The ultimate deception, the mirror of reflection

If you look in a mirror – what do you see? A reflection of yourself, but not only a reflection, a simple reflection of what you are feeling shown by that which is staring back at you, if your angry then the reflection is angry, if you see happiness… so on and so forth.
So if you want to create a world of anger, hate, fear and intolerance; amongst other things, then all you need to do is to get the people of the world to reflect this, thus, you get the people themselves to create the world you require. In my view this is the big secret, the simple truth masked by all the symbolism, the legal bollox and all authority, the simple truth being hidden by those of the secret societies, corporations and of course the people who believe they actually have social dominance, for they know that how we live our lives daily not only affects us and everyone around us, but it also affects the world as a whole, create the negative, maintain the negative and there will always be the negative.
Surround this in a system of legal bollox; to throw into confusion, that maintains the people are always in fear by the spellings upon pieces of paper and bobs your uncle you have a false reality built upon the characters of one massive play with people acting daily as these characters, in turn living in fear, getting angry and suffering a incredible lack of intolerance for thier fellow men and women, because of these pieces of paper, also creating the need for some of us to depart upon an endless blatant false quest of discovery; for some higher intelligence, (spirituality) or some greater technology or understanding, of something that cannot be understood by the mind, for it can only be understood by the heart, because of its simplicity.
Take for instance a symbol, it does not matter what that symbol is, it simply is, just a symbol and always will be. The fear or recognition that this symbol is something different is created by whoever is looking upon this symbol and whatever is conjured up in the mind of the man, women or child looking. This outcome is only based upon, what they have read, heard or watched regarding this symbol; thus the spell is cast again by the words of others, but the symbol is simply a symbol and will never be anything else, a mark, monument, building, statue or design cast into stone, artwork or a book is nothing more than an inanimate object that only has some direct affect when the energy from a man, woman or child is applied by them.
In regard to this, the symbols around the world are exactly the same as the legal industries pieces of paper, completely inanimate until a man, woman or child decides to pick them up and do something with them. There is no mistake that pieces of paper are called stationary, for until the above happens, that is exactly what they are. But because of the spelling, the words upon that piece of paper cause the man, woman or child to go into fear, anxiety and become stressed from what they are reading, then these pieces of paper work exactly the same way as the symbols, for in effect they are exactly the same, designed to do the same, but the simple truth is, the symptoms caused by the piece of paper are again caused in the mind of the reader, for the paper as said before is nothing more than a piece of paper and the words upon it are nothing more than words.
In effect the symbolism and the paper world of the legal industry are part of the same play, which needs characters to act in it, not men, women and children, but something they possess in their minds, for the true characters in this play are our egos.
Something I realized a little while ago was the simply conclusion that if they want to fool the people then send them off in completely the wrong direction, this fact is quite clearly evidenced by looking at everything the powers at be do or say, this process is enhanced by books and literature and foremost the internet. The saying we use “the truth is simple, mankind makes it complicated” is an expression of exactly this; as complicated is all that is used by the legal industry. The more complicated the truth seems to become to us all is a clear indication that what is becoming more complicated is far from the truth, as in the case of lying and deception, these are the only things in reality that would have to become more complicated, to lock people in a paradox created by their own minds, give people a position of so called status making them believe that status is something of importance, even though it is based upon lies and then these people will not only create their own paradox, but will also fight to defend it against the simple truth, for the truth exposes the ego for what it really is, a character in a play.
If you force feed people lies for the entirety of their lives and reinforce those lies in a corrupted history,   people will only ever know those lies, especially when those lies maintain their status. When presented with an alternative, whether it is truthful or not, the ego will fight this, for the ego is fighting for control of any situation, because the ego can never be wrong, especially when the status the ego needs is threatened by this new information. The ego will fight everything that it deems to be a threat, when the truth is said the ego uses the exact same process to maintain the persona, the character needed to be played to exist in the world as we know it, for we cannot comprehend anything different and if we do try we are ridiculed by those all around us trying to maintain their own false delusion.
The world we live in daily has been created by this simple manipulation forcing us to become a mirror of what we reflect, a never ending circle as we become what we reflect and reflect what we become. All that was needed for this to succeed was for the creation of a system that uses our reflection against us to create a paradox in our own minds that we actually believe, a paradox, an act, that we perceive is the only way life can be. This is why people who have actually broken out of this manipulation are deemed insane and are locked away and poisoned with mind altering drugs, as I was aged 14, until such time as they are considered to be re-educated enough to accept the illusion again and once more fall into the line of acceptance, to continue once more in the  illusion and to reflect what needs to be reflected, once again falling prey to the symbolism, spellings and the false reality we are needed to act in, to maintain the world the socially dominant have designed, for it truly has been designed.
If reflection is the key to the socially dominants success, then by default it is a key to their undoing as all that needs to ultimately be changed is the reflection, by the will to change the reflection. I realized a short time ago that the most stressful product used against me and many others is money. But when using the analogy above I realized that what was created as a lifeline for me in their world is also their lifeline, for they need it just as much as I do, maybe not for exactly the same reasons, but they do need it none the less.
For all the corporations in the world to survive they need us to give them this product, for as us, if we don’t have it we cannot survive and nor can they, for they have created a product that they rely on just as much as we do. Instead of reflecting the fear of their ability to take this product from me, I have simply reversed this reflection by refusing to give them a single penny of this product no matter what; I have lost the fear of not paying and in doing so changed the reflection. Their desperation for this product is so evident shown by their sheer need for deception to try and deceive me into handing over this product to them, for ultimately this product is nothing more than a prop in a play for the actors to use and I simply refuse to be an actor.
More and more people are refusing to be the actors by the use of many different ways which ultimately comes to the same conclusion; denial of this product. How you achieve this is not important, nor is the method used, by sharing what you have done with others does not mean it will necessarily work for others, but most of the time in the light of what is shared, another greater understanding is made and again we progress forward.
But what is the real progress being made? The denial of this product or the reflection is changing?
If you feel confused, I am not trying to be misunderstood, its maybe this is not for your mind to comprehend, but for your heart to understand in the true sense of the word. The reflection of anger, sadness, fear, greed and intolerance are reflections created by ego and are they not requirements of the ego to maintain individual status in this world as it is, but they are not requirements needed by the heart, to exist in a world without the ego.
Who am I? I am all that Is; I hold all that Is in my heart, for as a seed I already know, all I need to know, to become who I really am.
Much love to you all

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