We walk among you… The Prime Objective

Now here’s a thing. How much talk has there been over the centuries about the possibility that beings/aliens walk among us being described as ET’s as they come from off world. Is this possible I ask myself when considering the belt of radiation that surrounds this planet we inhabit that accordingly is impenetrable, even though the odd window of opportunity does arise or so says NASA. Is this really the case I wonder? What do I know? Well nothing regarding these matters but I do carry something that allows me to view this with very simple eye’s as we all can when using common sense. So have ancient astronauts been among us for millennia that had the ability to penetrate this belt of radiation as we supposedly did to reach the moon – or were they here already – or does such a belt exist in the first place? Or???? Well I feel there is at lot of or’s that could be suggested and have been and I suppose one day we may just find out. Find out whether it is a complete fabricated hoax or there is some truth to it. In reality though I do see how this could have been misconstrued and how a very simple illusion has led to the most monumental lie that humanity has ever been deceived by… please allow me to explain.

When looking at accounts of history it always wise to realise that you possibly might not be looking at what could be called an accurate account of events. Moreover, it is quite easy to see why certain events occurred to allow for sleight of hand to be performed in order to achieve something which is slightly out of focus. Hence the need to look at history with an objective view point that allows for the understanding that some things just cannot be hidden, as the events that preceded them and proceeded them illuminate what really occurred. Basically, simple logic based on human nature and the fact that the future lives in the shadow of the past doomed to be repeated continually, until the cycle is broken by what could be called a catalytic event. In essence what I am saying is that history repeats itself time and time again and so do the many stories that exist within it. Yes there are always name changes i.e. the characters, the places and artefacts of supposed power to name but a few, but the essence of the story and the reason for it stays exactly as intended. And this can be seen so aptly in many stories that somehow through historic reference gained consensus and somehow turned into unquestionable fact, but not it seems without reason. Fascinating as these sponsored facts may seem to many they are based on evidence that cannot be verified in any way and still remain even though widely contested just simple stories and nothing more. It has to be realised that belief in any story does not qualify the subject matter as being fact, but it seems many religious stories through many faiths do just this. It seems apparent that the reasoning behind this and the fact the stories have been copied so many times is simply because they work on the gullible and even up to this very day, their effects can be seen at work daily.

Stories of ancient astronauts and/or angels and demons which amount to the same thing have existed in humanities historical records for eons and again are just stories of which, we sometimes have to remember, we do possess a ‘sense of humour’. It also must be realised and remembered that we don’t find the same things humorous and it seems practical jokes are on this list quite close to the top. Again, through very simple logic we can deduce that it is possible that many ancient monuments of much significance to many could have been possibly built for the hell of it and have no more meaning to them than the people that built them. Just simply someone’s sense of humour at work who had found friends with a similar out look to hilarity and what they deem as funny. The same could be said of the stories relating to ET’s, angels and demons and all other manner of beings and creatures that it has been said exist and/or have mated with humans to create some type of alien hybrid, Sephelim or Nephilim to name but a few. Although this seems highly illogical and to me very unlikely of course I have to accept it as a possibility, because in reality I don’t know if any of this is or isn’t possible. All I have to go on is my own logic and feelings regarding such subjects as I do when I am presented with what I deem as religious non sense. So in reality, it is all about what we deem is possible and what is not and that my friends is the root of humanities ills and the origin of its problems, but possibly for not too much longer.

Could it be possible?

As far As I am aware not one human being can actually predict the future in the manner they suggest, but suggestion along with possibilities is the key to predicting future possible events, if you do allow for human nature within the equation. The same can be said about the past as in the future simply because you cannot place yourself in the past anymore than you can the future, albeit it seems to have been the wish of many a human being. Of which, quite logically tells us that no event past or future can be verified unless you were there and categorically this is the case! But what also is the case is the fact we can suggest possibilities regarding past and future events/eventualities and the existence of such entities as a god/gods, angels and demons, ET’s etc; the very formula used for millennia to control the path of humanity and ultimately its destiny of misery at the hands of the few. Through nothing more than stories the gullible have accepted as fact for whatever reason they have been coerced and there are many reasons. Considering all this as I have, I decided that it was about time I suggested a possibility of my own, although in not so many words I already have many times. But unfortunately or possibly fortunately as the case may be, much of what I have said… well the rest is obvious and needs no explanation, as I am sure you can fill in the blanks with the words of whatever infliction you might, or might not be infected with.


About 10,000 earth years ago something changed in human nature bringing with it ‘the temple’ and the need to control other human beings. The reason for this does not need to be spoken of, only that it occurred and the world you now live in is a direct result of this. It was agreed at that time that we as a group, an order if you will nicknamed the ‘watchers’ would oversee humanity giving it all it could ever wish for, no matter how heinous its lusts. No, level of depravity has not been catered for as we sit and watch aghast by all humanity would do to itself. Living life in complete contradiction, gullible belief and selfish disregard of itself, other life and the paradise it was gifted to inhabit and all this under the rule of the temple. We agreed to do all this but only for a specific time period and we also agreed that when that time was up we would use our benevolent hand to reverse humanities path, to take back what was, by using humanities own fears against itself to make the temple and its direction benign. To offer the amnesty we carry naturally, the ability to forget without need of redemption or punishment of what was – allowing for what will be and what is. In essence a catalyst, a moment or pure reflection worldwide, a moment of wonder that no-one of human nature can ignore for its intent will be all encompassing, over powering and cannot be mistaken.

Fall will all in that moment of wonder…

We have orchestrated and controlled human development and also have placed a cap on human technology to protect you from yourself. Although, we allowed you to understand Nuclear weaponry and construct such weapons, it was done simply to bring you to a point of no return, which you as yet have not passed and nor will you. Why? Because you know and have been warned there is no return from this and that is absolute, and your theories and calculations of a time period of non inhabitancy are very wrong. And in short we are everywhere and within everything and only lead you to believe you have the ability to push such a button. Yes atrocities have been allowed to happen but if you reflect you will find these have always been contained and never been on a worldwide scale. We have also helped the temple with its prime objective and that was simply to keep you primitive and tribal, helping in gross to form the world and the sea into political/legal sections that you have accepted without question that will be soon undone and again, you will not question because of the segregation and separation we suggested had to be created for the temple to protect itself behind. Much is are evolvement and involvement if you care to look for us but in hindsight never would you give us a second glance, but you do, you are just not aware you do, or why.

Who are we?

‘Being’ here is our primordial objective even though, it at first, wasn’t the decreed outcome we sort, but our benevolence played a hand it that decision as originally we would have preferred things to stay as they were, but you chose otherwise and not the wise we know. We are you as you were but not as you are now. We are as we were and have not changed. Our DNA code is different to yours as is our physical structure but not that you would know. Our physical structure is weaker than yours as our muscles do not form properly internally, bar one, but from our exterior you would not know this. We carry one muscle that is far stronger than yours our hearts that creates a stronger voice, even though you do not here it. In your world we have what you would call a stronger mental capacity but your description is far from being accurate, but you are not yet ready to here the truth of this lost in the world of con-science. This is the voice you cannot hear yet, because you are actually trying to hear a voice…

If you passed anyone of us in the street you would not know us for who we really are. You sit by us on buses, on planes, in councils and the highest levels of government buildings and palaces. Stand by us on tube trains, in cues for the cinema and countless other places. There is not an occupation in life we are not indirectly or directly part of and in many cases we are the controlling hand in the shadows, from which we whisper suggestions of direction. Not a temple in the world is free of our breath, not a religion in the world is free of our suggestions and not a government in the world is free of our control – even the UN is not free of our suggestive power.  Even your most secret of secret societies are not free of us. In truth this is our home as it is yours but void of your destructive primitive capitalistic wants and needs. We are of the essence of this living paradise as you are but you have forgotten this fact weighed down by unimportant importance and merits of delusional nothingness, immortalised in inanimate possessions that the human side of us holds you in contempt of if we allow it to – because ultimately we are you, just not the human side of you…

Our prime objective…

Although ultimately our need for you is a selfish one on our part it is in fact what you would deem an anomaly, because it is a selfless desire and seems to be as confusing to you as the need for a benign dictator. Our need for you to live in equality – our prime objective – is as important to us as our need for you to stop destroying our home. So in reality if we help you to live how we once did this will also complete our second objective and over time you will forget all that ails you and prevents you from doing this naturally and ultimately ‘will’ stop you destroying our home. We seek to re-ignite a second nature within you that is resident already but sits in dormancy shrouded by the world of pleasures of the mind through the body, the exact template installed by the temple thousands of years ago, without which, it could not exist. Through the catalyst (the moment of wonder) and what follows the second nature within you will re-ignite and the nature of being what you are will revert to you just simply ‘being’ and you will have no need of your temples, of which there are many. But because we know you are hesitant to step into the unknown of life without the temple we are tasked with showing you the way, which will be our pleasure knowing all we have witnessed will not repeat itself once you have been given enough time to forget and then remember who you really are. In time everything that is owned will be disowned, all that has been amassed will be re-distributed and all that is free will be given freely and all will live in equality. This is our task, this is our pledge and this is our promise and for you in time this will all become second nature our prime objective…

How will we do this it has been asked?

Know the details are unimportant, although the details are all many of you seemed to be interested in. If you know not of what is going to occur, then you cannot effect a change to hinder it and in all honesty you are too gullible to be trusted with such information, as your constant need to still believe in stories evidences, as your history proves without doubt, as does the way you still live under the temple. But if you do require to know then listen to our voice and when you hear it without hearing it, you will then be in a position to truly understand the magnitude of what is about to occur and how wonderful it will be. For then and only then will you relinquish control and all the temple has to offer and welcome the unknown with an open heart full of amnesty, benevolence and love as we do?

In that moment of wonder we shall reveal ourselves and soon you will know who walks among you… x

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