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Welcome to the corporate world of the mind and all it has to offer!

Life can seem very strange at times when listening to the conflicting opinions of all those around if we choose to take what those are saying literally. So much confliction presented which I feel is based upon fear, a fear of being wrong, a fear of losing our inhibitions as we are far happier living with these inhibitions, just so we don’t rock the boat too much, but just enough to show others we are not being left behind in their wake. In our actions of prohibiting, inhibiting or forbidding, the mind forms a conscious exclusion of the unacceptable actions or words of others that go against what we perceive to be the status quo, thus a non acceptance of such.

We live in a literal world where everything that is perceived to be right, is backed up by a piece of paper, or words in a book and if something is shown that could very well be true, but has no piece of paper to back it up, then our inhibitions prevent us from excepting this, or at least trying to accept it. We seem to conclude that for it to be right or even correct in the slightest there must be the production of paper evidence, or at least words wrote somewhere that will confirm its correctness – welcome to the corporate world of the mind.

All the laws that have been brought in by kings, queens and their successive governments over many centuries deriving from the words of the first corporation the church were, as I have said before, for the control and obedience of the people of this island and also to state the obvious; to line their pockets with money, revenue so they can furnish their lives with all they feel that they have a divine rite to. In repeating the words of history and law, I cannot say to you that what I have written down is true, I can only repeat the words as I can see them and as they were wrote down by historians, neither do I know if the translations are correct. All I can do is tell you what I can see from these words. All I say to you is this; are not all of us just repeaters of words? Is not education the source of giving us the words to repeat? Is this not the basis of the education of such things as religion, history and law and to those who have studied such, are we not just the repeaters needed to keep these versions alive for the next generation to learn to do the same as we once did? And if these words written down are nothing more than lies relied upon to be the truth, a masquerade of the truth, a sham – do we not continue this sham, for is it what we have always done? For is the sham nothing more than the corporate world of the mind where all words of education are repeated from?

At this time in my book I am looking at the laws and the times of William the conqueror. I am looking at something very particular, something William was very famous for the Domesday Book. A record if not the first census, created by William and in fact was a “stock take” of the population, their assets and live stock. What we fail to recognise is the fact that any census of a population is nothing more than a stock take, for we are classed as stock by the socially dominant (those of high society), an unwanted necessity, needed, but very much unwanted – looked upon as though we are nothing more than dirt upon their shoes. Harsh it maybe, true, absolutely. If you are as I am a working class man to them, a tradesman how many times have you worked for someone or at a house where the people you are working for look down their noses at you? Have you ever wondered why this happens? How many times have you been made to use the “tradesmen entrance” – have you ever walked around or stood in front of a shop where you are watched continually because of the way you may be dressed or the way you look? I know I have, I know I have many times.

Sure this has happened to you and sure you recognise this now, even if you didn’t when it was happening – you do, don’t you? I have no need to explain it to you have I, if you realise what I am talking about. But what if you are the one looking down your nose, ask yourself what gives you the right to do this – what do you measure from to allow you to do this? Are you ready to realise, or are you just about to stop reading these words? You/they do this because you/they actually believe that you/they are better in some way and have a right to this because of your status, position or standing within a society. A delusion of grandeur that you maintain and no one else, you maintain your own delusion created for you in the world of the corporate mind fuelled by possessions, money and property – you created this paradox and you maintain it, albeit you are helped along the way by others who help maintain this for you. Do you need us tradesmen and women – would the commercial construct called the world survive without us – would you build your houses – would you toil doing the most disgusting jobs that are needed to be done – would you sweat, bleed and risk your life for enough money to survive and most do just survive? Most don’t live and cannot live under the weight of the over bearing taxation, laws and legislation enforced upon them to simply keep them in check and to make sure the things you need are built, serviced and are done. In reverse of this do we need you and what you do? Do we need lawyers, barristers, directors and accountants and any number of useless occupations? In reality no we do not, if we lived in a place that is free from the corporate mind set and the people who need to maintain such to keep the commercial construct alive for their own selfish needs.

As upon any slave ship or in any corporation, business the slaves are required as a necessity to keep the slave ship, corporation or business running, to keep the wheels and the cogs of the machine turning, so it is needed to have a stock take at times to see if the machine is staying profitable, because in reality that is why the slaves are needed to keep the cogs and wheels of profit turning, so the master at the top maintains their status via the possessions, money and property off of the slaves back bone. The only difference now being that the slaves in turn are given a slightly better life to live, in effect the manacles and shackles have been removed from the hands and feet and have been placed on the mind within the commercial construct, but then they are hammered into the ground via taxation and any other ludicrous form of contractual payment dreamed up by the masters to maintain the check. Controlled by legislation and rules of artificial law based upon original laws using the fear of god, to ensure the slaves do what they are told when they are told and are deluded into believing they can never ask questions and can never say “NO” – they must always accept what the master says, demands or requires via such law as the church has done with the fear of god over thousands of years. The corporate law you live under is no different and requires the fear of a master to work efficiently and effectively. Those who deliver such law would if you asked them say they are doing god’s work, but in reality does not the word god really stand for Gold, Oil and Drugs the things people truly worship – coming from the word worth-ship based upon the corporate importance of equity an external value.

Yes I point at the church and religion and yes I rest the blame at their feet for the corporate mind set, but is it not true that all of this stems from the original laws laid down by such a corporation using fear as its only true mechanism of control? Have many for centuries not been deceived by this corporation and its lies especially using the “myth of Jesus Christ” – that has served them so well and the book that promotes such a myth? In reality is this book nothing more than a book of artificial law – a book of nothing more than words! As in the need for the jobs within the corporate world there is none, as there is no need for the church or for anything its hierarchal system stands for or delivers, applying a deception upon those who cannot accept the true internal inspiration of choice above the need for an external false leadership, a set of lies wrapped in a guise of no choice.

How many millions have died because of what religion demands of its followers and what they are told to believe in? Is this not the same as the corporate governance of any country that wages wars based upon lies, how many millions have died for this cause and continue to do so? All because of the misconception it is being done for our own good, for our benefit or protection and we have accepted this.

As in the corporate government, religion works via polices in all cases void of anything such as morality, compassion and love. A mind set of need, created for the believer to maintain the ones who are truly in need, the ones who created the belief, a con, a deception in the first place, for without the believer, their position, standing or status is irrelevant – to fool the believer they must always believe without question and accept everything literally in the corporate world of the mind.

No matter what happens you always have a choice. Make that choice yourself, for in reality you are the only one who knows what is morally right for you. I am not writing this to tell you what you should believe in, nor is it to dissuade you into believing something different. All I am asking of you is to question why you have to believe in the first place – and to ask you to question, does what you believe in revolve around morality or conformity?

All my love to you all without exception
john x

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