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What I can not, for the life of me understand

What I can not, for the life of me understand, is why so many intelligent people are caught up in the diversity, propaganda and fear of something that has no power in this land.
Everyone’s constant attention is on what the EU are doing and what other countries are doing regarding the EU. I humbly feel a little direction is now needed.
Ask yourself a very simple question:
(Q) If we left the EU right now, exactly what difference would it make to our country?
(A) Absolutely no difference what so ever. Why? For the dictatorship is already in place.
This is my sole point and one everyone has seemed to miss. The disease in this country might well, have based its Laws and its logic of dictatorship on that of the EU, but the point is, it was implemented by our Politicians and not by force. It does not matter who signed in Belgium, because it is not important and again diversity at work, drawing the attention of the rational thinking people fighting for this country away from the real evidence that will win this fight!
Let the EU do exactly what it wants and do not be alarmed by it, for the real way to destroy it, is to let it destroy it’s self. Everyone who you email will mostly be the converted, who have woken up and generally don’t know what to do, in their hearts they want to fight and need direction to be able to engage. Unfortunately this is quite a small element of society and the majority either have not got a clue, or they just don’t care and I am afraid you must except that they will only wake up to what’s going on, when they are ready and sometimes our persistence does the complete opposite of what we hoped for.
Our fight is with our Parliament and no one else. Except this fact! To beat them we need to use one simple but incredibly powerful word: Treason!
To constantly worry about and report what the EU is up to, is playing the game by their rules and not ours. You are following their process of installing fear in everyone and having your attention drawn from the real fight at hand.
Join the real fight and unite in a Lawful Rebellion by striking fear into our Parliaments heart with such a powerful word and the use of our birth right Law.
I John Harris, English subject and loyal servant to her Majesty the Queen of England, do solemnly declare, that I have withdrawn my obedience to the dictatorship, in the Parliament of this country.
I will not recognise the laws of a foreign power and nor will I abide by them, and I refuse under any circumstances to give any form of support, by way of payment of taxes, to Liars, Thieves and Traitors to the Crown that now reside within Parliament.
For the Law that I abide by (English Common Law and Statute Law) quite clearly states, it is unlawful for me to support such people and it is unlawful for me to abide by the Laws and Legislation of a Foreign Power.
I also solemnly declare and wish for all concerned to know, that I have now entered into Lawful Rebellion, which is my right under Magna Carta 1215, I will continue in Lawful Rebellion until such time as I am governed under my own Law and no other!
I also solemnly declare that if the spirit of England requires my life in return for my country, and its people, to be free then so be it, for I swear that my country, its people and their descendants will never perish.
John Harris – A Carpenter’s views
‘I might disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it’.

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