Chapter 24 – The Prophecy of Sion

To be honest, Harian was still quite puzzled by all, his aunt and general Sarim were telling him. But he did know what his aunt meant by this question and answered her accordingly.
“No aunty, it’s not.” He said staring into his cup, which was now nearly empty. “There were others like me, two in fact. They too suffered the same abuse because they didn’t believe in what they were doing, or what they were being commanded to do. I am sure the sergeants were ordering the beatings we received. Because I had seen a sergeant talking to one of the bullies whilst looking over at me, then later, I was beaten. They came for me in the dead of night. I cannot explain or express the shock I suffered after being woken by being dragged by the feet from my bunk on to the floor.
They didn’t even bother to hide their faces as they reigned blows and kicks upon me, leaving me on the floor blooded and bruised when they had finished. They walked away mocking me, all three of them mocking me, as I lay there in tears curled in a ball trying to protect myself.”
Harian said this with tears in his eyes now and emotion in his voice that expressed his disbelief that such things could happen. That human beings could do this to another of their own kind and seemingly relish in it.
He continued.
“This happened many times and not only to me. I am positive they enjoyed what they were doing. They took pleasure from seeing me suffer and inflicting that suffering upon me. I know they even killed as well, I know this; I know they beat someone to death. Because I witnessed it, they said he took his own life, but the truth is they took his life from him. They murdered him in cold blood and I was too much of a coward to say anything.” There was anger in Harian’s voice now as well as sorrow and the tears were flowing steady down his cheeks.
This twisted him into a knot and the bitterness bled through not only in his voice, but also in his bodily actions. As though it was twisting his body into knots he could not undo or prevent.
He was disgusted with himself because of his cowardice, but what could he have done? As no one would listen to him he kept telling himself and he would have probably been next.
Sarim sat there listening to the boy, shaking his head as he did, then he spoke.
“I knew there were incidents where this had happened, but I did not realise it was being orchestrated, I just thought they were one off’s. I know that might sound as though I am passing the blame on to others, but I was truly unaware of the extent of this abuse.
Only after leaving the army was I made aware of these facts. I didn’t know there were so many monsters and I was not aware of the fact that monsters were what we were breading.
I honestly did not know there was a difference; I was blind to it, as so many still are. I didn’t know what a true human being was, unlike now.”
Isabel spoke as Sarim finished.
“Sarim the coercion you suffered, as many have, to do as you once did, was very powerful. Once you fully don and accept that mask, then it is very difficult to seE otherwise and take it off, it affects you like a disease. I know, because even though we suffered different coercion, it still amounted to the same thing and resulted in us treating fellow human beings with the utmost disrespect. I am just as guilty of this and carry the same burden.”
As Isabel said this they both stretched out across the table and gripped each other’s hands to comfort each other.
Isabel spoke again.
“But, as we both realise now, it serves no purpose to continually carry this burden around. We have both remembered that we were once like this and that, in itself, is enough. All we can do now is use this to allow ourselves to never be like that again.”
Looking up as he spoke Sarim said.
Looking away from Sarim, Isabel turned her attention to her nephew who was still staring into his nearly empty cup.
“So my boy, you know the difference between a monster and a true human being?”
Harian looked up and spoke to his aunt looking puzzled as he did.
“I kind of get what you are on about, I just didn’t realise that there were such things. That there was such a distinct difference that could be explained. I just thought some people were just nasty by nature.”
“My boy, no one is nasty in nature, it is not possible. Please allow me to explain what I mean. The meaning of the word, like so many others, has been abused and changed to suit particular needs.
Most would say that someone’s nature contributes the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes. This determines a person’s characteristics, actions and reactions that might come about due to circumstances they are presented with. Harian this is describing the monster and not the being.”
Although Harian found this quite confusing, he knew that his aunt would explain, and in a way that he would understand.
She continued.
“From the meaning I have just given, you can see it talks of very particular aspects, person, characteristics and action, these are legal aspects, not human aspects. Let me break this down in a way that, if you like, is just a different perspective.
Look at the word person, coming from the word persona; meaning mask. Now look at the word characteristics; containing the word character. Now look at actions; containing the word act. Now look at the word nature; coming from the word natural. Legal is in form only i.e. person=persona=mask. A human being (man or woman) is of substance, or words of nature. The human being wears a legal mask to identify them via a name.
You must always remember Harian, legal is the antithesis of moral or natural, it is its exact opposite, as is what is asked of human beings to do in its name.”
Isabel could see that her nephew was looking even more confused, but she remembered this very well, because to be honest, this was how she rE-acted when she was first told this by the order.
As simple as it was to comprehend after being told it, did not in any way help when first trying to understand it. This was exactly what Harian was going through and the confusion it brought on was showing in his face and in his body language.
Undeterred Isabel carried on knowing that her nephew would grasp this, and in doing so would make sense of so much that had happened before.
Isabel continued to explain.
“If you look at what I have just said it shows you something, that is quite obvious. But because we think literally and not laterally, we do not seE the obvious. What we seE is what we are told to seE, we are directed away from the obvious and catapulted into the arena of complicated.
We try, at all times, to solve a problem by using the same method that created the problem and thus the problem does not get solved, it just manifests into a different version of the same problem, never actually ever being solved.
Look at what I have said differently.
Within the words it is explaining its true meaning and function we just don’t see it. The true human being dons a mask, and then plays at being a character in an act, that on pretence is directed as the true nature of human beings. But it is quite clearly telling you that this is not the natural behaviour of a human being, it is a pretence that is made out to be the true nature.
The masks we wear are the characters we play under direction in an act that is said to be the only way life can be. This, my boy is far from the truth, as far from the truth, as you can get. The characters live in a place that is not bound by any moral parameters. The true human being lives in a place that is completely bound by moral parameters.
The characters are the monsters that live in the mind, whereas the true human being lives in the heart. The monster will do monstrous things to human beings, whereas the true being would do none of it and in fact do the complete opposite.
The monster only thinks of itself, it is purely selfish, whereas the being is the complete opposite and always puts others before itself, totally selfless. In essence our natural way is to give and not take, the monster is as the word itself, it contains mon; from mono, singular, self and truly only thinks of itself.
Everyone is a distinctly different individual, but this is the characters and not the true beings, as although we do look and are completely different on the surface, underneath we are the same flesh, blood, muscle and bones.
The world we live in is of particular design and is of a legal design, designed to accommodate the characters and nothing more. To accommodate the masks that the character needs to wear to take part in it and of course to legalise the immoral acts carried out. We don so many masks at times it is very hard to realise who and what the true us is anymore.
There is so much to this, but for now I will end with this as I can see that this is going to take a while to sink in. To be honest this is nothing out of the ordinary, it does take a while for us to accept this different perspective. It took us all some time, because in all honesty the most obvious is most definitely the hardest to see, realise or comprehend.”
Isabel stopped talking and just looked at Harian who was still sat looking down, but not at the cup he was holding now. But at a pattern in the wooden table they sat at, that the grain of the wood made.
Seemingly he had switched off, but this was something that Isabel and Sarim expected, as it had happened to them when they were first told this.
The mind does this to protect itself, it hides away out of reach and the human being becomes distracted as the mind tries to divert attention to something else. But another part of Harian was listening through the distraction and nothing the mind could do would prevent this.
Isabel spoke again softly and caringly.
“Harian our true nature is only that which is natural to us. It is all the good we are and all the good we do on behalf and for our fellow human beings. In our true nature we could never willing hurt another human being. That is why they have to use the characters that we posses and if we don’t at first posses them, then they will give us the ability to create the character. Which becomes a mask we don, when acting as this character, a personality.
Soldiers are created by using this process because my boy, they have to be created. Even though it is through the body that the killing of another human being occurs, it is under orders delivered by the mind. Every time a soldier kills, this affects them, because you cannot go against what is natural without consequences. That is why my dear boy I knew you would never make a soldier.
I did try to express this to your father, but my brother would not listen and that is why you sit here, with us now. No matter what, I know in my heart, that you could not kill another living creature.
Even as a boy, you were the one who loved everything, all creatures the same, all seen as equal. The nature within you is too strong to be overridden by their coercive lies, as it will be in everyone, one day, many thousands of years from now. When those who deny, finally, recognise.” Isabel smiled as she said this with a sweet caring smile, even though her nephew was unaware of this.
As Isabel said this Sarim nodded in agreement and smiled back at her from across the table and Harian lifted his head up and looked at his aunty, puzzled.
So much to take in, where did he start with the questions that he couldn’t really be bothered to ask. How would this help him in his current situation? He thought selfishly.
It all seemed like riddles, characters, acts, masks and monsters what was his aunty talking about? Then to make matters even worse his aunt started to talk about many thousands of years in time; had she lost the plot?
His father had said his aunt had gone a bit weird, just before she moved to the country.
He was tired, confused and scared and was on the run and this was playing on his mind.
Sarim could see that Harian was having trouble accepting what his aunt had told him. They both could see this, they both had experienced this and not just once. Still their minds fought daily to cling hold of what little it could, cling hold of the world it needed to survive and flourish. To hold on with a vengeance to whatever it could, to prevent the heart gaining anymore of a foothold.
Like a cornered rat it knew its time was coming, it knew that the more the heart took hold, the more morality would show it for what it really was.
Sarim decided to speak to Harian to try and relieve some of his confusion; his voice was soft and gentle.
“I know Harian that in many ways what your aunt has told you does not make any sense. Well, to your mind it will not and in fact your mind will call it the words of insanity. But my boy, it is just defending itself from what it knows is the truth, the truth about it, a truth it does not want you to know.
When I was first told this I reacted similarly to you, but I was more pompous and aggressive, rude and obnoxious. But that was what I was like on a daily basis. I did sit and listen and then dismissed it as the words of madness. I went away laughing and returned to the grind, living as the monster I was. But a fire was alight in me and it was raging and I could not put it out and I did try my boy, oh, I did try.
It made no sense to me, or should I say to my mind, because I could not imagine life to be any different and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t want life to be any different. I had position, respect and many at my disposal, to a point I could physically dispose of them if I so wished.
I was consumed by the power I had, the position the status and all the trimmings that this delivered to me.
I drank the finest wine and ate the finest food, when I knew many of the people were starving. Did I care about them as I fed my face, did it ever cross my mind that they were actually starving, not just adults, but children as well?
The answer is simple. I didn’t care and it never crossed my mind. Then one day I was told what you were today and as I said, I dismissed it. Many weeks later I was at a function, a military one and went to the food table and was served some food by a man who was obviously hungry and was made to stand there and serve people like me.
Something changed in me that day and I didn’t actually eat anything, I couldn’t. Before this I would have filled my face, but not this evening, this evening it was to be completely different, even though when I first walked in I didn’t know it was going to be.
From that point I stood with many senior members of the army, masters and lords making small talk about what was happening and about what was going to happen.
Although I was very polite and seemed as though I was interested in all they had to say, I was completely distracted and couldn’t help looking over At the man who was to serve me food.
I was trying to devise a way I could give him the food I was meant to eat, but knew if I was seen or caught, there would be harsh consequences to face for doing such a thing.
This is how they keep you as a coward, simply, because of the consequences. Because it was cowardice on my part and selfishness and to be honest, that was what was eating away at me, destroying me from within.
That night I watched everyone and studied them whilst I listened and politely said yes and no in the right places. I could see the monsters for the first time, all around me. Not one of those men and women of dignified status surrounding me were truly themselves as they feasted, drank, smoked cannabis and snorted cocaine. They were all monsters and I could see it, I could truly see it for the first time. In that realisation of what I could see they were, I suddenly realised what I was and that stark realisation, hit me like a lance being stuck into my ribs.
The pain from such realisation is absolutely destroying and as of that point, I felt I would truly die from this emotional pain that enveloped my whole being. I had to leave, I had to remove myself and get away from them and I made my apologies’ and left. I realised from that point I could no longer do, act and play the part I had been playing for so long, my life had changed and, as they say, the rest is his-story.”

Harian looked at Sarim as he finished speaking as something the General had said struck a chord in him. In front of him sat a former General in the regular army and he knew how they acted. He knew how pompous they were, how self-righteous they were. He had suffered at their hands, not directly, but certainly indirectly.
The story he had been told by his aunt was now making sense in some way because of the General’s words.
Sarim could see that Harian was listening intently now and wasn’t so distracted. He knew the boy was listening to him and he knew he had to continue to allow Harian to come to a point of full realisation through him, himself.
What the General had seen that night, Harian in turn was seeing in the General. Sarim realised that the greatest way to deliver something that was completely different to the way we view things was to simply offer an example of it, as he was offered one.
Even though the situation had stark differences, the outcome would be the same. As the effect on him was as simple as the effect that was as apparent in Harian now – you just have to seE it.
Striking whilst the iron was still hot Sarim decided to explain a little more to extend the example to allow the boy to realise, not only what he was saying, but also what his aunt Isabel had said.
Isabel knew what Sarim was doing and remained silent smiling at Harian as she did.
The General continued.
“As you know Harian, I was a General in the army and you are also aware I no longer do that now. Now I am in a different army, unlike any you have ever seen, although it is very unfair to call it that. As it would offer, to no one, any violence whatsoever no matter what, but in calling it an army, you will understand a little more.
In a sense that is what I am a General in now, even though my duties are not as they once were. Mine now, is more about coordinating the transfer of information, than it is of fighting personnel; information to human beings. Many of the soldiers in this army are as you are yourself and are absent without leave from the political army. It is named this because that is who the soldiers really serve and do the bidding of, but this is not who they are meant to serve. They, in their entirety, are meant to serve every man, woman and child on behalf of the king, who in turn, is meant to serve everyone in entirety – as their ultimate servant. But, what we have instead is a king who maintains the political elite; the temple and those they serve, in absolute entirety.
The king acts in this way, which is the antithesis of what he should be doing. He is the absolute epitome of the hierarchal belief system everyone is fooled by, instead of being the protector and preventer. But this is not for our king to be, as many more will suffer his enslavement. Bending to political pressures, lies and deceit, legally castrated to do no other, even if they wished to.
Within the light the king is nothing more than a mascot, a figurehead somewhere for the finger of blame to be pointed at. When the real culprits hide in the shadows, pulling the strings of the corporate puppets, hidden from view, in the dArkness.
I might add at this point political puppets as I was for too many years. Believing I had taken an oath to serve my king and all he protects, when in fact that oath was to be abused by the temple and its political masters. To make me do their bidding in the king’s name, to a point, they will one day despise his position for allowing it to happen and for not stopping it, thus delaying the failsafe.
As you are aware there are those who fight in combat and there are those who police the streets. In both circumstances they serve the political regime at all times. And they are proud to do this, as I once was. I was a puppet for these political puppet masters and know their ways oh too well. Because there is always strings attached in anything they do and they need people, as I once was, to react when those strings are pulled – they need the monsters to react.
The people of this land have been led to believe that those who police the streets and those who fight in combat are there to protect them and keep them safe. But this is nothing more than a lie and they have been royally duped in more than one sense.
They are there simply to protect the temple, the aristocracy and those who work within the political mechanisms from the people. In case the people one day actually do get wind of what has been done to them, because, daily they do suffer at the temples hands and it’s devices of control.
Harian you will realise one day if you don’t already that oppressive law gain the lawmakers control of everything. And to achieve this they only need one aspect – words and the control over the mEAning of them.
What your aunt explained and pointed out was examples of this. The fact that even if the meaning of the word is quite clear to us, another meaning has been applied to the word that takes precedence and that is the meaning we seE, hEar and dEliver. They know that everything is a double-edged sword; the very words contain this as everything does and no action or re-action happens without words being said. If you control the words, then you, by default, control the actions as long as only one side of the duality is on view or accepted.
What I have explained is how this manifests and how the political puppets re-act to words they are told to listen to.
The spoken word can kill and has done thousands upon thousands of times and will do many thousands more, because of peoples belief in words.
It is not the belief that causes death; it is the words within that belief. To believe that life will get better for the human race is not a bad thing, but to believe that you have to kill to do this – is.
You, I Am sure, know what happens if you speak out against one of the gods in disbelief, you know the temple does not tolerate disbelief. You must accept the laws of the temple and are made, if necessary, to do so by those who police the streets and Harian that is their true purpose. But that does not mean all of them have accepted the words that created this. There are many who believe they are there to serve the people and this is their true purpose and it is not just to serve the select few – and they question Harian, they just never get any answers above their pay scale.
I am the first to agree that we do need them on the streets, but as servants to everyone, without exception.
Yes those who have done wrong must realise that this is not acceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated, but they need help not punishmEnt.
The first part of that help is by those who are peacekeepers and that should be their sole purpose and not act as tax collectors, enforcers of oppressive laws and a private protection force for some. Without help being applied the system of punishment is perpetual as are all who are needed to enforce it. Unwarranted jobs created by a system that has no heart, caring or discretion as the people who fill the positions within it. This is what creates the monsters your aunt talked about and the masks they wear everyday as part of it, needed so they can take the part.”

As Sarim said this he too looked down at the table as shame came over him for a brief moment. It was like a grief that took hold of him emanating from his very being coursing through him. Resulting in a feeling of sickness in the depths of his stomach, but he knew it would soon pass as all things do.
This was just a gentle reminder, because as soon as it had come, it was gone and Sarim sighed as it did. He had realised only months previously that a true teacher actually needs to listen to himself. For it is not only the student before them he teaches, in fact he actually teaches nothing the human being needs, but everything the monster requires.
What they do, without even knowing it, is offer the ability to remember and to reflect on what you have remembered being able to see it with different eyes. In doing so you realise that you will sometimes suffer when you offer this to other human beings, when they are not present and you are talking directly to the monster, but it is only for a brief time.
This happens when you become an example to show others a different side to things they may not have ever considered. But if it sits in front of them, then it is very hard to ignore.
To Sarim, Isabel, had been that example, even though she was still suffering trying to come to terms with her son’s death. She still managed to be an example and in some ways it was imperative she was, for her to do what she had done for him.
Lifting his head he looked directly at the boy who sat across from him and could see that he was on the verge of crashing.
Sarim could see that Harian’s mind was going into flight mode, because it could not comprehend what it had been told.
The boys eyes were twitching from side to side trying to maintain the beliefs the boy had received from his education from words in books and of course the spoken word; words in their most powerful form. It was trying to protect itself, to maintain the control. It could not allow separation to occur, as then it would be realised, undeniably, that it contains nothing that is right and everything that is wrong. That any decision didn’t have to be made by it, they could be made from somewhere else – in fact the very place he had been told never to make a decision from.
The pre-given information and its processor were losing their power as realisation set in even though denial was very apparent.   The beliefs were very ingrained and deeply rooted latching on to every aspect of the boy’s life. And even though he was in a world of confusion, he had an advantage that he didn’t yet realize. He was aware that it was wrong to take life no matter what the reason given or suggested and the words that warranted such were wrong as well – soon he would remember this.
He knew himself, as it was absolutely obvious, that human beings were very susceptible to suggestion, whether that be right or wrong in it’s application. But this was not necessarily that easy to see under the influence of a powerful coercive suggestion. As delivered by the temple and its schools, that should not be questioned – unless of course it was in support of the debate.
In his time he had been a great debater and was looked on as being very intelligent and was looked up to and respected for it. But he had realised that what he carried was intel, he carried the suggestions, except they were not his, they were what he had been taught. The suggestions of others he had accepted as his own.
It always made him laugh when he remembered back to when he was told about the word schools and what it really means; the process of institutionalisation.
But even simpler than that was the fact that schools of fish all do the same and look the same. So when children are schooled they do just that, never questioning the direction they are heading just following blindly.
Not all are susceptible though. They are labelled as troublemakers and are left that way, because they will make up the part of the population that will ensure crime exists. And thus the positions that are there to deal with that crime are needed, nothing is by mistake, all is perpetual.

Sarim turned his attentions to Isabel and it was obvious she was sensing what he was, as she too, studied her nephew.
Both Isabel and Sarim could see that Harian was struggling to take in all that she and he had said. They both knew this would happen, they had experienced the same and reacted the same in denial.
Isabel could see that her nephew was restless and uncomfortable listening to Sarim even though he was listening intently. She knew part of him could not ignore what was being said and would intently listen.
She felt maybe it was time for a break and started to suggest as such.
“Harian dear, would you like some more tea?” As Isabel said this she rose from the table to make her way over to the kettle and to stoke the fire below it.
Harian didn’t reply at first as he was deep in thought, so much whirring around in his head, trying to make sense of it all.
Looking up he replied to his aunt.
“No thank you aunt Isabel, if it is all the same to you I could do with some fresh air though.”
Both Isabel and the General could hear how despondent Harian was, even though he was trying hard to hide it. But it was so evident in his body language and in his mannerism.
Before reaching the fire she stopped at Harian’s side to speak to him directly. As Isabel spoke the General remained seated and silent just smiling at the boy, her words were calm and caring as always.
“You do what you feel you need to do. I know that all this might seem strange to you at first, but I promise it will all make sense in time.
It is progressive and once started it cannot be ignored.
We have all gone through this Harian and in some; it just takes longer because of our individuality and what that mEAns to us. We try to deny what we recognise; if it is against the script we have been taught and lead our lives by. This is completely understandable, but this is not human nature at work, this is a spell cast on us by words that affect our minds that we believe we are. Because we have been convinced of this from a very early age.
Go and walk. Contemplate all you have heard and then we must discuss what is to be done now, because of the position you now find yourself in. But, as you do please remember this my dear boy and consider it. You chose to leave because of what you deemed was wrong. Ask yourself this; what within you made that decision, your heart or your mind?”
Harian looked up at his aunt as she spoke and saw in her eyes they were smiling as well as her mouth. As always she spoke calmly and kindly and he felt ashamed that only a short time before he was accusing his aunt of madness in the words she was using. Already realisation was striking him, nudging him like someone who was pinching him softly, who he could not see, touch or hear. Nonetheless it was happening and he could not deny this.
Yes he was confused and yes he could not understand how all of this could help him in the current situation he found himself in. But on the same hand, he also knew that his aunt would never do or say anything that would harm him.
He trusted her like no other in his life and because of this knew that this was only being done for his own benefit, even though he could not understand how this would help at this moment.
Rising from the table Harian made his way to the door not looking at his aunt or the General as he did. His mood was not so sombre now, as the gloom had lifted, as he realised what he had about his aunt. No longer did the black rain cloud hang over him looming and threatening to soak him as his mind struggled to find shelter from what it could not comprehend. Fearing the truth would rain down on it and the winds of change would blow.
Although he feared what had been said, being to him the words of madness that he feared would infect him like an incurable disease. He could not deny that it did in fact make sense and was the fear warranted, as was there really anything to fear?
Was the fear also made more threatening by the insecurity that came with it? Not knowing which way to turn as paranoia reigned and seemed to be very much apparent whatever direction he turned.
But he remembered the journey to his aunts and realised he had overcome this, not by trying, but because he had to.
Maybe at the precipice we do actually change, maybe that is when the real monumental changes take place in us, he thought to himself?
He was now outside and was met by the warm air and the sun high in the sky casting it shadows.
As Harian walked he watched the shadows and suddenly a thought popped into his head.
Maybe we are nothing more than mere shadows of our true selves?
Could it be the shadow is the true us following patiently. Waiting for the time when the monsters and the masks they wear are dispensed of, when we need them no longer. Also did this reflect that in the shadows there is a hidden hand teaching all, never to venture into the shadows to protect itself from discovery? Why was he thinking this way, this had never happened before?
Harian just stood for a time looking at his shadow cast before him as the sun warmed his back. He was feeling calmer now, not so confused. He could sense that there was definitely something different about him now and the way he was thinking. But the point was, that in some ways compounded the confusion if he let it, was the fact he wasn’t actually thinking. His mind was completely blank, so where were these thoughts coming from that seemed like messages and were they thoughts at all?
Was this what his aunt and Sarim meant by separation and the fact you will realise yourself and can only realise yourself through experience. The words just enable the experience to be possible through creating the circumstances needed.
Never had this happened to him, never had he viewed life this way and never had he felt such a calmness come over him. The only other time being when he fell head long into the pit of despair. But when he realised there was nowhere else to go and he did not truly want to end his own life, the pit gave way and the walls fell down. And the same calmness, as he was experiencing now, fell upon him and he changed.
Maybe we need things to get to such a state. So that, we can be faced with the precipice we need for the change to occur to correct the state of things that ails us.
This time Harian smiled as this message appeared from nowhere, he smiled because he knew exactly what it meant and for the first time he started to really appreciate all he had been told.

Watching from the window Isabel could see what her nephew was doing and was also chuckling to herself. Even though she could not see his face, she knew all was well with him.
“And what are you chuckling at?” Came the deep voice of Sarim enquiringly.
Turning to face Sarim Isabel answered.
“And what kind of question is that you old fool – you know exactly what I am chuckling about don’t you?”
Sarim chuckled himself and smiled at Isabel adoringly, because in truth he did adore her.
She had a motherly way about her that just made you feel safe, but Sarim carried far deeper feelings for this woman stood before him, ones that he knew she felt back.
Although their lives were separated through circumstance and had to be for now, he knew in time, all of this would be put aside. They then could both explore what they felt for each other unhindered. But they had both agreed for now, things must be the way they were as; this was needed to allow what needed to be – to be.
Turning back to the window Isabel once more looked upon her nephew. Sarim just chuckled some more without answering for he had no need too.
After a few moments Isabel turned away from the window and set about making tea for everyone, including her nephew. Even though he expressed he didn’t want one, Isabel knew he would when he came back in which was imminent.
Moments later Harian came back through the door looking far more at ease than when he had left. Both Isabel and Sarim knew not to question this and just allow him to enjoy this calmness he was experiencing.
Harian made his way over to the table and sat down opposite Sarim as his aunt placed a cup of tea in front of them both serving her nephew first with a smile as she did.
“Thank you aunty.” Harian said looking up at her as he did.
“You’re so very welcome my boy.” Isabel replied.
Isabel then placed a cup of tea in front of Sarim and he thanked her. As she was about to return to the side for her own, she was suddenly taken by surprise, as Harian got up and flung his arms around her and embraced her tightly.
The pair of them uttered no words, as none were needed, as the intent of the action said more than words could ever say.
Releasing his grip upon his aunt he kissed her softly on the cheek before sitting back down. Isabel fetched her tea truly moved by what had just happened. She remembered how Harian used to do that when he was a boy for no apparent reason. Memories like these always moved her to tears, even though on this occasion no tears were shed, as they were not needed. All that was in need to be said and demonstrated had been, simply through the embrace.
Sitting down back at the table by her nephew Isabel smiled at Sarim as though to tell him to continue. As all that needed to be said had not yet been and Harian needed to know more.
Sarim started to speak once more.
“Harian we have told you much this day and I know this has affected you and we need not discuss this. But if you do require to then we shall, otherwise nothing more will be said.”
Harian smiled at the General, but made no attempt to talk and was quite happy to sip his warm tea and listen.
The General continued.
“I have more I would like to discuss with you in a different vain and this relates, of course, to how I can help with the situation you now find yourself in. Please understand you are neither the first nor the last to go absent without leave. Many over the years have done this and only now do I truly understand why this occurs, well, since leaving the army that is. I always looked upon those who did this as cowards, but now I see they are really heroes, as you are. For as you have, they too refused to take life and have stood by their decisions, even though their lives are severely affected by this as yours is.
They know in their hearts that they would be committing murder, even though they are told that it is not murder and it is the path to the gods and their everlasting favour. You, as them, have seen this for what it really is and have turned your back on the lies. The legal lies that allow this to happen and even though they will spend the rest of their lives running, they would rather do this than be legally murdered for the decisions they have made.
They, as you, would be offered no quarter and if you were caught they would make an example of you and you know how powerful an example is. You would be tortured and then murdered in cold blood in front of everyone to serve as a threat to any who were to do the same.
This is how the system works and it works very effectively as a deterrent, all they have to do is make an example and you would be that if you were caught. Know when I say, that they will endeavour to take you alive, because the death of your earthly body would be painful, horrific and very long lasting. They have perfected the art of killing very slowly, very slowly indeed.
I do not say this to glorify what they do; I say this as the truth, because the truth is they have done this a thousand times. And it is not only the army that commits legal murder, sometimes it happens daily to protect the system and to keep it running efficiently.”
The General paused there, as he could see Harian was contEmplating what he had just said. He could see he had struck a chord in the boy and wanted to give him time to feel.

Harian sat listening to Sarim and knew the General was telling the truth, because he had witnessed this during his short time in the army – he had witnessed what they do.
A young boy and he was only a boy had run away and was caught. He was dragged through them as they stood on parade. He was not seen for days, but they heard his screams for hours until he had succumbed to the pain and fell unconscious.
When he awoke it started again and they all suffered through hearing this. The fear spread like a ravenous disease amongst them chilling them to the bone.
Harian knew how effective this was because he had even contemplated taking his own life because of the fear, a fear of this happening to him, if he did in fact try to leave.
Then one day whilst on parade the boy was brought out bloodied and bruised unable to walk unaided. They had broken his legs to such an extent, even if he was allowed to survive his ordeal, he would never walk again. He could scream out no more as his throat was so swollen from being hung till nearly dead. He had been allowed to recover for a time and then they would do it again and again and again.
Dragged to a waiting alter he was laid upon it. Four soldiers lined up around him carrying swords. He wasn’t even lashed there, for he had no strength to move, all of it being beaten out of him.
Then the charge was read out and the words were said that gave warrant for the horrific murder that was about to take place, and of course to give the legal reason for it.
Once these were read out the order was given and the four soldiers literally hacked him to death and Harian remembered how horrific it was. For he watched, he had no choice but to watch. Doing any other would warrant the same happening to them.
He had to watch as everyone else did.
What had struck Harian though was the fact that so few controlled so many, and the fact that if the many did turn on the few, they wouldn’t stand a chance.
It was the words and what they manifested into that maintained the fear, the control and nothing more.
Harian knew the power of words and knew that nothing on this earth was more powerful. Listening as he had to his aunt and the General, allowed him to remember and reflect on those memories. Allowing him to view things differently and to such an extent he could not ignore it.
As much as it hurt him to do, he had to. Forcing separation from his mind that said what had been done was acceptable. That murder was acceptable, if it was warranted in defence of something.

Harian again turned his attentions to what the General was saying and Sarim could see this and continued to speak.
“You my boy will spend your life running from them, always looking over your shoulder, never feeling safe. But I may be able to offer you something else, if you are willing to listen?”
Sarim stopped speaking and waited for Harian to answer, for this time he had too. He had to choose to want to listen to what Sarim was about to say, a decision could not be made on his behalf.
This was a turning point in his life that would be like no other. At each of these individual turning points, the decision to do so must be made by those who were about to turn and not those who had helped them find the sign post.
Harian realised the General required an answer. So looking directly at the general he did so.
“Yes General, I would like to hear what you have to say.”
Sarim continued once more.
“I would like to explain something to you first so it gives you the ability to understand what some of us are willing to give up in pursuit of what we feel is right. Your aunt and myself long to be together, but because of what we do, we cannot be.”
As Sarim said this, Isabel stretched out her hand once more across the table and so did the General. Their hands met and their fingers entwined lovingly.
“When the new order comes, we can be, as we would have long left this land for another, somewhere, if you choose too, you will be as well. In that time to come we will finally be able to live out our lives together with all of this seeming like a bad dream, a distant memory that will one day be forgotten, well, by us anyway.
No doubt it will happen again, but for your aunt and me and many others including yourself, we will find the peace we seek and long for. Your Aunt talked of times, thousands of years from now that will be not unlike the times we live in now. Everything must run its course and in the time frame set out for it to do so. We are nothing more than parts of that process.
Until this time we must be apart and live our lives separately, forever longing to be together. This is what we sacrifice to make sure that what needs to be done occurs. We have relinquished our own freewill for the greater good, that we feel, will one day come about through humanity itself.
Because in truth that is all we have to rely on, as we know in our hearts there is no outside force at work here, why? Because there isn’t one.”

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