Chapter 23 – The Prophecy of Sion

Farik stood patiently waiting as the door opened from the throne room and though it came a guard with his right hand behind him supporting Tiy. Farik watched as Tiy hobbled behind the first guard, in turn, supported by the guard behind her. Although she could now walk as the pain from her knees was slowly going, it was still quite obvious that it was troubling her to do so. None of them spoke as they saw Farik, but he could see, by the looks on their faces, that all had not gone well.
“What happened?” Farik said as he came to Tiy’s aid and to relieve the guards.
The guard to the front supporting Tiy spoke.
“Tiy has been sentenced to death tomorrow morning at dawn.”
Farik was stunned at first and couldn’t quite take in what had just been said. He looked at Tiy, who he was now holding on his own, even though Tiy’s strength was returning; she still needed support from her friend, and asked her.
“Is this true?” He said softly, a hint of disbelief still evident in his voice.
Tiy nodded and spoke.
“Yes it is.” Tiy said smiling tenderly at him as she did. “And this is the way it is meant to be.”
Farik knew Tiy well enough to know that by the tender smile she gave him and the fact that her voice was so calm, there was no use trying to change this. He was shocked at the king’s decision, but wasn’t shocked at Tiy’s response to it. He could offer to go and see the king, which would probably only result in his own arrest and knew Tiy would not allow this on her behalf.
She could see his concern and spoke to him to reassure her friend.
“Farik please do not worry, it will all work out fine in the end you will see, please trust me.”
“How can you be so sure? I know, many times you have been right over the outcome of incidents and other matters, but this?”
“Please trust me Farik, I know in my heart I am going to be ok.
Please don’t worry yourself, just do what needs to be done my friend.”
Farik knew that no matter how he felt he had to trust Tiy. As impossible as it seemed, he could see that Tiy was unconcerned by what the next dawn would bring. All that was left to be done was to take the shackles from off of Tiy’s wrists, which he promptly did. Even though Tiy was at first very reluctant to let this happen, but in the end she let him and was pleased for them to be off. Then they began the journey to take his friend to the execution cell. As much as he resented the fact, he knew they had to do as the king had ordered.
With the queen Farik would push the boundaries of protocol, but the king was a whole different matter altogether and Tiy had always maintained they must do as the king asks. She had even asked Farik and Anelp to promise they would, no matter what he asked and a test of that was about to become very real the following morning.
Not one hour later in the royal living area the king sat alone staring blankly into the large room. He had dismissed the guards and Nefertiti was off with their sons eating elsewhere so the king could have some peace.
Nefertiti knew the king was still very despondent and had been since the incident in the throne room earlier. She would give him some peace for now, but was planning to work her magic on him later, casting a spell with her words accompanied by her seductive beauty.
Akhenaten sat there with a very troubled mind still staring into mid air, not actually looking at anything in particular. Pondering whether he had made the right decision was not what troubled him. It only took a short while after leaving the throne room for him to realise he had made a very grave mistake and it needed correcting.
What troubled him was the fact that he knew his queen had lied to him and he was realising, through reflection of past events, that this was not the first time. Tiy’s words, without doubt, had affected him deeply, but in some strange way, they were bringing resolution allowing him to recall events with the ability to look at them differently. But the process was affecting him being illuminating on one hand and very punishing on another.
Rising from the chair he shook his head and walked over to the window to get some fresh air. To see if that would help to clear it, but still it continued, still the process carried on.
Like a fire that had been lit that could not be extinguished, Akhenaten knew that this was not going to go away.
The king knew what he had to do. He had to talk to someone about this and he knew exactly whom that someone was. He needed to do this to clarify if this was not the first stage of insanity, as that was truly how this felt as the fire raged out of control in his mind.
The decision was final and he left the window and walked across the room for many paces before he reached the open doors. No guards were present; no one for the queen to ask of his whereabouts, buying him the time he needed with this certain someone.
Farik, Tiy and the two guards were nearing the execution cell and all but one of them had very heavy hearts. Tiy was now walking unaided by Farik’s side with the two guards bringing up the rear, recovering from kneeling on the cold stone floor of the throne room. As they neared the cell Farik turned and spoke to Tiy as they still walked.
“We will try to make this a little more comfortable for you.”
Tiy spoke back.
“You know I appreciate all you are doing but please do not go to too much trouble on my behalf. It could only lead to more trouble for you, as I am sure the matter of my wrists being bandaged is going to be mentioned.”
“You know I will take full responsibility for that and what we are to do now.”
Tiy smiled.
“You really are as stubborn as me sometimes, aren’t you?
Farik just smiled back without answering.
As they reached the cell the two guards behind them disappeared off in the direction of the guard’s barracks, which was off to the right of them.
Sometime later they returned with blankets, food and water and half the guards from the barracks in tow. The two guards had informed them and those who were not on duty surrounded Tiy and Farik, including the two guards.
Tiy could see the worry in their eyes and the pain that hunched some like old men and others it had lifted in angry concern. She knew she needed to speak to them and reassure them as she had Farik – as he did seem far happier now.
Tiy spoke to them all as they silently listened.
“You know me well enough to know that I will never lie to you and I am not about to now. Please know my friends that I will be fine and you must do as the king asks of you, because very soon he will be asking. Now do as you must and leave me here and I thank you for being my friends and of course for the food, water and the blankets.”
Many of the guards wanted to question and Tiy could see this in their eyes, but this time Farik spoke.
“Lads listened to me, go back to the barracks, I will be along shortly and I will explain. Now go on make your way back please.”
Very reluctantly the guards started to drift back towards the barracks and as they did Farik collected up the blankets and made his way into the cell. Once he had placed the blankets down on the stone bunk he returned outside to collect the food and water. He placed these in the cell upon a stone table and then walked back to Tiy’s side.
“Ready?” He inquired politely
“As ready as I will ever be.”
Tiy then left Farik’s side and entered the cell with Farik shutting the heavy door behind her – it clanged as it shut. Through the bars of the door he spoke to her.
“I’ll send two guards along shortly, at least they will give you someone to talk too. I haven’t locked the door and I don’t plan too, so please don’t argue about this.”
Tiy just smiled and didn’t bother to question this, finally just saying.
“Thank you.”
With this Farik, left and made his way back to the barracks leaving Tiy watching him from the cell door.
Meanwhile the king was making his way through the palace and knew that the route he needed to take would take him very close to where Nefertiti and their sons would be.
He needed to take a tunnel, but knew it would be guarded by two guards as it always was. On approaching the tunnel door Akhenaten came across the two guards who immediately bowed their heads low on knowing he was in their presence, standing to attention as they did.
The king spoke to them.
“I need to use the tunnel, but I do not have need for an escort.”
Although the king could not see their faces the guards both looked puzzled by this.
The king continued.
“Also I have need of you not to tell anyone I have entered the tunnel, not even the queen, do you understand?”
Both guards nodded their heads slightly to infer they did understand without saying a word, even though they did find the king’s request quite strange. Stepping aside, both guards removed themselves out of the way of the door to allow the king to pass.  The guard on the king’s right leaned slightly to the side as they did and opened the door for the king. The king stepped through the door and the guard shut it behind him.
After the king was out of sight the two guards looked at each other very puzzled, metaphorically scratching their heads, for as far as they were aware, the king had never done or said this before.
Akhenaten also found this quite strange as he strolled through the tunnel on the way to his destination. He had never been in the tunnels alone and found it quite eerie at first, walking down the stairs that led away from the door. Although the tunnel was reasonably lit, anytime before, he would have been accompanied by at least two of the palace guard, if not four and on most occasions with the queen at his side. Now on his own it seemed a very lonely place, but at least the walk would give him time to ponder and he so needed to do this.
He was still quite confused. His mind was telling him to return to the royal living quarters and just wait for his beautiful wife to return with his beloved sons. In some way, that was exactly what he wanted to do and even found himself stop, through hesitation, because of this. But undaunted he, after a few moments of deep thought, resumed on his journey, trying to keep his mind at bay and the justification he was trying to make.
Tiy’s words were echoing in his mind, which, to be honest, were causing him a great deal of discomfort and were causing a lot of the confusion, trying to deny what she had said. It was the equality she had spoke of that was causing him to try and justify why that equality was not present, to justify why some human beings were enslaved to others, because it was not present.
His mind was telling him that he deserved what he had, because of his position. And his position, as all others, was the way things should and always have been. That position (Status) gave the right to enforce slavery upon others who were of lower position. That they were confined to their pay grade and should never step above it, nor comment on matters that were above their position.
Tiy had done just that and defied him undaunted by the consequences she could face for doing so. Strong willed and defiant she had said her piece and made herself heard with a conviction that had impressed the king. Whilst at the same time it had angered him and confused him.
Never had he had to justify his position, the life he led and the system he helped maintain, not to anyone else, but to himself. Tiy’s words had brought on realisation within him. He believed up until that point, and still did in some way, if he listened to his mind, that it was perfectly ok to live this way and yes some human beings were born to be enslaved to others. But now he had to justify that against equality, the fact that, all human beings were in fact equal and if there was to be a standard, then everyone was entitled to that standard without exception.
This one quandary was at the core of the confusion he suffered, because no matter how hard he tried he could not justify what he stood for and maintained.
Nearing the end of the tunnel the king knew he would have to cross the central area of the palace and was aware he would have to face at least eight guards, having to explain to them why he was alone. Even though he knew he would not have to give any explanation as he was the king and could do anything, within reason, without question. He knew what he was doing was highly irregular and also needed them to not tell the queen where he was.
He needed time.
Nearing the door that would exit into the central area he paused for a while trying to think of how to cross this area and enter the throne room almost opposite. Exiting the tunnel he was in to get to the door he needed to walk through. After those, many moments deep in thought, he decided on what he was going to do and pulled the door open and entered the palace central area.
As he did so eight guards who immediately stood to attention and bowed their heads, again puzzled by why the king was alone, but not daring to question this, greeted him.
Walking forward so he was in the centre of them all, he spoke to them calmly without hesitation.
“I have need to be in the throne room alone and also call upon you, to not mention to anyone that asks, that I am in there, this includes the queen.”
Even though he knew, as he had asked the other guards, he was asking them to lie and as much as he now detested the fact he was, he also knew that from this point he would never ask anyone to lie on his behalf again. But he needed to buy himself some time. Because in reality he was a prisoner within these walls and could never spend time alone, unless of course if the queen suggested it.
He was now realising that the queen, at all times, had to know where he was. And the only time she didn’t was when he was being bathed and dressed. Or at any time he could in fact sneak off, like a mischievous child defying their parents to do something they would most certainly disagree with. Apart from these times, the queen controlled his whole life and had even tried to control what happened when he was bathed and dressed, until he put his foot down about this for very obvious reasons.
Each guard in turn bowed to show they understood and the king, on seeing this, walked across the central area to the doors of the throne room. On reaching them, the two guards stood on sentry outside the doors, stepped aside opening one door each as they did. The king entered the room and the doors shut behind him. Sighing with relief as they closed, which was not something he ever did, he lent upon them.
Now alone in the vast room he stood slouched against the doors deep in thought, ‘what a bizarre day’ he thought to himself ‘and it’s not even over yet’.
Outside the throne room the eight guards stood quietly, as they always did, but all were dying to speak to each other. One guard across from the throne room, guarding another passage, couldn’t take any more suspense and spoke to the rest of them.
“One of us should go and inform Farik that the king is in the throne room alone, I wonder if he is going to see Tiy through the escape passage, we should warn him?”
Silence reigned for still sometime until one of the guards on duty outside the throne room spoke up.
“He is right you know, we should send word.”
Then another spoke from across the central area, on guard by the entrance to the royal living quarters.
“I will go if you all agree.”
“But what if the queen comes back, she will notice that we are a man down and you know what she is like?” Said another Guard guarding the opposite side of the throne room.
The first guard who had spoke out spoke again.
“Look we all know what happened today and we are all aware of what Tiy has said about the king and what would eventually happen regarding him, just maybe that is today. The king, if he does use the escape passage, will have to cross part of our barracks to do so, as you know, to get to the passage that will take him to the execution cell. Now chances are, no one will be there, but, to make sure, let us warn Farik of what is going on and make this as easy for the king as we can. The least he has to explain to anyone about what he is doing the better for Tiy in the long run. I agree you should go, do all agree?”
A resounding yes was heard as all eight guards said they consented that Farik should be warned and the guard who had suggested that he would go, started to make his way towards the barracks with speed at his heels.
Inside the throne room the king still stood slouching against the doors contemplating what he was about to continue with. He knew his actions, from this moment on, were going to displease the queen greatly and in another place, in another time, he would, because of this, probably do the complete opposite to what he was about to. But he felt compelled to do so and even though his own mind continually told him he was acting as a fool to do this, he knew that deep down he could do no different.
Moving away from the doors and standing up straight, at the same time fighting the suggestions his own mind delivered upon him, he started to make his way across the room towards the door that would lead to the passage he needed to take. As he came up upon the throne he stopped directly in front of it, but couldn’t at first make sense of why he was.
The king stood and stared at the throne that seemed to look different for some reason, not in its appearance, because it looked exactly as it always had. But there was something different about it, or at least it seemed there was. Was it meaning something different now to the confused king?
Was it about what it stood for and what he stood for? A perspective change that was creating a monumental battle in him that he was caught in the middle of. One side maintaining its power through power itself, whilst the other was about undoing that very real power and what it stood for.
In reality it was nothing more than an inanimate object that was given power by suggestion of what it stood for. By nothing more than words contained in verses, a metrical formula that the brain re-lied upon to be able to ignore the truth and how dire that truth was.
Where did this reliance come from?
Other verses, this, by no means was a new concept. Granted the suggestions it manifested were the same, resulting in nothing more than simple command structure, which the few could use to control the many. All that had changed over a millennia was the delivery and the names, it was always about the namEs, the need to identify and what that identification meant, spelt out by the verses.
As the king stood there looking at the throne contemplating all this, his mind started to defend itself against what his heart was telling him was true.
‘You are the king and without this and all it stands for, you would have nothing and would bE nothing’, it told him trying to maintain its importance. Not bound by any moral boundaries his mind defended the world it required to live in by using words, again, in verse and where do these words come from? The temple. The houses of the temple.
Within the truth in his heart he knew they needed these verses and the words they contained. Because without them, they would not exist and nor would the power they had fooled everyone into believing they possessed. A power that was nothing more than an illusion. But because the consequences were very real for not obeying the temples words, as such, this maintained the beliEf that they did in fact have the power in the first place.
The result. A perfect system of control but not a new one a very ancient one.
As this came over the king he shook his head trying to clear it. But no matter how he tried, and the more he stared at the throne, the more this resounded in his mind sending it into chaos as he fought to keep his own sanity. More than ever he needed to talk and time was wasting and he needed to get to who he needed to talk to now!
Leaving the throne behind in his wake the king made his way to the door that would lead to the passage, still very deeply affected by what was happening in his own mind.
On reaching the door some time later, he opened it and disappeared into the passageway shutting it behind him.
A very breathless guard suddenly ran into the guardroom stopping as he did in front of a table where two guards sat drinking tea chatting.
Trying to speak through his breathlessness, he finally managed to do so and said.
“Farik, where’s Farik!”
Both guards looked up as he did with the one sat to his right answering.
“He is in his office, what’s up?
“It’s the king.” He said starting to move in the direction of Farik’s office. “He is on his way here for sure, I have to let Farik know!”
The two guards looked puzzled as they watched their brother run through the barracks towards Farik’s office.
The guard that had answered looked at his friend sat with him and spoke.
“The king coming here? The guard said re-acting in disbelief as he did. “We would know about it because he would be under escort and if he is coming here, he’s on his own.”
Without saying another word the pair got up from the table and started to run towards Farik’s office as well, full of curiosity.
As they reached their commanders office the messenger was already relaying his message to Farik.
Farik was sat in his chair behind his desk listening intently as the messenger spoke.
“….the king went into the throne room and requested that none of us tell anyone, including the queen, of his whereabouts. That’s when we decided I would come and inform you, because if he is coming here via the escape tunnel, we need to clear the way for him.”
Farik then spoke.
“I wonder.” He said out loud. “I wonder if he’s coming to undo what he has done. Tiy said everything would be ok, maybe this is how it will come about.”
The messenger spoke again.
“It certainly seems that way and maybe we should clear the areas he needs to access to make his journey as easy as possible for him.”
“I agree.” Farik said almost immediately. Being echoed as well by the two guards who had now joined them.
“Set about making this so. Clear the areas needed and I will go to the execution cell and relieve the guards on duty there. I know the king will find it strange that they are not present, but I am sure he has more important things on his mind.”
As Farik said this, the guards did exactly as they were requested to do and started to make their way out of Farik’s office with him in tow.
In some ways Farik was not shocked by this information and was not shocked that the king was in fact on his own. What did shock him though was the simple fact that Tiy knew something like this would happen.
There had been a confidence in her voice, but not one loaded with complacency, in fact quite the opposite, a humbleness unmarred by the inflictions of those who normally carried complacency through position. She never ceased to amaze him, she took no credence from being right about matters that she knew in some way would occur, always maintaining this was from her heart.
He knew, that she knew he admired her, but she always humbly deflected that admiration through her words, by simply saying ‘what will be, will be’. But he still could not get over the fact she did know and this always made him chuckle as he was now. He knew that many, including himself, would relish in this ability boasting that they could do it, but never Tiy. It was just part and parcel of her life and she accepted it for what was it was, never allowing it to consume her, never allowing her to become complacent over the fact it occurred.
The king was now about half way down the passage that was dimly lit. Still not quite sure about what he was doing, but nevertheless not being able to stop himself, from doing it. His mind relentlessly tormenting him by saying he was about to throw everything a way, including his beautiful wife.
It was getting harder to ignore and as he suffered this quandary he came to a halt as one word suddenly echoed over the chaos of confusion in his mind; rE-vErse.
Where did this come from and why could he hear this louder than any other thought that was apparent at this time? So many thoughts in chaos and then from nowhere a word that delivered a form of order, but at the same time another branch of confusion. Instantly his mind countered this and brought up the accusation of insanity as though it was trying in vain to protect itself from this one very simple word, which had two very distinct meAnings.
RevErse, rE-verse.
But what did these meAnings mEan? Why was he feeling this way and why was this happening? His mind kept telling him, as he stood alone in the passage feeling he was losing everything, including his own mind? His body re-acting to the stress his mind was convincing his body to feel. Aching in his shoulders that caused him to feel lethargic, not wanting to continue on this journey, urging him to turn back to the safety of his position, his wife and his life, as he knew it.
All this being caused by words and the verses that contained such words, how could this be? How could this be possible? But against his better judgement, according to his mind, he had to continue. He had to find re-solution for this quandary that now plagued him with a vengeance unparalleled.
He could not make sense of this.
Riddles, it all seemed like riddles.
But he knew in his heart he had to continue regardless.
Sometime later the king came to the end of the passageway and stopped before the door. Knowing that on the other side of this door there could be many guards, he tried to compose himself.
Doing so, he found the courage to ignore his own mind that was trying to deter him and opened the door.
‘Why was he so worried’? He told himself. ’I am the king and as such, should worry over nothing’, his mind told him trying to reassert the authority it wanted to maintain. But he was worried and for the first time was apprehensive of meeting anyone accept the one who he needed to see.
Walking through the door and then shutting it quietly behind him he paused to listen to see if he could hear any voices and was pleasantly surprised not to hear any. Moving slowly forward he walked attentively trying not to alert anyone to his presence there.
Looking round as he walked he saw no one and decided just to make his way to the passage that would take him to where he required to be.
Moments later he arrived at his destination and was again pleasantly surprised to find no one there bar who he sort, even though normally a price would have to be paid for this lack of protocol.
He could see the door to the execution cell and made his way to it, stopping directly in front of it.
Looking inside he spoke and not in a way he had ever spoken to anyone except his wife and his boy’s.
“I suppose I will have to stand here to talk to you?” He said in a now very calm voice.
Shocked by the calmness in his voice himself, he realised that a wave of calmness had come over him since he stood in front of the cell. It was a though he had finally reached a place he had been searching for, for a long time, not quite knowing where it was, or even if it actually existed.
An answer came from within the cell.
“No my king, you will find the door is open.”
Normally he knew he would have re-acted to the lack of protocols that were being shown and had been. But for some reason none of this mattered anymore and he pulled the door open and stepped inside the execution cell.
“May I sit down beside you?” The king inquired in a fashion, he couldn’t even believe he was doing.
“Of course you may my king.” Tiy said.
The king sat down beside her head down slightly like a scolded child would fearing what his mother was about to say to him over something he may have done she didn’t agree with.
The king noticed that Tiy at no time was bowing her head and was portraying the equality she had spoke of.
He commented about this.
“You are not bowing your head?”
“Have I need to my king?”
“No, you have no need to.” At first he felt very uncomfortable saying this, but then he realised this was no normal situation.
Lifting his head he looked directly at her and spoke again.
“On the way here I could think of so much I wanted to ask you and in some ways demand of you, but now I am here with you, I have forgotten it all bar one question. Why is the word reverse so important and what does it truly mean?”
Even though Tiy expected the king to ask her many questions, she was pleasantly surprised by this one, because it would allow her to answer so many that had not been asked.
“My king.” She said softly touching his right hand with her left hand as she spoke and looking directly into his brown eyes. “That word is very important on many levels and on some, that will not mean anything to you at this time. Please do not feel I am being condescending when I say this, I feel you know me well enough to know I would never do this. But you have a fire alight in you now that cannot be extinguished and this fire will start to rage when it needs to and that will cause you much discomfort.”
Even though the kings mind was telling him to erupt in rage to the suggestion of such a thing, he could not as the calmness enveloped him more to counter such an occurrence.
Tiy continued.
“Even though I enraged you today by saying what I did, I spoke nothing but the truth and deep down inside you know this. Even though your mind will deny this time and time again, your heart will tell you it is the truth and in time you will listen to it. You are special my king in a way you could not imagine possible at this moment and nor would you accept it. But in time you will.
You have a purpose and a very important one, one you will realise yourself one day and it is all to do with the mEAnings of that word. But more importantly the true meaning of RE and what you will deliver to humanity by knowing the meanings.”
To say the least the king was probably more confused now than he had ever been, but still remained calm and just listened to what Tiy was saying. Although he didn’t quite understand what she was saying, he did know she was speaking the truth and his heart was telling him to listen, even though his mind was telling him the opposite.
Tiy continued.
“What will happen tomorrow is unimportant, as all that is important is that this process was started in you and if that was all that was required of me, then I face tomorrow knowing my life has been worthwhile.” As Tiy said this a tear slowly rolled down her left cheek.
As this happened Akhenaten felt a pang of morality come over him and sorrow filled his very being as the full realisation of Tiy’s words took hold and the sight of what was happening. Without the ability to try and prevent it the king also felt a tear roll down his cheek as the full extent of the sorrow took hold.
Then something very strange happened. Without warning or hesitation they both embraced and held each other close. They stayed like this for many minutes sobbing as they did.
Tiy could feel the pain the king was suffering being released and the tears came in torrents. The king himself could not understand why this was happening and nor could he stop it, he was completely at Tiy’s mercy and knew that this had been done using nothing more than words and the rEAction to those words.
After a few moments the sobbing subsided and the pair released their embrace.
The king sat silent for a while, head down in a pit of despair, with Tiy watching over him like a concerned mother.
The king then spoke as the calmness came over him once again.
“I am sorry and I also thank you.”
“My king please know that this will be very hard as you posses a very powerful mind which is a curse and you will revert back many times and suffer for doing so. So before you thank me, realise what I have actually done.
The monster hides in the shadows and does not like its whereabouts to be known, because when you know where it lives, you know it exists and that is why it hides so you believe you are it. It has many masks for you to wear and many personas for you to act out wearing these masks.
In time my king you will realise this occurs and you will find ways to prevent it taking hold of you, but many times you will fail and suffer the pangs of morality as you are now, but more importantly in the end you will be at peace with it through amnesty. And even more importantly you will realise that this is nothing external and is nothing separate from you. Your mind does not control you, you control it and you in time will realise this my king. As all will when they stop looking for things to blame their actions on, always trying to justify them with reason, reasons that never result in them being to blame.
In time you will also realise that when you relinquish control and find amnesty you find peace. Until such time you are always controlled by the masks (the persona’s) and live your life in purgatory instead of peace.”
The king was listening intently, but could not take in all Tiy was saying to him. He needed to say something to her and he needed to say it now, but it was to be his mind talking, although part of what he needed to say, came from his heart.
“Regarding tomorrow, I will order that you are taken to the palace kitchens and that is where you are to serve. As much as I don’t want to do this as I want you near me, I cannot, but I can revoke the order I gave and I shall do post haste.”
The king had a serious tone in his voice and Tiy realised that the powerful mind she had spoke about was once more in control again, just not fully. She knew the words she had spoke had gone in and would surface again many times, as the battle raged within him
Tiy needed to ask a question of the king regarding this decision.
“My king, what of the queen she will not accept this.”
The king replied with a sternness that was not directed at Tiy, but more to enhance what he was saying.
“The queen will accept my decision as final. She will be made fully aware of this decision tomorrow and will accept it as being the decision of her king and shall not question it.”
“As you wish my king.” Tiy said bowing as she did.
The king then stood up and made his way towards the cell door, but before he left, he turned and looked at Tiy and gave her the most beautiful smile. Not just with his mouth, but also with his eyes. This warmed Tiy’s heart, as she knew he had truly listened and he could deny that most powerful mind control when he truly needed to.
Farik was brought back from his memories of all of this with a start as the door behind him once again opened to reveal a very unhappy queen.
Nefertiti stood silently staring at them both as they resumed standing to attention and blocking her path out of the royal bedroom.
Farik knew what he was dealing with and knew if the queen, did in fact want to leave, she would and she would quite happily ignore the kings orders as she had done many times.
The queen spoke to them both in a vile tone as though she was a serpent with a voice.
“I have need to pass to be with my king. Let down your lances and let me, your queen, pass.”
The queen almost spat this at the two guards as though they would be washed aside by the current of her words. But to no avail, as the two guards stood their ground even though Harian didn’t quite fully understand what was going on, he did as his commander did and didn’t question.
With bowed head, enough to show respect, Farik spoke to the queen,
“My queen, we are under orders as you know and as palace guards we do as the king says and no one can countermand his orders….”
The queen cut in before Farik could finish.
“You must follow his orders as you are his servants and at all times you must know your place. But I am his queen and as such I am not his servant and I do not have to follow his orders. So step aside and allow me to pass!”
The queen’s voice raised in tone as she got to the end of what she was saying and Farik knew he could not contain her any longer. He could not explain why he was doing this to her either, even if he wanted to.
With this he stepped aside and as he did Harian followed suit, even more confused than ever.
As they stepped aside the queen spoke again.
“Be watchful over my boys and remain with them, both of you.”
With this the queen walked between them and disappeared off down the hallway on her own.
When the queen was out of sight Farik turned to Harian and spoke.
“I need to leave you here with the boys as Anelp and our king will most certainly need me now. The queen has a sting in her tail and this could affect everything, I must go.” And without any other explanation Farik left.
Harian wanted to raise objection to this because of what the queen had said, but knew he had to do as Farik had suggested. Not just because he was his commander, but also more because he trusted him.
He was gullible yes, especially to the queen’s ways, but Farik knew he would do as he had asked of him, because of trust. Everything they were was based on trust, a trust that was never abused, unlike the world they existed in, that abused it every minute of every day!

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