Wake up England the time is upon us to unite…

I am not a citizen of Europe, I am an English subject, so I am an Englishman. There is a great deal of difference between me and the people who govern us. For I will never say a loyal oath to another country or organisation, nor will I override the solemn oath I owe to the Crown and my country. A loyalty to my country that cannot and will not be divided or shared. John Harris
When you were born an English person (no matter what heritage your parents are) you were born with “Birthrights” that cannot be removed.
We are subjects of the crown we are not citizens this is our birthright as are the constitutional laws, that are there to protect us. We do have a constitution and it is about time that the people of England realised this.
Every constitution in the world was based on ours, this was not done by accident this was done on purpose – for this is the only way democracy can survive. We have been led to believe that we do not have a constitution but they seem to forget ours is the mother of all constitution’s. For to destroy democracy across the world, you have to first destroy the very place it all began – destroy the source and the rest will crumble. Why do you think they are so eager to destroy us?
By repeatedly saying our constitution does not exist they have duped the majority of the English people into believing this. So if this is the case why are there so many people not paying TV license fees and are not being prosecuted for it? Why can you still use a Statutory Declaration to over turn a ruling in a court of law against you? If they did not uphold the law of the land (common law) when you were prosecuted without your knowledge. How can people overturn congestion charge fines, parking fines any fine given to them without first being put before a court of law?
The reason is simple we still have Common Law written in the form of a constitution. That is why we can still do these things. This is not something magical, this is law that exists and has existed for hundreds of years – if it doesn’t exist, how could we possibly use it? The fact is: you do not know it is there for you to use, which coins the phase “knowledge is power” for that is exactly what it is.
The constitutional laws and being subjects of the Crown are birthrights, which in turn allows us to use these laws to there full effect, when we are presented or prosecuted under laws that belong to a foreign power i.e. the EU. These laws have no place in this kingdom nor do they possess any power over us. We do not have to abide by them, we do not have to follow them, all we need to do is follow true English Law and that will protect us. But we all have to make a solemn oath to follow this and unite to help each other and pledge our allegiance. For when we are born although none of us actually say the oath of allegiance out loud, we are bound by it, just as if we had said it. We cannot opt out of this and nor can it be removed from us, this happens because we were born in the great country of England.
We are turning our backs on our country and our fellow countrymen and women, because we have been led to believe that we have no constitutional laws to protect us. People are just excepting what the government say as being true and not contesting it. Sorry to burst your bubble but they are just confidence tricksters who live in a world of make believe.
They can not legally introduce a new constitution for we already have one that was made by the people for the people. Ask yourself this: “why would we, the people of England, want a constitution which was not written by a English person?” Well, why?
With unity of the English people comes the ability to use common law to it’s full affect. To be able to do this we must stand side by side and demand that our law is not abolished – I say our Law, because it does in fact belong to us. It does not belong to The Commons, The Lords or even the Queen they are our “civil servants” – the clue is in servants for that is exactly what they are. They are our servants, we are not theirs, hence the name, it is about time we all realised this. All three parts mentioned including the Queen are bound by constitutional restraint, they cannot act against it. Just because they have and continue to do so does not make what they are doing lawful, remember this!
Because the judiciary is as corrupt as the government (remember who controls it) it is getting harder to stand up in a court of law in England now and try to use Common Law on your own. It is still possible as I will prove in a while, but is becoming more difficult. You need people to back you up, unite with you and your cause and demand that The Common Law, is not only abided by but is allowed to be the only law you can be tried under. Many people are trying to do this and some are still successful but these cases are, I’m afraid to say, few and far between. So more of us must learn how to use our Laws, so the education must start.
A Statutory Declaration is quite easy to obtain as I have recently proven. Bailiffs called at my house to remove property to pay for a £30 fine I had refused to pay, after asking to be tried in a court of law. My rights for a trial were not given to me, resulting in case being heard without my knowledge. The bailiffs decided to remove a £5000 van in respect of it being sold to recover the £30 plus numerous charges that amounted to me owing them over £400. So I allowed them remove my van knowing full well I could get it back without paying a single penny.
The next day I rang Watford Magistrates court and made an application with Hemel Hempstead magistrates court for a Statutory Declaration. (part of our Constitutional Law) I went to the court and filled in the Declaration telling them exactly what had happened and the magistrate signed it allowing me to get my vehicle back and I didn’t pay a penny. Still to this day I have not heard from the court about the original £30 fine.
The full storey concerning this matter will be published by us very soon.
So my point is this: Even though they profess to have changed the law and profess that we do not have a constitution, why could I use the very law they say doe’s not exist. Law I used to over turn a ruling against me. A ruling I might add that was totally against our Common Law. Surely this Law couldn’t of magically just have appeared of course not, this has been in force for a long time, part of a set of laws provided for our protection.
By uniting we can apply pressure upon the judiciary, which in turn applies pressure against the people abusing the law in the first place. We as a nation have always stood side by side, brothers in arms for what we believe in. That unity has been destroyed by our government, the character of the English people has been changed. So now is the time for change of another sort, now is the time to stand up and be counted, now is the time to say “I am English and I am proud of it” we are not being racist by saying this, I am an Englishman for I was born in England, if this is not correct then please tell me why?
As individuals they will not listen to us but united they will have to for we possess something they need, something that is their life line, for without it they are nothing. What do we possess? We possess MONEY. For without this commodity they cannot carry on with financing this fiasco they call government in this country. Taxation as we have proven on our home page and subsequent articles is invalid and illegal. They rely on our tax money, and rely on these illegal taxes to pursue their dark need to destroy this country.
The trouble is until we all revolt and refuse to pay, this farce will just continue and I promise you it is only going to get worse. People in England because of the changes to our character will not for some reason open their eye’s to what is going on. Is the English way now just to moan, whimper and look the other way, about the changes and the amount of money we have to pay out? Because it certainly seems that way. Where has our fighting spirit gone, if I came to you and demanded money from you for a reason that was not legal, what would you say or do? I can only guess what the answer would be and even if you didn’t call the boy’s in blue, I know you would not give me a penny. So why do you pay the government? Why do you continually pay liars and thieves?
If you cannot answer these questions then I shall answer them for you. The reason why you still pay is FEAR, and if you can pay you just don’t CARE. That is the problem in a nut shell, one section of the country, keep paying even though they struggle too, because of the fear that if they don’t pay no one will stand by them to fight in their corner. Which leads us into the next section who can pay but just don’t care. I thought we were a caring nation, I thought that is what England stands for, caring for those in need. It always used to be, people looked out for each other and helped each other, so what has happened? Our character again has been changed, talk to people about these subjects and you will get one of two reactions FEAR or I don’t CARE and that’s it point blank.
This is why TPUC was born, to create unity within the English people. A organisation dedicated to raising funds and building support for those in need. Standing up for our rights and liberties and creating unity with the ability to help one another. To create a network of individuals with all types of skills, who are prepared to use their skills to help people for no personal gain. Creating a stronghold of English people who will not bow down to the oppressors in government, and their ludicrous laws and taxation. A network of people who are prepared to build up relations with like minded people across the world, who we will need as a our allies and they will need us as their allies, to reinstate democracy across the world.
We are a network of positive people who will not succumb to the negative around us. We will never give up on our country, nor it’s people. We offer truth, help and support to anyone who requires it, for this is the very foundation TPUC was built upon. We will never turn our backs or look the other way, for it is our obligation to help. It is our obligation to care, and it is our obligation to stand up for what you believe in. Unite with each other and find once again the true meaning and spirit of being English, for as long as the spirit of the English people exists, England can never be destroyed.
A new system is needed, so a new system must be built but to do this we must regress. We must regress back in time and rebuild a new system based on the old true values. Values that have been long forgot by the many but still reside in the hearts of the few. History is the key to our success as it holds all the clues to the future. We are the architects of the future, with history as our guide we can build the new system with the values of the true English way. We must do this to protect future generations from exactly what has happened to us. We must set in place a system that will never allow this to happen again to our great country and who must do this? We the people must do this.
In our recent articles entitled: The Great Betrayal of the British People parts one to three, we have portrayed a picture of our Queen, listed as a traitor, along side four other traitors. These people were named as traitors for the sole reason that they have signed all the treaties abolishing our country to the EU.
The last article published under this name, dealt with the Fabians intent to destroy this country. Also that our monarch the Queen was unaware that previous monarchs before her had sent back bills stopping them from becoming law. This is mainly based on the fact that her ministers have misled her, for they are from whom she receives her advice on concerning changes to law.
As Asquith said in 1911 “the royal assent was automatic”, does this mean our Queen has never actually signed anything? But surely if she has never signed anyone of the treaties, then why did she end up in court, along with her fellow traitors? The answer to this I feel is simple, maybe she did sign all the treaties so the Fabians had it cast in iron in case the royal assent concerning the treaties signed was put under scrutiny at any time. Maybe they convinced her that she must sign all treaties but bills put before her have no need for a signature. In reality we might never know what has occurred concerning these issues but what I do know is she has failed in her duty as our head of state and our protector to protect us and I cannot believe for one minute she doesn’t realise what is happening to our country.
Another aspect as well we have to consider is the fact she could possibly be in on the Fabians desire to destroy us. The mere fact the title our lady of Europe has been reserved for her makes you wonder. Prince Charles also has the title prince of Europe reserved as well. This points to the fact the royal family are in on what is happening. To further this why would John Major stand up in the Commons, after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty 7th February 1992 and say “the Queen is now a citizen of Europe”? For surely you cannot be a Monarch and a Citizen at the same time, especially considering the citizenship is of a foreign power.
I personally found it hard to accuse the Queen of being a traitor to this country, but I knew it had to be done to invoke the reaction to be able to access both sides of the story. Concerning the first part of this article I refer to my solemn oath to the Crown and country. This is an oath I stand by and I always will but I must add this, I am gravely disappointed with the conduct of our Queen. So something we must all ask ourselves now is this question?
(1) Is it now time for a new Monarch to reside over this country as it’s ruler, protector and head of state? A Monarch who will abide by the constraints of the constitution. A Monarch who will give the power back to lords, who will use the power of dissolution to remove the dictatorship from the Commons. A Monarch who will rule us with integrity, grace and fairness but above all else never allow a foreign power to destroy this country. A Monarch who will never accept that the royal assent is automatic. A Monarch who will not only recognise our constitution but a Monarch who will never let it be destroyed.
If a new monarch is required then I am afraid they cannot come from the Windsor household, as I fear none of them have the backbone to stand up to the Fabians in government. I also fear none of them have the loyalty needed to defend this country, for if they did we would not be in this dire mess, that we now find ourselves in.
The solemn oath to Crown and Country I owe as an Englishman, will never be divided or shared but for this to work, I need my Monarch to honour her oath (Coronation Oath) to this country and it’s constitutional laws. For as an Englishman I have sworn to defend my country and the people of my country. Alas my oath to my Queen is now in jeopardy as she has broken the contract she signed with me in 1953. My heart is saddened by this fact but never the less, it is true. If my Queen is willing to step centre stage and stop the destruction of England, then in turn my Oath will be restored in full. For part of being English is to offer the hand of clemency, as long as the person you offer it to, corrects their ways.
The Windsor family have a lot to prove if they want to stay where they are. For if they are not willing to stand by their people, their country and their constitutional laws, then a new line to the throne must be found who will.

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