Chapter 27 – The Prophecy of Sion

Leaving Harian behind completely bewildered dumbfounded and with the duty to look after the royal twins, Farik made his way through the palace to the boardroom. His pace was one that was very hastened, as he was aware he had to reach the boardroom before the queen. Presuming the route Nefertiti would have taken which would be the quickest route to the boardroom, Farik already realised the queen had the jump on him, as there was no quicker way of getting there. Even with the secret passage network there was no way that was quicker unless, he was on the other side of the palace. He was fast residing himself too the fact that the queen would be there before him, something he didn’t want to happen for numerous reasons. But the most important being, he wanted his king to have the time he needed with the masters to say what he needed to say to them. This to Farik was the start of something that was quite special; something he wanted to make sure had a smooth beginning.
Although Farik was later in his years, the fitness he enjoyed was that of a man thirty years his junior. He enjoyed a good workout along with a lengthy run, but normally it was under his own terms. Normally he would not be chasing after a temptress with the mind of tyrant, who was on all accounts adorned with what was a remarkable beauty. And the one thing he was sure of, there was no escaping the fact they would come to blows verbally once again.
Farik was a handsome man with a natural charm. This was probably one of the reasons he had got away with some of the things he had said to the queen, where others would have certainly been punished for such, but was by far not the main reason.

Farik and the queen had a history that stretched back over many years. This had come about when Farik was just a normal guard on duty as any other, at where he was stationed.
Farik’s duty at the time was to guard a doorway to a passage that the king used frequently. He would stand sentry for many hours alone and even though he missed the conversations he would have with the other guards and servants, he quite enjoyed the fact he was off the beaten track. Rarely did any dignitary or other palace official pass him and he enjoyed not having to show the protocols associated with such occurrences.
For hour upon hour he would reflect and recollect memories of happier times. Even though he grew up in a very tough area where life was hard because of the poverty they all suffered from, there were times he remembered with much fondness. And it was these times in his life that he would revisit on many an occasion, to distract from the reality of the life he led now. And of the life that many others still led amerced in the poverty he had once suffered. In this he found a place of solace he could go too, when things just got too much to bear.

One afternoon whilst on duty, he was relaxing against a wall adjacent to the door that led to the passage and did not notice the queen approach. On seeing Nefertiti, Farik immediately stood to attention and bowed his head low.
When the queen reached Farik, she spoke to him.
“Guard, I could see you were relaxing does this duty tire you?
“No my queen.” Farik said immediately. “Please accept my sincere apologies for this lack of protocol I have shown you. I will make sure this never happens again. Please forgive me.” As Farik finished his reply, he bowed a little lower to show the respect he was offering.
The queen spoke again and Farik was shocked by what she said.
“Guard.” The queen said in a soft seductive tone. “There is only you and I here and no one else needs to know what has happened. So lift your head and tell me your name.”
Farik at first was a little confused by this request and spoke, still his head bowed as he did.
“My queen my name is Farik.” Still his head stayed bowed and low.
Nefertiti spoke again and as she did she put her left hand softly on Farik’s right shoulder.
“Farik please lift your head and speak to me, it would be so much nicer to view your face as we speak to one another.”
Farik succumbed and started to lift his head and as he did the queen removed her hand from his shoulder and placed it softly under his chin, as though to aid him.
Farik was a little shocked by this and moved sideways slightly to try and become out of the queen’s reach. But as he did the queen-followed suit to maintain her hand stayed exactly where it was.
Nefertiti spoke again.
“Please do not shy away Farik you are a very handsome man and I have watched you many times.”
As Nefertiti said this Farik’s head rose and their eyes met and he could see the beautiful face in front of him. He looked into the eyes of this temptress and could feel himself being sucked in. Sucked into the depths of mischief the queen had planned for him. His heart beating fast saying to him ‘do not taste the wares, else you will be entrapped’. But his mind was overruling this as lust and desire replaced the heart felt warning.
Nefertiti moved closer to her prey, almost to the point their lips met. Alluding to the fact she was about to kiss him, but then pulling away just before their lips met.
Teasing seductively she moved forward once more towards a very exited man in her grasp, entranced and without control of his emotions. Moving her hips the queen brushed her self against Farik and felt his strong arms as she did. Farik’s body did not fail to react to the situation and his breaths were short and sharp as his body pulsed with excitement.
The queen continued to rub herself against him softly, but enough to cause the reaction in him she desired.
She moved to whisper in his ear. And as she did she moved her hand downwards until she found what she was feeling for.
“Take me.” She sighed softly. “Do not hesitate guard take me now.” And as she said this, she went from stroking what she found to griping it firmly.
Farik suddenly came to his senses as this happened and released himself from the queens grip as she released hers and stepped side ways away from her. He moved some paces away but said nothing and nor did the queen, who was perfectly happy to allow her prey to think he had escaped. Then Farik saw what truly was before him. He saw a siren that was exquisite, who was more beautiful than could be imagined.

Nefertiti stood motionless and smiling and her stance was one that was very seductive to say the least.
Farik was stunned at what the queen was wearing and the fact it certainly left nothing to the imagination. He scanned her from top to bottom and could not take his eyes off what he could see. Her clothes were sheer and nearly completely see-through. This showed her gorgeous body off and every part of it.
The queen could see the interest he was showing, as she watched Farik metaphorically drooling like a dog over a fresh bone. His eyes were transfixed and glazed and nothing in this world mattered to him bar what he was looking at.
In realising this the queen started to move towards him seductively, swaying her hips and moving her hands up and down her thighs and then slightly between her legs. Not fully, but just skimming the surface highlighting what was on offer. Then to her breasts, rubbing her hands slowing over her pert nipples.
Farik stood transfixed. His heart was beating almost to the rhythm of the queen’s movements. His eyes glued hard and fast to her body, switching from one gorgeous part to another. Her pert nipples showing through the sheer clothing, whispering to him, touch me hold me, enchanting him. Ever closer the queen moved until she was upon him once more. This time he did not attempt to move, as Nefertiti lifted her right leg and started to rub it against his thigh steadying herself with her hands that had found his chest. Hands flat upon him with fingertips massaging his skin she lifted her head and their lips met.
The kiss seemed to last for what seemed an age, as Farik felt her soft lips upon his. Then she pulled her head back and whispered.
“Touch me.”
Farik had completely forgotten himself and he did as he was requested to do and moved his right hand slowly onto the queen’s hip and held it firmly. The queen moaned a little and increased the movement of her leg until suddenly she moaned and gasped and her leg stayed still in a raised position.
Farik had moved his hand and had slowly placed it between her legs and then without warning he had slipped his finger slightly inside of her. He felt her left leg buckle slightly as he slowly pushed his finger deeper inside of her and she moaned quietly and tensed her body. Then their lips met again as they kissed passionately and with this Farik went to work slowly increasing his action. From inside to out as the queen became moister by the second, tensing uncontrollably to the point she lowered her leg and stood to ease what Farik was doing to her. Then she went to work and made her play by gripping him, then releasing him and stroking him slowly. Farik moaned deeply in his throat as they kissed again and again until suddenly the queen tensed violently and then she sighed with a moan of great satisfaction and Farik felt the flow as this happened. He himself was also verging on the point of no return, when suddenly the queen left his embrace, released her grip upon him and pulled away.

Suddenly her head was down and he felt her lips slide over him and in seconds, he too groaned with satisfaction and then almost instantly the guilt gripped him like a vice and he was sent into the depths of quandary.
Pushing away, Farik moved into the openness of the corridor they were off of, frantically trying to make himself decent, with very obvious problems doing so. For some reason he felt safer in the openness of the corridor and stayed there, much to the queen’s disgust.
But she was not about to give up that easy.

And in the protection offered to her by her position outside the secret passage door she stayed silent, but then started to undo her garment. Firstly the top part and now her luscious pert breasts were on full show. She then moved her hand down to between her legs and pulled her garment away to the side and smiled as she did.
Farik was trying to keep control, but the sight before him was getting too much to bear. But then the guilt struck again.
The queen spoke.
“Come now guard, surely what you see before you is to your pleasing? Let us not leave this moment without completing all we can do. Are you not enjoying this?”
Trying with all his might to just focus in on the queen’s face, Farik spoke.
“My queen this is so wrong. I have already betrayed my king and wish not to add insult to injury.”
“But he will never know Farik, for if he did so that would be the end for both of us, so why waste this moment?”
As the queen said this she swayed slightly and touched her left breast with her left hand and her right hand started to descend downwards.
Farik looked away as it became too much to bear. The guilt and burden he was suffering was mounting in his mindas his heart cried in sorrow.
But still the queen was not going to allow her prey to escape. She was determined to have complete satisfaction.
She spoke again to Farik whose body was now hung in shame.
“Farik on a daily basis the king has sex with his servants. He thinks I do not know about this, but he is mistaken. Surely what is good for him is good for me? He chooses to do this, even though he has the beauty you see before you at his beck and call day or night. I know my husband will eventually just look at me as I slowly replace his servants for ones he will not find attractive. But that will take some time. So for now if he can do as he does, then I will do as I do. So stop wasting anymore time and finish what we have started.”
“But my queen, I started nothing.”
“Come now Farik, although you resisted for a moment, to be honest it didn’t last long did it now. And besides I am your queen and I demand you continue.”
The queen said with a malicious smile on her face.

Farik stayed silent just staring at Nefertiti. His mind was in over drive and was committing him to the guilt he was suffering. To be honest he did not even want to look at the queen, but even though the guilt still ripped through him, he could not take his eyes away. Every now and again his eyes would drift from the queens face to her body and back again. And still she maintained what was on view to capture her quarry.
Nefertiti spoke again.
“Come here Farik.” She whispered softly. “I have tasted you, surely you would like to taste me?”
Farik could not deny this statement, as he truly did want to taste the queen. The quandary he was faced with was fast becoming a war within him. His mind begging him to take the queen and everything she was offering, whereas his heart was pleading with him not to. In him, his heart felt reluctance was being over ridden by the urgency in his mind to do, as the queen was demanding. The desire he was ridden with was more powerful than anything he had ever contended with. And then without warning he succumbed and moved towards the queen.
In seconds Farik had took hold of Nefertiti and had sat her on a ledge that protruded out of the wall adjacent to the doorway. He separated her legs and the queen put up no resistance to him doing this. After almost ripping away her under garments, he tasted her over and over again. The queen held his head in place firmly and moaned with satisfaction. As Farik continually found the perfect spot and then teased around it. The queen tensed her body in ecstasy, until once again she could tense no more and suddenly she jolted time and time again groaning as she did.
Farik drank from her and then she pulled at his head pulling him upward till their lips met again. Whilst they embraced the queen released him from the garments he wore and guided him between her legs until he was pursed at the entrance to her. Then slowly he entered her, as they kissed and the queen almost winced in excitement.
Suddenly without warning Farik stopped what he was doing and backed away from the queen and once again started the process of making himself decent. Shaking his head as he did.
The queen was not going to give up and done no more than to keep her legs slightly open and started to stroke herself gently moaning quietly as she did.

This was the straw that broke the camels back and Farik lost the battle with is own mind.
The queen smiled as he was upon her again and this time he was forceful with her and her enjoyment of this could be heard vocally.
As the minutes passed the inevitable happened.
Both Farik and the queen just held each other in exhaustion. Then slowly Farik started to move away from the temptress who had ensnared him.
Before he did, he moved his lips close to the queens who turned her head sharply to avoid their lips touching. As she did this she also pushed at Farik, hinting he should move away from her. As he did so the queen made herself as decent as she could, considering the garments she nearly wasn’t wearing.
Farik could see the queens whole demeanor had changed in that split second. And she was back to being the monster she normally was and certainly wanted to gain her dignity back in front of a guard. It was as though what had just happened had never occurred.
“Resume your duties guard.”
As the queen said this she started to walk away from Farik without another word.
Farik shook his head in disbelief, even though he should have realised as much was going to happen. He now was left with the guilt of this freak encounter and he had many hours of duty left alone to ponder over this.

Some weeks later Farik was walking by the servant’s quarters on his way to the guard’s barracks. As he walked head down, he did not even see Tiy coming in the opposite direction.
As Tiy reached Farik she spoke to him.
“Hello you, why so forlorn?”
Farik looked up quite startled at first and then replied.
“Oh its nothing. I am just feeling a bit down at the moment.”
“A bit down – you have been like this for a couple of weeks? Whatever is bothering you? You are certainly far from alright with it that much is very obvious.”
Farik did not reply and stayed silent head down looking at the stone floor in front of him.
Tiy moved close to him and put her hand softly on his chin and gently lifted his head.
Farik lifted his head at Tiy’s touch and looked into the eyes of his friend.
Tiy spoke to him.
“You do know I am here for you don’t you, as many of us are?”
“Yes, I do. Its nothing, it will pass in time.”
“Oh, so there is something then.”
Farik realised that Tiy was not going to let up; in fact he knew he would have to talk to her and her alone. If he spoke to any of the lads, he knew they would bring out the bravado of the situation. The dark sense of humour they all shared would come into play to protect him from himself. But he didn’t want protection from himself that was the last thing he wanted. Tiy would help him find himself amongst the misery that was his life at this moment.

He had to come to terms with what he did. He had to tell someone before it drove him insane and Tiy was the only one who would simply listen without interjection unless asked. He also knew that the incident he was to speak of would stay with Tiy and her alone, not being broadcast around the palace under an excuse called socialcommunication.
Farik spoke.
“I have made a grave mistake my friend and the thoughts of such are destroying me and I simply do not know what to do about it? I have really messed up this time Tiy, really messed up!”
“It can’t be that bad.” Said Tiy trying to defuse the situation. It was never a good thing to walk around showing such burden; it created uneasiness amongst all the others. Life was hard enough to bear, most of the time, without the weight of more problems being added.
Tiy, as many others, realised, that many from within the hierarchy of palace control – dignitaries or luminaries – (as they liked to call themselves) relished in the anguish the servants or the guards were seen to be suffering from. They would play on this in a sick sadistic fashion, to satisfy their own parasitic need of knowing they have power over someone. As though they have a constant need to demonstrate this, to prove it to themselves and everyone around them.
It was awful to witness, let alone have in done to you, but this was a reality of the world they now found themselves reluctantly part of. Tiy’s concern was that when you felt this way self-preservation was the last thing that occupied your mind and things would be said and actions carried out that could result in your demise. This is why whenever Tiy saw this in someone she would always try to defuse the situation with kindness and friendship.
Farik spoke again and as he did he moved his head away from Tiy’s comforting hand to a position of hanging low once more.
“Oh it is. In fact it is as bad as it can get.”
“Listen, we cannot speak of this here. Will you come to my quarters this evening? I would suggest now, but unfortunately, as you know, slavery calls and I have many things to attend to, so we will have to leave it to later.  You know how it is my friend?”
Without lifting his head Farik nodded to say he agreed and Tiy could see he had reacted to her quip about the slavery, as his shoulders had moved slightly up and down as he recognized the pun. To Tiy this was always a good sign. She knew humour had that ability and sometimes the dark side of that humour, worked even better.
“Till later then?”
Still Farik didn’t speak, but at least this time he lifted his head to acknowledge what had been said to him.
“By the way, where are you off too now?” Tiy inquired.
“Back to my quarters to rest, I was on duty all night and I’ve got to tell you that was one very long night.”
As Farik said this, his shoulders slumped once more and his head started to drop again, but before it could Tiy caught his chin with her left hand, as so to prevent it happening and to force Farik to look into her eyes.
“This can all be sorted out.” She said with a smile. “And we will attempt to do this later. I am glad you are going to rest, as the less people to see you this way at this moment, the better. Come to my quarters when all are asleep, well as long as you are not on duty that is?”
“I am meant to be, but Rarak owes me a favour and I am sure he won’t mind filling in for me for a short time, I will ask him.”
“Or I will come too you if needs be.” Tiy said assertively.
“I am sure there is no need. I am sure Rarak won’t mind?”
With this Tiy moved forward and kissed Farik on the cheek.
Farik was a little surprised Tiy did this in the open as they were stood, but then realised it was Tiy and if anyone was to push the boundaries of conformity, it would be her.
“Till later?” Tiy said as she walked away warmly smiling as she did.
“Till later. A bit happier Farik replied.

Moments later Farik entered the guard’s quarters, which was quite quiet as most of the palace guards were on duty. Only a skeleton guard was needed at night, even though logically that would be the best time to attack, whilst everybody sleeps – including most of the guard. But such was the logic of those who thought they knew best, Farik had said to himself so many times under baited breathe and that wasn’t down to his commanders.
The room only had a handful of guards in it, sitting chatting and Rarak was nowhere to be seen, but across the room sat a man who would know. Making his way across the room to where Anelp sat, two guards said hello to  Farik as he did them, even though he was trying to put a brave face on to do so.
On reaching Anelp he sat down in a chair opposite him and picked up a jug half full of water and poured a little in a mug sat on the table in front of him.
As he did this Anelp looked up and spoke with a smile.
“Quiet night was it my friend?”
“You could say that.”
“Not to worry, you’ve nearly done your quota for now, couple of more nights and you get a rest and none more deserved. That is the longest nights stint ever, is it not, after all the covering you have done for others.”
“On that note boss do you mind if I ask Rarak to cover part of my shift tonight, as I have something pressing to do?”
“Fine by me if Rarak agrees, which I can’t see him not doing and less of the boss.”
Anelp stretched out his left hand and held Farik’s right arm gently before continuing.
“This pressing thing you have to do, it wouldn’t have something to do with the fact you have been walking round like a dog who just had it’s tail cut off would it?
As Farik said this he looked down at the table and could not help himself at the shame he carried.
“That’s all I need to know, you do what you need to – you know the lads will help you out whatever way they can.”
“Thanks boss, I know… oh and could you tell me where Rarak is at the moment please, as I need to ask him and then get my head down?”
Smiling as he answered and shaking his head over the boss quip Anelp said.
“Yes, he is down by the Boardroom, but you should be ok as there is no court today, so you ought to be able to get a word with him.”
As Farik went to leave the table and Anelp’s soft grip, Anelp gripped a little tighter and said.
“Are you sure you are ok my brother?”
“I will be boss, I will be. Thanks for your concern, but I will be fine.”
With this Farik stood up and left the table and made his way through the quarters back towards the court area and then to the main palace. His pace was hastened, as he really wanted to get some sleep. He was exhausted and was really feeling the tiredness set in, but he needed to make sure Rarak would take his place tonight as long as he needed him to.
During the day this sort of thing could not go on in many areas, as a change in guard would be noticed by some of the parasites. A terrible name to call them, but nonetheless true! But by night it was fine, even though many of them dreaded the night shift, so many deals were struck amongst them to ease the burden of such boredom.
Moments later Farik was upon the boardroom and four guards stood sentry, one of them being Rarak. After saying a quick hello to the other three guards, Farik made his way over to Rarak standing sentry to the left hand side of the boardroom doors.
Even though the room was empty, a guard was always kept on duty by the doors that gave entry to the boardroom, simply because this was meeting place for the king, grand master and the masters. To say they were a little paranoid regarding this issue was an under statement, hence the 24hr guard.
Rarak spoke first as Farik approached him.
“What brings you here brother, you should have your head down, your back on tonight aren’t you?
“That’s why I am here my friend; I am in desperate need of a favour.”
“Of course I will.” Said Rarak before Farik could even ask. “Do you need the whole shift covered?” He continued.
“No, but to be honest I don’t know how long it will be, but soon as I can, I will relieve you. Anyways how did you know what I was going ask?” Farik said with a smirk on his face.
Chuckling slightly Rarak replied.
“Bit obvious, to be perfectly honest bro, what else would you have need of to ask me for?”
“True enough I suppose.” Farik said chuckling himself now.
“Thanks bro, I really need some time to sort stuff out, if you know what I mean?”
“Take as long as you need. Be my pleasure after all you have done for me.”
Farik said no more, smiled and then gave Rarak a hug.
After saying his good byes, he made his way back to the guard’s quarters as quickly as he could. Once there, he fell into his bunk and before he could even contemplate what was to occur later, he was sleeping like a baby.

Hours later Farik awoke and rubbed his eyes and scratched the back of his head. He was still completely clothed and just lay there waking up, listening to the hustle and bustle of the guard’s quarters.
He could hear the sounds of laughter and merriment as the guards enjoyed their evening. And then he wondered about the time and arose from his bunk and stretched his arms above his head. Reaching across after to the table beside his bunk for the jug of water and a mug, sat there waiting for him.
After pouring some water into the mug, he drank as though he had the thirst of a thousand men filled it and drank again.
Looking round he could see all but a few bunks were occupied and knew the time was not right yet for his meeting with the beautiful Tiy, thoughts of which he had to get out of his mind – well, especially the way he was thinking of her – even though that was the last thing his mind wanted.
But there was no escaping the fact. Tiy was beautiful. And secretly Farik wished that what had occurred with the queen, could have occurred with Tiy instead and he knew many of his fellow guards pursued the same, and that included his commander. But all were most respectful of her and never would they over step the mark of chivalry. The oath that they lived their lives by and would die by, would not allow for such behaviour and none of the brotherswould go against their oath.
To them it was almost sacred and because of the integrity it bore upon them, this is what caused the suffering within Farik, what ate away at him. He had dishonored his king and had betrayed the brotherhood and more importantly betrayed its creed.
Wish as he may, what had occurred had occurred and nothing would ever change that fact. He even knew, sitting on his bunk enveloped in rational that talking to Tiy would not put right what had been done, nothing could, but he knew he had to talk to someone and that someone had to be Tiy.
Minutes later he was up and was moving across to the bathing area still very much engrossed in his thoughts. As much as he just wanted to lie there he couldn’t, he was restless and eagerness plagued his already tormented mind. The best solution he could come up with was to freshen up and at least make himself presentable, well as presentable as he could.
It is a strange thing burden and the stress it delivers. It is as though most age ten years at least, when suffering from this infliction. Motivation dies, the will to do the most simplistic thing replaced by a loathing, a loathing of all and everything around including themselves. The need to be presentable is thrown to the way side as is hygiene as it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore, all that matters is the reason, the reason for the burden that warrants the suffering to be there. Self-pity that becomes a very deep pit of despair, which in some cases can last decades and yes it, is so easy to say ‘snap out of it’, but not so easy to do.
Farik had pondered such things many times as he witnessed the abuse and torture that went on within the army, which he had also been part of. How many times had he abused others mentally and physically, just to be in with the ‘in crowd’, ‘one of the boys’! He realised that during these processes someone could be brought to point of despair where they will literally agree to and do anything, just so the torment would stop. And even at his young age, he had realised this and not only realised this, but had used it to its full effect to get what he wanted.
The burden of past events was not a new thing to Farik.
After washing and making himself presentable, Farik returned to his bunk. Many of his friends knew that when Farik was quiet, it was always better to leave him be. The only one who seemed to be void of this was Anelp and it was agreed that Farik himself would one day be a palace commander, as there was always two and Belfak, who shared Anelp’s duties was later in his years and was not long for this world.
Farik put on his uniform – something the guards must wear at all times – and set about making himself presentable, which was a very hard task considering how he felt. He, at that time that is, didn’t actually care how he looked, or what anyone else thought either, but nonetheless he made the effort. Even though, in all honesty, it was simply because he was going to be in Tiy’s company and even with all that burden him, he still held favour to a chance encounter with his beautiful friend – how the mind of a man worked, when needing escapism.
After doing all he could do, well as much as he thought he needed to do, Farik resided himself to sitting on his bunk and just waiting patiently. Quietly he watched his fellow guards and friends go about all they were doing and watched them laugh, joke and make fun of each other – a normal evening in fact with plenty of wine being consumed.
For the guards wine was in abundance and it was never not so. They would consume copious amounts during the evenings where they had nothing else to do. Cut off from their family and friends outside of the palace walls, this would help them cope with and also forget this fact. This, if truth were known, was why the wine would always flow and the levels replenished whenever they were needed to be.
Although Farik could do with the escape the wine would secure for him, an escape from the reality he now found himself in, he knew it would not be a sensible thing to do this night. And even though it was more than tempting, he promised himself he would refrain and allow himself a clear head for his chat a little later.
Time was ticking on and as he quietly watched, one by one his friends and fellow guards slowly made there way to their bunks stumbling and wobbling as they did. For some it was quite an endeavor, with a few apologies along the way, when they knocked into bunks and tables, trying to catch flying mugs and cantering jugs and for waking the sleeping. Again, a nightly occurrence the flow of wine delivered and not one Farik had not competed in on many an occasion, but such was the life of a palace guard.
As the last of them picked themselves and each other up, Farik knew it was time to leave. Even if he were seen leaving and going towards Tiy’s quarters, the wine consumed would offer protection from detection as it was said, nor would they question or even remember the next morning what had happened the evening before. In some ways it did not matter, but to Farik it did. He had enough to contend with without the questions and insinuations regarding his meeting with Tiy and the fact it was in Tiy’s quarters.

Farik stood up, took a deep breath and then started to make his way out of the guard’s quarters. His way was clear, as was the night sky, looking up as he walked into the courtyard. The two guards on duty over the far side of the courtyard had not seen Farik. They were engrossed in conversation and probably a little worse for ware, as many would have a little tot before going on the nightshift and some would have a lot more than that.
Further along his journey Farik knew there would be two guards on the entrance to the palace quarters where servants such as Tiy slept, but Farik was un-concerned about this, as he knew who would be on duty there and would have no problems. They were friends who wouldn’t even inquire of him as to what he was doing there or even why.
Soon enough Farik was upon them and greeted both guards with a smile and said.
“How goes it lads?”
The guard to Farik’s left hand side spoke.
“Fine bro, how you this fine evening?”
Before Farik could answer the guard stood to his right hand side spoke.
“Yes I am good as well my friend and you?”
All three just looked at each other and smirked as they realised what had just happened and then Farik answered.
“I’m good lads, well as good as can be, just a little pre-occupied at this moment, you might have noticed?”
“You could say that.” The guard on the left replied.
“Yep, just a little.” Said the guard to the right.
“Sorry lads, but I am just not myself at this moment.”
Farik knew the lads well enough to know he would not need to explain himself any more than he already had.   He also knew they knew why he was there, but again they were trusted friends and knew it would stay with them.
“Bro, you do what you need to.” Said the guard to the right, whose name was Enulk.
“Yea, take your time bro.” The guard on the left said whose name was Ipjak.
“Thanks lads and I will see you soon yea?”
Both Enulk and Ipjak nodded and as they did they stepped aside to allow Farik to pass by them and through the door they stood sentry outside of. Both patting Farik on the back as he passed by them, which to be honest he appreciated. Sometimes, a friend’s touch means far more than their words of comfort.
As the door shut behind him Farik was stood in a dimly lit corridor that had doors to the left and the right of it that stretched its full length. Each door led to a servants quarters and Tiy’s was a little way up on the left.
Farik slowly walked up to the door that led to Tiy’s quarters and stood nervously outside it within reaching distance. He outstretched his arm and clenched his fist slightly to knock on the door with his knuckles and then withdrew his hand as fast as he had put it there. Hesitating as his heart had picked up pace slightly. He felt a nervous excitement come over him. It was the same feeling he had had when the queen had seduced him in the corridor and this is what made him pause. This was not the reason he was here, but his mind was suggesting differently and was becoming more persuasive by the second.
As Farik stood there for a moment head down in contemplation he tried to silence the thoughts running amok through his mind. Tried to silence the voice that was dictating to him. He had been struggling for weeks now at the very sight of a good-looking woman and there were many within the palace – especially the royal personal servants, each servant had been chosen by the king because of their natural beauty and the ones who served the queen were also adorned with the best looks. The king had also had much to do with this, as he did have a wandering eye and wanted all the servants that served them both, to be of a certain criteria. All were sworn to secrecy and never would they tell of his exploits, it was more than their lives were worth and they weren’t worth a great deal in the king’s eyes.
Since his encounter with the queen, sex seemed to be all that was on his mind. A simple smile would suggest to his mind that sex was on the cards and a verbal pursuance of such would ensue, generally leading to disappointment, not always, but most of the time. His mind would even suggest sometimes that he should take what he desired with force if it wasn’t at first forth coming, such was the addiction if he allowed it grip of him. Never had he allowed this to happen, but he would admit he had thought of it at times, even though it always remained as nothing more than a thought, nonetheless it was something he had considered. And the only way to subvert this was abstinence. The longer he abstained, the easier it became and the less he mind would suggest to him.
Farik knew deep down he was no monster, but he knew in his mind there lived a very heinous despicable one who cared for nothing but its own lusts. Farik knew in many men (the priest class in particular) this monster had taken over and was not just a figment of the mind anymore. This monster now lived and breathed and was capable of all it desired on a human level, coupled with the power of position to be able to force itself upon its victims.
Farik had seen this in men many times and even in women too, not just seen it in them, but witnessed what those monsters were capable of. A harsh reality he had striven to forget for his own sanity, only to find himself cursed by the same infliction guided by intentions that were not becoming. Still he had not succumbed. Still he had not crossed the line of no return, even though his mind pleaded with him to do so.

Many years since and a long time before joining the ranks of the palace guard, Farik had been out on patrol with his unit. They were patrolling a particularly bad part of the city of Memphis where crime was very rampant and the poverty was beyond imagination. They had been called in as a non-violent political protest had ensued regarding the impoverish conditions and had got completely out of hand, when agent provocateurs had made it a violent one. Farik even remembered seeing one of the rioters and recognised him as being a soldier, which didn’t make sense till a lot later.
The march had suddenly for no reason turned very violent and many soldiers on duty were hurt with six being killed. It came to light later that the six killed were actually killed by fellow soldiers who were told to kill the ‘dis-likes’ a name given to a soldier who wasn’t very good at his job or carried the notion of passivism. Using this they could turn any peaceful political protest into a violent one in minutes. The rule of law (dictated by the houses of the temple) said that anyone in a political protest/insurrection forego their right to life if it is deemed necessary and it was, always it seems, deemed necessary. Basically political protests were always turned to suit the needs of the rulemakers.
Whilst patrolling the remnants of the protest, Farik and his unit came across a holding area that had many women ‘kettled in’ and expression used to describe a holding area where the occupants are squashed together and have no access to any type of toilet.
As Farik and his unit walked up they could see a women being dragged from the holding area kicking and screaming and many more women were crying and screaming within the holding area. The woman being dragged out was then placed in a hut and the door was shut behind her. Farik and another soldier he knew within his unit walked over to see what was happening and was greeted by two soldiers standing guard by the door.
Farik turned to the guard on the right of the door and asked.
“What’s going on in there?” Pointing towards the door and as he said this the woman inside let out an ear piercing scream that lasted an age and then another.
Farik moved forward and the guard to the left of the door stepped in his way saying.
“You don’t want to go in their fellow do yer, let things that don’t concern yer well alone.”
Without saying a word Farik pushed past both guards and opened the door to be greeted by a sight he would never forget. The woman had been stripped naked and was bleeding from her breasts as her nipples had been cut off. A soldier was on top of her raping her; whist two soldiers held her legs and two held her arms. The screaming was deafening and it seemed the more she screamed the more they liked it. As Farik stood their stunned and completely gripped with shock, because of the gravity of what he was witnessing, the soldier raping her finished knelt up, drew a long knife from his belt, stuck it up inside of her where he had just been and then cut her up to her belly button. The women screamed and writhed in agony and as she did the soldier then cut her stomach open and she spewed blood and became still and silent. Farik could not believe what he had just seen and suddenly found himself being dragged out by force by his shoulders, which he did not stop from happening still being amerced in the horror that he had been presented with.
After stumbling Farik fell to his knees and vomited un-controllably and as this was happening he could hear the two guards guarding the door ridicule him for doing so.
Bringing himself up from his knees he wiped his mouth and drew his sword. Both guards guarding the door did the same and the one who had spoke before, spoke again.
“Don’t be silly now boy, go about your business and leave us to ours…”
Farik cut in with the sickness in his guts dictating his words.
“HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?” He bellowed at the top of his voice.
“Calm down boy.” Said the guard. “If you want to wake in the morning that is? They are nothing boy and were part of a violent protest and now we can do as we please as they forwent their right to life. It’s the law boy.”
Fuelled with disgust, anger and frustration Farik bellowed again.
“EVEN IF IT IS THE LAW IT DOES NOT SAY YOU CAN DO THIS YOU MONSTERS, THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS FOR PITY’S SAKE.” Farik raged shaking from head to foot as he did and the commotion had all four soldiers inside now outside brandishing their swords, whilst the body of their victim lay lifeless on the ground.
“BUT IT ALSO DOESN’T SAY WE CAN’T.” Bellowed the guard back at Farik with an evil smirk on his face.
“Now I have warned you boy, best you leave pronto and not mention this again, if you know what’s good for you. Help him away lads will yer.” Said the guard to two of his accomplices. “Whilst we get another one in and dump the other one in the pit. A Burning we will be later boy, a burning we will be.”
Farik, still shaking with rage suddenly felt a hand grip his arm and he turned to see his friend Anu, who looked very pale and said calmly with a quake in his voice.
“Come Farik there is nothing we can do, please come with me – NOW my friend.”
Farik reluctantly complied and stumbled away with his friend Anu supporting him. Farik looked back at the kettled area and could see the despair in the women’s eyes and the image and the sound’s burnt into him like a brand. He was distraught and heartbroken and helpless and that day he truly saw monsters and what they were capable of.
Further along the pair witnessed what had happened to the men who supposedly had turned violent during the protest. They came across a pile of bodies, stacked high ready for burning in a fire pit. Although the bodies were in a pit below ground level, both Farik and Anu could see the pile of men’s bodies already was beyond the top of the pit. What they were witnessing was a total disregard for human life at the hands of those who were using ‘the law’ as an excuse to commit such heinous acts. The perpetrators of such were protected by law and would never face prosecution for the vile terrible acts they had committed. This was what ‘the law’ allowed in the hands of such men, traitors to their own people and far removed from any form of humane understanding of what they had committed. Lost in the world of monsters and all they would commit if they were politically (legally) allowed too.
On that day Farik realised that ‘the law’ was literal and why it was so. Even though the six soldiers were committing murder, there was no law to stop them, as you cannot murder something that has lost (by law) the right to life. Even if Farik and Anu raised objection at the highest level (which they could not get too) it would end only with them being the ones who would suffer, ostracized at least or worse, just for doing so.
Farik had witnessed first hand how depraved their sick minds were and realised also that all of humanity, including him, could become one of these monsters if the mind was not kept in check. A sad reality to be faced with, but nonetheless a reality. Not all would stoop to such levels, but other levels would be stooped to that generally meant something living would suffer.

Reaching out again with a slightly clenched fist Farik finally knocked on the door and was greeted with the sweet sounding voice of Tiy, who asked him to come in. Farik once again hesitated for a moment as his heart picked up pace at the sound of Tiy’s voice. Trying to ignore this Farik put his hand upon the door handle and twisted it slightly and then pushed forward as he felt the latch remove its self from its keep. Slowly he pushed the door open and there before him was the beautiful Tiy already stood up to greet him. The smile on her face said it all and as Farik walked through the door and shut it behind him he turned to have Tiy fling her arms around his neck and softly kiss him on the cheek.
This was not an unusual greeting for Tiy who greeted many of her friends, male or female the same way. Tiy was not frightened to show her feelings and would demonstrate exactly how she felt about someone. Trouble was for Farik, at this precise moment, this was not going to help him, even though in the end it would, he just couldn’t see that at this moment.
Now his heart was beating faster and Tiy could feel this through his and her garments. After hugging her friend tightly for some seconds she left the embrace and placed her left hand on Farik’s chest just over his heart and commented.
“That is going some my friend, whatever is the matter?”
To Farik it was almost as if Tiy had a glint in her eye when she said this, or was this wishful thinking on his behalf, and he just thought he had seen it. The tricks his mind would play on him were relentless.
“I am fine Tiy, honestly, just a little nervous and excited.”
He then hushed himself quickly. He couldn’t believe he had just said that and metaphorically kicked himself for doing so. The situation was not made any easier, considering what Tiy was wearing. Her garment was not exactly long and her legs were beautiful, as was the rest of her. Her long flowing brown hair shone as did her complexion and there was little wonder she was the king’s favourite. It took all his will power not to keep looking at her legs, but needless to say nothing escaped Tiy.
“Do you like what you see?” Tiy said with glint in her eye and this time it was on purpose and very real.
Farik felt his face warm and knew his embarrassment was fully on show and he instantly looked down.
Tiy moved towards him saying.
“I am sorry Farik that was naughty of me.”
“It is fine I deserve much more.”
“Come sit with me and we shall talk, or rather you shall talk and I shall listen.”
Farik showed his agreement with a nod of his head and by following Tiy to her bed and by sitting next to her.
“Well my friend?” Tiy said with a sweet smile. “What on earth is going on with you I have never seen you like this before?”
“Never have I done anything like what I have before.”
“That sounds a bit ominous, is it really that bad?”
“Worse.” Farik said putting his head down as he did. “Much worse.”
“Well what is it Farik, there must be something we can do to help you?”
“Nothing can be done, I just need to tell someone before I go insane.”
“Well I am all ears my friend.” As Tiy said this she put her hand on Farik’s bare knee and he shied away pulling his knee from under her hand.
“I am sorry Farik did I offend you?” Tiy said as she moved her hand back to her own lap
“No not at all, in fact quite the opposite and that’s the problem.”
“Well now I am curious.” Said Tiy inquisitively. “Do tell my friend, do tell.”

As Farik made his way to the boardroom as quickly as he could, he suddenly realised something, never had he seen the palace so quiet and still. Normally guards and servants could be seen going about their duties, hurrying as they did as there never seemed to be enough time to do everything that was demanded of them.
Farik found this quietness quite eerie in a way and quite off putting and this made him slow his pace for a second. It just seemed strange, but in comparison, no stranger than the occurrence that was happening regarding the king.
Realising the urgency of the situation once more, Farik picked up the pace.
Even though it was highly frowned upon, the servants and the guards would communicate whenever they had the chance. The friendships they shared were all that kept them sane, in a world on the verge of complete insanity – if it hadn’t already skipped over that fine line. The protocols they were made to adhere too, weren’t just about control; they were also designed to crush their will as well. Designed to create emotionless automatons without the feelings or will to be anything different. Voids they were called by some of the more callous of them caught by the infliction called bitterness, but only because they carried the same fears, but just couldn’t admit it.
For the most the friendship they shared kept this at bay, well at least for most of them, but even then many would at one time or another slip into the pit of uncertainty lined with self-pity. Sadly, this was all too commonplace under the weight of such burden, created by nothing more than lies. And even though they chanced their very lives by doing so, they would talk and smile at each other regardless whenever the chance to do so arose.
As his foot steps echoed in the empty corridor Farik found it strange to the point of bizarre that he was now running though what was an empty palace. Normally there would be so many people too talk to. And the extraordinary thing was, he actually felt this change was somehow going to remain, well, for a while at least.
The king had caused ripples in the pond that were not going to quell anytime soon. In fact, he felt they could become waves if the path the king had chosen was the one he was to follow – only time would tell.
Many times the concept of true kingship had been the topic of conversation amongst them, normally instigated by Tiy or Anelp. Many were very pessimistic regarding the position held by a king and the reasoning for it. In their eyes rightly so, as history delivered an endless tale of these kings and the misery the people had suffered under their enslavement. It was little wonder heated debates had raged at times regarding this subject and not always fuelled by wine either. But both Tiy and Anelp had managed over a period of time to quell these pessimistic views with a different perspective. Delivering a viewpoint that wasn’t stagnated as the beliefs in the history many were relying on. Delivering An idea, A notion that wasn’t bound by these stagnated perceptions that could adapt and mold itself, to be able to navigate past the stagnation the belief formed and created in the mind of the believer. From which they formed this very negative few of kingship that cast chains and defenses around itself, to prevent penetration by another idea bound by logic and optimism. And in reality who could blame them when presented with all that had been, recorded and witnessed first hand. Was it not true there was a tyrant who sat upon the throne of Egypt, a man very fond of himself! It was little wonder these view points were common place amongst the palace serfs and the working class, as all they could see was a despotic world around them that only allowed the rich to get richer whilst the poor got poorer. Anchored down under precautionary principles wrapped in chains of conformity, bound by subservience no one could question, little did anyone know thought Farik, as he knew a king was about too question– exactly what Tiy had told him would happen once upon a time.
It had been realised and voiced by Tiy, Anelp and Farik that the position a king held – as everything – was held in duality. And just because a king had never done as Akhenaten was doing now proved it was possible that any element could reverse if it so required too. And because of this simple reason, they all knew as Farik reflected on now, things could change. Even though a king surrounded by a history of self-importance would find it hard to put down the delusion of grandeur he had carried for so long, it was known that this existed in a least one man and Akhenaten was this man – although he had no knowledge of this at this time, but by the very thing happening right now, the process had evidently started in him.

A tyrant could become a savior through the concept that was true kingship, under a benign dictatorship through the will of the people. As Tiy had said, in reality a king only had power through the people and the people only had power through a true king. A balanced seesaw with the seats of such occupied by two parties that need each other to create a check and balance that would allow for equality. So that every living thing was seen as being on parity with everything else, as the chains of master slave syndrome were broken and cast into the abyss of forgetfulness. And it was known by the very few that it had been prophesied that one day this would be remembered by the last Sion. A king coming from the ranks of the working class, born of aristocracy that they did not except and eradicated for this none acceptance. Eradicated for their denial of who they are and the none conformity they displayed to the accepted way, the way a family from that position should act, because in reality they were of the ‘twelve tribes’, but had disowned them in entirety.
Tiy had spoken many times of how important it was to realise such a thing could happen. And even though in her heart she knew her dear Akhen would in the end relinquish his position, she also knew that he would complete the prophecy that someone one day would remember. Tiy knew that he would write of the king that would become a farther to his people, who would eventually become their dad. As rules, regulations and law would be based on responsibility, equality and fairness. That the very first man bound by the law was the man who created it. To leave an instance where status did not allow for privileges as there were none, as they could not exist in that which was equal. That the king did not sit in grandeur above his people, he in fact eradicates the very concept of status driven capitalism and the hierarchal structure it was bound by that was the only means the grandeur could exist through. Not only to eradicate it, but also to strike it from the peoples memories by eradicating the very institution that had developed it. Moulded it to suits their needs, their desires and their greed; ultimately the last Sion would eradicate the temple.
Tiy had spoke to Farik about this many times. And even though he found it a first a bitter pill to swallow, in the end he had seen reason, the very reason why it could only be done this way.
Tiy had allowed him to realise that the houses of the temple only had power through the concept of kingship (monarchy). If this was the case, which it most certainly was, then it was obvious this could be reversed, but a king himself must instigate that reversal – no other could do this, no one.
Tiy had realised through nothing more than common sense that those in power only really feared one thing and that was someone who was deemed to have greater power than them. This was the creation of the god concept, a man made idea and illusion that provided the mechanisms that hierarchy, class division, status and control could be built from. Again to Tiy this was absolutely obvious and now that was obvious to so many.
This concept created a social structure built from power that was seen to be held, such as the king and the housesof the temple resulting in what could be claimed as a benefit for having such power.
It was simple, all it needed was three elements to work Greed, Obsession and last but not least and possibly the most powerful element Deceit and this element is what was used daily to fool the people that any power they mayhave once had, had been taken from them. When in truth it could never be taken, they were just under the illusion it had been.

Farik remembered Tiy telling him that in reality she realised that this, although not projected, was the substance of what GOD/god stood for. That what the houses of the temple had created was a façade to hide behind, a mask they could adopt to conceal their true agenda and a point of power that could not be denied or proven. The true power of an idea spread by nothing more than a rumour, an idea with consensus, but with the power of legal enforcement to ensure the idea was accepted and could not be un-accepted or questioned. Through the god concept control had been gained through compliance derived from fear and control from the illusion of power in the name of a man made concept that was un-questionable.
Farik even remembered Tiy smiling as she said this to him, because to her it is nothing short of genius in its creation.
Tiy also said that for a king to gain the absolute monarch position (central point of administration of law) the greatest position of power, he needed the will of the people to do it. Without them and their will, he was castrated, legally bound to head the corporate misery the people suffered under. But this needed a king who had lived life under the same oppression as the rest of the people, so he could come to this simple understanding. This would take a king to go and prove himself to the people he belongs too, simply by creating and suggesting how things should be, against how they were. And by providing them with evidence of how powerful they were through their own actions and lack of, but within the boundaries of responsibility.
This could be done through nothing more than honesty, as that was all that was needed. This one comment had stuck with Farik throughout all Tiy had told him.
Tiy said something once that he would never forget that without honesty we have nothing!

Sometime had now past and Tiy had listened quietly to all Farik was telling her without saying a word? As Farik was nearing the end of his story Tiy could see the burden was already lifting and the hunch he was sat with before, was releasing and his shoulders looked far more relaxed as he did.
As he finished speaking, Tiy sat quietly pondering for a moment over all that he had told her, and then she spoke.
“Do you think my friend you are the first to come to me with such a story?”
“I don’t know to be honest with you, am I?”
“No my friend you are not and I could name at least ten of you who have been in the same position.”
“I have heard tales of such things, but I never believed them.” Farik said shaking his head in dis-belief.
“Well believe them my friend for they are very true, allow me to explain. You know the situation I am sure between the king and myself and I am sure you realise I am not the only one?”
Farik didn’t quite know how to answer this and Tiy could see that he was struggling for an answer, so she spoke again.
“Remember my friend when we spoke of honesty!”
“Yes I do and yes I do know what the king gets up to as I feel everyone does, but you are his favourite, aren’t you?”
Tiy smiled at Farik before answering.
“At this moment that is besides the point. What is the point is that the queen has done no different to the king and even though two wrongs can never make a right, this is the way they conduct their lives. You my friend, as I, have got caught up in this and you feel you have betrayed your king and I understand you have a loyalty to him, but that loyalty might be missed placed.”
Farik looked puzzled by this and said.
“What do you mean missed placed?”
“Ok let me ask you a question. Does it seem right to you that you are so loyal to one that is nothing more than a tyrant?”
Farik was shocked by this comment at first, but realised that Tiy was known for her honesty and he in fact could not deny this.
“Well no I should not be, but that is my job.”
“Ok well lets put it this way. What would you do if it was your family the king had ordered you to kill for breaking the laws of the houses of the temple?”
Farik looked up in shock at Tiy who just sat looking at him patiently waiting for an answer.
“But that would not happen it…”
Before Farik could finish Tiy cut in.
“But it could and you know it could happen and all you are doing is trying to kid yourself that it couldn’t. The king can do as he pleases and in essence no one is safe and you feel you have dis-honoured a monster, how can that be possible? Let me put it another way. If I was married to Anelp and I made advances at you would you take me up on it?”

Farik sat there without answering and his heart was like a charging lion at the very thought of such a thing happening, but in reality if what Tiy suggested was the case, then there was only one answer that could be given.
“To be absolutely honest with you, if I was in that position it would be a very difficult one to be in, but ultimately I would have to decline.”
“And why is that?”
“Anelp is an honourable man, probably the most honourable man I have ever met and I could not dis-honuor him.”
“Exactly, but what if he agreed it was ok?”
Farik, to be absolutely honest, was completely thrown by this and if not a little confused.
“I don’t get what your on about Tiy, please explain?”
“It is quite a simple question to answer Farik.” As Tiy said this she lent over and touched Farik’s thigh with her left hand.
Instantly Farik reacted with a slight movement, almost as though Tiy had made him jump, even though he could see what she was about to do.
Tiy spoke.
“Why so nervous my friend, does my touch worry you at all?”
“Far from it.” Farik said. “In fact the complete opposite.”
“And what I am trying to say to you is that it is perfectly acceptable to feel that way. To me – and I know many who both share and do not share my feelings regarding this – there is nothing wrong with consenting adults of any sex exploring each other. To me monogamy creates another point of ownership, as you become someone else’s possession and in being so can never actually be free, but is this an element of freedom that actually needs to be sought after? I am sure there is someone for everyone for the right reasons.
I feel the temple have exploited this to create the ultimate point of segregation. Granted, if you have entered into a monogamous relationship and you are happy with that then that is fine, but it does seem we are forced into this to me at a far too early age. Many others disagree with me and that is also fine, but by default surely anyone wishing not to be, should be allowed to live life without what they deem an infliction that prevents their individual pursuit of happiness.
Ultimately it is the companionship we seek that I am sure all will come to in the end, when the lusts of the mind are distracted from.

You my friend have committed no wrong in my eyes and by harboring such thoughts you will be the one that ultimately suffers and no one else, but I will say that in days to come and with events that are to unfold, what you now have will come in very useful when the time is right.”
Tiy could see that Farik was going to need a little time to process this information and sat patiently waiting for an answer that possibly would not be forth coming. This had happened many times as this was, in Tiy’s experience one of the hardest subjects anyone could get their head round. Of course adding to this was the last thing she had said.
Farik was completely blown away by what Tiy had said and didn’t quite know what to say. All she had said and the question she had asked was now buzzing around his head like a whirl wind kicking up dust that he was lost in. Never had he been presented with such and never had he been in the situation that required him to contemplate so much in such a short time regarding a subject he was so un-familiar with.
Tiy spoke again to help Farik form some kind of resolution.
“As I said my friend many do not completely understand where I am coming from and I must add that if you have entered into a monogamous relationship, then you should honour it for the right reasons. If ever you decide that you cannot continue with the situation as it is, then at least be honest with them and tell them the reason why. Problems are caused when you lie and do things behind your partners back. What I am trying to get at is if the situation arose hypothetically then your answer should be yes because of Anelp’s agreement. But if you still, even with his agreement feel that it is wrong, then your answer must be no. Sometimes we sacrifice our needs to enter into servitude to service the needs of others. I live my life the way that I do as I need to be close to the king and it is the only way I can be. You never know maybe one day he and I could be together, as stranger things have happened. Then I would live my life loyal to him as long he was loyal to me.”
Farik, although still confused, spoke.
“That is a very bold statement to make, but I can see you truly believe it.”
“Not believe my friend, I know in my heart that one day he and I will be together, but not in this land, but in a land far away called Lios. Far over the seas where we can live in peace for the rest of our short lives, before it all starts again.”
This statement caught Farik’s attention and suddenly his woes had disappeared along with the need to answer Tiy’s question.
“How do you know this Tiy and why have you never spoke of it with me?”
“I have never spoke of it with anyone and I cannot tell you how I know this, I just do. I told you because it served as a distraction to allow you to forget, which you have done, but now because of your intrigue you will not try to remember what ails you and it was just something that happened and does not need to be revisited. What happens from this point on is all you should ever be concerned with palace commander!”
“Palace commander?” Farik said shocked. “How do you know so much Tiy?”
“Oh, I just do. The announcement is to be made tomorrow, so go now as I know your shift is covered, go and get some sleep as you have a big day tomorrow.”
“Is there anything you don’t know about?” Farik said, smiling as he did.
“Not much.” Tiy said chuckling. She then lent over and kissed him on the cheek and said. “Nice to see you smiling again my friend, don’t stop you have a beautiful smile.”

Just before Farik rounded the corner to enter the central part of the palace, he could already hear the commotion outside the soundproof boardroom doors. Nefertiti was there already and was screaming at the top of her voice demanding of the guards to allow her to pass and enter the room. None of them would comply as they were adhering too the orders they had been given coming directly from the king.
Nefertiti was spitting fire and throwing all she could muster verbally to try and make the guards comply with her orders over the kings, but all she was saying was falling on deaf ears, which only served to fuel her already increased level of anger.
As Farik rounded upon her and the situation, her attention and anger turned towards him and he was met with a torrent of abuse.
Seething, Nefertiti shouted.
“Commander place these guards in irons and have them escorted to the palace cells for their blatant insubordination, now!”
Farik calmly but brutally honestly said.
“No Nefertiti I will not.”
Nefertiti was stunned. So stunned in fact she could not speak at first and then she let fly summoning everything she could verbally muster.
“What did you call me?” She bellowed at Farik moving towards him fist flailing as though she was having some sort of mental relapse. And then suddenly she froze to the spot and let out a muffled cry.

“Farik started to smile as he could see why this was happening – he knew he shouldn’t but could not help himself – as Tiy had come behind the queen silently and grabbed her from behind securing her right hand over   Nefertiti mouth and whispered.
“Hush now my queen.”
Nefertiti knew who’s voice it was and knew better than to struggle after the tussle she had had with Tiy before. And even though she started to struggle slightly Tiy jerked her from side to side sharply and the queen soon stopped.
Farik walked up to the queen and stood only inches away from her face and said.
“Nefertiti your reign of terror is over. Our king this day will end all that you have striven to keep in place and also your control of him ends with it.”
Farik beckoned to Tiy to let Nefertiti speak.
The queen still in Tiy’s firm grip spoke.
“Is this really something you want to be doing guard?” She almost spat at him like a viper.“ After all guard what would happen to you if the king hears about all that has gone on before?” She said with a sly smile.
With this Tiy released her grip and called to Anulk and Basmain two guards across the way from her. As Tiy did this, the two guards left their station and came and stood beside Farik, and then Tiy spoke.
“The threat you offer will also be your undoing Nefertiti, am I not right?”
Nefertiti looked at all three men stood before and realised what Tiy was doing and blurted out.
“My king will believe no one over his queen… this is insanity, never has this happened before. I demand you release me and let me join my husband.”
Tiy moved round and faced Nefertiti and spoke quietly to her.
“But you forget, your husband knows you are a liar and after such towards him are you really sure he will believeyou – can you take that chance?”
Realising what Tiy was saying was true Nefertiti’s body language suggested she had met her match and she submitted to the demands being made upon her.
“What are you to do with me she asked?”
Farik spoke.
“You will be taken to the palace cells and held there until such time the king has completed all he needs to do and he alone decides what should be done with you. On this day he will be told the truth and we will all face the consequences of our actions. We owe him that much.”
The two guards nodded their heads in approval of what Farik had suggested.
Farik then called two other guards from out side the boardroom doors and asked them to escort the queen to the palace cells, which they did. Nefertiti remained silent and without a struggle calmly walked away with guards.
Farik said one last thing before the queen was taken away.
“All I have to ask you is this Nefertiti. How can someone so beautiful on the outside, be so ugly on the inside?”
The queen didn’t answer.
Farik then said.
“Take her away.”
Farik then turned to Anulk and Basmain and spoke.
“You as well?”
Both of them smiled awkwardly without saying a word.
Farik shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Anulk and Basmain did the same, as they knew Farik would say no more about this.
Farik then turned to Tiy and spoke.
“Where did you come from?”
“Oh I heard there was a commotion and stopped one of the guards who let me know what was going on. As soon as I heard what had happened to the grand master and the fact the king was in the room to be alone with the masters I knew it had started. Farik keep an eye on Nefertiti you know she cannot be trusted?”
“I know she cannot be and she will be up to her tricks needless to say I will send two more guards to re-enforce the situation, surely she cannot entice them all?”
“If you want my advice send Tilkus and Farit they will be well suited to this job in particular.” Tiy said smiling as she did.
“Good choice.” Farik said smiling. “She won’t be able to cast her wicked spells on them two.”

Suddenly from round the corner came Anubis, a long serving guard who was out of breath when he reached them. Catching his breath he spoke to Farik.
“Templar…” He said trying to catch his breath some more. “Templar at the main gate…”
Farik spoke to everyone on hearing this news.
“Everyone listen up inform the king and Anelp what is happening and then secure the doors, the Templar are at the main gate, this is nothing we weren’t expecting. I suggest Anelp stays in side with the king, but Anelp and the king can decide this for themselves. Four of you remain here and the rest of you go to the main gate, decide now.”
Farik then turned to Anubis and said.
“My friend I know you are out of breath but can you go and find Tilkus and Farit and tell them to report to the palace cells, tell them the two guards there already will explain why, I am sure you will find them in the barracks.”
Anubis nodded his head and set off.
“And what are you and I to do Farik? Tiy asked.
“You and I my friend are going to help Harian with the royal twins. Tutankhamen I know will be fine, but I am not so sure about Tutmoses, he can be a hand full at the best of times, little to like his mother that one.”
Tiy chuckled at Farik’s quip and then spoke.
“He certainly is. You say Harian is there with them?”
“Yes I left him there looking after the boy’s before coming here.”
“That is good as it is now time for me to have a word with that young man.”
“About what?” Farik said with a smile on his face.
“You always amaze me. No matter how fraught a situation gets you keep on smiling.”
“You have to don’t you.” Replied Farik. “And by the way what do you want with Harian, you didn’t answer?”
Tiy replied smiling as she did, as they started to make their way towards the royal bedroom.
“None of your business nosy, none of your business.”