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The thin end of the wedge Social Engineering we have been such suckers to fall for this!!!

Since the day we were born we have been misguided, our lives have been manipulated and we have callously been deceived.
The so called Representatives “who are obviously no such thing” have sought to betray our trust  and in turn simply betray us.
For us to understand truly what has been done to use let’s take a step back and take a brief look at why all of this has been executed.
Make no mistake the clandestine methods used to tear us apart have been going on for an extremely long time, wherever we look there are things that distinguish us to be different.
Accepted! that we are all individuals and that is what makes us truly beautiful, However when I used to look around, say when I was out in a busy street, maybe shopping?
I used to see people, and I would sit in a kind of judgment, if you like, I would look at a scruffy fella or even a tramp, and look down my nose at them, as if they were beneath me, yes even I was judgmental way back then, I would see a large women or man and straight away think nasty things.
I would look at black people and think that they have no place here! or Muslims, although this was mainly caused by government lies too be honest.
At some point, for some reason I started thinking beyond all of this, I looked closer at people, I saw that the big person was self conscious of his/her weight and you could see the trepidation in every step they took, I looked deeper still and began to see within, I saw the feelings of that person I felt the feelings of that person and started to realise that we maybe individuals but we are all one, anyone who is different is simply just an “individual” strip away these differences and see what I see now.
All of these people have feelings, hearts and souls, they are every bit as special as anyone else.
I now don’t ever sit in a judgmental stance, for I am truly now at peace with my fellow man.
We have all been led to believe that Muslims come here to bomb us! This is just spin and fear creation by the governments who in turn are under orders from their masters “the bankers”
I have a few Muslim friends now and I must say that they are such an honourable people, I am truly proud and blessed to have them as my friends.
Muslims have caught a raw deal, being portrayed in the manner they have, the real reason for their victimisation is actually “because of their honour”, as let’s not forget the bankers like to make money and control things, if they cannot do this they lose their power, and one of the things that makes Muslims so special and the bankers so pitiful is that the Muslim faith will not allow loans/mortgages that charge interest, and this simply will not do “said the bankers” we must persecute them, but what we will do is “fake terrorist bombings etc… and have the people get on board with us in our distain” that way we can also attack and control the oil rich countries.
It has all just been a simple exercise in social engineering.
If we did not have these issues with the different races, different cultures, different appearances of people, we could achieve anything as let’s face it when, “United We Stand” we are all powerful, thus you see where the fundamental desire to create a socially engineered void between us suits the Governments and the bankers.
Feminism was a socially engineered void, the weird thing is, before it was even put into a category and vast sums of money thrown at it there was always an understanding that women and men were equal, the only differences between are “the obvious of course”, but other than that our differences are actually perfect, they complement each other like ying and yang, I won’t get too philosophical but it is easy to understand when you think about it.
The thing is a real idiot of a banker (Nick Rockerfeller) threw money at the cause after kicking it off as he just loves playing god and creating divides, well he is so rich and bored what else is this idiot to do?
We later on had the divide and stigma attached to the homosexual population, again yet another divide, when I hug a male friend, sometimes one would pull back, as though a hug might mean he would be construed as gay?
It is all an attempt to divide us further we are socially engineered from birth to:
Obey so call authority?
Not to question so called authority?
To believe the corrupt politicians of this country are doing it for us?
That police brutality is acceptable because it might prevent terrorism?
That police may shoot and kill a young man in cold blood 9 times in the head and its ok?
That we must not get to close to our fellow man as it might be seen as gay?
That our very fabric of family values are being wrecked as its cheaper to live apart?
To keep away from other people because they are different or don’t conform to accepted norms?
To not tolerate other races or religions because they are different?
Not to behave in a manner that would go against the feminist movement?
 We must be divided, that way we are WEAK! And easier to manipulate and control.
I personally had said NO to this a long time ago!
It is time my friends, it’s time to get to know everybody you can, we are strong in numbers, we are strong in our belief in our friends and we can return our world to its former glory by just getting together and making it change WE HAVE THE POWER! Forget the divides and build those bridges and remember as my friend John has said, we are the true power, not the ailing elite!!.
Thanks for reading Guy Euden

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