Chapter 22 – The Prophecy of Sion

All was quite in the throne room as Akhenaten and Nefertiti sat in the vast area impatiently waiting for Tiy to appear to answer the accusations against her. The king was impatient and did not like being kept waiting and this showed as he rapped his fingers against the armrest of the throne – sighing under his breath as he did.
Nefertiti was sat looking at the king and even though she wanted to speak to him, she remained silent. She had been bending his ear about what he should do with Tiy nearly all night. Even though she had not got her original wish, regarding the servant’s punishment, she was determined that she would suffer. But to be honest she had pushed the matter too far. This had resulted in the king becoming quite frustrated with her, as he was tired of hearing about it. Even though he agreed, if indeed, his wife was telling the truth about the incident and what had occurred, that Tiy should suffer. But he also knew that his wife could sometimes over exaggerate situations especially if she had something gain from them.
He knew that his wife had always had a problem with Tiy being one of his personal servants and she had in the past made sly comments that insinuated as much. Even though she had never directly expressed them, knowing her place, she would never do this.
Akhen was positive that the queen knew nothing of the relationship he had with Tiy. It had always been easier to keep this from her, as it allowed for a more peaceful life. And as such, he could have his cake and eat it, a privilege he made the most of whenever he could. But with this current situation it certainly did seem that the queen knew more than she was letting on. Especially due to the fact she wanted Tiy executed without even a trial. Maybe now, in some way, she knew the truth about them. But even if this was the case, to be honest, it was nothing to do with her, as being the king he was entitled to do this. But maybe the queen was going to use this opportunity to rid herself of Tiy once and for all and that certainly did highlight the fact that she did know more than she was letting on to.
Akhen knew that many within the palace thought him a fool where his wife was concerned and, as much was true in some ways. But he wasn’t as foolish as they may have first thought. It was true that sometimes she played him a merry dance, but that was a small price to pay to be with someone who was adorned with such beauty – because she was truly beautiful. He knew they would never express such a thing to him; they would never dare, because of his reputation over what he had done to many who dared to before.
He was the king of all Egypt and they would bow to his superiority and his supreme power and they would know their place and this also included his wife. He ordered and they did as they were ordered and that was the way of things and had been for all time and that was not about to change.
If he made a decision, then that decision was final and no one should even dare to question it and that meant no one. He was the one with supreme entitlement and the only one embellished with this. He had the power over life and death itself and he would be obeyed and not least by his wife.
Under normal circumstances the throne room would be filled with guards guarding all the entrances and exits, as there were many. The king and queen would never enter the room via the same way everyone else did. There were routes throughout the palace that allowed the king and queen to move about sometimes like ghosts completely unseen. This in some way was designed to allow them to almost seemingly appear like spectres and added to the illusion that they were in fact god like – true gods on earth.
Although this deceived many, there were those who knew it was nothing more than an illusion and that is why the guards were needed in such abundance.  |
On this day though the queen had demanded of the king that they be alone with the prisoner and no one should be present to witness what was said or decided. The queen knew that although her husband was an absolute despot, there were occasions before where he had listened to what was suggested by others, even though a guard would never dare do this. But even though this was apparent, she could not take the chance that, for the first time, he would listen to what a guard had to say as they tried in vain to protect their friend, and chanced their arm.
Meanwhile in the tunnel that led from the palace cells Tiy and her two guard companions were making their way towards the throne room. As they ended their journey they came across two other guards standing sentry outside the door that led to where the king and queen sat impatiently waiting. They both looked very concerned at first, but seemed to relax a little when they realised that Farik was accompanying Tiy.
Farik stepped forward and spoke to them.
“Morning lads, how’s it looking in there?”
Both of the guards said good morning, then the one to the right of the door way continued to speak.
“To be honest.” He said worryingly. “It’s not looking good Farik. When we went in first thing the king seemed in a very bad mood and the queen didn’t look very happy at all. I am sorry to say, but it doesn’t look good.”
“Not to worry.” Said Farik. “I will take Tiy in and see what I can do…”
Before Farik could finish what he was saying Tiy stepped forward and spoke to him.
“Farik, you know you cannot do this, you know the king will not listen to you and I know you are only trying to make the situation better. But I feel by you doing this, it will only make it much worse, you will most certainly anger him more.”
“Tiy is right Farik.” Said the guard who had spoken by the doorway. “The king has demanded that we take Tiy in and put her to her knees in front of the throne. Then we are to leave and come back to here, no one it seems is going to be allowed to be present.”
Farik was very concerned by this.
“We will soon see about that.” He said as he started to make his way towards the door only to feel Tiy’s heavy hand upon his arm, which was a struggle for her to do with weight of the irons around her wrists.
“Farik please let this be. I know you care about me, but we must do as the king has ordered, I must face them alone.”
Farik realised that Tiy was right, but he had to display to her for some reason, that he was willing to contest this, even if it was to the king.
Maybe it was his stereotypically masculine side speaking, in away bravado on his part, to show Tiy that he would use any influence he had through his position to secure an outcome that was acceptable. But he knew in his heart that he had no need to do this and he knew this would not impress Tiy. He also knew on reflection that Tiy would know why he was doing it. She was aware he felt helpless and useless in the fact he could not prevent this from happening and she also realised that this hurt him deeply.
“As you wish my friend.” He said to her softly. “I don’t know what come over me, I know deep down that you are going to be alright, you know how it is?”
“I do.” Tiy said releasing her grip from his arm. ”I will see you soon.” She said to him softly and then turning to the others she said. “I will see all of you very soon. Now let us not keep the king waiting any longer.”
With this Tiy turned and faced the door and one guard placed himself in front of her and then the other came behind her. The guard in front opened the door and the three of them walked through it.
Farik stood and watched as they climbed the staircase that led up to the throne room with a very heavy heart and as they disappeared out of sight, he slowly and sadly shut the door behind them.
Moments later Tiy and the two guards, now stood by her sides holding her arms, emerged in the room. From a doorway that was behind where the throne sat off to its right. They strolled across the vast room and made their way towards the area that was directly in front of the throne. They all walked with heads slightly bowed in respect, just enough to show this without it preventing them from walking properly. On reaching the front of the throne the two guards, seemingly forced Tiy to her knees. And even though on first appearances it did look like they were quite forceful, they actually did not need to be. Tiy knew what to do and offered no resistance, just kneeling continuing to bow.
After this the two guards waited by Tiy’s side to be dismissed which, came from the king himself.
“You may leave.” Akhenaten said very abruptly and with this the two guards bowed a little lower and made their way back the doorway they had entered the room by.
Tiy now felt quite nervous, but at the same time she had a calmness coming over her as she resided herself to the fact that she would not be heard and this was going to go all the queens way.
At least if she was sentenced to death it would be a swift one, she knew her friends the guards would make sure she did not suffer. Even at this time faced with such peril, she felt for her friends and the position they had been put in and the fact that they would have to do the awful deed the king would require done on behalf of his queen.
The king spoke to Tiy.
“I am sure you are fully aware of why you have been brought here this day, so I have no need to mention what you are accused of. Is there anything you have to say for yourself?” He said with a condescending manor.
Tiy spoke.
“Yes my king I know exactly why I have been summoned before you and even though I know not what the queen has told you, I do know most of it will be true, just not in the way the queen has told it.”
Nefertiti at this point became enraged and shouted at Tiy leaving her seat to do so.
“How dare you suggest as such you wretch?”
Then turning to Akhenaten she said.
“My king her crimes are added to by the insolence she now shows me…”
Before Nefertiti could continue the king cut in.
“Nefertiti, she has a right to be heard and I will hear what she has to say. Please be quiet and allow her to speak.”
“But my king I have told you what occurred and that should be good enough, do you now question my word, the word of your queen?”
Akhen was losing patience and this could be heard in his voice.
He spoke again to Nefertiti trying to calm her.
“My queen you must know that this servant has been loyal to me for many years and even though I have heard you, I must here also what she has to say. At no time during her service to me has she ever caused me alarm in any way and I will hear her.”
This was not going to pacify the enraged queen and she once again raised her objections.
“If this was anyone else my king you would accept my word as truth and dealt with this swiftly, but you offer this wretch a voice, is there more to this than meets the eye?”
This comment displeased the king greatly and finally his patience wore through. After being kept waiting for so long and now with the queen openly defying him in front of a servant he felt the anger mount inside him.
He was about to snap and voice his opinion, but then, on consideration, he suddenly realised two very simple facts. Did the queen now know about what he and Tiy had shared for years? Because if truth was known, they had shared something even though he was not going to let this affect any decision he might make. He was the king and as such, entitlements had no bearing in this matter as there were plenty more where Tiy had come from he told himself – and he had pleasured himself many times with servants over the years. And even more to the point, why was the queen was so eager to not have Tiy give her side of the story? Was the queen actually telling the truth? Because it certainly didn’t seem that way by her actions and it seemed obvious that she was trying to conceal something.
In realising this, the king decided that diplomacy was more favourable than anger, but he couldn’t help himself as sarcasm overcome him.
“Concerning your last comment my queen, could you please explain what you meant by the end of it, because it is obvious, you did mean something?” The king was now looking directly at his queen standing before him waiting for an answer to his question.
Nefertiti spoke.
“My king this does not distract from the matter at hand and I am sorry I made such a comment, I forgot myself for a moment and I meant nothing by it.” Nefertiti bowed her head as she said this being very aware that she had let her mouth run away with itself.
“I have told you the truth of this matter and what has been done to me by this servant and this should not be questioned. All that is required is that you make a decision regarding what should happen to her for this gross misconduct she is guilty of.”
The king sat there for a moment without answering looking at his queen, but could not get the previous comment out of his mind. Even if Nefertiti was telling the truth, was she making this sound worse than it was? In some way she now knew the truth of what Tiy and he had shared and her demands of him were being fuelled by jealousy? At that moment whether Tiy lived or died didn’t actually matter to him, but she was a good servant and he remembered she was also very good at other aspects as well that pleased him. Even though he could have his pick of anyone he chose, as they would not resist him, he too would have to agree that Tiy was very beautiful, even though he could never admit this, because of his position. He would have to decide whether what Tiy gave him was worth upsetting his wife for. As appeasing her did allow him to have a reasonably quiet life where she was concerned. But if she was lying over this matter, what else had she lied about.
He spoke to his queen again.
“I have decided that I will hear the prisoners side of this affair and that is final…”
The king couldn’t finish because his queen lifted her head in range as the tantrum she was about to have took hold of her.
She started to bitterly complain.
“My king do you not trust and believe me and more to the point will you take a servants words over mine?”
“Nefertiti!” Akhen raised his voice to her. “Know your place and if you cannot, then you will be removed from this hearing.”
“My king…”
But before the queen could utter another word in desperate protest, the king snapped back at her.
“NEFERTITI!” He shouted. “Know your place and leave now I will not tolerate such behaviour from you.”
Nefertiti was furious, but at the same time was very aware that she had severely upset the king and realised that she needed to do as he requested. This troubled her deeply and this showed on her face, as she could not hide behind the stark realisation she was now contemplating. Through her actions that day and because of her own hastiness, she could have now quite easily undone all that she had fought so hard to achieve. If the king did realise that she had been lying through Tiy’s words, he would distrust her and in so, would question what she suggested in the future. Because if the truth was really known they weren’t her suggestions in the first place, just the ones she was employed to give.
She had allowed her feelings to get in the way and this had blinded her and because of this she had strayed into the waist land of caring. What the king wanted and what he did with the servants she should have ignored and she knew this, but she had allowed herself to become emotionally attached and had lost sight of her goal. She had been promised something by the temple, if she could do as they required and she had done this up until this point. But human emotion could have possibly destroyed this. How could she have been so stupid? But not all was lost; she still had something that played on the king’s weakness. No matter what the outcome of this day’s events were she would have to try harder and override them – seductively and secretly, to try and keep the king under control.
Nefertiti wanted for only one thing and this one element was all she lived for, for all she wanted was to be Egypt’s first queen. Seen as its ultimate ruler, in the shadow of who really ruled. Knowing this fact did not concern her as long as she was seen to have ultimate power.
Nefertiti stopped complaining almost immediately as the sound of the king’s voice drowned out her own. Head bowed and silent she waited for the king to speak again. As much as it still enraged her to do so, she would do as the king requested and leave the room peacefully. Still the emotions tormented her as she fought off thoughts of the king’s betrayal, because in her own mind, he had betrayed her. Even though he had other wife’s, Nefertiti was fast convincing the king he did not need them. As none of them could possible match her and none could give him what she could.
In some way she had accepted the other wife’s at first, as they were of the same class, but servants, well that was a different matter altogether and one that she could not overlook or ignore. It sickened her to think of him lying with a servant, how could he do such a thing? It made her skin crawl to think of it, but she knew thoughts of this were getting in the way of what she really needed to do. She knew now she must kerb her emotions to be able salvage anything from this awkward situation.
“Nefertiti, please do as I have requested.” Said Akhen, which was more a plea than a request, but still said with force in the words.
Without another word from the king the queen bowed slightly lower and started to walk away in the direction of the nearest set of doors that would allow her to exit the throne room quickly. But this was nothing more than a deception.
The queen was, by hook or by crook, going to hear what was to be said in that room that day and she knew exactly where to go to be able to do so undetected.
Now the queen had left the room the King sat silent contemplating all that had just happened. He had known the queen to be defiant in the past, but never to this extent.
Granted she did act like a spoilt brat from time to time, but he had realised that his wife suffered the infliction of beauty coupled with being his wife. This had given her the ability to sometimes think she had more power than she actually had. He also realised that this allowed her to have a more persuasive nature, especially on him. He knew that she had used this before regarding certain matters she disagreed with him on.
In the past he had conceded, but he had only done this for the quiet life, but this matter was different for many reasons the most apt being he had never before thought that his wife would lie to him.
Akhenaten was prepared to tolerate a lot of things, but now in his later years, he had become intolerant to lies and he detested them. Even though in fact, he conveniently ignored the fact his life and the position he held could be perceived as one of the biggest lies being told – as was, what he stood for.
If he was absolutely honest there had been times when he was alone, that he had reflected on past events and had memories of these occurrences that seemed like they had happened in dreams. Never quite being able to fully understand why he remembered such and what was so relevant about them. But in some strange way these memories were about lies and they had brought on the loathing of them he now felt.
Many times he had done as he was doing now and he had tried to listen to both sides of the story and judge accordingly. But he had always heard lies said as though they were truth. Of course there were also the decisions that would always be in the favour of the temple and its interests. A biasness that he accepted once, but now for some reason it left a nasty taste in his mouth every time it occurred. At this point in his life he still relished his position and enjoyed the power it gave him, but there were nagging doubts arising that he constantly put to the back of his mind. But always within him was this nagging from what would seem an internal voice that he could silence, just not permanently?
The King, still silent, rose from his chair and started to walk towards the still silent Tiy who was now suffering. Not only from the iron clasped around her wrist, but also from kneeling on the stone floor.
She was uncomfortable, to say the least and signs of this were showing as she tried to move undetected to ease the pain coming from her knees.
The king stopped within two yards of her and spoke looking at the floor before him as he did.
“As I said before I am sure I have no need to recount the reason you are here and based on the facts I have already heard, you are I am sure fully aware of the harshness of the sentence I must deliver if these facts are true.”
There was no emotion in the Akhenaten’s voice as he said this, as he had said this at least a hundred times previous and repeated it as a mantra coming from nothing more than a heartless machine.
He continued.
“Now is your chance to voice your side, but be warned.” He said with harshness in his voice. “I will not tolerate any lies and you will be punished even more sternly if you do in fact lie to me. With this in mind tell me now your side of this story.”
The king was almost cold in his delivery of this warning as though, if he did have a heart, it was truly one made of stonE.
Tiy began to speak awkwardly trying to conceal the pain she was now in through the position she had to maintain, a position that amounted to nothing more than torture.
“My king the queen asked me to break palace protocol and look upon her eyes, which I did as she commanded me to do. The queen by doing so placed me in a position that I would be punished for regardless of what else may have happened. She asked me many questions, which, I answered honestly and because of my answers she attacked me.”
Before Tiy could say any more the king had some questions he required answers to and spoke to her ignoring the break in palace protocols for he was far more interested in the questions the queen had asked.
“What sort of questions did she ask of you?”
“She asked me if we had ever had a sexual encounter and how many times had it occurred?”
“Did you answer these questions absolutely honestly?”
“Yes my king, I did.”
At this point the king realised that his queen may have in fact lied to him because she had not mentioned any of this. But he wanted to confirm this and to know the extent of the lies and what else had been said between Tiy and the queen.
He still had to be sure that Tiy was not lying herself.
He then looked up and directly at her knelt on the floor and spoke.
“Raise your head and look upon my eyes and know that there will be no punishment for doing this as I have requested this of you.”
Without hesitation Tiy did as the king requested and raised her head and looked him straight in the eyes, still trying to remain composed through the pain that was increasing.
“I ask you now are you being truly honest with me?”
“I am my king, I have always been truthful with you as I am being now.” As she said this she stared deep into the kings eyes.
“How did the queen react to your answers?”
“She attacked me my king and I defended myself and restrained her upon the floor to prevent the queen from doing so again. I know this was wrong and I know that I should have allowed the queen to strike me unrestrained because of her position, but for some reason, instinctively, I defended myself. I know I should, in the eye’s of protocol, be punished for doing so.”
With this Tiy bowed her head again in respect of what she had said.
The king was listening intently to Tiy and decided to change his line of questioning before addressing what Tiy had admitted too. But before he continued, he again wanted to look into Tiy’s eyes.
“Raise your head again for I still have need to see your eyes.”
Again Tiy complied with what was requested of her and raised her head.
Once Tiy had done as he requested he spoke again.
“Do you believe in the protocols you are to adhere to at all times?”
Tiy knew by answering this question she would probably anger the king and anger him greatly, but she was fully aware of the fact that she lived her life in honesty and knew even if that honesty would cause her demise, she would still have to be. She now, even faced with this almost certain prospect, would not allow herself stoop to lying to save her own skin and knew in her heart that this was the ultimate test of this.
With a shiver running down her spine and a nervous twist in her stomach, she said what her mind was pleading with her not to say. In honesty, she said what her heart needed her to say with a polite tone, but most certainly with conviction.
“No my king I do not.” Tiy said this looking directly in the kings eyes and as she did she felt her body react from the fear in her mind, but at the same time a warmth emanated from her heart as she spoke her truth.
The king stood their shocked by this. Never had a servant had the nerve to say such a thing to him, never had one been so honest. In the memories he had been party too he knew that this had been said to him before and even though his mind denied such, he knew another part of him recalled this.
He wanted to react in a blind rage, but was being prevented from doing so by intrigue. He was not stupid, he knew that this servant realised by saying such a thing this would not help her. In fact it would do the complete opposite, but nonetheless she had said it.
Composing himself to keep the anger at bay he asked another question.
“Why do you not believe in these protocols?”
Tiy was surprised the king had reacted this way and honesty expected him to explode in rage at her, but she could tell by the tone of his voice he was trying to keep his anger at bay. She knew, sooner or later, though her words of truth, that these words would cause him to vent his anger. This did frighten her, well, in her mind it did, but she had now set foot on the path of truth and could not turn back and because of this she could only answer the question honestly.
So she did.
“Because my king, I know in my heart that all human beings are born equal and the protocols support a way of life that says that some human beings are born to be slaves to others and this is wrong and against everything my heart tells me is right.” Tiy waited for the king to respond, but no response came. Instead the king just stood before her looking as though he was deep in thought.
Tiy continued.
“My king no one has the right to be in command of another human beings life or death and nor do they have the right to physically or mentally abuse them because of this equality. Through the code of conduct that exists and the laws that created this to provide social division, many men, women and even children are enslaved. Many live in poverty, while the few live in riches, on the pretence that they are better in some way, which allows for this slavery. In my heart my king I know that no one is any better than anyone else, but at the same time no one is any less.” Even though Tiy wanted to continue she feared to at this time, as she could see the king was becoming quite agitated with what she was saying.
She could see her words were cutting deep. Even though she knew she would probably get the speech, that all of position gave, dictating that this is the only way humanity could be, based on the mantras, the indoctrination and the beliefs they had accepted over the truth for selfish personal gain. She knew her words were having an effect and were attacking this belief structure. In truth she knew the king would deny the equality she spoke of, because to do any other, would dismiss the very position he held and all the other positions of status maintained by a false need for such. Created and maintained by delusion and denial in the mind, to combat the antithesis that resided in the hearts of all. Because in truth, all knew, that all were equal, without exception. In truth the denial was an excuse and nothing more, an excuse that allowed them to deny the simple truth, that what they were doing and continued to do, was wrong.
To say the king was shocked by this was an understatement and while he was listening he had started to pace around in agitation. He had gone from looking into Tiy eyes, to looking away from her as her words dug deep.
He wanted to shout and voice his anger at the insolence she was showing, but in some strange way he admired her for having the nerve to say such things to him. As the king all Egypt, no one had ever dared to talk to him of such matters, or in such a way. He could see before him, someone who had resided herself to what fate was going to deliver to her with a strength that was remarkable. But as the indoctrination once again took hold, he dismissed her words in his mind and allowed it to take over once again.
He still had questions he needed answers for and he, as king, would be told these answers before the day was out.
Pulling himself together through the denial that resided in his mind, he once again stopped in front of Tiy and spoke.
“That is all very well.” He said with a complacent tone. “But this does not distract from the fact that you did in fact prevent the queen from striking you and in doing so, you did in fact manhandle the queen, which as you are aware of is not acceptable…”
Before the king could continue Tiy spoke.
“Is it acceptable my king for the queen to order shackles put on so tight they cut and wound the skin?” As Tiy said this she lifted her hands, struggling to do so, to provide evidence of what she was saying. “And also my king is it acceptable to parade a palace prisoner around the palace courtyard naked?”
The king had put up with a lot all ready, but to be interrupted by a servant was the last straw. He exploded in rage moving very close to Tiy to intimidate her.
“HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT YOUR KING AND I KNOW NOTHING OF THIS, WHAT LIES DO YOU NOW SAY ABOUT YOUR QUEEN?” In his blind rage he had not noticed the bandages under the shackles on Tiy’s wrists.
Tiy was struggling to keep her arms up, but even though the pain seared through her arms and her knees, she was determined to keep them there on show.
Before the king could continue Tiy spoke out loud and with all the might she could muster she thrust her arms forward towards the king in a gesture of recognition.
“Look my king, look! What I say is the truth, look at my wrists. I have nothing to gain by lying to you. What is done, is done my king, but you should know all the facts regarding this matter, the true facts!”
The king could take no more.
Tiy’s words had caused so much confusion in him and in his own mind; he was trying to justify his actions and the actions of his queen. The confusion was turning to blind rage. Pure frustration surrounded him, eating away at him, because this servant before him would not obey him and dared to interrupt him.
Tiy had nothing to lose now. The outcome would be the same no matter what and because of this she was determined that the king would know the truth of this and of what had occurred.
Undeterred by the intimidation Tiy spoke again.
“What I say is the truth my king, my friends tended my wounds and can bear witness to all that happened. I told our queen that we loved the true her as we love the true you, but you both act as monsters, blinded to the truth of what you stand for and what it allows to be. It is wrong my king and you know it is, if only you could be honest with yourself.”
The king, steeping forward with a raised right arm and with hatred in his eyes went to strike Tiy shouting ‘SILENCE’ as he did, but then he stopped, because of what he witnessed.
He witnessed a servant and a woman at that, not flinch or close her eyes in anticipation of the blow that was about to be delivered. He saw the conviction in her eyes, a conviction in what she was saying and at that point he realised she was telling the truth and was willing to stand by that truth no matter what that resulted in. Words escaped him, as blunt stark realisation came over the king, engulfing him in a wave of undeniable facts. He could question no more and just stood there shaking with rage, still his mind wanting him to strike this insolent sErf that knelt before him.
Everything he was and everything he had gained through his position was now in jeopardy. He was now aware that his queen had lied to him, because of Tiy’s actions and her conviction in the words she spoke.
His whole world had turned upside down in a split second and as much as he wanted things to be as they were, he knew that they would never be the same. How he regretted now not listening to his queen who had suggested that he should just put Tiy to death without trial. If he had have done this, he would still be blissfully unaware, but now he was very aware, very aware indeed.
He was being made to question himself, question the darkness of his own mind, something this would have prevented. In truth and for the first time in pure honesty, he had listened to simple words that had affected him in a way he could not have imagined possible.
He needed a solution and his mind provided exactly the solution he needed. Without saying another word he put his arm down and strolled off towards the door where Tiy and the guards had entered.
Moments later the king returned with the two guards who had first escorted Tiy into the throne room. On reaching Tiy the king ordered them to seize her and bring her to her feet.
Tiy could not move and could not stand and as her friends tried to help her to stand she let out a cry in pain and if it wasn’t for her being held up, she would have collapsed on the floor again. The guards realised this and tried to help her, but the king was all out of patience where Tiy was concerned and demanded.
“Bring her to her feet! Make her stand!”
The guards did as they were ordered to do and did so with disgust in their hearts. Finally Tiy was nearly standing, but could not hide the pain she was in. This didn’t seem to affect the king in anyway and at this point Tiy started to weep, not because she knew what he was going to do, but because she could not bare to have someone she had been so close to at times do this to her.
“Stifle your tears!” The king demanded. “You will get as you deserve. I now sentence you to death tomorrow morning at dawn. You will be taken from this place to the execution cell and you are to have no visitors. Now take her!”
From her secret hiding place the queen smiled a wicked smile that for a second replaced the worry she now had over what had been said. But at least with Tiy out the way permanently the king would not be able to question her more and in time, would forget her words.
As the king said this the two guards beside Tiy holding her up winced as though they had been struck. Never had they imagined that this would be the outcome and now a fury raged inside of them they were both finding hard to conceal.
As they started to move away Tiy looked up and spoke to the king.
“My king this changes nothing and I still love you and I know in my heart that the true you will shine through in the end.”
Stunned by her audacity the king once again found himself speechless and just turned his back on her and walked away towards his throne.
As the two guards took Tiy from the room the king, on reaching his throne sat down upon it breathing a sigh of relief. Never had he known a day like this and never did he want to suffer another one the same.
Moments later the queen entered the room and made her way to her king who was sat with head in hands, as all that had happened and had been said whirled round in his mind relentlessly.
As she approached the king she knelt in front of him placing her arms over his legs and looking up at him she spoke.
“Be comforted my king for you have truly made the right decision.”
The king looked at her after taking his hands away from his face and spoke.
“The right decision for who Nefertiti – who gains the most from this decision?”
This puzzled the queen.
“What do you mean my king?” The queen inquired nervously, because she knew deep down what the king was getting at.
“You have lied to me and please don’t embarrass yourself by trying to deny this, it is obvious. This decision is only right for you, no one else gains but you.”
The king then looked away from the queen in disgust. On seeing this, the queen stood and placed her left hand gently on Akhen’s cheek trying to get him to look at her speaking as she did.
“My king, her deceptive words are playing with you, confusing you, please forget them. Come tomorrow this will be ended and all can go back to how it should be. They must know their places and maintain them at all times, that is what protocol dictates.”
The king then did look at her and lifted his right hand to remove hers from his cheek.
As he did this he also spoke.
“You were listening weren’t you – you listened to the whole thing?”
“No my king you ordered me away. I saw the prisoner in the passage way when you ordered her to be taken.”
“What were you doing there in the passageway with the guards and how did you get there? You left the room by the nearest doors, please don’t take me as a fool.”
As the king said this he looked away again and became very despondent and even though Nefertiti tried to bring him round to look at her again the king refused. Everything he thought couldn’t possibly be true was in fact the complete opposite. Everyone except Tiy, someone he had just sentenced to death, was lying to him, making a mockery of him, even his queen. He had sensed this before from the grand master, but thought he was imagining things, but now it was self evident, in fact it was so obvious, how could he have not seen this before.
The queen tried to smooth the situation over.
“My king let us retire from here and have some food and wine and put this behind us. Preparations must be made for tomorrow.”
The king didn’t respond and just sat there gazing into the vast room and then turned his head to look at the place where Tiy had been knelt before him – her words echoing in his mind tormenting him. Looking straight through his queen as if she wasn’t there he was in a world of his own. He couldn’t even be bothered to question his queen anymore. He knew she had lied and was continuing to, that much, again, was very obvious and could not be denied. But this was not going to end here and he knew this. He knew that by listening to Tiy’s words, something had changed in him, even though he didn’t know what at that time, he knew something had.
Turning to his queen once again he raised his right hand and touched her beautiful face softly.
“Leave me for a while and then I will join you. I am fine I just need a little time alone.”
“Are you sure my king?”
“Yes I am.” He said nodding as he did.
“As you wish my king.”
With this Nefertiti left his side and walked towards the doors that would take her to the central section of the palace where she could make her way to the royal living area. As she turned her back to the king she began to smile, because she knew that the king was not affected by the day and what had been said, as much as she first thought and this was good. Nor had he the energy to keep questioning her and soon all would be forgotten and she knew she possessed exactly what would make that happen. This seductive siren was already scheming before she had even left the room, but she wasn’t the only one who was thinking of change and how to make it come about.

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