Wind Farms Research there is more to this than you might think!! isnt there always!


I have been having a good long look at the climate change activities of our glorious leaders and the Green lobbies set up to push forward the wind “farms” agenda.

Much deserved cynicism has surfaced in recent months as a result of good people highlighting the bad science behind the ‘climate warming’ tax scam.

First I will post these two links for consideration:-


The despicable EU stated its aims for emission targets, which were variously attacked as unreasonable and impossible: It was envisioned that a reduction of 80% of current levels of emissions would be achievable.

We all know the arguments. We all know the measures. The two worst to my mind in order of importance are
1/..Wind Farms
2/..Nuclear power generation.

The first is patently stupid, on the grounds that that not only does the average wind farm only work to an order of 20% capacity due to the vagaries of wind and weather, but are also unreliable. The final accounting is reckoned, after industrial processes are taken into account along with engineer time and vehicles etc, to render these horrible creations as bad for the environment, even without the obvious fact that power stations are needed to fill the 80% of time the damnable things do nothing.

Secondly, nuclear stations are hellishly expensive to both set up, inspect, and maintain. They are even more expensive to decommission, which means the government (taxpayers) pays for that part. Then there is the safety element and the risk of pollution to the environment, groundwater etc…

The new clean coal stations with carbon capture technology are the stop gap until schemes like this are made viable on an industrial basis.. (link can be sticky)

So. Why do our glorious leaders decide upon the worst of all solutions?.. I suppose it rather depends upon what the agenda really is where wind farms are concerned.

For a long time sailors and scientists wondered why the winds were so predictable. Farmers were able generally to depend upon the arrival of rains, as well as sunny climes, and so were able to grow what best suited the weather patterns of the areas in which they farmed the land. Trade bloomed as a result of dependable trade winds. But why was the weather, and why was the wind so generally dependable? The answer was finally set out by a scientist named George Hadley after the mechanism was postulated by Edmond Halley.

The little diagram is rather good. The mechanism, like so many others, is a simple one with the aid of hindsight. The sun heats the air at the equator as the earth turns and the air heats as it rises causing the low level cool winds to flow to point of vacuum. It is called Hadley “Cells”, and repeats day after day, week after week, and year after year, so long as it is left alone.

I put the proposition forward that the wind farms represent large scale weather engineering. Crops have been under attack for a couple of years though this was largely hidden by the “Biofuel” madness.

If you have a good look at this map you will see that the placements of the wind farms will significantly influence worldwide weather distributive patterns by the energy taken out of the natural system by these mechanisms. This energy production is hyped and spun as “sustainable (horrible word) and Green”, But is it really a wolf in sheeps clothing?. I think so.

You will note that the Indian subcontinent is littered with these green nightmares. Is it coincidence that drought is endemic and desperate farmers have been conned into using another world damaging derivative of irresponsible corporate greed “GM seeds” so bad are the results that farmers have committed suicide in their droves.

Then there is this: A doomsday vault has been built in the arctic. A vault that holds a stock of seeds for the future. The vault is guarded by night and by day. I wonder why?

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Article By: Harold Euden

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