TV Licensing – I have never paid – plus won in court using camcorder evidence

Cutting it short, I don’t pay ‘private’ companies any tax at all, therefore, TVLA gets nil from me. 2 years ago, on a Sunday morning, I had a TV licensing agent visit my address, I wouldn’t let him through my gate, I know my right to silence with these vermin, but I decided to waste his time. I stated I had a ‘Sony’ TV, and used it all the time. I, noticed he was ticking his form stating he had seen the TV in use, and checked channels 1-4 (since found out this is normal as channel 5 still can’t be received in some areas).
When he had done all his paperwork, he asked me to sign, which I did, but on the part that says ‘I do not agree with the above’, anyway, 3 months later a summons appeared through the post. I decided this was going to be my time to shine, so off to court I went. I pleaded not guilty on the basis that this man had fabricated the evidence. I admitted to using a TV, but, bearing in mind that I am here today based on this man’s evidence, I cannot be prosecuted in the ‘interest of justice’. They smiled and asked me how on earth if I admit I have a TV can they not prosecute, I explained that I would opt for trial and bring some video evidence in. Gingerly they agreed I could have a trial ‘in the interest of justice’.

One month later I turned up with a few vhs tapes I have with me after cam cording my son over the last 4 years, all was set. I asked the TV licence agent in the court room if he was positive he had been into my address, he said in broken English yes. I asked him if his evidence is in his own handwriting and based on his visiting my home, again, yes was his reply. RUN VC, the first tape I showed was from 2004, my son playing in the living room, with my TV on in the background, again another tape from 2005, same setting, and again in 2006 and 2007, By this time the prosecutor was looking at me like I am a pratt, as was the court staff, they asked me what was my point, aha, my time had arrived. “The point is this, today I have had to take a day off work, just like the last court date, of which I am here only because of this person’s evidence ok?, I use a TV, always have, always will, but I’m here today based on the evidence of this man”, “now this man said in his own words he came into my home, checked my TV, checked the channels, and also noted the TV make and model, he states my TV was a Sony?, well, to conclude, I have showed you video’s from the last 5 or 6 years, and on each video you can clearly see my TV is not a Sony, but a Toshiba, thus, proving beyond any doubt that this man has told a boo boo”. Case closed, expenses awarded, never heard from them again, though bringing you up to date, in the last 2 years I have a had a couple of letters, they end up in the bin, and I have wrote to them advising them I have withdrawn them having consent to walk down my drive, have since put a fence on front of house so they can’t get to my house at all. When the day comes when the TV licence is abolished, I can hold my head up high and know that I didn’t help support the cretins.

Good luck to you all.

This has been sent to us via email by Justin, thank you Justin for this!

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