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What this country needs is a benign dictator – a ‘true’ ruler to measure from…

Although I see quite clearly that the solution is within us all, I also have a very temporal solution that would take us to the point where all the legal nonsense and slavery could end allowing us to finally reach the point of freedom for all without exception. Allowing humanity as a whole to truly see that we are both the problem and the solution. I have only spoke of this with a few close friends, but now I feel it is time for me to tell what I have to say. Although I know there is no external solution I feel maybe that just one could help immensely at this time with all the political nonsense going on leading up to the new election of a ‘general’. I feel this would help create a situation where everyone could take the time out to look at themselves, or would be forced to and in doing so they would find the real solution required. And what is needed is a benign dictator to set the world free from the legal slavery that emanates from an institution called the church that has captured the trust of humanity with its legal political enslavement process called democracy.

Sometime ago I went to buck palace to serve an affidavit on the queen. In total I sent two affidavits expressing my wish to not be enslaved by democracy anymore via her so called postal service which I would almost say is owned and controlled by one of the ‘M’s. At the time I had no clue what I was doing and still to this day after all I have acquired in useless knowledge it still mystifies me why I actually did this. Today as I was writing about many situations I have experienced, I have realised why I did what I did – and I know thousands of you have done the same. Not only was I showing my contempt for all those in so called power within the political and socially dominant realms, I was also showing that if a true sovereign (a real sovereign) was to be on the throne of this country then I would support them as long as their job was to take us to a point that that throne and all that institution stands for was no longer needed – discarded and destroyed forever. This leads me on to a very interesting point that I have seen in history and gives us an incredibly simple solution that not only would set the people of this island free but the people of the world free in time and to do this we need a benign dictator. The only man or woman who could do this in the legal la la land we live in is a sovereign of this country or the pope – and I don’t see him doing that anytime soon plus he has a lot on his plate at the moment!! Please allow me to explain or at least hear me out what have you got to loose.

A little over 797 years ago a contract was signed between a king of England and by a pope – a contract that in essence set up what was required to deliver every man, woman and child into a slavery called democracy. Even though democracy had been about for a long time, this contract would maintain that a foundation stone could be laid that would in fact mask what democracy really is defined as, by introducing legal processes so in effect creating legal slavery – as everything is ok as long as it has the label ‘legal’ applied to it. Because this was done in legal la la land it can only be broken within processes that emanate from the legal la la land, as the world as we know it is in the vice grip of legal control, mechanisms and devises – and many of you are about to take part in one of them without truly realising what you are actually doing. I have always talked about the need for a non-violent approach and the fact that any form of violence will only perpetuate the system as it is based upon the same factor and has its own private political army called the ‘police’ to use, to assert violence upon you when ever they wish and in most cases they get off scot free (funny saying that, have a look at what it derived from) as history and even recent history lays testament to. So for one moment I need you to realise that you do not live in a country, you live in a political community within a legally defined area, governed by politics using violence to force its wishes against yours and there is nothing legally you can do about it – face it and accept it. So in essence the only way to stop this is to make sure that the original contract is broken, but this cannot be done politically it has to be done at the very top, but still within legal parameters – sound confusing, its not it is very simple.
This country (political community) needs a work force to do all that needs to be done for it to work properly, a work force of slaves – and that is you. Whether you want to accept this or not is your choice, but it will never remove the fact that you are nothing more than movable property in their eyes, as everyone is within a political community including the people at the very top – everyone is expendable!! So in reality they need you more than you need them. Its not rocket science it is very simple. Now lets say that the slaves decided they were not going to do that work that was needed to be done anymore what would happen to this so called wonderful country. Does grind to a halt ring any bells? Now because the world is made up and controlled by a commercial construct (legal la la land) this simply means they have to keep doing business to feed their greed – as all commercialism is based upon this one simple factor. So if the biggest commercial institution i.e. this country was to grind to a halt then millions if not billions would be lost daily and they cannot allow this to happen. This would happen even if it were for only one day – no one bought anything, went to work, traveled, watched or listened and just spent time with their families and I know to some of you this is a horrifying notion especially the last part I mentioned. Added to this is an ultimatum a very simple one that a new king or queen must be allowed to take the throne back, a king or queen born and bread upon this island, the peoples king or queen. Now this is where I might loose some of you but please hear me out – again what have you got too loose!

I already know that thousands of you have sent your own affidavits off and to this day they are still arriving at buck palace. That means that thousands of you are prepared to support the existing queen (as written in the affidavit) so in hindsight you would no doubt support a new true one. As I said this is very simple. Basically no king or queen as far as I can see has ever done what he or she was meant to, simply to serve the people and in fact in every case they have done the complete opposite servicing their own delusional needs and those of the socially dominant, harsh but true! Problem is whether they wanted to or not they are incarcerated and bound by legal chains that prevent them. Now lets just say for arguments sake that the legal chains that bind them could be broken and this is where the naysayers come in. Most will argue that they would not do anything to help the people as they see them as ‘inferiors’. But what if the king or queen was of the people, from a working class background with a true sense of right and wrong and ‘NO’ delusions of grandeur – has this ever happened before? Now lets just say again for arguments sake that this king or queen does actually come from a so called ‘royal’ line but this fact means nothing to them, all that matters is the well being of the people and that the people get back what has been legally stolen from them? Because in essence everything that has been stolen from the people by way of land and heritage has been ‘legally stolen’ from them. And this fact cannot be disputed! Now lets say that their sole objective is to take us to a place that they are not needed anymore, a place that exists without politics, democracy and religious conformity, slavery and royalty. With no central point of administration of law (monarchy) but with community governance by the people themselves (anarchy) the very element that anyone of royalty, politics, democracy and the church fear the most, for this does not allow for any commercial construct to be in place (hierarchy), as none would be needed or tolerated, no position, standing and no status – no division.

The process to achieve this comes in two elements. Firstly the people themselves must decide to stop what they are doing within the commercial construct as described above bringing the political communities lifeline to a halt. Every man and woman who can would be needed to join a nationwide ‘strike’. Secondly the original contract must be broken thus smashing the legal foundation stone removing the ‘legal bondage’ severing all political, legal and religious conformity and parameters thus leaving in place a king or queen who are a dictator. A dictator on behalf of the people to give back what has been ‘legally stolen’ and to stop ‘slavery’ once and for all.

Sound worrying? To those who feel that every living thing has a right to be free this won’t do, but to those who live their lives off the profit of legal political religious commercial slavery this will do and so it should. If we all decided to strike there is nothing anyone can do about this. You cannot be arrested and forced to go to work, they cannot even ‘legally’ dismiss you, there is nothing they can do – but the out come would go down in history!

What we need to realise is that no sovereign has had the ability to do this even if they wanted to and by looking at history you will find that any sovereign who has attempted such a thing, albeit for their own selfish needs and not the needs of the people they truly serve, has always tried with violence. As history shows, whether true or fabricated, that violence has led to exactly the same system still remaining. Now lets say this strike (national shutdown) comes about, then to be fair we must approach the queen to ask her to act on behalf of the people. If the queen refuses then the people can remove the queen by way of ‘deposition’, normally done by violence but this time done by a simple peaceful strike. We must realise that the queen is legally castrated and in being so cannot break or make treaties without the permission of parliament. This was done to prevent any sovereign of England breaking that original contract called the ‘holy alliance’. But with the ‘people’s will’, parliament could be dissolved by the queen thus the ‘legal castration’ would be removed allowing the treaty to be broken and all that has been legally stolen could start to be returned and that means EVERYTHING including every ‘country’. Now most will argue that the queen would not do this and would only service the needs of her own family and kind i.e. the socially dominant, so that is why there is a fail safe the power of ‘deposition’. The queen would have a choice, but within that choice comes a harsh reality. The very institution called the monarchy would loose everything to the people. No big houses and castles, no millions being paid off of the peoples back bone and she would place herself in the hands of the people who would decide the life she would lead and where she would lead that life. The harsh reality is simply, if the queen refuses to do this on behalf of us all, then a new sovereign will be chosen by the ‘striking populace’ the ultimatum comes into play and if anyone fails to strike they forfeit their right to choose. I know this sounds harsh but as I see it there can be no other way. Once installed that sovereign would adhere to the above and would offer only one promise, that the ‘truth’ will be known. All corruption within all institutions, societies, corporations, councils, walks of government, political parties and any other devises of religious political commercial slavery that has been used would be known. No secrets, no ‘D’ notices nothing hidden in the shadows and never to be hidden again. Why does their have to be all these secrets? To hide the corruption, deception and dishonesty that is needed to maintain things the way they are. Another fact that cannot be disputed!

Along with this would come ‘amnesty’ something that is greatly needed. Not to say those responsible would get off scot-free more, humbled by humiliation as every action comes with a price and this is something they must remember. Languishing in some prison or as many would like hung from a rope would not service any needs and again would allow for the perpetuation of what exists. These people have forgot what it is like to truly serve their community after only serving the needs of the political community, far removed from the rest of us. They need to be helped back to their family, the true family they belong to and though humiliation and the knowing of all secrets this would naturally happen. Maybe they need to sweep the streets they once ‘thought’ they used to own. But this does not only happen here oh know this happens in 52 other ‘legally defined areas called countries’. This happens right across the common wealth without exception as once the ‘holy alliance’ is broken they to come under the ‘rule’ of the benign dictator. For when this is achieved these legally defined areas can be given back to those who lived there peacefully before, with a true understanding and fairness that all must exist peacefully in benevolence and no borders or boundaries will exist any more and the people on this planet can move freely without restriction. It would be sometime before this could happen as a lot has to be corrected, but this would be the eventual outcome.

Once this has been achieved there would be no need for a king or a queen and the dictatorship would become benign, as the communities would look after themselves without any form of interference. Monarchy to anarchy allowing true peace to naturally come about, something held in the hearts of all those who belong to humanity, a natural occurrence that has not been lost, just forgotten.
For this to happen certain elements have to be removed and this is what would be asked of the dictator. Even though this is harsh, this has to happen as far as I can see it.

1. All forms of religion across the world would have to be removed and the truth of the devises of conformity used by such would have to be known. All the buildings, land, money and anything else they own would be seized in the peoples name. Every church, chapel, monastery, cathedral, abbey and every building they own would be destroyed and the land would be used to the benefit of the communities it resides in. All religious positions including the pope would be disbanded never being allowed to form again.
2. Democracy and all it stands for would be destroyed including every building and never allowed to form again. Every asset of all concerned including all lands and monies would be seized in the peoples name.
3. Every banker, lawyer, barrister and his or her assets and buildings would be seized in the peoples name. Every bank destroyed.
4. The city of London would be demolished and the biggest walled garden would be built in the name of the people and for their enjoyment. Later to happen to every city.
5. Every house, castle or land owned by royalty, lords or earls and such would be seized along with all assets and monies in the peoples name.
6. All corporations no matter how small would be seized. No corporation would be allowed to exist. All assets of those concerned would be seized. All this being done in the peoples name.
7. All secret societies would be disbanded and all assets seized. Never being allowed to form again.
8. Every statue, monument or symbol would be destroyed.
9. Every CCTV camera, speeding camera and all methods of electronic control would be destroyed.
10. All the men and women of the armed services will be brought home to serve whom they are really meant to serve in the correct way.
11. The private political army known as the ‘police’ will be removed and the highest police force in the land (the military police) will walk the streets as peacekeepers, until such time each community choose their own peacekeepers from within their community.
12. All courts of this land will be disbanded and the communities will set their own peoples courts, as the law society will be disbanded.
13. There will be one law until such time no law is needed, the people’s law that is common to all without exemption based on truth. All law, statutes and mechanisms of victim less crime and precautionary principle will be eradicated and wiped from existence. All debts shall be forgiven. All prosecutions of victim less crime or precautionary principle based upon statute will be null and void.
I could go on with this list for an age given half the chance but for now I have just put down a few and I will expand more on this in my book. Although this all seems harsh I feel this is what is needed to allow us to get to a point where we cannot fail to recognise that we are the problem and in being so by default we are the solution. By taking these drastic but much needed measures we can help each other to finally see the reality of the truth and the truth of what we have become. In doing so we will finally see!
Blinded as we are nothing will ever change and although many of us speak of the truth and the need for the truth we fail to deliver that truth daily, more content with things the way they are. I feel that humanity needs a kick up the arse and this would certainly achieve that. We could not fail to see that the problems that are occurring because we believe in an external solution that in essence will only perpetuate what already exists and we are afraid to accept anything that is outside of the normal status quo within that existence. What I am suggesting is way outside that status quo and in effect would smash it to pieces, but I feel in doing so that would open the door of realisation allowing us to see for the first time what the real problem is.

The strange thing is I know in my heart that all I have suggested will in fact happen and happen over the next few years. I cannot tell you why I know this, all I can say is I trust and in that trust I know that the intent of my ‘will’ is pure and for the greatest benefit of us all although at first it does not seem that way as I know many of you will comment on in some way or another. I will set a date that I would like to see the people of this country and any other that wishes to take part decide that this must end. In doing so they will ‘choose’ that enough is enough. As I said before I will expand on all of this in great detail. This is why my book is called ‘180 degrees’. Date to follow and if any of you have some good dates please email me at [email protected]

I feel the only way there can be peace is to have honesty and truth, for without either, neither can exist. Existence is the way it is because the truth is covered up and what replace’s it is deception, lies and corruption, another fact that cannot be disputed. As many of you are aware that corruption is now starting to emerge in many of the controlling institutions that exist. This is why these institutions have to be eradicated. Simply, no more secrets!

I know through writing this I will be labeled as a mad man and I am opening myself up for attack from all corners, but to be honest none of that matters. All that matters to me is the truth is known and things change, not temporally, permanently! I have been asked many times for a solution and now I offer you one. Whether you accept this or deny it is your choice and will always remain your choice until such time as that choice has to be taken away for your own good, because in essence all you really need protecting from is yourselves. I know in religious circles I will be called the ‘anti-christ’ and in religious terms I am, for I ‘will’ to destroy all religion stands for and the myths it has used to deceive everyone. Again this matters not for one day they will realise they are just myths and the truth they seek is within them and not in an external element no matter what that is. The solution I offer is a way to allow everyone to come to that realisation.
What is needed is a true ‘ruler’ a point for everyone to measure from till such time that point is not needed any more. In time I feel this will happen and in fact I will go as far to say I know this will happen – because it is all that is needed to happen.
I love you all without exception.
john x

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