Chapter 4 – The Prophecy of Sion

Akhen woke feeling rather unwell. His head was pounding and his stomach was turning. He didn’t feel well at all. It was a task just to lift his head off the pillow as he raised himself up on one elbow. Dazed and bemused, he looked around the room where he lay, wondering where he actually was.
Rubbing his tired eyes he felt disorientated, finding it hard to place himself. What had gone on the day and evening before? His memory was not serving him well. He remembered the trip with the priests, and arriving somewhere and, of course, the beautiful servant girls – but that was about it. Anything else seemed to escape him.
As he lay on the bed, propped up with one elbow, he placed the other hand upon his head and wondered why his head hurt so much. He also realised that there was an uncomfortable feeling between his legs – a sensation of soreness, which he could not understand.
By his side there was a decanter of wine, one of water, and two clear drinking vessels made from the substance – until this trip – he had never seen before. Then a memory came back about the fountain he had seen and the beautiful sound it made from the trickling water running over it, which was made of the same substance.
Akhen picked up one of the glasses and looked at it. He then poured some water in to it and drank a little. He was disturbed by the sound of a voice he recognised.
“That is a glass.” The voice said, as a man approached him from the direction of the bottom of the bed. Akhen recognised him. It was the first priest who had spoken to him the previous day.
“Did you sleep well, Akhen?” The priest inquired.
“I don’t really know.” Replied Akhen. “I do not remember anything. How did I get in this bed?”
“You consumed a lot of wine last night, young prince, and by all accounts you very much enjoyed having sex with all four servant girls.”
“Sex?” Akhen exclaimed. “I do not remember any of this.”
“That will be the wine, young prince. It can have that effect when you are not used to It.” the priest explained. “Please do not be alarmed by this.”
As Akhen’s senses started to come back to him and, fuelled by the way he felt, he was in the mood to demand answers from the priest. Still holding the glass in his hand he held it up to the priest and demanded.
“What is this substance and why have I not seen this before?” demanded Akhen with a stern and abrupt voice.
“That is better, my prince.” the priest said, smiling. “Remember who you are. You have a right to know and to speak this way.”
“Well?” demanded Akhen impatiently.
The priest started to explain.
“This is glass, young prince. A product made from heated sand. Many things can be made from this. You have seen a few, but you will see many more.”
Akhen cut in….
“And why do I not know about this substance?” His voice became even more menacing as the pain in his head and the sickness in his gut fuelled his frustration.
“There are many things, as I said before, that you will not have seen, but you will also know why by the end of your stay here.” The priest answered.
“Please allow me to give you something for the discomfort you suffer.”
Akhen nodded in agreement, pacified for a while by the offer of help. The priest walked over to the glass wine decanter and took off the lid. He took a small bottle from his robes and removed the lid, pouring two drops of the brown looking substance into a glass and then quarter-filled it with wine.
“Drink this, my prince, and you will feel fine soon.”
Akhen, now sitting fully up right in bed, took the glass and sniffed the wine with the elixir in it. The smell made him feel even worse.
“I cannot drink that I will become even worse.” he suggested as he screwed his face up in disgust.
“Trust me, my prince, you will feel better.” explained the priest. “Try to drink it all at once.”
Akhen did what was asked of him, even though he was already retching at the thought. He swallowed the wine as quickly as he could and then sat holding his mouth, as though he feared he would be sick everywhere. As the minutes ticked by he began to feel better and this showed in his face.
Akhen would realise later in life that the last thing he should ever do is trust a priest but on this occasion, he knew no better.
“Better now?” inquired the now smiling priest.
“Yes I am.”
“Are you hungry?” Inquired the priest.
“Yes, I am, but I do not think that food would stay down.”
“Why not try?” Said the priest.
With that the priest clapped his hands and a beautiful servant girl came from the direction of the same end of the bed as the priest had. She walked up to Akhen and the priest, her head slightly bowed in respect, and patiently waited for the command she was to receive.
“Bring our prince fruit, meat and bread at once!” demanded the priest with a stern and forceful voice.
The servant girl bowed slightly lower then backed away and left the room in haste.
“Your food will be here soon, my prince. Relax and eat, then you can bathe and the girls will dress you. They will inform me when this is complete and then I shall return, as we have much to do and see today.”
Akhen acknowledged what the priest had said with a smile and the priest departed from the room, leaving Akhen contemplating what was actually happening.

A little while later a servant girl appeared in the room, followed by three others all carrying silver trays laden with food. They approached an ornate marble table with a glass top and set down the trays. Akhen was not concerned with the food, as he still felt quite queasy, but he did feel a lot better after the elixir the priest had given him – his head was not pounding as much. Akhen, again, was taken aback by the girls’ beauty and was starting to remember some of the events of the previous evening. The four girls walked over to the bed and stood with their heads slightly bowed, one on either side, and two at the end.
The girl to his right spoke.
“What do you command of us, my prince?” she said, with a soft, seductive voice.
Akhen thought for a second before he replied.
“What do you mean by command?” he inquired. The girl spoke again.
“Whatever you desire, my prince is our command.”
“So, whatever I command you to do, you will do?” said the prince coyly.
“Yes, my prince, whatever you command.”
Akhen thought for a while again, contemplating what the girl had just said to him. Did she mean this literally, he wondered? Only one-way to find out, so he asked.
“Do you mean everything- anything – I say, you will do without question?” He inquired.
The servant girl answered.
“Yes, literally anything you desire, my prince.”
“But I am only 13.” said Akhen, with glee in his eye.
“This does not concern us, my prince. You are our prince and we serve you, no matter what is asked of us.” Replied the girl.
“How old are you all?” Akhen inquired.
The girl answered. “We are all 16 years of age, my prince.” She continued “Some of us are as young as twelve when we start here, but we start in the priests section and come through to here when we are 16.”
“The priest’s section?” Akhen inquired.
“Yes, my prince, this is where we are trained.”
Akhen was puzzled, but at this time needed no more answers, as he was more concerned with what the girls were wearing – or more to the point what they weren’t wearing!
He was intrigued with what had been said and was even more intrigued with what had happened the night before. Akhen had never had sex before last night and wished he could remember.
He turned to the girl again and asked.
“Tell me, did we have sex last night?”
The girl replied.
“Yes, my prince, we did.”
He asked.
“Was that just with you?”
The girl replied.
“No, my prince, with all of us.”

Although the priest had told him so, Akhen found it hard to believe but, now, he was hearing it firsthand and he found himself aroused again. He was not certain why all this was happening and, to be honest, he did not care. If the six days he was to spend here were going to be like this, then at the end he would find it hard to leave.
At 13 years of age he was being offered what men of any age would desire – or so he thought. It was strange that a nagging feeling inside of him was telling him that this was wrong, but his mind had better things to be concerned about and he decided to test out some theories and ignore the feeling inside.
Akhen looked at the girl who had spoken to him with a glint of mischief in his eyes and said
“Take off your clothes.”
Without a question the girl complied.
She now stood there naked in front of the young prince. He scanned her from head to toe, pausing as he did so taking in the beautiful sight in front of his eyes.
“Get into the bed.” He demanded of the servant girl.
And again, as before, she complied and did as she was told.
“The rest of you take off your clothes” he demanded “And get on the bed.”
They did as they were commanded. Akhen could not believe what was happening and his heart was racing like a speeding stallion. What happened next was inevitable, as Akhen demanded they all joined him in the bed.

From behind a curtain at the back of the room a priest watched as he stood in a secret doorway concealed by the curtain. He stood there for some time watching Akhen having sex – once more with all the girls – as he did the night before. A wicked smirk was upon his face and he knew that the coercion was working, and that the young prince was falling for the desires of his own mind.
He knew, if this was the case, that the rest of the task he had been set by the grand master of the temple would be easy to complete and he would receive the reward he so rightly deserved – and not before time.
He had waited patiently for this moment, but still there was the fear that Akhen was not the one. If the priest was mistaken it would surely cost him his own life …but he was sure that Akhenaton was, positive in the fact.

A cool breeze blowing in from the window aroused Akhen from his dream. It took him a moment to realise he was an adult and not still the boy he’d been dreaming about; the young boy who had been led astray by the coercion, who had become the broken man now lying in this bed dreaming. Akhen stirred, for a moment uneasy from the dream, hot and sticky, feeling embarrassed by what he was dreaming about as he felt aroused by it. Before he could worry too much, the elixir kicked in again and Akhen drifted back off to sleep and straight back to where he had left off….
After all was done and the girls had helped Akhen bathe and dress in fine robes, the boy prince sat eating some fruit, bread and meat and sipped some red wine whilst he waited for the priest to return – already he was certainly becoming accustomed to this life style.
“I see you are bathed and dressed, my prince.” said the voice of the priest who had just entered the room. Akhen looked up to face the priest who was now standing across from the table where the boy prince sat eating.
“I trust you are well, my prince?” The priest inquired.
Akhen finished his mouthful and replied.
“Yes I Am.” smiling….” Um, I don’t even know your name and are you not the one who has become my main tutor now?”
“Yes I am my prince, my name is Iktus.” replied the priest, bowing his head slightly in respect as he spoke. “I will be your companion throughout your stay here.”
“Ok, but what happened to the two priests who used to tutor me?” Akhen inquired between mouthfuls of food.
“You need not worry about such matters now my prince, they were called to do other duties by the temple, this happens from time to time.” Iktus said hoping this would pacify the inquisitive young prince.
As Iktus had wished for it did pacify the young prince. Akhen was hungry now. He had quite an appetite after his athletic night and morning. His head was now clear and the servant girls had given him an ointment that stopped the soreness he was suffering when he woke. Akhen appreciated that, for he did not want what was happening to stop – for any reason. This was too enjoyable, far, far to enjoyable to stop.
“When you have eaten, my prince, we will depart immediately as we have much to see.” Iktus said, with excitement in his voice.
A muffled “Yes.” came from Akhenaten’s direction still stuffing food in his mouth as he started to get up from the table to join the priest.

Minutes later Akhen and Iktus were walking through the seating area where they had arrived. The room was lit very brightly and Akhen could see beautiful objects all around him. Much of the room was covered in gold, which glistened in the light. There were marble tables with ornate statues upon them, vases and, of course, the beautiful fountain.
Akhen walked over to the fountain and stroked his hand through the water as it fell. He stood for a while listening and staring at the light coming from round pieces of glass in the ceiling. Iktus noticed what Akhen was looking at.
“That is a sun-tunnel, my prince. It uses the sun’s light and refracts it through the use of mirrors.” Iktus explained.
“It is very bright, but are we not underground?” said Akhen, puzzled.
“Yes we are” said Iktus “but through the use of glass mirrors we can bring the sun’s intense light underground. Would you like to see a mirror?
“Yes, I would.” replied a very curious prince.
Iktus beckoned Akhen to follow him and they went to a wall on the far side of the room, upon which hung a small mirror with a pretty frame. Iktus removed the mirror from the wall and handed it to Akhen.
“We have these in the palace.” Explained Akhen. “Why is this one any different?”
“The ones you have at the palace are made of silver, my prince. This one is made of glass.”
Akhen looked at the mirror and realised that there was a distinct difference between this one and the ones in the palace. This mirror – when looking at it – actually made it seem like there were two of him. The reflection was perfect. Although the ones in the palace sufficed, this was completely different.
“Turn the mirror around, my prince.” Iktus suggested.
Akhen did what was asked of him and saw a bland silver surface looking back at him. He flicked the mirror round several times and looked puzzled. The ones in the palace showed the same reflection both sides, but this one did not.
Smiling, Iktus politely gestured he would like the mirror and Akhen passed it to him.
“This glass has a fine layer of silver stuck to the back of it – that is what causes the reflection.” Iktus explained. “By using this process you get a perfect reflection. In the sun tunnels these are installed at certain angles, normally at 45 degrees along the tunnel. There are many of these. As with your reflection, the sunlight is kept perfect also. Thus, when it reaches the end of the tunnel, it is still as bright as when the process started.”
Akhen looked puzzled and, though he was very interested, he thought it was best to remain quiet and listen.
Iktus carried on.
“If glass is produced in a certain way it will magnify things.”
Iktus thought it would be better to show the young prince, rather than try to explain. He beckoned Akhen to follow him.

They walked over to a table a few yards away to the left of them after Iktus hung the mirror back on the wall. He picked up a magnifying glass that lay by a gold statue of a woman and handed it to Akhen.
Iktus instructed the young prince by saying.
“Look at the woman’s hand through the magnifying glass and move it back and forth in front of your eyes. Tell me what you see.”
Akhen did as was asked of him. A big smile appeared on his face.
“It gets bigger!” Exclaimed Akhen, as he did it many times. “I can see the smallest detail clearly.”
“This is called magnification, my prince.” Iktus explained. “We use the same process on the sun’s light then we reflect it off mirrors. We can increase the magnitude many times – in fact, so much so that we can actually cut through rock with it.”
Akhen was listening but found it hard to believe. He did not want to disbelieve what Iktus was telling him so decided to remain silent, but the expression on his face said it all.
“My prince, I know this is hard to take in, but please bear with me and I will show you what I mean. Actions always speak louder than words.” Explained Iktus who had seen the expression on the young prince’s face.
“Slip that magnifying glass into your robe pocket, my prince, and we shall be on our way.”
Akhen did what was asked of him and, as they turned, four new servant girls – just as beautiful as the ones before, greeted them.
Akhen was puzzled and asked Iktus.
“Where are the girls from before?”
Iktus replied.
“Do not worry, my prince, they are in another section where we are heading to soon.”
“How many girls are here?” Akhen inquired of Iktus, curiously.
“About forty, my prince, and they are all here to serve you.”
Iktus was pleased by the expression on the young prince’s face, and knew that all he had planned for was working and the young prince was fast falling under the spell cast by his own mind.

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