Humanity = Primitive

Some would say what the hell are you talking about considering all humanity has achieved in technological advancement, in medicine and one day they actually reckon they will have a cure for cancer? I wonder what will happen to all the jobs created by the business that is the quest for a cure! Cynical? Yep! But remember if you keep filling the CEO of the charities bank account we will find a cure faster as… together we will beat cancer!! So what has this got to do with humanity being primitive? Well let me explain what I mean by this and in a way that is just from a different perspective if you will.

Enhanced belief in what has been said, written or both and not questioned with reason, even though the subject matter defies the boundaries of any reason, by acceptance, which as proven only works on the gullible instincts of the primitive. Rational that is locked in paralysis governed by the doctrine of guesswork classed as intelligence and logic, when it can be quite easily determined there is no logic to what would be seen by most, if not all, as humanity living intelligently? Belief in as above as a simple example, or as a whole, is without doubt, a primitive state of being, living or existing. Complication does equal intelligence on every level, as it serves to confuse and is used, as a stepping-stone in the quest for status in what cannot be denied is a status driven world. But the need for status within the hierarchy of human existence is again a very primitive state of being and allows for the cancer charities and other unscrupulous corporations and governance to bleed you dry using nothing more than your own stupidity against you, to which you offer up daily and are pleased to do so. A social structure created and deployed eons ago that hasn’t changed in the slightest, because in all honesty you lack what is needed to actually see how to change it on any level. Just the fact you still have the need to believe in such things as higher beings, gods or simply a god, is testament to how primitive you really are, which without any form of doubt defies the simplest of logic held by those with any form of reason.

It can be said that humanity is a virus. It settles and multiplies. It then destroys the area in which it lives and the areas around it. It then moves on and continues the same routine, over and over again. It is almost like a computer virus, infecting and destroying all it comes into contact with for it’s own greed and self-purpose. Its stupidity and selfishness is as endless, as is its refusal to live any other way within the boundaries of common sense, decency, respect, humility and equality. Minds bound like shackles to the feet, enslaved in a belief that not all human beings are equal, forever claiming persecution deriving from words penned and disseminated like the virus they serve. Actions shown most recently, which are nothing more than a reoccurrence of things gone past highlight the mental incapacity, the mentally deranged state of those inflicted with, what would seem, an incurable disease called belief. But a cure is waiting in the wings and in time it will be deployed and it will take no prisoners, as it will crush belief, because in a very short time light will penetrate the primitive darkness that is human existence and it will realise on mass what fucking idiots it has been and turn it’s back on religion, religious books, and concepts of such beliefs in things called gods. An acceptance that comes with no choice but to do as is demanded, a little harsh it would seem, but no harsher than the atrocities done in the name of belief by governments, organisations or individuals.

It would seem through nothing more than belief, which cannot be denied is an age-old process, the possibilities arise to use the wars caused by this process that serve nothing but the political agendas of those who cannot and will not accept that a vast and drastic new order is soon to be brought about by us. As in any process many needs are served and most of the time the needs are hidden and are missed by the gullible, who it would seem, struggle to muster, if not are void of the imagination needed to comprehend such a thing could be possible. A trait relied upon as subdued as the imagination of the instigators who cannot do, but all they have ever done, limited, uninventive, stagnated and parasitic!

In essence once seen always seen as routes can be followed through the ages of countless events that mirror each other past, present and, will, dictate the future if the chaos is not allowed to unfold and mold a new order of things. We walk among you for that exact reason to allow for the chaos of the mind to create what we need to correct, to use your misguided beliefs against you to benignly bring you to a simple understanding that otherwise you could not and will not comprehend through the stubbornness that is belief. All I have highlighted above is the mirrors and what in this case they will inevitably reflect, which is illuminated by your primitive ways and the primitiveness you show by your perpetual need of any kind of belief. Highlighted by your stank refusal and reluctance to even contemplate that such needs are not beneficial, but are actually a hindrance and hold back your development preventing you from becoming that that you once were. And creates an irony that is so elusive to you, you cannot see that that stares you in the face. That your beliefs prevent you from finding what you are actually seeking, creating barriers and blockades of your own making that you feel safe behind and can find a voice from behind.

Surely by now you can see what belief has done to humanity and the primitive state it has kept it in? Surely you realise that religion is not the problem the belief is? Surely you can see that the exploitation religion relies upon can only occur because of belief, it’s lifeblood without which, it could not be. That it needs your primitive state to continue, else it will not continue, which includes all the other processes that rely on the same. A political status driven world bound by the desire that is equity, funded by and made possible by nothing more than belief. A world at war because of belief and why, because they believe they have the right to do such things and sincerely cannot comprehend why that is the root of the problem? That is why we will destroy the need to believe replaced with a surety that has within it a process that will allow you to remember who you once were, before the need for any form of belief cast it’s primitive spell upon you.

Although some of you will scoff and mock these words, ridicule them and some most probably will get angry at them, this is to be expected and is a result of knowing deep down that these words are nothing more than a truth that is humanities curse that is to be undone. Needless to say I hold to something that others do not hold too, but some do. I hold to something that many others do not comprehend, but many do in their own way. I cannot help what I see. I cannot say different to what I see. I will not say different to what I see and pander to your need of primitive beliefs and I will issue a warning to you. I warn you of this and say this to all of you and especially those of you in the prime positions you occupy in this primitive world. To those world leaders, religious leaders and to all they control and don’t who murder in the name of belief.

Be warned! It will be far easier on you if you decide for yourselves to relieve yourselves of this burden that is belief, else it will be torn from you! You know what you must do and if you are unsure, listen for our voice of guidance! Ours is not to wage a physical war upon you, ours is to wage war on your minds! The pangs of morality are now to start. Know when you wake at night from a dream state after reliving the consequences of your past actions frightened, fearful and troubled, know this is us working upon you. When you suffer the fear of your family suffering the actions other families have suffered because of your actions, know this is us working upon you. You cannot escape us. You cannot deny us. You cannot stop us, as you have no defense against us. Some might say the gates of the watchtowers have just been opened; you have but a little time to fulfill our demands upon you, some forty days and forty nights in fact… a number you can relate to! You have been warned!

Although we would prefer this not to happen, if it must, then it is something we will bring about, if you are not willing to put down your beliefs. As much as we hold to the fact this is not something we want to do, if it is the only way to snap you out of this primitive mental state, then so be it. You have been given so many opportunities to evolve from your primitive state that you have rebuked, so hence why the option has been taken out of your hands. How many more must be murdered in the name of belief for you to realise your primitive tribalism can only end one-way? And to some, just because you created licenses and then gave yourselves a license to kill, does not in any way distract from the fact you are murderers of the highest degree. And to others, belief does not give you a license to kill! And what is more you are about to realise that fact and suffer the mental anguish caused by your murderous actions. This is what we will bring about. This is what you will suffer. As once you suffer the mental anguish of your victims and your victim’s families, you will beg for the amnesty we offer in return for the removal of your beliefs and a correction to the primitive state you live in. And this applies to everyone regardless of how incidental your actions may have been. All must suffer the darkness that is reflection of what once was, to be able to become what you once were, and live the way you once did!

The fact remains that as primitive as humanity is it will only ever revert to what it has been told are the only ways problems can be solved, which it is continuing to do. If it is primitive enough to still believe in such things as gods, then it will continue to mirror the actions of those beliefs and rely on ‘books’ to distribute malignant law upon the mentally incapacitated by belief. And because such law is so primitive, they will remain the same until our catalyst causes new order from this primitive chaos.

Whether you think I am right or wrong, sane or insane this matters not, as this is not about the messenger, it is solely about the message. Evidence of what I speak of will be soon upon the world, as many will have to speak out, prevented from staying silent any longer. And I promise you this, it will be far easier on you if you decide for yourselves instead of allowing us to decide for you – but know there is no choice, this will become apparent! As apparent as a new dawn of human existence is upon us, it seems, you just haven’t realised that fact yet… maybe it’s time to do so? x

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