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This is a small excerpt from the introduction in my book entitled -180 Degrees

“Now is the time for All to be known and all upon this island to unite in one common cause, that not being in the grant of some form of liberty from a government, king, queen or any other faction of people, but in the realisation we were free from our first breath”.

Unbeknown to a lot of the population is the little fact that the people of this island as a whole have been under the most extensive, underhand and unloreful oppression and have been for hundreds of years. An oppressor who is not new or has come about over a few decades, oh no, this oppressor is an old foe lodged within the city walls hiding in the shadows and is most evident. The halls of government in all forms are the abysses from where it’s corruptive and manipulative ways of its oppression spew, played out in the corporate playing fields that only the select few may be privy to or benefit from. This oppressor has one purpose and one purpose alone; that is to rip the very soul out of this island and the people who dwell upon it for a very specific reason.

This oppressor fears the people of this island to such an extent it has taken nearly 820 years to fulfill, in its entirety, the final oppression which it still has not completed. It fears us so much that it could not just force us to become its bonded serfs; it had to create, manipulate and enforce a mine field of illusion locked in documents containing words of deception to achieve this. A mire of deceit and lies which will be its ultimate un-doing as the truth emerges, illuminating the corruption in its entirety. This oppressor fears one aspect of our people more than most; the true voluntary servants – the selfless ones by virtue of benevolence. Why? Because they want to serve and not because they have too – those who will bring through understanding light to the shadows where all deception hides. It has always fallen to few to serve for the good of the many to enter into voluntary servitude – the people’s ultimate servants. Who serve not some created entity or people claiming to be representatives of such, an entity aspired to by this foe, but all the people without exception no matter what they believe; helping them to throw off the manacles’ of the ultimate deception.

For there is only one ultimate deception as there is only one ultimate truth.

If the people of this island require any form of government then they first should be aware of what they are ACTually asking for. Unfortunately most are not, for if they were truly aware they would never require it in the first place. It is quite clearly stated that a ‘government should derive their just powers from the consent of the governed’ sounding very much like some sort of partnership, this could not be further from the truth. What is most evident is that all governments are simply dictatorships controlled from the shadows by our foe. Even if steps were put in place to stop this from happening over time these steps were eroded away, by the lust for power. Enticing people with this lust away from the people they belong to, being offered no more than a lead role in a cage implementing regulatory control over the people they have forgotten they are a member of.

Most people with any sort of political persuasion will argue that this is the only way you can have some sort of organized civilized society and in the words they use lies the problem. To understand this we must first look at the basic foundation all governments were structured on and what other entity uses this foundation. A hierarchal system that maintains that all are not equal in dignity built on a simple lie using such words as representation to deliver this lie. This is the basic simple deceptive tool, the principle device of control that has been used to deceive. A deception based upon something that is called the ‘precautionary principle’ being forced upon the so called governed which inverts the very basic principles of justice and negligence and always has done resulting in ‘ruler-ship’ and not service.

Agreed the people of this island need servants to keep the basic services running and in some form of order, but this must be carried out with one very basic principle at its core; honesty. Within this honesty there should exist accountability, transparency. What can never exist is ruler-ship. As it can be seen through history the people who call themselves the governors of this country have pretended to be the people’s servants and to this day remain the same. All they have ever serviced are those people who they believe are of the same ilk as themselves and the wishes of such, members of the same worth-ship some might say. Now is the time for that worth-ship to be disbanded, dissolved and made redundant through the truth being known of its corruptive devises and the mechanisms of such devises.

“…when change is needed, as it is now, we normally only achieve this when things have become so dire there is no other choice but to change. It does not have to be this way, there is always another choice. I have chosen to change, not because I have to, because I choose to by the virtues of benevolence and humility – I choose the freedom this brings. The gift of freedom is for all without exception, let history remember as freemen and women in these millennium years, we chose to make it so….”

Let it be known that those who will be given this honor to serve the people of this island must always retain the fact that they are the people’s servants who have no greater dignity than any other and no other has greater dignity than them. Is not to be bestowed upon to serve the people truly an honor and must be conducted with the true meaning of this word most relevant to all those who serve. To serve the people for no gain to oneself, to serve the very communities we belong to as a member of that community, always putting the best interest of the people of that community first.

Let us never forget this and let it be forged in the memory of all those who will serve for all time, remembering that we are part of the very people we serve, to abuse this position may service our selfish needs for a while, but do we then not abuse the very family we belong to. Is not all we achieve through our service or destroy with our selfish needs what our children will eventually inherit from us? Is not what we create now what our children will suffer or benefit from? Is not the world we want to see not for us to lust in, but to know our children will grow, thrive and flourish freely in, because of our service to our people?

Please let us not take the word servant lightly or misunderstand its true meaning, for with this title comes a loyal responsibility; to serve and to value those people’s lives you serve above your own. The world is not a perfect place as we all know and no governing body will ever make it so, as history clearly shows, but maybe we can make it so if we simply understand who we truly serve. An understanding that will help us create a place far from the reaches of any oppression and without the boundaries forced upon us by those who believe we must adhere to a ruler-ship – being in servitude of some master laid down from words in books. An understanding that there is nothing greater than us; to understand at the same time there is nothing that is less than us. We serve only one element; that is each other. There are no boundaries only illusionary ones and nothing more than a deceptive process used to make us believe these boundaries exist. They were created to stop us being what we truly are in every essence and to make us believe we need to be governed and cannot exist freely.

In the time ahead there is no place for secrets and everyone being asked to support any of the services the people of this island require and those who are required to serve, should be able at anytime to see exactly what that support has gone to or been used for; full accountability and transparency. An old way will be adopted again and may seem harsh at times, uncompromising and forceful, but it will be benign. Until such time through the virtues of benevolence and humility that the people’s freedom is restored once more. This process has already started and cannot be stopped, All deceptions, lies and secrets will be known by all. Our foe holds one ultimate fear; being seen, known and named and when this happens the fear it controls with, will be no more.

Mi kara we — john x

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