stand aside commander as I am dealing with this situation personally. Join your men and once I am finished you can deal with the prisoner exactly as protocol dictates.”
The queen was hinting at something and Farik knew exactly what that was. If he was to bind her by protocol, she would in turn bind him by it to make sure Tiy received no special treatment by her friends and was treated as a normal palace prisoner. He knew, that she knew, the palace cells were a grim place, cold by night and sweltering hot by day as he knew she had visited them one day out of curiosity.
Farik did as he was commanded and went back and joined his men leaving the queen on her own. The queen then moved further out into the courtyard to address all that now stood, heads bowed out side their quarters.
“Prisoner, come to me.” She demanded and Tiy did as she was commanded and made her way to where the queen was now standing. As she approached and was in reach of the queen, the queen reached out and grabbed the chains between the shackles on Tiy’s wrist and pulled at it leading Tiy in to a position she wanted her to be in. Tiy let out a cry as the queen did this to her and many that stood there with heads bowed witnessing this event gulped as they too felt Tiy’s pain in some way.
Once the queen had positioned her exactly where she wanted her, she then walked away and addressed the crowd again.
“Lift your heads and look upon this wretch, lift your heads and view her for the last time, for come tomorrow she shall breath no more. Look upon her body and shame her, for what she has done is truly shameful. I command you now, lift your heads.”
Even though every servant there was hesitant to do so, they did as they were commanded. The guards were not so hesitant and lifted their heads straight away, Farik being one of the first. The queen scanned the crowd and could see the emotional stress in the eyes of the servants, but the guards were a different matter altogether. The look they gave Nefertiti actually started to un-nerve her as she could see the contempt they held for her because of what she was doing to their friend.
Nefertiti suddenly felt very alone and very vulnerable and even though she was determined to carry this through, she started to have reservations about doing so. Never had she seen a bond between people that was so obvious and never had she felt so threatened by it.
Composing herself she continued to speak.
“This wretch in front of you this day did attack me, the queen of all Egypt, your queen. Not only did she attack me physically, unprovoked and violently, she attacked me verbally as well in a manner that cannot and will not be tolerated. She is guilty of this and she will face the punishment for this, which is execution. Let this serve as a warning to you all. Let all of you take heed from this and let all of you know that you will do as you are told without question and at all times you shall know your place.”

As the queen finished speaking she started to lose her nerve completely as it looked as though most of the palace guard wanted to run her through. Becoming very worried and frightened for her own safety she decided it may be best to leave the situation as it was and return to the safety of the kings side. Even though part of her said that she would be perfectly safe because of whom she was and the position she held. The other said she wouldn’t be and she needed to make haste and depart now.
She spoke again.
“Commander I need four guards to escort me back.”
Farik reacted quickly and chose the four nearest guards to him, who made haste and went inside their quarters returning with their lances and then joined the queen where she was standing.
Before the queen turned and left she said one last thing to Farik.
“Protocols commander, protocols!”
Farik responded with.
“Yes my queen.” Trying to hide the contempt in his voice as he did.
The queen then turned and with her escort she made her way back to the king.
Farik waited until the queen had disappeared back into the palace interior and then he ran into the guard’s quarters and grabbed the nearest cloak he could lay hands on. Picking it up he ran out of the quarters and straight over to Tiy throwing it over her as he reached her. Then slowly he began to remove the restraints that bound her wrists so tightly apologising as he did.
“I am sorry my dear friend, but this may hurt a lot.” He explained as Tiy winced as he started to undo the first shackle.
Tiy’s wrists were bleeding and Farik could see that they had worn her skin, even in the little time they had been on and of course the queen tugging on them had not helped.
Tiy was silent and patiently let her friend do, as he needed to, as much as it hurt, but she was glad of the cloak to cover her for obvious reasons. She knew the queen was vindictive, she just didn’t realise how vindictive she was.
Farik finished and then turned to everyone who was still stood watching, as Tiy pulled the cloak around her.
“Please return to your quarters and please don’t worry, we will care for her.”
Slowly the crowd did as they were asked and Farik could see the care in their faces and also he could see the disgust in their eyes at what the queen had done. He thought to him-self for a second, ‘well she didn’t make any friends today’.
Farik then turned and put his arms around Tiy and cuddled her and she nestled into his strong chest for comfort and then she started to weep.
Farik spoke softly to her.
“Don’t worry, I am sure that will be the worst of it, even though I do not know what happened. I know the queen is only giving her side of the story and that is far from the truth of this matter. I know you better than most.” As he said this he relaxed his embrace and put both hands on her cheeks and lifted her head so he could see her eyes and then he spoke again.
“You do have beautiful eyes you know.” And Tiy smiled through the tears and then hugged her friend once again, slinging her arms around his neck.
As she did this Farik removed his hands from her face and put them around her slender waist and they stayed like this for a moment, until Tiy felt better.
They separated and as they did Farik spoke again.
“Let’s get you into the guards quarters and find you something to wear, it may not be flattering but at least they will cover you. Would you like me to send someone to your quarters to fetch some clothes for you to wear?”
Tiy answered, concerned about this.
“But, you will get in trouble for this, you know you will?”
“Let me worry about that. Don’t you worry, I have the queens measure.”
“Only if you are sure.” Tiy replied still worried about Farik doing this, but she knew him well enough to know, if he said something he meant it. Farik put his arm around Tiy’s shoulder and as he did they started to walk towards the guards quarters. Still stood outside were many of the guards still very concerned for their friend. As they reached them Farik asked one of them to go to Tiy’s quarters to fetch some clothes for her and he did as he was requested. Surrounded by guards Farik and Tiy walked through the doors into the quarters and made their way over to a free bunk. There he sat her down and went to fetch her some tea. Soon after he returned with the tea and some bandages and some warm water in a bowl.
He then started to clean and dress the wounds on her wrists.
Tiy looked at him caringly and said.
“Thank you.”
“You would do the same for me wouldn’t you?” Farik said half grinning as he did.
Some time later the pair sat drinking more tea, that Farik had made them. Tiy felt better now in her own clothes and after washing and having Farik dress her wounds. She knew she was with friends and even though she had to face the king later that morning, for now, she was quite relaxed about the fact.
Tiy finished her tea and placed the now empty cup on a cupboard next to the bunk and stood up looking down at Farik, she spoke softly to him.
“Thank you for all you have done for me my dearest friend, but isn’t it time you put me in a cell?”
Farik looked up at her, again half grinning as he did.
“And why would I want to do that?”
“Farik you must, what if the queen comes back to check? You know she probably will do.”
“She won’t be back tonight or even in the morning, I can assure you. She was very nervous at the end and was quite clearly concerned for her own safety. The queen knew she had over stepped the mark she won’t be back. You can stay in my quarters behind my office tonight, well, as long as that is ok with you?”
“I can’t allow you to take that chance, you and the others have already done too much for me.” Tiy said sounding very concerned for her friends. “And if you allow me to do this where will you sleep?”
“Right here.” Tapping the bed with the palm of his left hand.
“Where you will be sleeping is where I am supposed to sleep, but Anelp and myself would much rather bunk down with the lads, you know how it is.”
Tiy smiled and realised that her friend was not going to take no for an answer. To be honest after the events of the day and the night she was tired and needed to sleep.
“As long as you’re sure?” She said still concerned
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He said smiling and with this he stood up and started to lead the way to his quarters.
As they walked together Farik stopped and turned to Tiy and said.
“Any way, what did you do to her – because she is rattled by whatever happened?”
Tiy looked him straight in the eyes and said.
“I defended myself and I was honest and that was it. Some of what the queen said is very true, just not in the way she tells it. I can tell you more if you would like to hear it?”
“Very much so.” Farik said smiling. “Then you must get some sleep, as you have a long day ahead of you, but I am sure everything will be ok, I am sure it will be.”
“I know.” Said Tiy smiling back at her friend. “It will be as it is meant to be.”
The pair then walked off towards Farik’s quarters chatting as they did. As they passed other guards sat on their bunks, they both smiled at them and they, in return, smiled back. This day was going to be a very interesting for all concerned, very interesting indeed.
As Tiy awoke it seemed she had only been asleep for a matter of minutes and not hours. She could hear the hustle and bustle of the guard’s quarters as they went about getting ready for their daily duties, laughing and joking with one another as they did.
Tiy exited the bed and pulled on a robe and made her way into the guard’s quarters.
Farik was sat at the far end talking to Belmain and Hakten. Farik looked up and saw Tiy standing in the doorway and they exchanged a smile. He then excused himself and got up from where he was sat and made his way over to Tiy.
On reaching her he spoke.
“Good morning, sleep well?” He inquired
“I did actual and thank you for asking.” She said smiling back at him.
“I was just having a word with the lads, they are a bit worried, but I reassured them it’s all going to be ok.
“You are always so optimistic.” She exclaimed.
“What and you aren’t?” Farik said smiling as he did. “I am too long in the tooth to start worrying now, anyway, would you like to bathe and then eat, or vies versa?”
“I will bathe first and I will join you soon.” Tiy said and then she looked concerned as a thought crossed her mind. “Has there been no sign of the queen?” She asked inquiringly.
Farik moved closer and put his left hand upon her right shoulder to put her mind at ease and comfort her.
“I know deep down you are worried, who wouldn’t be faced with what you are. But I told you I have the queen’s measure and I knew she wouldn’t come back. She will be making the most of her time working on the king, but I am sure he will see through her lies. As arrogant as she is, she wouldn’t just enter these quarters, she knows better than that, as she is, she knows, she has no friends here.”
Still concerned Tiy spoke again.
“But not all are of order here are they?” Tiy suggested still with worry in her voice.
“Don’t worry the queen will never know what went on here last night, her spies know it would be far too obvious to tell her. Besides their job is to stay in low profile and not bring attention to themselves, don’t worry, we have their measure also. Now go and bathe.” He said with smiling eyes. ”Then you can eat and we can make ready.”
Tiy did as she was requested to do. But before leaving she wanted to voice another concern, but Farik stopped her and just beckoned her to do as he had said. Even though Tiy was, to Farik and many others, a fountain of wisdom. They also knew she was also only human and as such suffered all the inflictions of this, as the rest of them did. As Farik had, there were certain masks Tiy had put down never to wear again and if he was absolutely honest, she had put down far many more than he had. But he knew she was worried and rightly so, for the queen was a monster through and through and he knew she could work a spell upon the king with her words and beauty. Deep down he knew everything was going to be ok and he knew Tiy also realised this. But sometimes when you are faced with such adversity it is hard to remember this. He knew Tiy’s strength was the honesty she displayed and led her life by and he knew that this would serve her well this day.
Tiy returned sometime later bathed and refreshed and made her way over to where other guards where sat eating. She greeted them with a smile and they did the same. Farik brought her over some food and placed it in front of her with a cup of tea and she thanked him for doing so, with a sweet smile.
Tiy chatted with the guards sat with her and finished her tea, but didn’t touch her food. She wasn’t in the mood for eating and couldn’t stop worrying about the day’s events that were to unfold; she couldn’t stop her own mind from torturing her. Even though she was smiling, the guards knew she was putting a brave face on it for their benefit. They knew she would always try to put others before herself, but they knew if they did actually ask her, she would admit she was worried, she would be honest.
In Tiy it was the not knowing that caused her all the discomfort and dis-ease. If she simply knew what was going to happen, then she could reside her-self to this fact, but the not knowing was hard to come to terms with, but soon enough she would know.
Tiy smiled politely at the guards she had been sat with and then stood up and left the table. Putting her chair in she turned to see where Farik was and spotted him over the other side of the room near the armoury. She picked up the plate of food that was untouched and the cutlery and the cup and took them over to where they would be washed. Then she started to make her way over to him passing many guards on the way, all said good morning to her with a smile.
This made Tiy feel warm inside, with a feeling of belonging.
On reaching Farik, who was stood alone and quiet, she spoke to him.
“Any word yet from the king?” She inquired.
“Yes there has been, a short while ago, we must leave soon.”
“So that’s why you are stood alone and you keep telling me not to worry.” As she said this Tiy raised her left hand to his face and cupped it gently.
“I know.” He said. “Easier said than done eh?”
“It always is my friend, it always is.”
“I know you will be fine, but I know that I have to take you in shackles and that is what is really concerning me.”
“You must do as you must do Farik, it is the way.”
“Not if I had my way it wouldn’t be, I can assure you of that. In fact much would change if I had my way.”
Tiy could sense Farik was frustrated more than worried, which she had first presumed he was. Even though she knew he was concerned for her well being, she knew it would be hard for him to put shackles on her as it had been for Hakten. But she knew it would be harder for Farik because of the deep friendship they shared; nonetheless they both knew it had to be done.
Tiy spoke.
“I know it would my friend, we all know that much should change, but for now, for whatever reason, it is and must be this way, as hard as that is to except.”
“I know you have talked of this many times and I, like the others, have listened intently. But sometimes it is just too much to bear and I get thoughts of revolution, of rebellion to overthrow this façade of lies and its controllers. To release the people from the political slavery they are bound by.”
Tiy could see that Farik was getting emotional and his words and the way he spoke them portrayed this. This was all being brought on because he detested the fact that he would have to place such a dear friend of his in irons. To be honest she knew he detested doing this to anyone, but to a friend, it just made it a whole lot worse.
Tiy lifted her other hand up to Farik’s face and gently moved his head with both hands, so she could look into his eyes.
She then spoke softly to him.
“You are loved by so many and we all know that you love us. We know that you are selfless, kind and caring, but we also know what grinds you, how do we know this, because it is obvious because most of us are ground by the same thing? Farik you have taken more chances with the king and queen than anyone I know and for some reason there is a strange respect shared between you. One that is unlike anything anyone else shares with them. Yes you could raise an army in your own right and you could take down the houses of the temple and its true masters, but what would this honestly achieve? Nothing my friend, as the people will only resort back to the same slavery, the only difference being, the ones at the top have changed.”
Farik stood still quietly listening and knew that the words his friend spoke to him were the words of truth. She had explained many times, how in the past, this had happened, but this still didn’t stop him thinking about this and that it was possible to change the way of things by this method.
Tiy continued.
“You know my friend that if you attack this system with violence, then all that will perpetuate is violence, because ultimately that is what it is based on. It only works through threats and of course they result in violence if those threats are not adhered to and obeyed. It is not for us to do this; it is just for us to allow our king to speak when the time is right and to share what he knows.”
“I know you have spoke of this many times and you know I agree with you, but it is hard sometimes, it is so hard.” Farik said looking deep into Tiy’s eyes.
“I know it is and know that we all sufferer with the feeling of uselessness from time to time, but it just cannot be changed now and we must remember to trust in what our hearts tell us and our hearts no nothing of violence, but they do know patience.”
Tiy’s words were even softer now and she cradled his face even more showing the friendship she felt for him.
“You are remarkable sometimes.” He said smiling as he did. “I just don’t know where you get this patience from and you can talk of it now faced with what you are faced with”.
“You may deem it remarkable in the times with live in to be able to trust your heart, but it isn’t. If I cannot trust my heart, then I would have nothing, the friendships I have are in my heart and I trust my friends, as I know you do. I know my friends would never intentionally harm me and I know my heart wouldn’t. Part of this is patience and this is what my heart offers me, the ability to be patient and trust in that patience, even though I did the complete opposite with the queen.” Tiy said this smiling. “Alas we are all only human and that is why I know you have these thoughts. But I know you listen to your heart otherwise you would have done as you have thought long ago.” Farik was smiling even more now, as he understood what Tiy had said and humbly realised that the qualities Tiy had spoke of were very much present in him. She had a way of doing this and it always made him smile.
He spoke again.
“You really do trust our king don’t you?” He inquired.
“Yes I do.” She said smiling. “With all my heart.”
Hakten was making his way towards Tiy and Farik and looked worried as he did. He could see they were deep in conversation and could see Tiy was being very caring towards his brother holding his face dearly and smiling. He thought to himself ‘they would make a lovely couple’, but this was soon masked by the worry he felt regarding what was going to happen to Tiy over the incident with the queen.
As he reached them he spoke to them both.
“Sorry to interrupt, but we have just had word from the throne room and the king requires you to be their promptly.”
They both said thank you to Hakten for the information and then Farik inquired.
“Have we news of who is there – have they convened a court?”
“All I was told is the king and queen are there, but no one else seems to have been called, so no a normal court has not been convened.” Answered Hakten.
“A session behind closed doors, the queen is most certainly up to her tricks.” Farik could not hide his worry as he said this. “I don’t want to ask you this Hakten, but would you go and fetch the shackles please.” Although it was an awful thing to ask of him, it wasn’t as awful as having to put them on Tiy and Farik was going to do this and no one else.
Hakten nodded silently and then left the pair to do as he was requested.
“A session behind closed doors – what does this mean? Tiy inquired not seemingly alarmed by this.
Farik turned to look at her and spoke.
“Tiy, generally palace court sessions are held in front of masters from the temple as a form of regulation, especially if it is one of their own on trial. But in certain cases trials are held in closed session so the facts of any case being heard can be kept secret and of course the outcome. The king himself becomes judge, jury and executioner, which as you can imagine results in a conflict of interests where no true justice can prevail. To be honest this has not happened very often, but I should have expected this, knowing the queen as I do.”
“So basically what you are saying is the trial will not be fair because of the influence the queen has over the king, but we knew this, we knew she would do this?” Tiy said not surprised at all.
“I just thought that because the king does care for you and he does, that is quite obvious, we have all seen the way he looks at you.” Tiy looked away and started to blush slightly, for she knew it was not only the king who felt for her in such a way and even though he had tried to conceal it, she knew Farik did as well.
Farik continued.
“And because of this he would have tried to make it as fair as he could for you and held an open session under court protocol. That way the queen would have to give her evidence and then she would have to remain silent and allow you to give your side of the story. Now the king will have her lies as truth and she will on every occasion possible reinforce those lies. I don’t want to worry you with this, but I have to tell you what you are to face and how wrong it is, because, justice can never prevail if a conflict of interests exists and even though in any court session this does exist, I just feel it would have been better for you if the queen was under protocol control.”
Tiy looked back towards Farik and spoke.
“Farik my dearest friend, please know that I hear your concerns and I know this all troubles you, but please trust our king and know that he will make the right decision. We have both talked of change this day and many others and change, as you know, always comes from a catalyst, which is the mechanism that causes it. Sometimes a bad deed allows for eventually a good deed to overrule it when it is recognised for what it is. Maybe it is now time for our king to recognise this fact, maybe he needs to make a wrong decision so he can realise what the right one is.” As she finished speaking Hakten joined them carrying the shackles looking quite solemn.
Tiy spoke again.
“Now do as you need to and let us go and get this over an done with. I know you are both sad, but trust your hearts and know that everything will be as it is meant to be and none of us can, or should, change this.”
Hakten smiled at Tiy and then handed the shackles to Farik who took them from him thanking him for fetching them.
Hakten walked away from them.
Farik then turned to Tiy and spoke.
“Even though I am sure the queen will notice so, I am not removing the bandages from your injured wrists and before you argue that I must, know I will not and I will take the blame for this.” Tiy could see that Farik would not listen even if she did voice a concern about this, so she let them stay on. To be honest she was pleased for this, as her wrists were still quite sore.
“I am going to put these on as loose as I can.”
As he said this he moved the shackles forwards and Tiy lifted her hands so as to allow Farik to put them on her.
“The king will expect us to use the tunnel between the palace cell room and the throne room.” He explained.
“There is one?” Tiy exclaimed quite puzzled by this.
“Yes there is and has been for a long time. It serves as a way of taking prisoners from the throne room to the place of execution out in the palace court yard and it also serves as an escape route for the king if we need to get him out of the throne room quickly. The whole palace is riddle with them, you didn’t know this?” Farik asked.
“No, I didn’t know that tunnel existed, I only know of one.” Tiy explained. “The one that leads beyond the palace walls and into the city itself, even though I have never been through it.”
Farik looked surprised at this, not because Tiy knew about it, but in the fact he didn’t know this tunnel existed.
“Such a tunnel exists?” He asked intrigued.
“Yes if we had more time I would show you.”
Farik suddenly was taking a lot of interest in this and realised even though it would cause severe repercussions, this could be Tiy’s way out and to save her, these would be worth suffering.
As he thought this he stopped what he was doing and paused for a moment, then he spoke.
“You do realise that you could leave by this tunnel and although they will try and hunt you, you would stand more of a chance outside the palace walls than you will in front of the king coerced by the queen.”
“Farik, my dear Farik, I know that my safety is your greatest concern and I know this will pain you, but you know as well as I do that I cannot agree to such a thing. I cannot and will not allow anyone else to suffer on my behalf. I am meant to be in the palace cells under guard and even if I did allow this to occur, too many questions would be asked that no answers could be given to that wouldn’t be lies.”
Tiy knew that even though Farik was quite laid back and level headed, she also knew that he had a wild streak in him and occasionally could make quite rash decisions where his friends were concerned. Granted, through nothing more than a boyish cheek, many times he had got away with it and of course he was also held in quite high esteem because of the natural fairness he possessed. Which in this day and age was a rare thing and this certainly had helped. But Tiy knew to do as he suggested would only allow for the blame to be rested upon one man’s shoulders and that would be Farik’s.
“You know as well as I do that all of this is based on lies and in fact lies are the foundation stone that this system was built from and in turn allow it to exist. These lies will be seen through one day and through the truth being known the foundation stone will crumble and all that rests upon it, will in turn, crumble as well. For this to happen honesty must prevail and must be at the forefront of all we do and say. To do any other will only perpetuate what exists as attacking it with violence would. I must face the king this day and I must rely upon my honesty to allow him to make the right decision, because I am sure in my heart that one day our kings words will finally allow the foundation stone to crumble and the lies to be seen for what they simply are, nothing but lies.”
Tiy looked at Farik who was listening intently and knew her words were registering with him. She knew her friend would see the sense in her words.
“Now place the shackles upon my wrists and let us go to the king. I am sure that soon there will be a time when I can show you where this tunnel is, as I am sure one day it will be needed, but not for a long time yet and not for the likes of me.”
Farik wanted to question her and convince her that she should make good her escape, but knew she was making sense and even though his mind wanted to question that sense, he knew not too. In knowing this he did as his friend requested and started to carefully put the shackles on her wrists even though he was struggling to do so.
When he had finished he looked up at her and said.
“You are sure about this?”
“Yes I am and even if I wasn’t, this is how things must be and it is not for me and you to intervene, as much as we want to.”
As Farik stood there recalling this, his heart sank a little as he remembered having to put the shackles on his dear friend. He remembered even though her wrists were bound in bandages, it still caused her pain, as these vile devices were not designed for comfort. Cuffing some ones hands was absolutely barbaric, but he knew the system he, in some way still helped maintain, was just that, barbaric and it was to its core.
They said that they were civil and acted as so and that they were to deliver civility to the barbaric hoards that lived in anarchy that surrounded Egypt. And to any within its boundary of reach who rejected this, harsh consequences would be felt by any and all barbaric means at their disposal, hidden behind what they called civility.
There was nothing civil about the way they treated people, nothing civil at all. They had changed the meanings of words and made everyone accept the new definition over the old one to allow them to do as they did.
It was obvious to Farik and many others that the real barbarians were those who were in control, who would cuff, beat, maim, incarcerate and murder anyone who questioned them or went against their way, their order of things. There was no politeness in this, no decency or respect for human life. There was just conformity delivered from a central point of administration of law, a law that in essence would allow for anything to be done to keep order, political order that is, and how it deemed things should be. Those who delivered this were convinced that human life was worthless and as such could affect any amount of damage upon it to keep the political status quo.
In truth that was what it amounted to, status and it was those of status that were protected and the political order of things was just to make sure that those positions of status were always, seen to be needed.
Farik knew by Harian and him doing. as they were that the order of things was about to change as Tiy had once said to him and as she had said the king was doing this. How it would change he did not know, but he knew that his life and the lives of many around him were in fact going to be very different from now.
Tiy had been right about the king.
She had always maintained that this would happen and it was their job, those of order to support him in this time of transition. Farik now realised that what Tiy had said about the king and the truth he must tell was very apparent and what he was doing, in the boardroom, was just part of this. What would happen from this point on he was very unsure of, but he would do everything he could to allow the king to say what was needed to be said, not because he had been ordered to, but because he knew in his heart, this was the right thing to do.

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