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Why I do not fear the EU or the traitors that reside in the Parliament of this country

Why I do not fear the EU or the traitors that reside in the Parliament of this country.

Recently in the main stream media and re-circulated by hundreds of people on email was the proclamation that the EU had wiped England off the map! A map showing how parts of England had been assigned to different parts of Europe, under the regional assemblies and no mention of the sacred name England. An interesting proclamation by these people and even more interesting response by all those who chose to spread the fear. And it is the fear we need to talk about.

One of the easiest ways to convince someone that something is true is to keep telling them it is true. For example keep driving home that the EU has the power to destroy England and people will believe it. Unbeknown to most people you are complying with their programming, in simplistic terms doing their job for them. For example; if you continually tell people they must call a salt pot a pepper pot and you rely on the fear you hold over them, in the end they comply and call it a pepper pot, even though in reality they know it is a salt pot and always will be a salt pot. Fear eradicates freewill and common sense and engages control; your power to control the way they think, done enough and they will believe anything you tell them without question, however ridiculous it may seem.

I wonder how many people are actually in control within the EU. Let’s say for arguments sake there are 400,000. Now let’s take how many people make up the member states, England included, it must be, again for arguments sake, at least 400 million. So how does a mere fraction of the gross number of people control the rest of the people? FEAR.

So now let’s reverse this; let’s say for arguments sake each member state, if not now under community law, but certainly under their original laws had trial by jury. This almost proves without doubt, even if not named or worded in their law that Magna Carta exists within their law, for Magna Carta gave the world trial by jury. Every nation could invoke article 61 and enter into lawful rebellion removing their allegiance and their obedience to the governing body. Excusing them from the Laws, Taxes, and any other form of control the EU has over them and allows them to rely on the original law of their individual countries. As most of us are aware the law in the EU is Corpus Juris, whereas Magna Carta gave us Habeas Corpus and in fact is Habeas Corpus on its own.

My point is this; who would they govern and control then? The only people left to govern and control under their system, would be themselves?

What we have all forgotten is the power in any country resides with the people and no one else. Look back through the history of any country and you will see that when the people unite, governments change; the fear reverses. Those who once applied the fear become the ones that fear. Why? Because the control has been removed and the power they thought they had no longer exists. Why? Because the people do not fear any more, they have negated it and seen it for what it really is and they always out number those who think they have control. The only reason they have control now is because the people have given them control by surrendering to their fear.

So why do I not fear these people?

I realised a short while ago, a matter of just one year, that this was their controlling factor over everyone, the use of fear. I also realised that if you do not fear them they are powerless. Take for an extreme example Voodoo; with the fear induced use of so called magic, when in reality again, it is just another form of fear, but it only works if you believe in it, but what do you believe in? You believe in the fear that someone could do that to you and assert a controlling aspect on the whole of your life. Simply in reality if you do not believe in it, it cannot work.

This principle applies to all that assert that they have control over you, for the only control they have is what you allow them to have in the first place, if you simply do not comply, the power they think they have is diminished.

When I served my affidavits I was all ready a free man and always have been, I just released myself from the grips of their system by informing these people I do not give them the power to control or govern me in any shape form or fashion any more. The realization you are actually free comes when you simply let go of all you think is real and important and you simply understand what really is important. I, like many others, had lived my life in fear of the system and of falling foul of the system and that fear induced dissolution allowed them to control every aspect of my life including what I brought , what I ate and even to the way I conducted myself towards my fellow man and woman. Through the state media control via newspapers, television and radio my life was systematically controlled even down to what I actually said or thought and even my understanding of myself was clouded by their continual conditioning. But who was allowing this to happen to me? Simply I was, as many others still are.

All controlling mechanisms in the world, as far as you want to go back, use exactly the same process to control, all they ever use is fear, nothing more nothing less. Religions, governments, monarchs, the police and many others, the list is endless, all use this simple process, but it only works if you allow it to. When you let go by the simply recognition of what is happening, you suddenly feel a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, but you also feel a bit lost, alone in a world where no one understands you, for they are still caught up in the world of dissolution and they feel you are the one who is deluded and so again you slip into the system of conformity to feel safe for a while. But then you start to get a nagging feeling for you realize exactly what to fear really means and thus you try to remove the shackles again and so on and so fore. After a while you feel more comfortable with your new surroundings and the more this happens, the more you see their system for what it really is and you contemplate life without their control and the make believe importance of their materialistic world that deployed the shackles on you in the first place.

As religion implores you to worship and beg forgiveness for your sins, so does their system of controlling fear, when in fact all you really need is the very recognition that you did something wrong in the first place, to come to a simple understanding of how you are supposed to conduct yourself to, or in the presence of your fellow human beings, with the simple recognition of ‘treat people how you would liked to be treated yourself’ and even more simply ‘love them unconditionally’. Fear serves no purpose and has no purpose, except if you require to control something or somebody, a simple want to have power over them of which you have no right to exert. To use a word for simplistic understanding of what I speak of ‘do you feel you can play God’ for to exert control upon another is doing just that. Divine will did not create fear, fear is a men made product simply used to control fellow man, for apart from the element of control it exerts, it serves no purpose whatsoever.

God fearing people, certainly you are, but do you truly understand what you are fearing when you actually say these words? God is a masculine man made word to describe something that cannot be described by man in the concept of what it is, in one simple word. Men’s god and its men made religion exerts fear into the hearts of its believers, for one purpose and one purpose alone; control by fear! Simply setting them at odds and against other religions and members of their fellow race who do not conform or are of a different sexual persuasion, that is frowned upon by men’s religion. I thought the wish was quite simple ‘love unconditionally’ and I am yet to meet a religious person who can follow this very simple wish.

Faith was not born of religion, religion was born to corrupt the true faith, to control its followers with fear and to make them live under men’s rules in the guise that they are god’s wishes. Men constantly dictate to divine will, showing their utmost lack of respect and their continual wish to keep playing god when they are quite simply just men. Forcing conclusion on all around them and all they seek to change , when conclusion and the expecting of what will be concluded, is not yours to ascertain, for in doing so you are dictating and in men’s world playing god once again.

The traitors in our parliament and those men of the EU are simply just trying to play god, as are many who fight them. To simple replace one system of control on mankind for another, with its controlling aspect laid down by the rules of men using nothing more than fear, in the guise of it being gods wishes. Our Common Law mirrors the laws of divine will (natural order) that was not derived from a Christian faith or religion, but on the true faith in what is above us, with no need for a name, an image or even a likeness, just a knowing. To love unconditionally and to want for no power over your fellow man or woman, which cannot be followed in anyway by those of Christianity and those of any other religion or so called faith, for they simply do not allow for this to be followed within its rules of conformity and this is quite evident within their own teachings.

Any of men’s attempts to dictate to divine will, will only end up with the dictator being the one dictated too, for their own good and because they are loved. So they can reach the greater understanding of the simple truth, that men’s rule of mankind is about to come to a short, sharp end and the will of divine will, is all that will be; that we shall simply return to being the caretakers of this planet and not its destructor’s, under the guidance of divine will and not by the control of men.

….for they are only men and they are not gods and their religion is as flawed as they are and shows them for what they really are; Fearful Men!… JHarris

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