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To turn your back on our Queen, is to turn your back on your country

In 1910 a bill was put before King Edward VII for his assent by the Fabian/Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith. King Edward refused to give assent to the bill saying ‘…to give my assent to this bill would cause a Constitutional crisis…’ An interesting comment by a King of England and one we should all fully understand.

The 1910 Parliament Act was a bill put forward to Edward VII for assent to limit the power of veto by the Lords on; all and any taxation bill’s put forward by the House of Commons. He could quite simply see that to allow this to happen would put all taxation on the people, in the hands of the majority party within the House of Commons; a parallel we find ourselves in now! Also it was offered to the King that the royal assent, a critical element of all new Law/Taxation being put into force in England, should be presumed to be automatic; a blatant act of treason in it’s self.

The Constitutional crisis King Edward was talking about is the fact he knew that for the Royal Assent to be presumed automatic, removes the vital, if not critical roll, that all Monarch’s of this great country have to play; in being the point of constraint within our great Constitution; in other words the point of protection needed for the people and the country against a Parliamentary Dictatorship. For this reason more than any other, England must always have a Monarchy, something I will touch on a bit later.

King Edward sent the bill (1910 Parliament Act) back refusing assent; he clearly used the power invested in him, by the people at his coronation, to protect them. Later that year King Edward died and a new King George V took to the throne; King George had been educated by Fabian Lord Lore on Constitutional matters and clearly did not understand neither our constitution nor what he had gave oath to do at his coronation. Asquith again presented the 1910 Parliament Act renamed to 1911 Parliament Act for it was a year later and the same presumption was assumed; to limit the power of the Lords and to assume the Royal Assent would be presumed automatic. No one really knows why George V signed but the fact remains he did and in doing so, removed the point of protection invested in him by the people and allowed a blatant act of treason to be committed against him. Another interesting fact is what the Lords said at the time about what the Commons were trying to do concerning the taxation bills coming through from the House of Commons, the Lords said ‘…to tax the common man in such a way is like taking the food from their mouths…’ again a parallel we find our selves in now!

The point I am simply trying to make is this; since 1910 all acts of Parliament that have gone through and thus become Law in this land are illegal and void for none of them have the real Royal Assent. No Law can come into force in this land if it is quite clearly outside of the Constitutional safe guards represented by the point of constraint invested in the Crown by us the people. We lend the monarch the power to govern us within the constraint of our Constitutional/Common Laws, if a bill is put forward that is in breach of the Constitutional safe guards then it must clearly have Royal Assent refused.

So why have successive Monarchs allowed Asquith’s Treasonous act (the presumption of Royal Assent) to continue even to present day some 97 years on?

In my quite humble opinion I feel the answer is quite simple; there has always been an element of society that strives to have power over people and thinks itself to be above the Law of this Land. An element that will do anything and everything to achieve its ultimate goal, to coheres, lie, kill and destroy anything that stands in its way. They use the power of fear to control everything/everyone which includes the Crown. (King /Queen) So what fear do they use against the Crown? Fear of ABOLISHMENT.

It seems very apparent to me that the people of this country feel that our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth is nothing more than a useless relic, whose sole purpose is to smile a be pleasant when opening some new building (that is pointless) or any other degrading task she is asked to do. Lied about by the BBC and subjected to endless treasonous remarks and flippant statements made by so called people of status including politicians, TV stars and so called supporters of our country.

Our Queen has been lied about on the internet and had some of the most ridiculous stories stated about her and her family. Through this endless onslaught the people of England have had their minds turned against the very person who can save this nation with the stroke of a pen! But the Liars, Thieves and Traitors could never allow that to happen, so they instigate their world of betrayal sucking in the people to do their dirty work for them. What better way to convince the people they do not need a Royal family by instigating and maintaining the gate keepers of untruths and vice versa to convince Her Majesty that the people no longer want nor have need of her. To turn your back on our Queen is to turn your back on your country.

In a simple reality, not seen in the deluded sheeples reasoning, they are destroying the very tradition in this country, which with the full support of the people can save the people and this country. From Edward VII onwards the Monarchy of this country have had continuous lies spread about them by successive Traitors, Liars and Thieves that have occupied the Parliament of this country; working as puppets for the puppet masters, when their only true job is to represent us the people. On the make believe pretence that because they have the mandate of the people they can do as they please, when in reality they are our servants and we are not theirs.

Common/Constitutional Law is the only Law truly valid in this land, any Law that is contrary to this is quite simply, not valid, none of the treaties are valid and none of their taxation is valid. The only statutes that are valid are those that are not contrary and are within the constraint laid down by the Constitution, our Queen is that point of constraint, show your support and show her your love and she will act, to do any less you might as well add yourself to the list of traitors to this country, for that is all you truly are.

So are our Queen and her family a pointless institution that has no use in an ever changing England? I think the answer is as plain as the nose on your face, go look in the mirror and look at the reflection staring back at you and ask yourself this? Is this the reflection of a true and loyal subject of the Queen or a traitorous citizen?

So in simplicity we have nothing more than a repeat in history the Royalist’s against the Traitorous Parliamentarians, who are more enslaved than they think we are; to their masters the globalists, who use fear as their controlling factor and the knowledge that all corrupt men and women can be bought for a price. Alas Parliamentarians let thee not forget; a person, who possesses wisdom, has no price, nor do they react to fear, for when the fear is not accepted as a form of control, the power to control is non-existent.

The safe guard is only there because of the people, the Constitution and the country, and the people, the Constitution and the country will only survive because of the safe guard. All things begin and end in Albion’s Ancient Druid rocky shore, this ancient shore will never be destroyed, never has been, never will be, for this ancient island known as England is the key to the world history, in the past and she will be in the future, no one bar God himself has the power to destroy her and all who try will suffer the pain of their victims, bought on by their own destruction for even contemplating such an act. The heart is the seat of the soul and England is the heart of the world.

John Harris – a Carpenter’s Views

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