Why are they so frightened of

We had this scanned image sent to us from a NHS magazine. Please scroll down for more information.

Sir Liam Donaldson – Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Department of Health
This is the man who has attacked TPUC over something we did not actually do; we just got blamed for the incident., that also included reports right across the media that were in fact untrue.
But surely the media don’t lie!……
All I can say to those who did do it; thank you and thanks for the idea!
Then it came to our attention that an NHS magazine was warning staff that TPUC were targeting some hospitals telling the staff not to respond to us. I wonder what they are so frightened of, telling their staff not to talk to us. All we are trying to do is give everyone the facts regarding this issue, whether you have the vaccine or not is your choice – but anyone being asked, persuaded into having it or are just unaware of the risks, should have the advantage of knowing all the facts and implications before making their decision. We have had many reports from people saying that no matter what they go to their GP about, they are being asked, if not somewhat persuaded into having the vaccine against Swine Flu – this includes my own friends. It seems everyone is on the make with each GP being paid £7 – £5 per vaccination they administer. Ask your GP if you can hold them themselves responsible for any adverse reactions to the vaccine you might suffer and in fact ask them to sign a disclosure to say you can before hand – watch the reaction you will receive!
Before you make any choice, please at least make it an informed choice!
This man approved Mercury & Sualene to be in the injection to be given to pregnant women & children, he is also the chair of the WHO (World Health Organization) Patient Safety Secretariat.
Mercury is a ‘banned substance’. Please click here
Squalene; Please read.
“Your immune system will attempt to destroy the molecule wherever it finds it, including in places where it occurs naturally, and where it is vital to the health of your nervous system”.

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