Chapter 25 – The Prophecy of Sion

Harian, was quite curious about what Sarim was saying, curious in the fact that, even though he could see the love that his aunt and the General shared, they were prepared to live separately for what they felt was right. To put others needs before their own.
Was this too good to be true though – was this like looking a gift horse in the mouth? Or, was this just his mind, playing tricks on him? Also, the General had gone out on a limb by what he had said in his last sentence, blatantly denying the gods existence. But Harian knew in himself that the General was right on that account and knew at least Sarim had not be lying about that. But distrust of the General was still very present in his mind.
In his heart Harian did trust Sarim, but his mind was saying otherwise and still he could not ignore what his master dictated he should believe in. Again, the thousand years to come, had been mentioned and Harian’s mind was telling him that this was all mumbo jumbo and not to believe a word of it. That this was a belief in something that was not right and could not be validated. But, the belief he had been subjected too from a child could also not be validated he told himself, as his heart countered what his mind was trying to convince him of oh so powerfully.
‘But there are books about this, to validate this’, his mind said to him. Then his heart countered by saying ‘how do you know what was written in those books is true, what do your instincts tell you about such subjects? Neither, can be validated within the books whether they be true or not, but instincts will lend a measure to measure from. A compass, so you may remember your way. And what is that compass? It is a moral compass. Look at the words again and seek the words of morality, if they cannot be found in their purest form, then you have your validation’.
All the General and his aunt were trying to achieve could have been blown out the water; if he still carried the beliefs he once did by this one statement. It was as though the General knew that he would not react. That he knew how he felt regarding such issues.
The General was most obviously trying to win him over and get him to agree to, something. Did he know, or was it more to the point he just didn’t care. Living in a world that he felt he could say what he wanted, when he wanted too, regardless of the consequences?
Maybe he just had to hear him out before judging him, his mind told him.
Again his heart stepped in and said.
‘Maybe in what now was to be said, explanation would become very apparent in its own way, without the need for judgement’.
One thing Harian was very aware of was there had been some form of separation in him. He could tell there was a difference, more now than he could, as it certainly seemed it was progressive and he had no control over that progression.

Sarim took the cup before him from the table and drank a little from it, before placing back where he found it.
Harian noticed the General placed it exactly back where he had found it and he found this most interesting. The General even moved the cup slightly to correct its position, before preparing, to continue to speak.
Even though Harian noticed this, he did not comment, but now he was going to study the General more closely when he spoke. To Harian it seemed quite obvious, that this man sat before him knew everything needed correcting, even down to the slightest little thing that was out of place. Was this necessarily a bad thing? He did not know, but to be honest it didn’t feel as though it was. Even though his mind was certainly passing other judgements regarding what had happened and the reasons for it.
Sarim looked up at Harian and continued to speak to him.
“During my time as a General I was recruited into an order controlled, primarily, by the lords of the temple on behalf of the families, but run by businessmen, who are directors. The families create the orders, the lord’s place the orders and the directors initiate the orders – laws you would call them, others call them directives. These laws or directives are the orders that initiate all acts. They are what I would have followed to the letter, as a General – that was my job.
Never question if it has the stamp of legality placed upon it, the seal that made it legally water tight.
Nearly everyone who held a position such as mine, or similar, were recruited. For those they couldn’t recruit, came the ever-increasing confusion over what they were actually being asked to do. And even if they did voice an opinion, doors would shut rather quickly in their faces. Doors blocking their passage through to some form of conclusive reason, being told it is legal, do not question it.
Their system is water tight for a reason. Because this denies anyone access to the real reasons and agendas at play. A sort of self-preservation at work, but there are many elaborate theories regarding what this order know and I can tell you none are true.
By degree you know and by degree you don’t, it is that simple. Dependant on what position you are on – the scale of ordered reference. It is all about information and, are, you of position to know. If you reach the sacred third degree, their words not mine, as it is said, then doors fall open to you to allow access to the information that is hidden behind them in the shadows. But only if you demonstrate a quality they need, or can make use of.
It is a proving ground and nothing more. For those in power to recruit the human beings needed who have succumbed to the corporate monster and its dead words. Those who truly believe they actually are the monsters they act out. They even convince you, if you allow them too, that you have sold your soul to do this. And once it is sold it cannot be purchased back, but this Harian is just trickery, illusion that susceptible human beings believe in. Simply because, in essence they are ruled by their own minds, something they are most probably un-aware of.
They even agree to be ruled by someone else’s as well, if that someone else can feed their minds, with all it desires; wealth, standing and status to mention but a few.
If you accept this offer you have a form of anonymity from the oppressive laws, as they then, do not apply to you. Well, as long as you continually play their game. To do any other will bring about the full force of that law upon you. Being ostracised, humiliated and shown as an example in the public eye. Who are told what trough you ate from and what eating from that trough amounted too. All this happens when you fail to abide by the rules of the game.
Accepting the bribe – because this only works so well because of the two key components, them being. Bribery and black mail – allows you access to another set of laws strictly for only the privileged few to use. Every part of the system is controlled and governed by the initiates. They keep it running effectively, efficiently and of course profitably. Because those targets must be met and if not, the underworld must be paid.”
Harian looked quite puzzled when the General said this and it showed in his facial expression. Something the general picked up on.
“My boy, please do not take what I have just said literally. I know you would have been taught about the underworld in all the religious mumbo jumbo you have had forced down your neck since being a child, as we all had. But this word does not mean this, it has a very explicit meaning not known by many, allow me to explain.
In the religious teachings Temu created the world and all of us and as you know. He is seen as the one god, although many are said to exist. In the teachings they are telling you to accept that this is true and not only that it is true, but it is the correct version of events.
What I will tell you now that this is true, but it is laterally true and not literally. I know this may sound a bit contradictory and confusing regarding some of the things I have just said, but it will make sense in a moment.
The word the world means to nearly everyone the earth we live on, this planet if you like. When in fact its true meaning is commercial construct and yes the temple did create the commercial construct. It is the first and most powerful corporation ever to exist and all other corporations are only extensions of this through the initiates.”
“Corporations, what are corporations?” Harian said puzzled by the word he had just heard.
Sarim suddenly realised that Harian had no knowledge of this word or even its accepted social meaning, let alone its true meaning.
Sitting back in his chair he rubbed the back of his head with his left hand, smiling slightly as he did, but not as though he was making fun of Harian.
Sarim was smiling because of a fact he was told by a lord who at the time was a close associate. Joking one night at a party whilst making fun of a servant who had a limp and looked less than intelligent. The lord had turned to him and said ‘if you want to maintain control, keep them primitive, the less they know the more you can get away with’.
Sarim remembered this as though it only happened yesterday, even though it happened many years ago. This fact had stayed with him and it was only now that he was remembering it through what Harian had said and this was what made him smile.
Realisation from his memories always made him smile now, as he knew it did Isabel, who commented on the General’s display of recognition?
“Something tickled you old boy?” Isabel said smiling herself as she did.
The General didn’t answer straight away and removed his hand from the back of his head. But he was still smiling.
Looking straight at the woman he loved more than life itself, he answered.
“You could say that.” Sarim said coyly.
All the time this was going on Harian sat puzzled by the General’s actions and even more puzzled by the cryptic messaging going on between Sarim and his aunt.
Almost the instant the General started smiling Harian’s mind suggested that he was making fun of him. That the joke was on Harian and this showed in his face, something the General noticed. Looking at Harian only for a moment and then looking directly back as Isabel flicking his eyes in Harian’s direction as he did, told Isabel to look at Harian.
As Isabel looked at her nephew she realised that Harian had taken what had happened the wrong way. It was obvious he felt he was the brunt of the joke that made Sarim smile.
Isabel spoke to her nephew.
“Harian dear boy Sarim is not making fun of you because of what you asked. He is simply smiling because you helped him remember something. What he remembered made him smile. I do the same and so do you, or have you forgotten?
Harian did not answer his aunt; instead he just sat silent, listening.
Isabel continued to explain.
“Harian we smile because we realise how obvious what we have remembered is and the fact we never realised it before. That is what makes us smile. We smile at ourselves and it is only your mind and what you have been taught, that tells you any different. It is defending its importance as it is defending the useless knowledge it has accumulated, that it deems important on your behalf, simple because you were told to do it. We all were through education, not just in school as it started long before that. It started with your mum and dad, who had it done to them by their mum and dad.”
Reaching out her left hand she it placed upon Harian’s to reassure him and to enhance what she was about to say through the power of touch.
“Harian your mind can only work with pre-given information and nothing else. Asking a child or an adult about something they could not possibly know about can provide simple evidence of this.
Look at what has just happened. You asked about something you have no knowledge of. So if that situation was slightly different and Sarim had asked ‘do you know what a corporation is’? You would have replied no. You have no pre-given information regarding this subject, thus you do not know what it is.
This will be new to you and you will see it as being that and miss the obvious.
If the case is that all human beings have to be taught new things, which from birth they all do, then in reality something would have to teach the first ever human beings. And this is what the temple has relied on to make sure the story they preach is accepted. And I mean truly accepted by the majority who daily accept the words of the houses of the temple without question.
Please consider this. What if the real story is about a prophecy that was written by us. Written when we were different, before all you see that is wrong existed. What if we decided on mass that we would like to experience freewill and to such an extent we would forget what and who we truly are? That everything we have knowledge of we engineered to allow this experience to occur. To allow us to become the antithesis of what we truly were, because Harian life could not be this way if we were more than a shadow of our true selves. This that we find ourselves amerced in could not exist if we were more. It could not possibly exist and nor could what we do to each other each day.”
Harian had now turned and was looking directly at his aunt, but not just his head, his whole body had turned.
Isabel could see this and knew this was a good sign.
“There are those of us who truly feel in our hearts that this is the correct version of events. That we wrote a failsafe into the system and it truly is just a system that only ever has five outcomes. Everything repeats itself as though it is limited only to those five occurrences, actualities or reasons. But this is deliberate as is the capping of advancement. In reality there is only two, but we are eluded by the five’s.
If you are finding this hard to accept then simply look at fashion, music or plays and watch them repeat time and time again. Even to the point that some adorn fashions from hundreds if not thousands of years ago. I know you have seen this you just may not have ever recognised it.”
Harian at that moment was looking at his aunt but he was not with her or the General in the room he was elsewhere remembering. Remembering the times he had seen woman dressed as the women did in the images of them in the history books he had seen at school.
He also remembered types of music repeating itself. Then he remembered what had happened outside and found himself starting to smile. And as he did he was back in the room again and reality struck as he suddenly said to himself ’this is a bit of a coincidence considering what happened outside’. And the fact his aunt had mentioned exactly what he had realised it was quite freaky in a way.
Harian was now smiling, quite a broad smile indeed.
Isabel could see this and realised what was happening and allowed her nephew time to come accustomed to this. All it ever takes is time.
She knew the longer he was allowed to float on the sea of realisation, the more he would benefit from it and the more he would remember and that was truly what this was about – memories.
All the time Isabel had been speaking to Harian, Sarim had sat there patiently listening. He had found in himself since realising all he had, helped by his dear Isabel, that his patience levels had rose and he was now more comfortable to sit and listen when needed to. Something he would never have done before. Always to eager to voice his opinions and force them upon others, whether they wished to receive them or not. A trait many carry, but will never admit too – it seems the monster will never admit it is a monster.
Now he could see Harian was ready to hear what next he had to say, but he would not continue speaking till Isabel gave him a sign he should.
Still Isabel sat watching Harian waiting patiently herself allowing her nephew all the time he needed.
Harian sighed a little and that was what his aunt was waiting for. She then turned and looked at Sarim to indicate that it was time to carry on telling all he needed to tell.
Sarim saw this and prepared to carry on clearing his throat slightly before he did. This caught Harian’s attention, the desired effect.
“I shall continue if you are ready Harian?”
Sarim said this with a gentle tone to his voice.
Harian answered almost immediately.
“Yes please continue Sarim I am eager to hear more about these things called corporations.”
“Well my boy, the commercial construct manifests into our lives by the use of corporations and only by them. Everything is about business and the combination of these businesses doing business together. Everything that you need daily, is sold to you in some way by a corporation, nothing is free. Even if you buy from the black market you do not escape the business world. For they are as much part of the black market as they are ordinary trading. Even within this market you will find the roles being played, as they would be in a corporation.
The hierarchy exists and is just as much on show if you care to view it slightly differently. View it in its most simplistic form. The initiates keep watchful eye and no trading escapes the temple tax, whether it be legitimate or not.
The word corporation is made of two words that explain how simplistically it manoeuvres through each mode of trading. When you appreciate what the words mean joined together, corp being the first; meaning dead and oration being the second; meaning speak. Combine them and you have dead speak which manifests as the language of secrets, its real name being the language of the shadows.
The language of the shadows is a language you would most probably understand Harian. Or you would at least think you understood it if you ever heard it, and I promise you, you have heard it. The only difference is that within the words spoken or written hide alternate meanings to those words you have never been taught. These are called binding words that you will become bound by, just like a book is bound.
You have heard of the book of the dead have you not?”
“Yes Sarim I have, everyone has.” Harian said quite assertively.
“Have you read any of it?”
“Parts yes, but not all of it and only what I was forced to read in schooling”
“Did you find it hard to read and comprehend when many around you knew exactly what it means?”
“Yes I did, to be honest it made absolutely no sense to me. It is wrote in gibberish, but yes many did get it, or certainly seemed as if they did.”
“Do you believe Harian that you have a master, or there is something better than you?”
“No I do not, everything is on parity and equal, everything.”
“Then that is why my dear boy it made no sense to you, because before it can, you first must accept there is something greeter than you, that is your master, lord or god. Without this acceptance the words and the combination of words will not work. They are words for monsters wrote by monsters and do not affect the true being in any way whatsoever. But what the monster will do in the name of these words, does affect the being.”
“So the book was wrote with words from the mind and it is the mind that is affected by these words – yes?”
“That is correct.”
“So these words do not affect the true us, but the true us is affected by what the mind orders to be done to another human being in the name of these words?”
Sarim stayed silent as Isabel made Sarim aware that she wished to speak by a quick glance of her eyes.
She had turned towards Sarim to do this, but now was back facing her nephew.
“Everything, that happens, Harian is done in the name of something or other, whether that is the temple, Temu or some other corporate body. Everything, including all bar none that exist in the commercial construct have the same corporate hierarchy there are no exceptions to this. They all have their own doctrine written exactly the way the book of the dead is written. Once you accept the hierarchy, you accept the words of the doctrine that allows the hierarchy to exist, because in simplicity that’s what they maintain in perpetuation.”
Both Isabel and Sarim could see that Harian was grasping all that that was being said by them. Not only grasping it, but also truly starting to understand it. The blank expression that had been apparent on Harian’s face was now replaced by one of profound realisation as he slowly worked out for himself what they both were talking about.
Both sat there quite a taken back by this, as normally this did not happen straight away sometimes taking an age to occur. This pleased them both immensely and this showed by the smiles that had appeared on their faces, like the sun lighting up and warming all it looked upon.
This was the re-setting of the moral compass and Harian was accepting the re-set and not fighting it as nor did he fight the manipulation both his aunt and the General were doing to him. Their intent was pure and for the right reason only ever to allow him to see what he already could see, but was for now, just out of focus.
Only Harian could bring that back into focus, neither Isabel nor Sarim could do it for him. He alone must make the choice himself to see, for he alone allowed for the temporary blindness that did not exist, but believed it did do.
Both Isabel and Sarim knew that they could manipulate Harian to a signpost, but only he could choose what way he wished to turn. Even though each turn lead to the same place, the only difference being, how hard the journey would be.
Harian spoke.
“So in the mind of the believer they acknowledge the hierarchy is acceptable and thus become part of it. Maintaining it through the words they use and of course this takes over their lives as the words do. It is simple.”
“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Sarim said chuckling.
“So this is why education exists in the form it does and teaches what it does, it’s creating the maintainers.”
“Go on.” Isabel said.
“Because if it doesn’t the system grinds to a halt and would one day be forgotten, because the system must be renewed constantly with new maintainers fighting for and accepting the hierarchal positions. It cannot perpetuate without renewal. Although it is perpetual now that is only because of the maintainers learning this from records.”
Harian was now smiling broadly and at the same time shaking his head from side to side, as full realisation came over him like the sun appearing from behind a mountain. As the sense of being human enveloped him.
“I must say this is genius, it is so simple, I just can’t get over how simple it is. We are not human beings we are beings playing at being human. And the true sense of being is our sense of humour the elusive sixth sense, our true earthly power. In these times there is a complete forgetfulness of the mind even existing, nor anything it has ever created. Which happens to be everything bad we have ever created from our minds. None of it is needed.”
Turning towards his aunt and Sarim, Harian lifted his head and looked at them both. Then he placed his chin in his right palm looking back at the table smiling. Quietly chuckling to himself he looked up again and caught his aunt’s eye. He could see she was about to start laughing and Harian instantly burst out laughing with Isabel and Sarim following suit.
No words passed their lips until they all just sat there smiling some moments later, then Isabel spoke.
“When we laugh at ourselves, we find ourselves, we find that we crave for the most, we find that we miss the most, but only when we remember it exists. Imagine what would happen Harian if the whole planet could wake up in the morning feeling this way; imagine what that would be like. And one day Harian I know in my heart, in my very being, that this will occur. Because we still have the ability to know what it is truly like be as we once were. Eradicating all that is now through nothing more than forgetfulness – because in all honesty things are forgotten quiet quickly if they are allowed to be.
Any way I going to make some tea whilst Sarim chats to you some more, would you like some?”
“Yes thank you I will.”
“No need to ask you old boy is there?”
“Do I ever say no?”
Isabel smiled back coyly at Sarim who returned the same as she stood up and made her way towards the fire.
Sarim began to speak again.
“To put it simply Harian the language of the shadows is just a simple deception and all things are done in the shadows using this language – all things corporate.
Everything is behind closed doors and in secret this is the real meaning of corporation. But we are amongst them without detection; playing the monsters they are, applying the corporate masks as and when it suits us, to maintain the course of events is not interrupted.
Remember Harian those who think they have total control are manipulated by those around them, to the point they will only ever make what decision you tell them to make – you suggest they should make via wordsmithery.
Dead speak is the language of the mind, the language of the shadows because your mind is nothing more than a shadow of your true self. Never be mistaken, it is part of you, it’s just part of you, you will have no need for one day and nor the things it does.
The corporate mind is susceptible to corporate propaganda written for it by the wordsmiths continually telling them what to think. Because without being told, they would not know what to think. Society is the political hierarchal structure that is maintained by the wordsmiths never allowing it to be forgotten. Simply by maintaining its elements are always thought about, are always present.
You are truly not part of society; society is a part of you, it lives in your mind.
So in reality, you can see, the temple did create the world we live in and they maintain it through political, corporate and social mechanisms through the members of the order.”
“I can see what you are saying now, I can see how simple it is.”
Harian was smiling as he said this and Sarim returned the smile as he continued.
“The underworld is the hidden hand controlling the world from the shadows, controlling the commercial construct and controlling those who maintain it. Controlling those who occupy the top slots, normally occupied by those in law, law enforcement and of course the armed services. Those in law who work for the underworld are the most coerced and they will get paid, no matter what. Because part of what they are collecting, well a good proportion of the payment must go back to the temple. And Harian be sure the temple always gets paid regardless of where that payment originates from.
Look at it another way. What do you get for free from the temple? I do not need an answer from you, because you can only give one – nothing. It is always pleading poverty so it can raise taxes. Once you have them oppressed, you have to keep them oppressed and taxation does this perfectly, especially when they believe it is the law and they must at all times obey the law.
Another way of looking at it is that you are told the only way to Temu is through the temple, because the temple is Temu and in relation to creation. The temple certainly did create part of us. It most successfully created the monsters and the masks we wear to play them, needed, for it all to work. Again look at it laterally and not literally.”
Whilst Sarim was speaking Harian was intently listening and he could see all the General had said and to be honest, it made perfect sense. In fact it wasn’t that hard to see at all, it was all very simple, when explained the way Sarim had explained it.
“It is all really is so simple isn’t it?” Harian said accompanied by a smile directed at the General.
“My boy, it is as you said, genius, absolute genius, because of how simply it works and it is only the simplicity, that allows it to keep working. You have to realise Harian, where the religious side fails, politics steps in, because politics is only an extension of religious dogma, the belief, it is about reliance, they just convinced humanity they must rely on something and gave them something to be RE-lied upon. Multiple gods just gave them the ability to re-lie over and over again, just to make the web bigger. And remember the web only services the needs of the spider that spun it and it is all about the spin.
It is solely about maintaining belief and if that fails, then they resort to violence and threats of, which you have witnessed. And how do they get away with it? They create the word legal and place that in front of every act and convince the populace that if it’s legal it’s ok. A magical 5 letter word that allows for nothing more than simple sleight of hand in the darkness out of there focus.
Magic is about illusion; it is the pledge, the turn and the prestige. The Order I belong too are masters of this. Trick is, never focus on what you are told to focus on, because chances are you will miss what really is going on. Also always remember that those who profess to have power only have what power they have been given. They are more controlled than anyone else and they are the least trusted. Because it is most evident, they will go against their own kind for nothing more than material gain and a power overcoat.”
Harian was intrigued by this and wanted to know more. He was finding this fascinating, simply, because it all made sense. But he was confused about the word anonymity and needed to know more about this and more about this underworld.
Sarim paused and once again took his cup from the table and took a sip from it. Again the General placed it back in the same position, almost perfectly.
Harian decided to take this opportunity to ask the questions he wanted too.
“Sarim….” Harian said politely, but not being able to finish what he was saying as the General butted in.
“Yes my boy, I know you have many questions and I am sorry for butting in so rudely, but I was just about to say, is there any questions you require answers for?”
“Where do I begin?” Harian said almost under his breath.
“Start at the beginning my boy, it is always the best place.
Harian sat for a moment and contemplated what he wanted to ask and the first word that came to his lips was anonymity.
“You say General that you are afforded anonymity from, what we deem is the normal law, could you explain a little about this?”
“The normal law, or more correctly the laws of the oppression emanating from the temple, work via nothing more than identification. Even though it is common sense to name a child at birth, it is also a requirement of law. To those who police the streets it is a requirement that you, when asked to, give your name; this is so they can identify you. But it is more than that, much more.
Normally the members of the order are known by the costumes they wear, depicted by whatever theatre they play in, but as I said, not all are part of the order. Certain phrases used and by the use of certain handshakes, allows for identification to be made in any social setting and not outside of it. Outside of this it is simply about names and privileges allotted to those names called titles. Then the appropriate treatment can be applied to the particular person, which is what the title creates through entitlement.
Remember Harian the human being does not own the title; the title owns the human being. The human being is not given the title the title is given the human being. At all times all slots must be filled, so the machine can work. Without this, the machine cannot operate properly and starts to break down.
This is what they are looking for, because they know fore well that certain particular persons are untouchable, they have anonymity. Failure to recognise this could put them back years if they are trying to climb the ladder of opportunity.
The system cannot work upon you if it cannot identify you, because of its structure and its safe guards. But they will overrule this as long as they are sure you are not a particular person.
In most cases of arrest, whether you give them permission or not makes no difference. They will arrest you and violently if necessarily, depending on whether you cooperate with them or not. And even if you did know one or more of the phrases and/or the handshakes, this would make no difference at all. It’s solely about circumstances and not what you say, or how you say it, but about when to say it.
In any circumstance outside of the social arena they will only ever use their name, as I would and still can. Anything else is not needed and to think it is, is just another deception told by those who wish to keep the illusion of what they’re not, alive.
The members of the underworld are those who are classed as particular persons and have this anonymity. Harian this really is just about privileges, you either have them or you don’t, it is that simple. But you must be a member of the temple to have them.
To disguise this the temple conjured up a rumour that spread like wild fire. In its suggestions, it suggests, that the order were in fact worshipers of demons that lived in a place called the underworld, or netherworld. And if you do not obey the temple, as the order don’t then your soul would rest there, forever in damnation. This rumour was incredibly effective; again, working through nothing more than simplicity as the god’s rumour does. It was the antithesis that was needed to make it all work effectively.
They, the temple that is, also accused them of doing witchcraft. This was a play on words coming from which craft. In other words, what is your trade? What is your occupation, or what are you occupied by – what mask do you wear in the underworld?
The temple needed to break any association with the order, or at least in the public eye, that could be made. This is why they conjure up such stories, as they always serve multiple purposes. I could elaborate more on this but for now, I trust this will suffice?”
The General said this with almost an authoritative approach directed at Harian, which he certainly picked up on. But this did not dissuade him he wanted to know more.
“General surely you cannot leave it there, I have so much to ask you and you did seem quite happy to answer my questions?”
“It is not you Harian, its talking about it and I apologise for my stern outburst, sometimes I forget myself and who I am talking too, this comes from leading a double life.”
Harian felt a little like a told off child, but for now he was willing to let it go but doubts had been raised. Although the General seemed to be back to his calm self, it was the instant transition he recognised. Was it, the fact that it was said that a leopard never actually changes its spots? Or was this just his mind playing tricks with him again. But there was a nagging doubt he held about the General feeling he knew more than he was letting on, ‘I suppose’ he thought to himself, ‘only time will tell.’
Putting this to one side for now was hard. Harian was now seeing how it all slotted together, but also he was aware that the General had changed for that split second. That also slotted together and gave evidence of what the General had been explaining.
This change he certainly had seen in men like Sarim before and many others too. In a split second they could become the complete opposite of what they were, exactly what the General had done. Harian knew he was hiding something that possibly wasn’t sinister, but he knew the General was.
Harian offered a suggestion of his own and said.
“So this is really about offers and acceptance of those offers, basically bribery. They allow you to do what is not deemed acceptable and then hold that against you. So you will do all they require and that’s where the black mail comes in.”
“Absolutely, you’ve got in one.”
“What, it really is that simple?”
“Yes my boy it really is that simple and in many ways quite pathetic that we can be fooled so easily, but that was the way it was designed to be and it works perfectly.”
“Who designed it?” Harian inquired.
At this moment Isabel came back to the table with tea for them all saying.
“Harian we shall talk of that later, for now my darling nephew please listen to what Sarim and I have to say.”
Isabel said this with a smile as she placed a mug of tea in front of him. Then she moved away to the other side of the table and placed one in front of Sarim.
Both said thank you and a silence ensued for a moment whilst they waited for Isabel to collect her own cup and then seat herself back at the table.
Harian wanted to know more, but appreciated that his aunt had said what she did for a reason. He would not go against her, as he knew she always had his best interests at heart.
Harian decided it was best to just sit a listen after what his aunt had just requested.
Isabel turned and looked at Sarim and he continued to speak not before he drank a little from the mug in front of him.
“Now where was I, ah yes? Some Harian would call this a club, so to speak and for many that is all it simply is. But it is so much more to the few as I have explained. It also needs to be noted, that any level of membership comes with a price. I was and still am of the few and that is why your aunt and I cannot be together.
Your aunt kicked up quite a fuss over your cousins death and rightly so, but this aroused suspicions amongst those who look out for such things. Questions were being asked, questions, that required answers.”
Isabel looked at her nephew with a smile and nodded slightly to suggest she agreed with what the General was saying.
“As you know Harian your aunt fell out of favour with, who she thought, were her friends. But the truth was, they weren’t and had never been, more like associates. They tried to get your aunt to adhere again to the protocols and return to the life she once led, but the combination of your nephew’s death and the horror she saw in the slums changed her.”
The General stopped speaking, as he could see that Isabel wanted to take up where he had left off.
Turning to her nephew she spoke to him.
“What they did to me was awful and I know that sounds quite pathetic when you consider what I witnessed and saw being done. But please remember I was ostracised and the mental torture that created hurt deeply, as I truly felt they were my friends. I will be honest; I nearly turned my back on all this just to be as I once was. That Harian is how powerful the traits of the mind can be. Making you believe that social acceptance is more important than the quality of others life’s. As long as you have the perks and all the trimmings, you don’t actually care if anyone else has the same; all you care about is keeping them for yourself. In fact you don’t care how they live, it is totally unimportant to you.”
Harian was quite puzzled by this, as he never thought of his aunt being this way.
“But aunty I remember how you were and you certainly weren’t like that.” Harian said quite conceitedly in defence of his aunt.
“Harian that is how powerful the masks are and the acceptance we become accustomed too.
“How do you mean?”
“You remember me as loving and caring as I have always been where you are concerned and this is what you remember, is it not?”
“Yes aunty I do.”
“And on reflection that is all you wish to remember?”
“Yes I suppose so, what else should I remember?”
“Harian do you feel that some human beings are born into slavery or are not all human beings equal?”
“We are all equal, but circumstances have allowed some human beings to become the masters of others.”
“Do you feel that is right?”
“No, it’s not right, but it is a fact. That is exactly what you and Sarim have been explaining is it not?
“Yes it is Harian and I would like to explain a little about how the monsters can hide sometime to those who don’t know they exist. How easy it is to get sucked in by the lies and the coercion and become what you really actually detest.
I had servants, many, at one time, who worked extremely long hours for very little pay. In fact, not nearly enough to feed themselves or their families, let alone clothe them or house them. You remember what was nice about me and that is sweet, but you don’t remember the bad. This is called social acceptance. When we quite plainly see something that is wrong, but because society on a whole accepts it, then we too accept it and we don’t question.
Let me put it another way. The price of one of my dresses could have fed a family in the slum for a year and fed them well. Harian I had hundreds of dresses.
When you are in the thick of it you cannot see anything else. As Sarim said, you are not a part of society; society becomes a part of you through the masks, the personas. A part that becomes very hard to put down. It is all encompassing and takes over you literally.
You become a person accepting the masks you wear as being the real you, because of what society dictates, telling you repeatedly how you should live your life. What you should strive for, the ambitions, hell, even the clothes you should wear, food you should eat, hairstyles the list is endless. Bigger, better, more continually and it never lets up.
You become entwined in its very fabric striving for recognition and accolade and all the time you are forgetting who you really are and what really is important.
My boy when you realise this and stark realisation hits you for the first time, it is so extreme, that you fear for your own sanity. What is even worse is when you can see it happening in front of your own eyes. You can see the monsters on display, your friends and family who are completely unaware that they are monsters. And they are the ones who accuse you of having some form of mental disease, when they are the ones truly suffering from it. It is so hard to cope with at first, the rejection that is. Rejection from the ones you know should accept and love you, for who you are, and not what society tells them you should be. But it does get easier, to a point that is, where it affects you less and less. But when the mind plays its tricks, as it does, it can be quite hard again to cope with.”
Isabel was now more serious than Harian had ever seen his aunt be and never had he seen her express so much passion about what she was saying.
Isabel continued.
“What I long for, is to be with this man sat opposite me and long for everyone to feel the love we share.”
As Isabel said this, Sarim put his head down in humbleness.
This did not slip Harian’s attention.
“And what he longs for is to be with me and for others to feel the same. If truth were known we could both leave now and turn our backs on this. We could make our way to another land and have a life together, a happy life. But we both know our purpose is to be here for now and to do what we feel is right and what others, like us, feel is right. To show others this love by, offering it to them.
All I ask of you is this, my dear nephew, please listen to the rest of what Sarim has to say, because within this, you have a purpose, one that is very important. I know your mind will play tricks on you and throw up all sorts of suspicions. But please, listen to what your heart tells you, it only ever tells you the truth, Harian it can do no other.”
Harian sat there stunned as he knew what his aunt was telling him was true, because he remembered the servants very well. He was friends with one of them, he had just forgotten this fact; he had completely forgotten this. He felt quite guilty about not remembering, but how could he remember everything when life itself gave him so much to remember. It was obvious to Harian that this certainly was not by mistake. The fact that living life the way we did created so many things to remember and it did seem that this was intentional. ‘Maybe by this happening we would forget what really was important, consumed by all that wasn’t’. A voice from within him said. Harian realised that this voice, although it seemed to be, was not something he could physically hear. More something he could feel and recognise without the ability of being able to hear what was being said through the normal senses.
‘Maybe now you know that I am here you will listen more and I have no need to use your mind to communicate with you or at least to a lesser extreme’. Maybe this is what his aunt was talking about and the fact that this silent, yet most prominent voice was the honesty that would never lie, coerce or be deceitful to him.
Through his aunt’s words and nothing more Harian was starting to see more clearly with a clarity that brought a truth that on all accounts was un-deniable. Because he had been told all his life what was true as Sarim had suggested – which prevents this ability. To simply be able to look at what he was being told laterally – he as many others, had just accepted it.
When you are told something enough, you will believe it in the end through the power of coercive suggestion, whether it is true or not and especially if that is backed by threats of violence against you if you don’t. Or some form of eventuality that would be ever living in the minds of the believers.
Through what was happening to him at that precise moment, he also realised that sometimes questions are not needed and nor is the confrontation that they bring. Sometimes you say far more by saying far less. Something his aunt had also touched on. One word in the right context can cause a wave of change – more than a thousand in the wrong – when talking to a monster that truly, believes, they are that monster.
Harian remembered, once, not so many years ago, when he suffered at the hands of bullies, but these were official bullies called teachers. The institution he went too was quite punishing as they were trying to create the new monsters to take over where the old ones had left off – as cogs in any machine, do wear out in time.
His father had sent him to the school against his will, because he truly did not want to go there. At the time when he was first schooled he went where everyone else went. This was not seen as an exemplary school and he was sent there mainly because his father at that time, had not got the money to send him too what was deemed as an appropriate school – suitable for a particular person to be educated.
How the general’s words now rang like a bell being tolled in recognition. Harian knew he had heard that description and label before.
Later he was to go to a different school as his father had a change in financial circumstances and Harian remembered, everything changed. The clothes he wore, the house they lived in and the area that house was in. His father had ditched all his old friends for a new group, who to be honest, Harian did not care for. They were strange in their ways, critical and overbearing, looking down their noses at everything and everyone, including him.
They carried a rudeness in their tone and nothing seemed to be ever good enough for them, or at least reach their set of standards. He knew his father was trying to be as them and he had changed too and not just when they were about. He was spending less and less time at home always seeming to be at work and when he was at home it was as though he didn’t want to be.
His friends had suggested the school that Harian should be sent too and his father had done as suggested. Not because it was the best thing for his son, but because it fitted in to the social slot he had found for himself. Even though it was to the detriment of his family, which didn’t seem to concern him in the slightest. In fact nothing regarding the family seemed to interest him anymore as all his interests were in his new friends, work or going to a new club he was now a member of.
Again the bell tolled in recognition as reflection came like a tidal wave with nothing in its path to stop it. Harian could see all this, but not just see it, feel it, live it, as he did at that time. Reflection brought this on in an overbearing way, with a very obvious message; we do forget.
Harian was unsure of this, as his thoughts raced regarding the emotions ripping through his body and how to prevent them, but   Harian did not want them prevented. He wanted to feel as he once did, to remember how it felt.
But as soon as it had come, it was gone; as though he had put down a heavy bag he had been carrying all his life. Meaningless baggage, he thought he needed, but now realised, he didn’t and realised the thoughts were as meaningless as the baggage.
He had no desire to be a replacement cog as he soon realised what the game plan was. To be honest it was very obvious, well to Harian any way, as the whole school reeked of the pungent odour of self-gratification as the enchanted lived the corporate dream. Sarim and his aunt this day had confirmed this. Confirmed that what he felt at that time was right and the reasons for feeling so.
After being made to study business, he soon became wise to its ways and what monsters it would produce as off spring and what that off spring would grow up to be.
Studying the mechanisms of business allowed him to see how it worked, but not how his teachers wanted him to see it. He saw something quite obvious that no one wanted to talk about and frowned on it being discussed; to a point one teacher became quite physical with him.
The same thing had happened in the temple once when he was only a boy, when he asked the question of a priest; If Temu is the god of all gods, then who created him? The priest became quite angry and complained bitterly to his father, his father wasn’t at all happy and Harian was scolded for it.
Harian, as a young teenager, could not understand why it was so wrong to ask such a question. But now on reflection, he realised why his question had upset the priest so much and why the priest could not answer. He realised now that he had asked an un-answerable question that made a mockery of all, the priest believed in. Still was he so blindly oblivious.
The answer was quite logical to Harian. If we cannot just exist, then nor can that which supposedly created us, it is obvious. If Temu can just exist then so can we, and if this is the case then we have no need of a creator.
As Harian reflected on this memory he felt for the priest for a moment, trying to keep hold of a belief as it was so carelessly ripped away from him. But Harian also realised quite quickly that he didn’t intend for it to happen.
He had always quietly questioned intent and always saw true motives for what they were. The desires being strived for that gave reason to why they did what they did. Desire was their sole purpose that dictated and directed their behaviour, behaviour that could be very un-becoming, ruthless and immoral.
His aunt’s description was very accurate they were, truly monsters. Self obsessed parasites preying on those they have convinced are less than them, as they truly believe they are more. True delusions of grandeur, always believing they were more powerful and influential than they really were. The ultimate delusion that many were blinded too believing that it doesn’t exist. And deluded enough to believe it will never come to an end. Locked in a world of self-importance that denies the ability to see equality that would clearly shatter the world they believe in. Sometime since Harian had worked out quite quickly that the key component was greed, that led to obsession and finally to deceit. Not just to others but more importantly to yourself.  Continually lying to yourself in a vain attempt to mask the fact that you are on parity with every other living thing that dwells upon this earth. A fact you very well know – but deny, daily.
But greed has a side effect that one day will manifest, because it is like a fire and as a fire, greed devours all around it through obsession. Until there is nothing left accept itself and then it devours itself and the foundation block crumbles. It is obvious, so very obvious.
The incident with the teacher who had man handled him had scared Harian. He then kept his questions to himself, quietly observing and realising, watching it all, just becoming more evident. It was everywhere and everywhere was it. There wasn’t a walk of life this wasn’t apparent in. It cannot hide once it has been seen. It truly is so obvious it stands out like a pink elephant would.
Harian’s father was becoming suspicious. So he decided to study and to try and do well, even though this at first was very hard. He tried to fit in, but he found the part he had to act, at times, hard to play. As the masks he would have to wear were becoming loose and kept slipping off.
In the end he did do reasonably well, but not good enough in his father’s eyes. He had obviously not reached his fathers high expectations of him. This resulted in mentally painful disappointments – his father was not best pleased. This hurt Harian to see that his father was disappointed in him for not being successful. Disappointed that Harian did not wish for the same and that it actually meant nothing to him. His father was confused and didn’t deal with this confusion very well. It made him angry and act like a young child who was used to getting their own way and hadn’t.
As Harian remembered all this, he suddenly realised he had been listening to the General and his aunt and must have drifted off into his memories. Oblivious of where he was and whom he was with.
Realising this he apologised, but before he could his aunt spoke.
“Back with us now are we?”
“Yes, sorry aunty and to you General, I wasn’t with it for a moment.” Harian said smiling nervously as he spoke.
“Bit longer than a moment my boy.” Sarim said chuckling as he did. “No need to apologies Harian, it is to be expected.”
Isabel spoke again.
“Harian, my dear boy, we all reflect. Some call this meditation, profound contemplation. Where the course is not being steered by the mind, but by something more sincere. Guided by the heart some say. We all go off to that place now and again, it is just in some of us it happens more than less. Maybe because we really want it to happen, maybe this is a selfless desire if such a thing can exist.
When this happens to someone, it is always better to just be patient and wait for them to complete. It is always more profound that way, good things cannot be rushed; it is always about quality and not quantity. Better to understand one message completely, than three incompletely.”
Drifting off into daydreams was something Harian was quite accustomed to doing, but not normally when he was in the company of others. More when he was on his own. He felt kind of embarrassed by what had just happened, but was pleased both the General and his aunt had made light of it.
He was glad for his aunt’s explanation, because he had seen this before in the few friends he had and had always allowed them time, if they seemed to be in a world of their own.
All of a sudden from outside came a noise that sounded like horses. Harian leapt up from his chair and ran over to the window, but he could not see anything from that position.
“Harian what is wrong with you my boy?” Isabel asked.
“I heard horses outside aunty, maybe they have found me I must leave now.” Harian said with anxiety in his voice.
Sarim stood and spoke to try and calm the now very frightened Harian who was fast becoming panic stricken.
“Harian please, you have nothing to fear I promise you my boy”
Harian was having none of it. He looked at Sarim and said.
“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you, I knew I should have just run.”
“Harian darling your mind is playing tricks on you, you have nothing to fear I promise you.” Isabel said trying to calm Harian down.
Harian like a trapped animal was sizing up the situation but he would not barge pass his aunt. The only way left to go would be past Sarim and out the very door you could guarantee those who were looking for would come through.
Just standing panic-stricken Harian heard the latch on the door and completely froze. The latch lifted up and the door slowly swung open.
Harian swallowed hard as the door opened fully and a hooded figure entered the room head down. The figure lifted his head and lowered his hood and Harian was stunned to see who was stood there and muttered.

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